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Cheap bike helmets: Today's best deals and budget cycling helmets

Cheap bike helmets
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If you're looking for a cheap bike helmet, but you don't want to compromise on safety, then there are often a host of great discounted options available if you scout around. To save you some time, we've done the legwork for you, so check below for our pick of the best road bike helmets which are discounted right now.

It's worth remembering that all bike helmets have to pass rigorous safety testing standards. What you might not get in a cheaper helmet is the lighter weight, aerodynamics and ventilation of a pricier model. You're more likely to find other features like MIPS at the higher end of the market too.

Scroll down and you'll find affordable road bike helmets aplenty, all of which pass the necessary safety standards or jump to the relevant section by tapping the links below.

Cheap bike helmets

Cheap bike helmet deals: USA


Bern FL-1 Pave | 43% off at REI
Was $99.99 | Now $56.73
If you're after a new helmet for your commute, the Bern's skate-inspired FL-1 Pave lid is 43% off at REI. The catch is, it's only available in size S and grey or white. With heaps of vents, lightweight webbing straps and a Boa 360 retention system, it's a comfortable and great looking urban lid.


Bolle The One | 30% off at Jenson
Was $180.00 | Now $125.99
The One helmet from Bolle is designed to be just that, with removable panels that let you convert it from an aero helmet to a vented one with no less than 31 vents. There's even a blinkie integrated into the rear cradle adjust wheel.


Giro Aether Spherical | 30% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $349.95 | Now from $244.98
Giro's range-topping lid comes with its unique MIPS Spherical tech, in which the MIPS sliding layer is integrated between two layers of the shell, for great protection along with aerodynamics, comfort and ventilation.


Lazer Century | 44% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $159.99 | Now from $89.95
Rated as one of the safest helmets in the Virginia Tech independent helmet testing facility, the Century is airy, semi-aero, and can even be adjusted to offer a better balance of the two.


Oakley Aro5 MIPS | 42% off at REI
Was $250.00 | Now $144.73
The ARO5 is Oakley's mid-range streamlined helmet with MIPS technology. It features large vents for breathability, pulling air over the head quickly to capture heat and expel it from the rear. What's more, it will play super nicely with your sunglasses.


Oakley ARO3 MIPS | 35% off at REI
Was $180.00 | Now $116.73
Engineered for when the mercury rises, the ARO3 MIPS is a well-ventilated road helmet and is currently on sale in the Jasmine green colour.

Cheap bike helmet deals: UK

Kask Mojito X Road Helmet

Kask Mojito X | Up to 50% off at Wiggle
Was £119.00 | Now from £59.50
The well-revered Kask Mojito helmet is available in a range of options at Wiggle, where the choice spans various sizes across 12 different colours, although there's a patchwork of sizes and colours available and prices vary.


Abus Aventor | 46% off at ProBikeKit
Was £129.99 | Now from £68.99
The Abus Aventor is available at ProBikeKit with a big discount. However, with such a popular deal, most of the stock has sold and variations are now limited. 


Abus Stormchaser| 33% off at ProBikeKit
Was £129.99 | Now from £85.99
Abus's Stormchaser offers low weight, aerodynamics and good ventilation in one package. It looks good too and offers great protection. There are even built-in reflectives at the rear.


Bell Formula LED MIPS| 33% off at Tredz
Was £109.99 | Now from £89.99
Sharing its helmet tech with Giro, Bell has included MIPS as well as a rechargeable rear light in the Formula helmet, which also incorporates Bell's comfortable, lightweight fit adjustment system.


Endura Pro SL | 37% off at Tredz
Was £149.99| Now from £94.99
Endura's Koroyd enhanced Pro SL, which we just reviewed, is marked down under £100 at Tredz in size M/L in the rainbow colour option.


Giro Syntax | 28% off at Tredz
Was £89.99| Now from £64.99
Giro's high-end tech extends down its range to its lower-priced helmets, including the Syntax, which comes with 25 vents in its slim, lightweight design.


HJC Furion | up to 61% off at Wiggle
Was £180.00 | Now from £69.99
With a range of sizes across a huge number of colour options, this helmet which has been worn at pro level in previous years by Lotto Soudal is a great buy for anyone looking to add a bit of aero tech to their ride. 


HJC Ibex Road Cycling Helmet | 60% off at Wiggle
Was £225.00 | Now from £90.00
Available in a range of size/colour variations, the Ibex is a great aerodynamic, yet airy helmet. It's the same as that worn by the Israel Start-Up Nation team, including four-time Tour de France winner, Chris Froome.  


