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Science in Sport offers 50% off everything in Cyber Monday sales - now with an extra 10% off

Cyber Monday Science in Sport deal
(Image credit: Science in Sport)

As part of Cyber Monday, Science in Sport have cut a huge 50 per cent off everything listed on their website. That includes energy gels and bars, various recovery and electrolyte powders, and supplement tablets - literally everything on offer.

The sports nutrition company is now also offering an extra 10% off site-wide using code CYBER at checkout.

SiS Mixed GO Isotonic Energy Gels - 20 Pack | 50% off at Science in Sport
Was £28.00 | Now £14.00
An easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrate for energy during exercise, there  are fove flavours of GO Isotonic Energy Gels in this pack.View Deal

SiS Whey Protein Tub - 1kg | 50% off at Science in Sport
Was £30.00 | Now £15.00
Whey protein supports lean muscle growth and maintenance, and with 30 scoops in this 1kg tub from Science in Sport, there's plenty of it to keep you going.View Deal

SIS GO Energy Bar Mini - 30 Pack| 50% off at Science in Sport
Was £35.00 | Now £17.50
These nutritious, easily digestible and high carbohydrate based snack made from fruits and other wholesome ingredients provide carbs during exercise.View Deal

SiS GO Electrolyte Powder - 1kg | 50% off at Science in Sport
Was £17.00 | Now £8.50
Get optimal hydration while on the move with SiS's GO Electrolyte Powder. Easy to mix with water, this helps to protect against cramp and maintain endurance performance while out on the bike.View Deal

There's also free delivery on orders over £35, so if you're running low on ride-food, or fuelling for your upcoming winter base miles then there's really no excuse not to grab something from Science in Sport this Cyber Monday.

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