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Last week Rapha switched on its Black Friday sale, offering 25% off all items with a discount code that you had to sign up for via email. Shortly before that, the brand switched off its archive sale, where it houses all its old season stock usually at heavily discounted rates. Now it's Black Friday weekend proper, with Cyber Monday upon us, it has switched the archive back on, along with a site-wide codes BF2023, EXTRA25 and SAVE25 to give you 25% off everything. 

Head straight to the sale here

The good news is that this site-wide code also applies a discount to items within the sale, so I've picked out a few products from the archive that I really rate and outlined them below.

A slight caveat though: In the build-up to the Black Friday weekend I spotted that Rapha originally had a tonne of products in the archive on offer, and swiftly switched a good half of them off before seemingly cycling products in and out of the sale. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme nor reason as to how long things are in the sale, or how long until the products might be 'off' sale before getting discounted again. I suspect that more products will be added after Cyber Monday, but will then not be able to be purchased with the discount code.

With that in mind, if you have your eye on a particular product, my best advice is to keep checking back here as I'll update this page accordingly, and keep checking the Rapha site to see if your chosen product does get a further discount. We expect the 25% code to run through 'til the end of Cyber Monday though, so don't wait too long. 

Recent updates

Deals checked: 10:04am GMT, Nov 27th

How to get 25% off at Rapha this Cyber Monday

Simply add whatever takes your fancy to your basket, then add the code EXTRA25 before checkout to have the discount applied. Codes SAVE25 and BF2023 also work, but you can't stack them. 

All the deals listed below have their prices listed with the discount applied, so don't be alarmed when you click through. 

63% off Women's Cargo Bib ShortsUSA: $290.00 $107.21
UK: £215.00 £79.46

63% off Women's Cargo Bib Shorts
USA: $290.00 $107.21
£215.00 £79.46

Rapha's Core range performs very well across the board. Obviously, shorts are a personal choice, but for this price, it's a lot easier to take a gamble. The men's version was rated highly in our guide to the best cargo bib shorts.

52% off Women's Trail Gore-Tex Infinium JacketUSA: $375.00 $182.21
UK: £275.00 £133.46

52% off Women's Trail Gore-Tex Infinium Jacket
USA: $375.00 $182.21
£275.00 £133.46

As per the men's version above, just with an even bigger discount if you pick the right colour!

44% off Men's Explore Lightweight Down JacketUSA: $293.00 $164.21
UK: £240.00 £134.96

44% off Men's Explore Lightweight Down Jacket
USA: $293.00 $164.21
£240.00 £134.96

I've been using this very regularly both on and off the bike as winter draws in. It's a very well-thought-out down jacket, with insulation removed from key areas to save weight. The cuffs don't have any so they don't get sodden if they peek out from under a waterproof, the hood is just windproof material to fit better under a helmet, and the shoulders are uninsulated as any backpack straps would compress the down anyway, rendering it useless. It also comes with a stuff sack, perfect for bikepacking.

46% off Men's Logo SweatshirtUSA: $80.00 $48.46
UK: £65.00 £35.21

46% off Men's Logo Sweatshirt
USA: $80.00 $48.46
£65.00 £35.21

As well as on-bike gear, Rapha also makes some tasty casual apparel too. The biggest discount on this organic cotton sweatshirt is in a handsome cream colour... just be careful with the pre-ride pasta sauce!

42% off Men's Brevet JerseyUSA: $190.00 $113.96
UK: £150.00 £89.96

42% off Men's Brevet Jersey
USA: $190.00 $113.96
£150.00 £89.96

Sadly the lovely sunshine yellow colourway that I reviewed is all sold out, but the navy, white and pink are reduced and available in all sizes at the time of writing. 

Read my review if you want to know more, but in short, it's my go-to jersey for bikepacking and touring as it has a truly brilliant amount of storage space for snacks.

