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The 2016 US professional cycling season is well underway, with the first set of USA Cycling Pro Road Tour and USA CRITS events complete.

Don't miss the top events from across the US in 2016, from UCI-sanctioned races that attract world-class fields to the new Pro Road Tour's one-day criteriums and Omniums, and the high-speed entertainment from the USA CRITS. 

This year, you can watch many of your favourite races via live streaming right here on Cyclingnews. Don't miss our exciting compilation of live streamed events listed below.

And don't forget to check back to view updates as we continue to add live streamed events to our 2016 US race coverage.

March 19 – Tampa Criterium, Florida (USA CRITS)

The Clearwater Classic Criterium opened the USA CRITS series for 2016, with the first race being part of the men's series. The full recap of the live stream is below.

2016 men’s winner: Ruben Companioni (Jamis-Sutter Home)

March 26 - Clearwater Classic, Florida (USA CRITS)

2016 men’s winner: Ruben Companioni (Jamis-Sutter Home)

April 2 – Sunny King Criterium, Alabama (PRT)
Women 6:20 p.m. / Men 7:30 p.m. EST

The Sunny King Criterium kicked off the USA Cycling’s new Professional Road Tour in Anniston, Alabama.

2016 men’s winner: Travis MCabe (Holowesko | Citadel)

2016 women’s winner: Samantha Schneider (ISCorp Cycling p/b Smart Choice MRI)

April 3 – Anniston Fort McClellan Road Race, Alabama (PRT)
Women 9 a.m. / Men 1 p.m. EST (streaming begins at 10 a.m.)

Anniston Fort McClellan Road Race, new to USA Cycling’s series, consisted of multiple loops up and over a 35.5km circuit that included three substantial climbs. The racers battled over Bains Gap, with an average gradient of 10 per cent along more than a kilometre of climbing that includes pitches up to 17 per cent.

2016 men’s winner: Oscar Clark (Holoweski | Citadel)

2016 women’s winner: Jennifer Prinner (Rally Cycling)

April 17 - Volkswagen USA Cycling Professional Criterium National Championships
Women 2:20 / Men 4 p.m. EST

Watch the top men and women criterium racers in the country as they compete for the stars-and-stripes jerseys on the line at the USA Cycling Professional Criterium Championships. The racers will compete along a figure-8 loop with the start-finish on N. Main Street in Greenville, South Carolina. The women will compete for 90 minutes and the men will race for 120 minutes.

2016 men's winner: Brad Huff (Rally Rycling)

2016 Women's winner: Lauren Tamayo (UnitedHealthcare)

April 30 - Charlotte Criterium, North Carolina (PRT / USA CRITS)
Women 6 p.m. / Men 7:30 p.m. EST

The 2016 edition of the Charlotte Criterium is the fifth stop of USA Cycling's Pro Road Tour Calendar, and part of the USA CRITS National Series and the Speed Week Regional Series. Frankie Andreu will provide colour commentary for what is expected to be an exciting, well-attended event. The international field of the world's top men and women's professional cyclists will take to the streets of uptown Charlotte and will compete for over $40,000 in prize money. The women will race for 40km and the men will race for 80km.

2016 women's winner: Coryn Rivera (UnitedHealthcare)

April 30 – Dana Point Grand Prix Criterium, California (PRT)
Women 3 / Men 4:30 p.m. PCT

While the Charlotte Criterium is happening on the east coast, the Dana Point Grand Prix will occupy the west coast weekend of racing. The event is embarking on its 10th edition, annually hosting a high-speed criterium in downtown Dana Point along the Pacific coastline in Orange County. The L-shaped course offers an eight-corner spectacle for the fans to enjoy. The women will race for 60 minutes and the men will race for 75 minutes.

2016 men's winner: Luis Amaran (Jamis)

May 6 – Spartanburg Criterium, South Carolina (USA CRITS)
Women 7 / Men 8 p.m. EST

The Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Criterium is a featured event in Spartanburg’s largest annual festival, Spring Fling. It is a part of both the national series and the USA CRITS Speed Week series, which will draw top national racing teams and international racers. The race has an officially sanctioned, half-mile course that is unique for its cobblestone start/finish line and dangerously sharp right turns.

2016 women's winner: Erica Allar (Rally Cycling)

2016 men's winner: Stefan Schafer (Maloja Pushbikers)

May 7 – Athens Twilight Criterium, Georgia (USA CRITS)
Women 7:15 / Men 8:30 p.m. EST

Athens Orthopedic Clinic Twilight Criterium will serve as the finals for USA CRITS Speed Week 2016 and also marks the midpoint of the national USA CRITS Championship Series. The course start-finish line is on Washington Street at College Avenue and is a 1K course that runs counterclockwise on Washington Street, Jackson Street, Hancock Avenue and Hull Street. The men’s pro-am criterium is an 80km race around historic downtown Athens, while the women’s pro-am criterium is 40km.

