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Black Friday wheel deals: Save big on carbon wheelsets from Enve and Reynolds this Black Friday

Black friday wheel deals
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Black Friday looms large and is already an abundance of great Black Friday wheels deals available. The best of which, we've outlined below.

With Black Friday inching ever closer, more retailers are unveiling deals in the run-up to try and beat the consumer rush. During this run-up and over the Black Friday weekend, we'll be scouring the web for the best Black Friday bike deals as they become available.

There is no question that upgrading your wheelset will make a huge difference to your riding experience. A superior wheelset can not only make you faster but also deliver less fatigue. The most obvious material upgrade is to go from alloy rims to carbon, but hub internals can be crucial, too. 

As the cycling industry had moved toward a trend that supports wider tyres, many riders have been waiting for an opportunity to buy into the wider rim movement. With these stellar Black Friday wheel deals, you can now get those wider wheels you have been dreaming of at a more sensible price. 

Check out our guide to the best road bike wheels for more, and if you're looking for a new wheelset today, we've rounded up the best Black Friday wheel deals below. Alternatively, if you're looking for something a little more off-road friendly, our friends over at Bike Perfect have compiled the best mountain bike wheel deals.

Black Friday quick deals

Today's best deals: USA

Today's best deals: UK

Black Friday wheel deals

Black Friday wheel deals USA

ENVE SES 3.4 Carbon Ceramic Wheelset - Clincher | 15% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $3,500.00 | Now $2,975.00
As a brand, Enve can speak for itself. Save $525 on a set of carbon wheels with ceramic bearings, tubeless compatibility and lifetime incident protection.View Deal

Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL UST Wheels | 15% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $2100.00 | Now $1785.00
The Mavic Ksyrium is an all-purpose carbon race wheel designed for daily use, and features a shallow rim profile to improve wind stability and comfort. This set comes equipped with Mavic's 25mm Yksion Pro UST tires, and the rear wheel is also discounted.View Deal

Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 Disc Brake TL Wheelset | 20% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $2,449.00 | Now $1,959.00
This is Campag's mid-depth all-round disc brake road wheelset, complete with a 45mm rim depth designed to balance aerodynamics with low overall weight.View Deal

Reynolds 58/62x Carbon Disc Wheelset | 20% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $1,549.00 | Now $1,240.00
Grab a bargain on a set of tubeless compatible aero carbon race wheels with mismatched depths to maximize aerodynamics and handling, as well  rim profiles that are engineered to reduce drag.View Deal

Reynolds AR41x Carbon Wheelset | 20% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $1,549.00 | Now $1,240.00
These tubeless AR41x wheels from Reynolds are set for aggressive road and gravel riding, with an internal width that suits tires anywhere from 28-50mm, making them extremely versatile, whatever your riding style.View Deal

Mercury S5 Disc Wheelset | 31% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $1,299.00 | Now $899.99
Save $400 on this set of carbon fiber road wheels designed for all-round riding, with a carbon layup that balances stiffness with compliance, and features a 50mm rim depth to offer aero gains without compromising on versatility.View Deal

Campagnolo Zonda C17 | 30% off at ProBikeKit
Was $784.00 | Now $494.99
With the Mega-3G spoke patterns, these disc-specific Campy wheels not only look great, but they transfer power brilliantly. View Deal

Prime RR-50 V3 Disc Wheelset - Tubeless Bundle | 32% off at Wiggle
Was $814.99 | Now $549.99

If you've been planning to make the switch to tubeless CX wheels then this is your chance to get a real bargain. Grab a pair of Prime carbon fibre wheels, Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance tires, and Hutchinson tubeless sealant for under $550. And if you're a purist, there's a rim brake bundle available too.
View Deal

Campagnolo Zonda C17 Dark Label Limited Edition wheels & free Campagnolo wheelbag at ProBikeKit
Limited to a run of 500 wheelsets, these are a limited edition dark edition of the popular, and well-renowned Campagnolo Zonda C17 wheels. View Deal