$41 off Men's Brevet Long Sleeve JerseyUSA: $210 $125.21
UK: £165.00 £98.21

$41 off Men's Brevet Long Sleeve Jersey
USA: $210 $125.21
£165.00 £98.21

The biggest discount is now on this dark red number, though others are also knocked down. Where the short-sleeved jersey is excellent for snack stowage, I love the long-sleeved version in winter as I can easily stuff a jacket into the cavernous rear pocket without sacrificing banana space. 

57% off Women's Pro Team Gravel JerseyUSA: $240.00 $98.96
UK: £175.00 £76.96

57% off Women's Pro Team Gravel Jersey
USA: $240.00 $98.96
£175.00 £76.96

As the men's version, except with a full zip rather than a 3/4 one. Same race cut, mesh front and UV protective back for long, fast days out on or off road.

56% off Men's Pro Team Crit JerseyUSA: $240.00 $107.21
UK: £175.00 £77.96

56% off Men's Pro Team Crit Jersey
USA: $240.00 $107.21
£175.00 £77.96

If speed is the aim of the game then this jersey should be on your list. The shoulders, chest, and upper back are all compressive, textured fabric to improve aerodynamics. It's one of the most 'race cut' jerseys I've ever used, so make sure you're on point with the sizing - usual jersey size if you want it TIGHT, or size up for a little more room.

53% off Women's Pro Team Crit JerseyUSA: $240.00 $89.96
UK: £175.00 £70.21

53% off Women's Pro Team Crit Jersey
USA: $240.00 $89.96
£175.00 £70.21

This is about as racy as jerseys get. Race cut, with compression fabric that trips the wind on the shoulders, back, and chest. There are reductions in all colours, to varying but similar degrees.

61% off Rapha Cap IIUSA: $30.00 $16.96
UK: £25.00 £9.71

61% off Rapha Cap II
USA: $30.00 $16.96
£25.00 £9.71

Every cyclist needs at least one cap in their wardrobe. They keep the sun out of your eyes, and the rain too in bad weather, but mostly they just look fly when you pop it on at the cafe with just the right amount of luft.

50% off Explore Bar BagUSA: $80.00 $40.96
UK: £65.00£29.21

50% off Explore Bar Bag
USA: $80.00 $40.96
£65.00 £29.21

With a 2.5 litre capacity, this wee little bar bag will hold snacks, an extra layer, some spare or whatever else you may want to not carry in your jersey pockets. It also comes with a strap so it can be worn as a hip pack or a sling bag too.

41% off Women's Core GiletUSA: $90.00 $48.50
UK: £75.00 £41.00

41% off Women's Core Gilet
USA: $90.00 $48.50
£75.00 £41.00

A gilet, or cycling vest, is a core part of any cyclists wardrobe. Great in changeable conditions for when a jacket is too hot and going without is too chilly. Plus, easily stuffed into a jersey pocket.

41% off Women's Logo SweatshirtUSA: $80.00 $52.21
UK: £65.00 £43.21

41% off Women's Logo Sweatshirt
USA: $80.00 $52.21
£65.00 £43.21

Perfect for post-ride lounging, made from organic, heavyweight cotton, with a big stitched logo on the front. Cosy and stylish, though only available in smaller sizes at the moment. 

56% off Sturm Women's Pro Team Aero JerseyUSA: $215.00 $96.71
UK: £160.00 £76.96

56% off Sturm Women's Pro Team Aero Jersey
USA: $215.00 $96.71
£160.00 £76.96

Sarah Sturm's privateer jersey for this season was an instant favourite of mine. Fortunately, they make a men's version too, but in either case, it's just a joyful pattern sublimated onto Rapha's excellent Pro Team Aero jersey.

40% off Men's Sturm Pro Team Aero JerseyUSA: $215.00 $128.96
UK: £160.00 £95.96

40% off Men's Sturm Pro Team Aero Jersey
USA: $215.00 $128.96
£160.00 £95.96

Sadly not available in my sizes anymore, or I'd have had one. As per the women's version above, but cut for men, and with a slightly less aggressive discount. 

