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McCabe wins Sunny King Criterium

The team rides at Michelin Test Track

The team rides at Michelin Test Track (Image credit: Brian Hodes / VeloImages)

Holowesko-Citadel’s Travis McCabe delivered the first win for his new team Saturday night at the Sunny King Criterium in Anniston, Alabama, the first race of USA Cycling’s newly configured Pro Road Tour.

UnitedHealthcare, Holowesko-Citadel and Astellas duelled throughout the race, riding aggressively to make sure they had at least one rider in all of the dangerous moves.

US Elite criterum champion Daniel Holloway (Giant) tried to jump away in several moves, but the pack, usually driven by one of the larger teams, pulled the breakaways back in due time.

An opportunistic group of three riders escaped late in the race, however, with Andzs Flaksis (Holowsko-Citadel), Ryan Knapp (First Interstate) and Brendan McCormack (CCB) building a gap of 35 seconds with 20 laps to go.

Having missed out on the move, UnitedHealthcare assumed control of the field and lined things up for a final game of beat the clock with the trio off the front.

With six laps to go, and just four of UnitedHealthcare’s riders left pulling on the front of the chase, the breakaway had an 18-second gap.

Flaksis put in a dig going through the line with five to go, and it was enough to shake his companions. The 25-year-old Latvian looked strong with three laps to go, but as the field swept up his former breakmates, UnitedHealthcare seemed to pick up even more speed at the head of the field as Holowesko lined up behind them.

Flaksis was well in sight of the field on the finishing straightaway as he took the bell for the final lap. When the bunch reshuffled in the final circuit, UnitedHealthcare and Astellas battled for control while Holowesko surged out of the final turn and delivered McCabe for the win.

The USA Cycling Pro Road Tour continues Sunday with the Fort McClellan Road Race, also in Anniston. Cyclingnews will carry the race live stream beginning at 10 a.m. CDT.

Sunday's McClellan Road Race consists of multiple loops up and over a 35.5km circuit with three substantial climbs. The peloton will battle over Bains Gap, with an average gradient of 10 percent along more than a kilometre of climbing that includes pitches up to