2016 women's winner: Marie-Soleil Blais (Fearless Femme Racing)

2016 men's winner: Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Cycling Team)

May 28 - USA Cycling Professional Road Race National Championships
Women 9:30 a.m. / Men 1:30 p.m. EST

The nation's top road racers will reunite in Winston-Salem for the USA Cycling Road National Championships. The fields will race along a 9.6-mile course through the countryside of Winston-Salem. The women will race nine laps and a total of 140km and the men will race for12 laps and 187km.

2016 women's winner: Megan Guarnier (Boels-Dolmans)

2016 men's winner: Greg Daniel (Axeon Hagens Berman)

May 29 – Winston-Salem Classic Criterium, North Carolina (PRT / USA CRITS)
Women 5 / Men 6:30 p.m. EST

The Winston-Salem Classic Criterium is the ninth stop on the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour. It will be held in the scenic Bailey Park. Organisers changed the course last year and settled on a short, rectangular circuit that started and finished in the middle of a fast descent. The women will race 75 minutes and the men will race for 90 minutes.

2016 women's winner: Coryn Rivera (UnitedHealthcare)

2016 men's winner: John Murphy (UnitedHealthcare)

May 30 – Winston-Salem Classic Road Race, North Carolina (PRT / UCI 1.1 / UCI 1.2WE)
Women 10 / Men 1:30 p.m. EST

This year, the Winston-Salem Classic Road Race will be the 10th stop on the Pro Road Tour and a UCI 1.1 event for the men and UCI 1.2 event for the women. With the start-finish line on Line 217 West 6th Street and venture off on an 12.8km circuit. The women will race for 91km and the men for 171km.

2016 women's winner: Rossella Ratto (Cylance Pro Cycling)

2016 men's winner: Ryan Roth (Silber Pro Cycling)

June 4 – Glencoe Grand Prix, Illinois (USA CRITS)
Women 12:45 / Men 6 p.m. CST

The Glencoe Grand Prix will offer the men’s and women’s fields a tricky figure-8-type loop, with 10-corner and 2.1 kilometers each lap that includes a descent and brief rise on the western part of the course. The women will race for 50km and the men will race for 85km.

June 5 – Philadelphia International Cycling Classic (PRT / UCI 1.1 / UCI 1.WWT)
Men's UCI 1.1 starts at 8:00 a.m / Women's WorldTour starts at 12:30 p.m. EST

The Philadelphia Cycling Classic will mark the ninth stop on the new Women’s WorldTour and has upgraded the men’s race to a UCI 1.1 event, and it is the 12th stop on the Pro Road Tour (men only). The races will follow the same course design as it has during the previous two years with the start-finish line at the top of the circuit’s main climb on the Manayunk Wall, and follow a 19.7km circuit that includes the KOM climb over Lemon Hill and flat sections along Kelly Drive. The women will race for a total of six laps and roughly 118km. The men will race for nine laps and around 173km.

View live streaming here.

2016 women's winner: Megan Guarnier (Boels-Dolmans)

2016 men's winner: Eduard Prades (Caja Rural Seguros-RGA)

June 10-12 – Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Criterium Omnium, Oklahoma (PRT)
Blue Dome Criterium – Women 7:55 / Men 8:50 p.m. CST
Brady Arts District Criterium – Women 6:50 / Men 7:55 p.m. CST
River Parks Criterium – Women 3:30 / Men 4:35 p.m. CST

The 13th stop on the Pro Road Tour, Friday, June 10 will kick off the Tulsa Tough Criterium Omnium with the Blue Dome Criterium. The figure-8 loop is 1.1km in length and has 25 feet of elevation gain per lap. The women’s race will begin at 7:55 p.m. and the men’s race will follow at 8:50 p.m.

The Omnium will continue on Saturday with the Brady Arts District Criterium where the peloton will face an L-shaped, 1.4km loop, the criterium that is undulating with a descent in the last corner before the finish line. The women’s race at 6:50 p.m. and the men’s race at 7:55 p.m..

The Tulsa Tough will conclude on Sunday with the River Parks Criterium that includes the challenging Crybaby Hill and a 120-degree corner. The course is 1.3km long and includes 100 feet of climbing each lap. The women will race at 3:30 p.m. and the men at 4:35 p.m.

