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All Races

January 2014

January 2014 Calendar
Date Race Details Discipline Location UCI code
01 January bpost bank trofee - GP Sven Nys Cyclo-cross Baal, Belgium C1
02 January Internationale Centrumcross van Surhuisterveen Cyclo-cross NED C2
05 January Kingsport Cyclo-cross Cup Cyclo-cross Kingsport, TN, USA C2
05 January UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup #6 Cyclo-cross Roma, ITA CDM
08 January
to 12 January
USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships Cyclo-cross Boulder, CO, USA CN
11 January Czech Cyclo-cross National Championships Cyclo-cross Lostice, CZE CN
11 January
to 12 January
Spanish Cyclo-cross National Championships Cyclo-cross Segorbe, ESP CN
12 January Belgian Cyclo-cross National Championships Cyclo-cross Waregem, BEL CN
12 January British Cyclo-cross National Championships Cyclo-cross Derby, GBr CN
12 January Dutch Cyclo-cross National Championships Cyclo-cross Gieten, NED CN
12 January French Cyclo-cross National Championships Cyclo-cross Lignières, FRA CN
12 January German Cyclo-cross National Championships Cyclo-cross Döhlau, GER CN
12 January Italian Cyclo-cross National Championships Cyclo-cross Orvieto-Terni, ITA CN
13 January Cyclocross Otegem Cyclo-cross Otegem, BEL C2
18 January Kasteelcross Zonnebeke Cyclo-cross Zonnebeke, BEL C2
19 January Soudal Cyclocross Leuven Cyclo-cross Leuven, BEL C1
26 January UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup #7 Cyclo-cross Nommay, FRA CDM

February 2014

February 2014 Calendar
Date Race Details Discipline Location UCI code
01 February
to 02 February
UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships Cyclo-cross Hoogerheide, NED CM
08 February bpost bank trofee - Krawatencross Cyclo-cross Lille, Belgium C1
09 February Superprestige Hoogstraten Cyclo-cross Hoogstraten 1
15 February Superprestige Noordzeecross Middelkerke Cyclo-cross Middelkerke, BEL C1
16 February Boels Classic Internationale Cyclo-cross Heerlen Cyclo-cross Heerlen, NED C1
16 February G.P. Stad Eeklo Cyclo-cross Eeklo, BEL C2
23 February bpost bank trofee - Internationale Sluitingsprijs Cyclo-cross Oostmalle, Belgium C1

September 2014

September 2014 Calendar
Date Race Details Discipline Location UCI code
06 September
to 07 September
Nittany Lion Cross Cyclo-cross Breinigsville, PA C2
10 September CrossVegas Cyclo-cross Las Vegas C1
13 September StarCrossed Cyclo-cross United States 2
13 September US Open of Cyclo-cross Cyclo-cross Boulder, CO C2
14 September Boulder Cup Cyclo-cross Boulder, CO C1
20 September
to 21 September
Charm City Cross Cyclo-cross Baltimore C2
20 September Trek CXC Cup 1 Cyclo-cross Waterloo, WI C1
21 September Trek CXC Cup 2 Cyclo-cross Waterloo, WI C2
27 September
to 28 September
NEPCX - Gran Prix of Gloucester Cyclo-cross Gloucester, MA C2
27 September Soudal GP Neerpelt Cyclo-cross Neerpelt C2
27 September Toi Toi Cup Cyclo-cross Czech Republic C2

October 2014

October 2014 Calendar
Date Race Details Discipline Location UCI code
04 October Providence Cyclo-Cross Festival 1 Cyclo-cross Providence, RI C1
05 October Providence Cyclo-Cross Festival 2 Cyclo-cross Providence, RI C2
05 October Superprestige Gieten Cyclo-cross Gieten C1
11 October
to 12 October
Ellison Park Cyclocross Cyclo-cross Rochester, NY C2
12 October Bpost bank trofee - Ronse Cyclo-cross Ronse C1
12 October Cyclocross Rimouski Challenge UCI Cyclo-cross Rimouski C2
18 October
to 19 October
HPCX Cyclo-cross Jamesburg, NJ C2
19 October UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Valkenburg Cyclo-cross Valkenburg CDM
25 October Canadian Cyclo-cross National Championships Cyclo-cross Winnipeg CN
25 October Canadian National Championships Cyclo-cross Winnipeg, MB CN
25 October
to 26 October
Gateway Cross Cup Cyclo-cross St. Louis, MO C2
26 October Manitoba Grand Prix of Cyclocross Cyclo-cross Winnipeg, MB C2
26 October Manitoba Grand Prix of Cyclo-cross Cyclo-cross Winnipeg C2
31 October Cincy3 Harbin Park Cyclo-cross Ohio C2