40% off Rapha + POC Omne AirUSA: $190.00 $113.96
UK: £150.00 £89.96

40% off Rapha + POC Omne Air
USA: $190.00 $113.96
£150.00 £89.96

This is my daily helmet, admittedly in white, rather than this Rapha colourway. The helmet is still the same beneath the design flourishes though. Aero, well vented, and with a MIPS rotational impact liner for extra safety. It's available currently in all sizes too.

44% off Men's Classic Long Sleeve JerseyUSA: $185.00 $103.46
UK: £150.00 £83.96

44% off Men's Classic Long Sleeve Jersey
USA: $185.00 $103.46
£150.00 £83.96

The long sleeved version of the brand's famous classic jersey that started it all. A merino blend keeps you cosy in Autumn and Spring, or layer up with a jacket and use it as a fantastic midlayer for deep winter riding. 

51% off Women's Classic Jersey IIUSA: $170.00 $82.46
UK: £140.00 £73.21

51% off Women's Classic Jersey II
USA: $170.00 $82.46
£140.00 £73.21

The updated version of the jersey that started it all for Rapha. Simple, classic, black, stylish. Made from a blend of merino and polyester and designed for a classic fit rather than spray-on race jerseys it's perfect for long days out, is super comfortable, and will last for years and years with care. 

The men's version is also discounted, but only available in XS. 

45% off Men's Logo Pullover HoodieUSA: $95.00 $56.71
UK: £75.00 £46.21

45% off Men's Logo Pullover Hoodie
USA: $95.00 $56.71
£75.00 £46.21

Just like the logo sweatshirt, but with the added benefit of a hood so that you can block the world out in the airport departure lounge with your headphones on while you wait for your flight to your training camp/cycling holiday.

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But who is Rapha?

Rapha was founded by Simon Mottram in London back in 2004. Rapha's first release was 'the classic jersey' a piece of cycling clothing that helped change the look and design of cycling clothing worldwide.  Mottram's aim was to mix high fashion with high performance, and though he has now stepped down as Rapha CEO his influence and creative direction are still plain to see. In the early days, Rapha was a purely road-specific brand and has always had road riding at its core. It sponsored the all-conquering Teak Sky for several years and now supports and sponsors the Canyon SRAM and EF Education-EasyPost WorldTour, teams. 

Rapha cycling kit often appears in our buyer's guides across various cycling disciplines these days, as it now make kit for gravel cycling and even mountain biking. You will find Rapha options in our guides for the best cycling shorts, best cycling jerseys as well as best cycling shoes. You can explore their newer gravel and mountain bike apparel in our gravel bike clothing guide.

Rapha’s well-thought-out kit caters for every level of rider, whether you're starting out with its more-affordable Core line or leading the pack in its ProTeam range. Rapha doesn’t just make cycling clothing and accessories but casual clothing suited to commuting, relaxed rides and wearing off the bike. 

The brand's loyal following is well-deserved and hard-won; not only is Rapha clothing consistently well-reviewed but it stands by the quality of its products. All of Rapha’s riding collections are covered by a 30-day free return period and free crash repair service.

Beyond the clothing, Rapha works hard to build cycling communities by sponsoring unique events and through its RCC (Rapha Cycling Club) global community. If you decide to go all-in with Rapha and join RCC, you will be in the company of more than 12,000 members with access to a wealth of perks and benefits. There are special group rides, a members-only kit, and 50% off coffee at the Rapha clubhouses. If you travel often, then the RCC bike hire is a perk that might be especially useful. Having access to a top-quality bike and a computer with local routes on it is tough to find without RCC. 

Rapha not for you? 

Worry not, there is a load of great clothing on sale from many of the biggest brands on the market. Check out our cycling clothing guide for some fantastic deals, including other big brands like Assos, Gore, Endura, Castelli and more. 

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