June 11-12 - Air Force Association Cycling Classic (PRT)
Live streaming of Saturday's Clarendon Cup and Sunday’s Crystal Cup: Men 10:20 / Women 12:35 p.m. EST

Saturday will kick off the two-day event with the Clarendon Cup. The day starts at 8:00 am with various amateur races, followed by the women's Pro/Am race at 10:00am. Beginning at approximately 12:05pm, the Men's Pro Teams begin to roll out to race 100 laps (100km)

Saturday will host the Crystal Cup, the men will kick off the PRT events at 10:20 a.m. followed by the women's race at 12:35 a.m.

2016 women's omnium winner: Coryn Rivera (UnitedHealthcare)

2016 men's omnium winner: Ty Magner (UnitedHealthcare)

June 15-19 - North Star Grand Prix (PRT)

The Pro Road Tour will resume with the North Star Grand Prix, where two stages will be streamed live on Cyclingnews. The uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis will host the Uptown Minneapolis Criterium for the Friday evening event. With huge crowds that have lined the entire course every year, the riders have been energized and there has been some incredible racing. The course has teams race past Calhoun Square on a .88-kilometer course that comprises six tight corners and a furious race to the finish line.

You can also watch the finale in Stillwater. The Stillwater course features a trek up Chilkoot Hill every lap. This lung-busting hill climb along with the heart stopping downhill turns that will stretch the riders’ bike handling skills to their limits combine to give this criterium an international reputation as the hardest in North America.

June 25-26 – Tour of America’s Dairyland Criterium Omnium (PRT)
Start times - TBA

The 16th stop on the Pro Road Tour, Tour of America’s Dairyland will offer up two of its events as an Omnium for the series. The ISCorp Downer Classic will kick off the Omnium on July 25 with a race held on the historic Downer Avenue. The Omnium will conclude with the East Tosa Gran Prix, also the last race of the Tour of America’s Dairyland.

July 16 – Anderson Banducci Twilight Criterium, Idaho (PRT / USA CRITS)
Women 6:45 / Men 8 p.m. MST

Downtown Boise Boise Twilight Criterium is a fast-paced criterium held in downtown Boise. It’s the seventh stop of the USA CRITS series. The rectangular course features four corners and a chicane between the first and second turns. The women will race for 60 minutes and the men for 90 minutes.

August 6 – Red Bank Criterium, New Jersey (USA CRITS)
Men 8 p.m. EST

Red Bank Championship Cycling is a new event on the USA CRITS calendar and the penultimate race. More details to follow…

August 13 – Rochester Twilight Criterium, New York (PRT)
Women 6:25 / Men 8:05 p.m. EST

The Rochester Twilight Criterium is back on the national calendar as the 21st spot on the Pro Road Tour. Organisers off the racers a well-paved, undulating 1.6km course with nine corners that wind through the southeast corner of Rochester’s downtown. The women will race for 60 minutes and the men will race for 2 hours.

August 20, Iron Hill Twilight Criterium, Pensylvania (USA CRITS)
Women 6:45 / Men 8 p.m. EST

The 12th Annual Iron Hill Twilight Criterium is one of the top pro races on the east coast and it will serve as the 2016 USA CRITS Championship Series Finals. The Iron Hill Twilight Criterium is a 1km course in historic downtown West Chester, Pennsylvania. It features four 90-degree turns and one short rise. The women will race for 40km and the men will race for ? km.

September 2-5 – Gateway Cup Criterium Omnium, Missouri (PRT)
Tour de Lafayette – Women 8:15 / Men 9:15 CST
Tour de Francis Park – Women 4:30 / Men 5:30 p.m. CST
Firo della Montagne – Women 3:10 / Men 4:25 p.m. CST
Benton Park Classic – Women1:05 / Men 2:05 p.m. CST

The Gateway Cup Criteriuum Omnium is a four-day event and the 23rd stop on the Pro Road Tour. The twilight event will start with the Tour de Lafayette, held on a square, 0.9-mile course around Lafayette Square in St. Louis. The women will begin racing at 8:15 p.m. for a 55-minute race and the men will start at 9:15 p.m. for a 60-minute criteirum.

The Omnium will continue at the Tour de Francis Park, held on a square circuit around Francis Park in the neighbourhood of St. Louis Hills. The women’s race will begin at 4:30 p.m. for 55 minutes of racing and the men will begin at 5:30 p.m. for 75 minutes of racing.

The Giro della Montagne is the third event of the Omnium weekend and features a rectangular circuit. The 55-minute women’s race will start at 3:10 p.m. and the 70-minute men’s race will start at 4:25 p.m..

The Gateway Cup will conclude with the Benton Park Classic. Held on a figure-8 loop, it will mark the most challenging of courses throughout the weekend. The 55-minute women’s race will begin at 1:05 p.m. and the 75-minute men’s race will start at 2:05 p.m., after which the winners of the men’s and women’s Omnium will be crowned.

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