Lazer Genesis | 20% off at Cyclestore
Was £179.00 | Now £143.99
The Genesis is light in weight but high in performance, with WorldTour racing credentials. There are lots of vents in the airy shell, the helmet uses Lazer's Rollsys adjustment system and it's compatible with Lazer's Aeroshell too.


POC Ventral SPIN | 24% off at Tredz
Was £270.00 | Now from £206.00
POC's aero lid comes with the brand's SPIN technology -its take on the sliding plane protection system. You get POC's signature huge vents too in this premium helmet.  


Specialized S-Works Prevail II | 9% off at Cyclestore
Was £219.99 | Now £199.99
This top-spec helmet from Specialized comes with MIPS as well as an ANGi detector, which identifies if you have had an accident and alerts your contacts.  

Best cheap bike helmets

If our selection of helmet deals above hasn't provided you with a suitable option for your next purchase, we have another solution. Below, we round up the best budget helmets available today. 

You don't need to spend a fortune on a helmet to ensure your head stays cool, comfortable and protected in the event of a crash. In fact, despite the weight penalty, budget cycling helmets can be just as safe and even better looking than some of the more premium options out there.

What about safety we hear you say? Well, all helmets - cheap helmets included - have to conform to stringent industry safety standards, which vary from region to region. (Every cycling helmet sold in the UK must meet the EN1078 standard, for example). Some of the helmets in the list below come standard with MIPS, a rotational slip-plane cradle system, which tests suggest might significantly reduce brain injuries and concussions caused by crashes.

Of course, if you are looking for top-of-the-range, then we've got you covered there too; check out our roundup of the best road bike helmets. Alternatively, if you're looking to save watts, then we also have a guide to the best aero helmets.

To make things a little easier for you, below we've selected the best budget cycling helmets, each of which offers impressive ventilation, colour combinations and pricing. Look for a helmet that fits properly, offers good ventilation and aesthetics, don't be pressured into spending more than your budget allows, and buy from a well-known reputable retailer.

If you're looking for a helmet but don't want to spend a fortune, and you're unsure exactly which to choose, our guide below will explain the best cheap cycling helmets to help you on your way.

Abus Aduro 2.1

Speed, protection and impressive ventilation without the sizeable price tag

Price: Starting at US$59 / £50 / AU$89 | Weight: 295g, medium | Rotational safety: No | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: 6

Good levels of ventilation
Well fitting and comfortable
No rotational safety

The Abus Aduro 2.1 might be one of the cheapest here but it's a superbly designed and well put together cycling helmet with an array of colour options to suit all tastes.

Ventilation is taken care of by three inlet and 10 outlet ports connected by flow channels, which have improved both the helmet's cooling and aerodynamic properties.

Other positives include a built-in insect/mosquito net, ponytail compatibility and Abus’ venerable Zoom Ace retention system which allows the user to finely adjust the head cradle for a customisable fit.

Kask Rapido

An affordable, performance-built helmet designed for speed

Price: Starting at US$100 / £69 / AU$140 | Weight: 220g, medium | Rotational safety: No | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: 7

No rotational safety

The Kask Rapido incorporates 24 strategically placed vents to ensure the optimal relationship between cooling and aerodynamic efficiency. As such, the Rapido is very much a race-focused budget helmet with a feathery weight to match, 220g for a medium.

There's also an extensive range of design options to suit most tastes — seven colours which include a selection of bright and neutral hues.

The catch? Well, the Kask Rapido is one of the few helmets here that doesn't utilise a MIPS rotational protection system. It does, however, use MIT technology; a Kask-specific measure which joins the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate shell, ensuring better shock absorption in the event of a crash.

(Image credit: Scott)

Scott ARX Plus

Good ventilation and looks make the Scott ARX Plus a seriously impressive and competent cycling helmet

Price: Starting at US$96 / £80 / AU$139 | Weight: 250g, medium | Rotational safety: MIPS | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: 8

Limited colour combinations

Another example of trickle-down technology, the Scott ARX Plus helmet combines premium aesthetics with the added safety of MIPS slip-plane protection in a budget package.

Suitable for a both on- and off-road use, the strategically placed vents, eight colour combinations and removable visor ensure it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to looking and feeling good.

In terms of fit, the ARX Plus benefits from Scott's MRAS2 retention system that supplies a secure and comfortable fit with three adjustable height positions.

Lazer Blade+

A more affordable Lazer Z1

Price: Starting at US$109 / £90 / AU$179 | Weight: 265g, extra small | Rotational safety: MIPS | Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL | Colours: 3

Retention system may take some getting used to

Like many of the helmets listed here, the Lazer Blade+ also shares many similarities with its high-end siblings, in this case, the Z1. It even benefits from the same colourway options — black, white and yellow.