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Travis McCabe (Holowesko | Citadel Racing Team pb Hincapie Racing)1:29:05
2Michael Hernandez (CCB Racing)
3Aldo Ino Ilesic (Astellas Cycling Team)
4Daniel Holloway (Giant Racing)
5Tyler Magner (United Healthcare)
6Hogan Sills (ICC BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)0:00:01
7Oscar Clark (Holowesko | Citadel Racing Team pb Hincapie Racing)
8Eamon Franck (Astellas Cycling Team)
9Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Cycling Team)
10Thomas Gibbons (Team United Healthcare Georgia706P)0:00:02
11Ed Veal (RealDealD'Ornellas pb Garneau)
12Mac Brennan (Holowesko | Citadel Racing Team pb Hincapie Racing)
13Brice Brookshire (Texas Roadhouse Cycling pb Stradalli Bicycles)
14Nolan Tankersley (Lupus Racing Team)0:00:03
15Zack Kratche (Amore & Vita - USA Racing)
16Brendan Rhim (Holowesko | Citadel Racing Team pb Hincapie Racing)
17Christopher Uberti (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team pb Palmetto State Medical)0:00:04
18Glenn Ferreira (Team Metra Xrcel Cycles 54)
19Cooper Willsey (CCB Racing)
20John Brizzard (Palmer Cycling)0:00:05
21Taylor Warren (COGA Elite Cycling Team)0:00:06
22Tanner Ward0:00:07
23Andrei Krasilnikau (Holowesko | Citadel Racing Team pb Hincapie Racing)
24Brendan McCormack (CCB Racing)
25Matt Moosa (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team pb Palmetto State)0:00:17
26Brandon Feehery (Astellas Cycling Team)
27Chris Strumolo (Blue Ribbon-Pennell Venture Partners)0:00:19
28Grant Erhard (Summit Wealth Strategies)0:00:24
29Anton Varabei (RealDealD'Ornellas pb Garneau)0:00:25
30Artur Sagat (Pioneer Mortgage pb
31Bradley White (United Healthcare)0:00:27
32Frank Travieso (Team United Healthcare Georgia706P)0:00:28
33Aaron Beebe (ICC BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)0:00:32
34Ryan Knapp (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)0:00:44
35Andzs Flaksis (Holowesko | Citadel Racing Team pb Hincapie Racing)0:00:52
36John Murphy (United Healthcare)0:00:55
37Thomas Brown (Litespeed-BMW)0:01:25
38Allan Rego (Lupus Racing Team)
39Andrew Hammond (Palmer Cycling)
40Zachary Carlson (Texas Roadhouse Cycling pb Stradalli Bicycles)
41Jacob Henningsen (Team Hungry)
42Ryan O'Boyle (xXx Racing)
43Martin Vecchio
44Benjamin Renkema (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team pb Palmetto State Medical)
45Kerry Werner (RALLY CYCLING)
46Jake Buescher (xXx Racing)
47Adam Morris (Palmer Cycling)
48John Woods (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)
49Willem Kaiser (Team United Healthcare Georgia706P)
50Christopher Meacham (Pushworks Racing pb Van Dessel)
51Dylan Postier (Tulsa Wheelmen)
52Brett Wachtendorf (Amore & Vita - USA Racing)
53Michael Olheiser (Lupus Racing Team)
54Winston David (Lupus Racing Team)
55John Becker (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)
56Andrew Scarano (Team United Healthcare Georgia706P)
57Robert Sroka (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)
58Matt Salpietro (Texas Roadhouse Cycling pb Stradalli Bicycles)
59Jonathan Jacob (ICC BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)
60Adam Leibovitz (Giant Racing)0:01:26
61Ross Baldwin (Century Road Club Assoc)
62Spencer Oswald (Amore & Vita - USA Racing)
63Ben Schmutte (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)
64Parker Kyzer (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team pb Palmetto State Medical)0:01:31
65Jonah Meadvancort (Lupus Racing Team)
66Jason Chatham (I AM Racing pb Escadrille)
68Matthew Kelley (Summit Wealth Strategies)
69Marcos Lazzarotto (Lupus Racing Team)
70Alex Cox (CCB Racing)
71James Mason (Prima Tappa Cycling)
72Michael Keller (ICC BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)0:01:32
73Oliver Flautt (Lupus Racing Team)
74Ian Keough (Astellas Cycling Team)
75Brad Parkerson (Ridley Masters pb Reality Bikes)
76Brad Bradford (RealDealD'Ornellas pb Garneau)
77Jack McCann (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)
78Jack Montgomerie (Amore & Vita - USA Racing)
79Ian Umstead (Village VW pb Erlanger Sports Medicine)
80Andy Prickett (Team Dayton Bicycling)
81Michaelee Bowes (Nashville Local Cycling)
82Joseph Long (Team LaS'port)
83Joshua Carter (EGO pb Sammys Bikes)
84Gorgi Popstefanov (Amore & Vita - USA Racing)
DNFLuke Keough (United Healthcare)
DNFKarl Menzies (United Healthcare)
DNFCarlos Alzate Escobar (United Healthcare)
DNFClay Murfet (Astellas Cycling Team)
DNFJake Silverberg (Astellas Cycling Team)
DNFEdward Novak (Palmer Cycling)
DNFMarco Aledia (Giant Racing)
DNFChad Hartley (Giant Racing)
DNFNathan Labecki (Giant Racing)
DNFFletcher Lydick (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team pb Palmetto State Medical)
DNFCory Small (CCB Racing)
DNFDominic Caiazzo (Lupus Racing Team)
DNFGavriel Epstein (Lupus Racing Team)
DNFLuke Momper (SBR Quantum Racing)
DNFConor Schunk (Masters Cycling Systems LLC.)
DNFCharkie Huegel (Nine Lives Carbon Repair)
DNFKyle Perry (Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc)
DNFAndrew Crater (Cycle Haus Racing)
DNFJesse Kelly (Dallas Racing)
DNFTyler George (xXx Racing)
DNFAlec Hoover (BikeReg Elite Racing)
DNFJohn Balmer (Century Road Club Of America)
DNFBrendan Cornett (Litespeed-BMW)
DNFShane Feehery (Summit Pro Racing)
DNFAndrew Raab (CCB Racing)
DNFRainiel Sanchez (Advanced Cycles pbTopview Sports)
DNFTravis Sherman (Infinity RacingTom Williams BMW-Mini)
DNFBrian Teipen (Ridley Masters pb Reality Bikes)

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