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Schafer surprises in Spartanburg

Stefan Schafer (LKT-Team Brandenburg) celebrates his victory in stage three.

Stefan Schafer (LKT-Team Brandenburg) celebrates his victory in stage three. (Image credit: International Tour of Hellas)

German track rider Stefan Schafer (Maloja Pushbikers) charged to a solo win today in Spartanburg. The national madison champion attacked in the closing laps of the 70 lap race, gaining about 11 seconds before Astellas sensed the danger and began chasing. However it was too late, and Schafer barely held off the swarming field while Aldo Ilesic (Astellas) sprinted to second. Marcel Kalz (Maloja Pushbikers) rounded out an all European podium.

Daniel Holloway (Giant Racing), winner of the Spartanburg Criterium two years in a row, finished in fourth place.

"It was horribly hard," Schafer said after his win. "But this crowd was amazing to ride for. And their cheers kept me going. This is the best race I’ve ever done because of the crowd atmosphere. It’s amazing here, even better than last year. It’s so loud. It’s really great to race here."

120 riders took the start of the 4th race of the TUFMED USA CRITS Series that coincidentally had the same kind of neutralization as the women’s race. Again, a crash on the fourth lap caused a massive pileup and officials chose to stop the race so those affected could get mechanical help.

As the laps flew by, Maloja Pushbikers team were on the offensive, throwing attack after attack at the Astellas team, who were forced to respond, as their sprinter was Aldo Ilsec (Astellas) was the best placed rider in the Speedweek series present at Spartanburg at fourth place.

With 30 laps to go, Michael Stoop caught the field sleeping and set off solo. He pulled out a few meters advantage and spent a few laps away while Astellas, sensing the danger, formed at the front to pull him back in.

Schafer countered, then Christian Grassman, both from Maloja Pushbikers, pressuring Astellas constantly. Finally, Schafer made his winning move with less than 10 laps remaining and rode to an impressive win.

Full recap video:

