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Since its inception in 1995, Cyclingnews has grown to become the world leader on the internet for the sport of cycling.

The site is the passionate cycling fan's first port of call for news, race results, tech, live race coverage, race photography, interviews, features, diaries, video content, fitness and forums.

Daniel Benson
Editor in Chief


  • Daniel Benson

    Editor in Chief

    Cyclingnews' editorial team leader, Dan organises the site's coverage with the team around the globe.

  • Laura Weislo

    Deputy Editor

    Laura handles Cyclingnews' feature commissioning and scheduling. A racer for nearly a decade, she says she has been pack fodder in some pretty big races.

  • Patrick Fletcher

    Staff Writer

    The youngest of the team, Patrick writes and edits news, features, race reports, and live race coverage for Cyclingnews, covering races on the ground throughout the season.

  • Sadhbh O'Shea

    News Editor

    Never far away from cycling after growing up in a cycling household.

  • Josh Evans

    Staff Writer | Social Media and Communities Manager

  • Stephen Farrand

    European Editor

    Stephen Farrand is based in Italy and has covered every edition of the Giro d'Italia since 1994.

  • Barry Ryan

    European Editor

    Barry writes news and produces race coverage for Cyclingnews. Growing up, his cycling heroes were Marco Pantani and Paul Kimmage.

  • Kirsten Frattini

    Production Editor

    Cyclingnews’ Canadian contingent, Kirsten produces international race coverage for all cycling disciplines, edits global news and writes features.



  • The Technical Team

    Tareq Al Tehami, Pete Gale, Vito Huang, Adam Lambourne, Amee Morris, Mike Timms
  • Also with thanks to

    Jeff Jones, Sam George, Adrian Tamas, Dan Ackroyd, Stefan Burt, Andy Eadie, Kim Fox, Louise Henry, Garrett Phipps, Andrea Callea, Chris, Nick Read, Tomasz Raganowicz, Mateusz Siewniak, Piotr Garbarczyk, Konrad Twardzik, Vini Holden, Dan Bond, Kevin Li Ying, Jon Bennett, David Rodger, Ali Lateef, Ian Miller, Ming Cheung, Will Custard


  • Pro Cycling

    Procycling brings you the colour, action and drama of the world's most spectacular sport in a glossy and dynamic magazine. It's the authoritative, worldwide voice of international professional road racing, distributed in every country where there are English-speaking fans. With exclusive and spectacular photography, Procycling brings to life the complexities, rivalries and hardships of the European professional scene.

Accessibility statement

At Immediate Media, we’re committed to ensuring Cyclingnews.com is accessible to our readers. We’re working towards making the site meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) with the aim of being AA compliant. Where possible we will try to be AAA compliant, to ensure the site is accessible to everyone.

We are aware there are several areas that need to be improved. We will continue to work on these and identify new issues to resolve.

The issues that we’re working on include the following key points:

  • Increasing colour contrast
  • Making links distinctive and descriptive
  • Consistent navigation throughout the site
  • Descriptive page titles
  • Keyboard navigation and navigation that lets people use the site without pointing devices
  • Using simple, easy to read language
  • Correct and consistent use of ALT text for images
  • Good use of tables to describe and assist people using screen readers

We are always keen to receive feedback on the accessibility of Cyclingnews.com. If you have any comments about the site, please get in touch with us here: cyclingnews@cyclingnews.com

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