HED Jet 6 Plus | 37% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $1,599.99 | Now $999.99
This is a great multipurpose wheelset. With a rim profile that is 60mm deep and 25mm wide, the Jet 6 Plus has strong aerodynamic properties. With a front wheel weighing 724g and the rear 936g, the Jet 6 Plus wheelset is a relatively low rotating mass, too. For $1000 in this Black Friday wheel deal, it represents great value. View Deal

Token Konax Tri Zenith | 32% off at ProBikeKit
Was $1,964.99 | Now $1,348.99
If deep is fast, then this is the wheelset for you. The Token Konax Tri Zenith features a 76mm rim depth, sailing you to high average training ride speeds. Its minimalist spoke patters sees the front rim laced with 18-spokes, whilst the rear has a 21-spoke pattern, reducing the overall influence of spoke turbulence. View Deal

Fulcrum 55C C17 | 29% off at ProBikeKit
Was $2,881.99 | Now $2,058.99
This high-performance wheelset weighs only 1470g and spins low-friction ceramic bearings. The carbon rim is specifically shaped to be both aero and provide a great braking surface. An excellent deal for time trail riders or triathletes. View Deal

Black Friday wheel deals UK

Shimano RS170 | 50% off at CRC
Was £199.99 | Now £99.99

A terrifically dependable budget wheelset, from the Japanese component supplier. The RS170 might be a touch heavier than most at 2091g, but it should tally huge mileages with great structural robustness, thanks to a 28h spoke pattern and anodized aluminium rims. View Deal

Fulcrum Racing Quattro C17 Clincher wheelset | 37% off at ProBikeKit
Was £339.99 | Now £214.99
A lot more on the budget side of wheelsets, and certainly nowhere near as bank-breaking as some other sets listed here, Fulcrum's aluminium Racing Quattro C17 wheelset offers balanced performance, aero efficiency and versatility.

Mavic Ellipse Clincher | 10% off at Evans Cycles
Was £409.00 | Now £367.99 
The French brand has always been a leader in aluminium rim bonding technology, allowing it to produce very light, yet robust, alloy wheels. The Ellipse has a spoke count of only 20 blades per wheel and a relatively shallow 30mm rim depth. At 1895g it is also credibly light and offers great value.View Deal

Campagnolo Zonda C17 Dark Label Ltd Edition | 18% off at ProBikeKit
Was £549.99 | Now £449.99
Limited to a run of 500 wheelsets, these are a limited edition dark edition of the popular, and well-renowned Campagnolo Zonda C17 wheels.View Deal

Prime RR-50 V3 Disc Wheelset - Tubeless Bundle | 35% off at Wiggle
Was £779.99 | Now £499.99

If you've been planning to make the switch to tubeless CX wheels then this is your chance to get a real bargain. Grab a pair of Prime carbon fibre wheels, Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance tyres, and Hutchinson tubeless sealant for under £500. And if you're a purist, there's a rim brake bundle available too.
View Deal

Prime BlackEdition 38 | 40% off at CRC
Was £899.99 | Now £539.99
If you desire a composite rim wheelset but are mindful of budget, this Black Friday deal on Prime's BlackEdition 38 wheels is ideal. With a wheelset weight of only 1283g, rotational mass is hardly an issue. The rim depth of 38mm is also a fair compromise between being mildly aerodynamic, without adding too much rim material and increasing mass.View Deal

Vision TC24 | Save 63% at CRC
Was £1499.95 | Now £549.99
A relatively conventional wheelset designed for 23mm wide tyres. With aero bladed spokes the TC24 wheelset as a low drag coefficient, but its best specification detail is the weight. This affordable carbon wheelset sits on a scale at only 1280g. View Deal

Vision Metron 81 SL | 39% off at Wiggle
Was £1,749.95 | Now £1,049.99
These deep-section wheels adhere to the very best aero principles. If you like testing your abilities solo, in a time trail or triathlon training session, the Metron 81 SLs are for you. With an 81mm rim depth, these wheels create very little aerodynamic drag. Spoke turbulence isn't much of an issue either, with the Metron 81 SL wheelset featuring only 16 spokes up front and 21 at the rear.View Deal

Reynolds 58 Aero Clincher wheelset | 40% off at ProBikeKit
Was £2,099.99 | Now £1,249.99
The Reynolds 58 Aero features a mid-depth rim profile, combining stiffness, speed and stability into a fast-accelerating and drag-minimising package.