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stefan Schafer (Maloja Pushbikers)1:22:45
2Aldo Ilesic (Astellas Cycling Team)0:00:01
3Marcel Kalz (Maloja Pushbikers)0:00:01
4Daniel Holloway (Giant Racing powered by Intelligentsia)0:00:01
5Colton Brookshire (NCCF team specialized)0:00:02
6Christian Grasmann (Maloja Pushbikers)
7Bobby Lea (Maloja Pushbikers)0:00:02
8Ed Veal (RealDeal/D'Ornellas p/b Garneau)0:00:02
9Quentin Valognes (Team Novo Nordisk)0:00:03
10Kevin Goguen0:00:03
11Ben Fredrick0:00:03
12Jose Frank Rodriguez (Stradalli - Safetti)0:00:03
13Zack Kratche (Pioneer Mortgage Funding)0:00:03
14Sam Rosenholtz (GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar)0:00:04
15Ben Renkema (Team Finish Strong)
16Adam Farabaugh (Support Clean Sport / SeaSucker / Guttenplan Coaching)0:00:04
17Enrique Lopez (Stradalli - Safetti)
18Justin Meade (Team Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team)0:00:04
19Ryan Good (11elevencycling)0:00:04
20Hamza Eastman (Team Cocos)0:00:04
21Matt Moosa0:00:05
22Jacob White (Team Arapahoe Resources)0:00:05
23Andrew Dahlheim (Team Arapahoe Resources)
24John Harris (GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar)0:00:05
25Tom Gibbons (United Healthcare of Georgia p/b The 706 Project)0:00:05
26Martin Hacecky (Maloja Pushbikers)0:00:06
27Andy Reardon
28Chad Hartley (Giant Racing powered by Intelligentsia)0:00:06
29Blake Anton (Team Clif Bar)0:00:06
30Matthew Salpietro (Texas Roadhouse Cycling)0:00:06
31Gen kogure
32Guy Tawney (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Team)0:00:07
33Eamon Lucas (Astellas Cycling Team)0:00:07
34Ian Keough (Astellas Cycling Team)0:00:07
35Geron Williams (CRCA/Foundation)
36Akil Campbell (Stradalli - Safetti)0:00:07
37Anthony Rodriguez (CRCA/Foundation)0:00:07
38Ricky Randall (Team Arapahoe Resources)0:00:08
39Darren Dowling
40Michael Jasinski (Team Clif Bar)0:00:08
41Parker Kyzer (Team Finish Strong)0:00:08
42Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Cycling Team)0:00:08
43Paul Morris (Team Clif Bar)0:00:08
44Chris Uberti0:00:08
45Devin Reavis (High Country Development Team p/b Pactimo)0:00:08
46chris ernst (Team Ontario)0:00:09
47Graydon Staples
48Stefan Mastaller (Maloja Pushbikers)
49Philip short0:00:09
50Christian Camilo Torres (CRCA/Foundation)0:00:09
51Ryan Joyce (Cyclus Sports)0:00:09
52Anton Varabei (RealDeal/D'Ornellas p/b Garneau)
53Noah Simms (Team Ontario/Centurion Next Wave Cycling Team)0:00:10
54Fabio Calabria (Team Novo Nordisk)0:00:10
55Jacob Gerhardt (Team Clif Bar)0:00:10
56Kevin Mullervy
57Dylan Cantrell (United Healthcare of Georgia/706P)0:00:10
58Grant Erhard0:00:10
59Umberto Poli (Team Novo Nordisk)0:00:11
60AJ Moran0:00:11
61Artur Sagat (Pioneer Mortgage Funding)0:00:11
62Isaac Strickland0:00:11
63Connor Schunk0:00:11
64Gonzalez Frankie0:00:11
65Andy Scarano (United Healthcare of Georgia p/b The 706 Project)0:00:12
66Sebastian Morfin (Stradalli - Safetti)0:00:12
67Brais Dacal (Team Novo Nordisk)0:00:12
68Adam Koble (Team Arapahoe Resources)0:00:13
69Willem Kaiser (United Healthcare of Georgia p/b The 706 Project)
70Matt Salpietro (Texas Roadhouse)0:00:13
71Michael Potter0:00:15
72Juan Polanco (CRCA/Foundation)0:00:15
73Frank Travieso (United Healthcare of Georgia p/b The 706 Project)
74Norlandy Tavera (CRCA/Foundation)0:00:15
75Lucas Livermon (Cyclus Sports)0:00:15
76David Pavlik0:00:16
78Kyle Knott0:00:16
79Raynauth Jeffrey (Team Cocos)0:00:16
80Sam Connell0:00:17
81Gunner Holmgren0:00:17
82Clay Murfet (Astellas Cycling Team)0:00:17
83Christepher Zieman0:00:17
84Douglas Chrystall (Cannondale)0:00:18
85Sean Weddell0:00:18
86Andrew Baker0:00:18
87Shane Feehery0:00:20
88Chad Conley0:00:20
89Michael Stoop0:00:22
90Carlos Norena0:00:31
91Adam Leibovitz (Giant Racing)0:00:34
93Brandon Feehery (Astellas Cycling Team)0:01:06
94John Pratt
95Justin Pfaff
96Matthew Staples (Ontario)
97Myles Lietzke (Lowcountry Racing)
98Matthew Kelley (Summit Wealth Strategies)
100Andrew Hodges (Prima Tappa)
101Charkie Huegel (Nine Lives Carbon Repair)
102David Herrera (Governacion de Caldas)
103Juan Pimentel (CRCA/Foundation)
104Evan Bybee (Team Arapahoe Resources)
105Carlo Villarreal (Organic Valley)
106Emanuel Mini (Team Novo Nordisk Development)
107Connor Simmans
108loenardo marquez
109John Croom
110Chris Collins
111Jason Williams (Hartz)
112Brad Harman
113Zachary Lewis (11elevencycling)
114darel Christopher
115Nicholas Luther
116Eric Serantoni (Low Country Racing)
117Henry Willis
118Tim Burton (RealDeal/D'Ornellas p/b Garneau)
119Jaime Bernal (Team Cocos)
120Hector Fabian Aguilar Figueria (SCC SOUTHERN CRESCENT CYCLING)
121Carlos Arias Jauan
122Ryan Shean
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