With 22 vents and internal channelling, you get amazing ventilation for hot days, and Lazer’s Rollsys top-mounted retention system which can accommodate heads of all shapes. The Blade is also compatible with the company's aeroshell, rear LED light and LifeBeam heart-rate monitor.

A nice touch is Lazer's crash replacement program: if your helmet has been involved in an accident it can be replaced at a reduced price for up to three years after the purchase date.

Specialized Propero III with ANGi

Like a Specialized Prevail, only cheaper and slightly heavier

Price: Starting at US$130 / £95 / AU$200 | Weight: 315g, medium | Rotational safety: MIPS | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: 3

Crash sensor
Exposed rear EPS foam prone to denting

At first glance, it's difficult to tell the Specialized Propero III apart from high-end Prevail, what with the similarities they share in ventilation architecture, protection and adjustability.

In fact, it's only when placing them on a scale that the differences between the two come to the fore: the Propero is noticeably heavier at 315g, but just as comfortable as its premium brother.

In terms of safety, the Propero uses a helmet-mounted sensor called ANGi, which measures the forces transmitted to your helmet during a crash and transmits a text alert and GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts.

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Smith Signal MIPS

Great choice for road riders wanting elevated protection

Price: Starting at US$75.00 / £65.00 | Weight: 300g, medium | Rotational safety: MIPS | Sizes: S, M, L, XL | Colours: 7

MIPS protection
21 vents
Eyewear storage

The Smith Signal is one of the better value helmets on this list, coming in at an RRP of just $75 / £65. For that fee, you get plenty of coverage from the EPS shell, which when combined with the addition of a MIPS liner, offers good levels of protection. So much so, it meets all regional certifications. 

There are 21 vents in all, meaning overheating will never be a concern, and two of those vents are designed to house your sunglasses - unsurprisingly given Smith's prominence in the sunglasses space - holding them securely when needed.

Adjustment comes via Smith's VaporFit adjustment system, which comprises 270 degrees of adjustment, operated by a dial. 

Bontrager Circuit MIPS

A little on the pricier end of the budget spectrum but a quality option nonetheless

Price: Starting at US$149 / £100 / AU$199 | Weight: 300g, medium | Rotational safety: MIPS | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: 7

Blendr integration

The Bontrager Circuit helmet shares a large portion of its aesthetics with the brand's premium Velocis helmet, and it certainly looks the part with seven colour options to choose from.

At 300g the Circuit might be a little on the heavy side but it does utilise MIPS as well as a Boa retention system, which ensures a comfortable fit. The 'in-mould composite skeleton' is claimed to improve not only the helmet's structural integrity but the size of the 16 ventilation slats too, for improved cooling.

It also benefits from Blendr integration mounting points which allow for the easy fitment of GoPro cameras and Bontrager lights.

Bell Formula LED MIPS

With MIPS and a built-in 20-lumen LED, the Bell Formula is, on paper, one of the safest budget helmets on the market

Price: Starting at US$120 / £110 / AU$174 | Weight: 351g, medium | Rotational safety: MIPS | Sizes: S, M, L | Colours: 4

Float Fit LED
Dull colour palette

Bell has been producing helmets (for all sports) for well over 60 years, so the American-based company knows a thing or two about safety and protecting your head.

Not only does the Bell Formula use MIPS, it also benefits from a bright, 20-lumen rear LED that's incorporated into the fit system for added levels of safety and visibility. The fit system, dubbed Float Fit, uses an easy-to-turn rubber-moulded dial for incremental adjustments.

While exquisitely detailed in terms of texture and design, the Bell Formula LED is let down by its limited-and-uninspiring colour options.

Giro Syntax

Stealthy looks combined with a great fit

Price: Starting at US$120 / £114.99 / AU$179 | Weight: 260g, medium | Rotational safety: MIPS | Sizes: S, M, L, XL | Colours: 6

Build quality feels solid
The finishing could be better

The Giro Syntax belies its £100 price point. Offering a host of features usually reserved for helmets twice its value, the Syntax stands head and shoulders above its rivals, particularly in terms of safety with MIPS as standard.

Six colourways are available to match any style or preference. Visually, the Syntax looks aggressive with 25 large vents that provide both an aerodynamic and cooling effect. Like most helmets in the Giro range, it benefits from the Roc Loc/MIPS retention system.

At 260g (medium), the Syntax represents a happy medium as far as weight goes coming in lighter than the more premium Vanquish.

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