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Where to find even more cycling deals

Rei is an outdoor retailer based in the USA. There's always a sale, and Rei's collection of Black Friday smartwatch deals spans Garmin, Suunto, Timex, Casio and more.  

Competitive Cyclist is one of the largest cycling retailers in the US. Their cycling sale is ongoing and there are deals aplenty. They sell a small range of smartwatches, including brands like Garmin. 

BackCountry, the US outdoor sports retailer, is one of the United States' go-to online retailers for bikes, components, clothing and accessories. It doesn't limit itself to cycling though, with fishing, skiing, and even yoga in the range of sports catered for.

Jenson USA is another USA-based retailer and always has thousands of offers available.

Wiggle is one of the world's largest online cycling shops, supplying over 70 countries with cycling deals. 

Clever Training is the go-to place for all-things fitness training. With everything from turbo trainers to track pumps, the Clever Training sale has discounts on brands such as Garmin, Suunto, Topeak and more.

Gear sells a whole host of outdoor gear, but its cycling offering is what's interesting to us. There are no smartwatches, but you can get plenty of other cycling-specific tech. 

ProBikeKit often slashes prices on Castelli clothing, Scicon bike boxes, and an abundance of accessories including power meters and lights. 

Gear Coop has a huge cycling section within its sale, including Giro shoes and Look pedals with handsome discounts. 

Seshday has up to 80% off in its sale. It's not all cycling, but there's a good portion of tech that cyclists of both road and mountain bike disciplines will get excited about. 

Moosejaw isn't a dedicated cycling retailer, but it sells a range of venerable brands. There's a heap of bikes on sale, including gravel, road, and electric commuting bikes. 

Eastern Mountain Sports is another outdoor retailer that also sells cycling products. You can save up to 60% on cycling gear, although they don't sell bikes. 

Tree Fort Bikes has a range of road, gravel and mountain bikes on offer, including a number of bikes from Salsa, Surly and Giant. 

Walmart might be a left-field inclusion in this list - even with the Walmart family buying Rapha. We certainly wouldn't recommend a typical supermarket bike, but Walmart has a huge range of electronics, a lot of which are useful to us cyclists - such as GoPro cameras, iPads or laptops for Zwift, Garmin computers, or even some new clippers to keep your legs silky smooth.

Chain Reaction Cycles is owned by Wiggle, and therefore shares many of the same cycling deals as well as an international audience.

Evans cycles is one of the oldest cycling retailers in the world, it is a British company that services the world via its online store. For even more deals, check out our Evans Cycles deals.

Amazon isn't exactly the first retailer you think of when shopping for your bike but there's little the world's largest retailer doesn't sell, such as tablets for Zwift or Garmin computers.

Tredz is another British retailer with international delivery options and a range of great cycling deals.

Rutland Cycling is yet another British retailer that operates internationally.

Tweeks Cycles is more UK-focussed, but there are still some great deals worth checking out. 

Hargroves Cycles is a retailer based in the UK and regularly discounts road and gravel bikes.

Cyclestore, one of the UK's lesser-known retailers, often has Specialized products at the best available price. 

Leisure Lakes is another UK retailer. With 11 stores, it's a relatively well-known franchise, and will happily ship overseas.

Halfords is discounting all sorts of cycling products. We'd recommend against their bikes, but for electronics and tools, you can't go far wrong.