November 2014

November 2014 Calendar
Date Race Details Discipline Location UCI code
01 November Bpost bank trofee - Koppenbergcross Cyclo-cross Oudenaarde C1
01 November Cincy3 - Kings CX After Dark Cyclo-cross Ohio C1
01 November
to 02 November
The Cycle-Smart International Cyclo-cross Northampton, MA C2
02 November Cincy3 Darkhorse Cyclo-Stampede Cyclo-cross Covington, KY C2
02 November Pan-American Continental Cyclo-Cross Championships Cyclo-cross Covington, KY CC
02 November Pan American Continental Cyclo-cross Championships Cyclo-cross Covington, KY CC
02 November Superprestige Zonhoven Cyclo-cross Zonhoven C1
08 November Derby City Cup 1 Cyclo-cross Louisville, KY C1
08 November European Cyclo-cross Championships Cyclo-cross GER CC
09 November Derby City Cup 2 Cyclo-cross Louisville, KY C2
09 November Superprestige Ruddervoorde Cyclo-cross Ruddervoorde C1
11 November Soudal Classics - Jaarmarktcross Niel Cyclo-cross Niel C2
14 November Jingle Cross 1 Cyclo-cross Iowa C2
15 November Jingle Cross 2 Cyclo-cross Iowa C1
16 November Jingle Cross 3 Cyclo-cross Iowa C2
16 November Superprestige Gavere Cyclo-cross Gavere C1
22 November CXLA Weekend Day 1 Cyclo-cross Los Angeles C2
22 November Supercross Cup Cyclo-cross Stony Point, NY C2
22 November Super Cross Cup 1 Cyclo-cross Stony Point, NY C2
22 November UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Koksijde Cyclo-cross Koksijde CDM
23 November CXLA Weekend Day 2 Cyclo-cross Los Angeles C2
23 November Super Cross Cup 2 Cyclo-cross Stony Point, NY C2
23 November Superprestige Francorchamps Cyclo-cross Belgium C2
29 November Baystate Cyclo-cross Day 1 Cyclo-cross Sterling, MA C2
29 November UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Milton Keynes Cyclo-cross GBR CDM
30 November Baystate Cyclo-cross Day 2 Cyclo-cross Sterling, MA C2
30 November Flandriencross Hamme Cyclo-cross Hamme-Zogge C1

December 2014

December 2014 Calendar
Date Race Details Discipline Location UCI code
06 December GP Hasselt Cyclo-cross Hasselt C1
06 December
to 07 December
NECXS - NBX Gran Prix of Cross Cyclo-cross Warwick, RI C2
06 December
to 07 December
Waves for Water Cyclocross Cyclo-cross Tacoma, WA C2
07 December Vlaamse Druivencross Cyclo-cross Overijse C1
13 December
to 14 December
North Carolina Grand Prix Cyclo-cross Hendersonville, NC C2
13 December Scheldecross Antwerpen Cyclo-cross Antwerp C1
14 December Zilvermeercross Cyclo-cross Mol C2
20 December Stannah Cyclocross Essen Cyclo-cross Essen C1
21 December UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Namur Cyclo-cross Namur CDM
26 December UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Heusden-Zolder Cyclo-cross Heusden-Zolder CDM
28 December Superprestige Diegem Cyclo-cross Diegem C1
30 December Azencross Cyclo-cross Loenhout C1


  • 1.1 - road one day class 1
  • 2 - MTB one day class 2
  • 2.1 - road stage race class 1
  • 2.2 - road stage race class 2
  • 2.HC - road stage race class hors categorie
  • 3 - MTB one day class 3
  • C1 - Cyclocross class 1
  • C2 - Cyclocross class 2
  • CC - Continental Championships
  • CDM - World Cup
  • CL1 -
  • CL2 -
  • CM - world championships
  • CN - National Championship
  • NE - National Event
  • S1 - MTB SR class 1
  • SHC - MTB stage race class HC
  • SR - MTB stage race
  • WorldTour -