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Miguel Bryon wins the sprint


Junior Men 17-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Miguel Bryon (Blue Star-Boom Development Team)2:25:22
2Logan Owen (Lake Washington Velo)
3Ansel Dickey (Killington Mountain School Cycling)
4Gregory Ratzell (Young Medalists/Team Rothrock)
5Stephen Bassett (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex)
6Michael Dessau (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)
7Colin Joyce (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team)
8Gregory Daniel (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)
9Alexey Vermeulen (Bissell-Abg-Nuvo/Indianapolis C)
10Tyler Williams (Team Swift)
11Matthew Russell (Scenic City Velo)
12Alexandre Darville (Hammer Nutrition/Cmg Racing Team)
13Zack Gould (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)
14Bryan Duke (Ritte Elite U23 Development Team)
15Anthony Fitch (Monster Media Racing Scvelo)
16Justin Oien (Monster Media Racing Scvelo)
17Marcus Smith (Team Specialized Racing)
18Brendan Mccormack (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team)
19Geoffrey Curran (Surf City Cyclery/Sterling Bmw/)
20Noah Williams (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)
21William Rekemeyer (Racers Against Childhood Cancer)
22John Noonan (Tokyo Joe's -Whole Foods/Primal)
23Tobin Ortenblad (Ritte Elite U23 Development Team)
24Jonathon Schilling (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)
25Nicholas Torraca (Mad Duck Racing)
26Zachary Carlson (Matrix/Rbm/Matrix Cycling Club)
27Cameron Rex (Gateway Harley-Davidson)
28Dean Haas (Team Specialized Racing Juniors)
29Andrew Dillman (Prochain Cycling)
30Spence Peterson (Ritte Elite U23 Development Team)
31Jacob Miller (Hpc/List/Hpc)
32Nolan Tankersley (Scenic City Velo)
33Justin Mauch (Hpc/List/Hpc)
34Reese Levine (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team)
35Christofer Keeling (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)
36Travis Monroe (Hammer Nutrition-Cmg Racing Team)
37Josh Johnson (Gateway Harley-Davidson)
38Taylor Eisenhart (Velosport Racing)
39Kenneth Gonzales (Team Swift)
40Nolan Mcqueen (Red Zone Cycling)0:00:11
41Tim Aiken (Sjbc/San Jose Bicycle Club)
42Peter Davis (Iscorp Cycling Team/Nova Cycle)
43Henry Nelson (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team)
44Kaleb Koch (Iscorp Cycling Team/Nova Cycle)
45Alistair Eeckman (Hammer Nutrition/Cmg Racing Team)
46Charlie Hough (Diy Music P/B Chainheart Cycling)
47Austin Joyner (Carolina Break)
48William Richter (Hincapie Development Team/Green Creation Elite Cycling Team)
49Lucas Wardein (Florida Velo)
50Trevor Rolette (South Chicago Wheelmen)
51Brendan Rhim (Killington Mountain School Cycling)
52Thomas Wrona (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team)
53Darrell Kohli (Racers Against Childhood Cancer)
54Matthew Ammann (Hpc/List/Hpc)
55Avery Wilson (Hpc/List/Hpc)
56Joel Paquette (Team Priority Health)0:00:28
57Kaleb Anderson (Byrds Boise Young Rider Development Squad)0:00:31
58Jack Mccann (Prochain Cycling)
59Dakota Schaeffer (Young Medalists/Team Rothrock)
60Riley Everett (Monster Media Racing Scvelo)
61Curtis White (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team)
62Matthew Clements (Hpc/List/Hpc)
63Jacob King (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team)
64Mitchell Moody (Beast Racing)0:00:46
65Kipp Silber (Merrill Lynch Cycling/Team Day)0:00:48
66Michael Frentress (787 Racing)
67Nathaniel Morse (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team)
68Eduardo Arboleda (Interactive Metronome Development Team)0:01:03
69Michael Keller (South Chicago Wheelmen)0:01:06
70Hunter Stewart (Gs Tenzing)0:01:08
71Cameron Mccormack (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team)0:01:10
72Ben Stein (Colavita Racing/Colavita Racing)
73Isaac Kaplan (Rock Creek Velo)
74Colby Wait-Molyneux (Hammer Nutrition/Cmg Racing Team)
75Matt Schaupp (Ritte Elite U23 Development Team)0:01:26
76Christopher Calder (Les Amis)0:02:31
77August Lehnert (Savannah Wheelmen)0:02:46
78Andrew Hodges (Frazier Cycling)0:03:02
79Tyler Hutchinson (Starkville, MS)
80William Pestcoe (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock)0:03:21
81Jackson Long (Hammer Nutrition/Cmg Racing Team)0:03:53
82Thomas Berg (Florence, TX)0:03:59
83Ian Moore (Team Swift)0:04:48
84Keegan Sotebeer (Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co)
85Christopher Meacham (Young Medalists/Team Rothrock)0:05:15
86Casey Braga (Zmotion Racing Team)0:06:01
87Jonah Tannos (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)0:06:09
88Landon Beauchamp (Matrix Cycling Club)0:07:50
89Tyler Schwartz (Surf City Cyclery/Sterling Bmw/)0:08:13
90Taylor Skinner (Faster Performance Center)0:08:16
91Spencer Downing (Horizon Organic/Panache Elite)0:08:21
92David Hart (Bianchi/Grand Performance/St Pa)
93Nathan Labecki (Iscorp Cycling Team/Nova Cycle)0:09:48
94Adam Artner (Central Point, OR)
95Sebastian Morfin (Interactive Metronome Development Team)
96Stephen Marcucci (Team Winded)
97Sean Conway (Farm Team Cycling)
98Zachary Bender (Specialized - Rising Stars p/b Bicycling Magazine)
99Mark Gori (Spin)
100Dag Anderson (Somerset Wheelmen)
101James Fowler (Bicycle Sport Shop Pb Integrity)0:09:56
102Luke Lukas (Upstate Velo)
103James Panagiotopoulos (Hpc/List/Hpc)0:10:03
104Konrad Witt (Abd Cycling Team/Abd Cycling Club)0:10:09
105Zachary Houlik (Young Medalists/Team Rothrock)0:10:16
106Chris Laberge (Team Specialized Racing Juniors)0:13:23
107Jordan Cullen (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)0:15:58
108Mino Giunta (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)0:16:17
109Imari Miller (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)0:18:50
110Rudyard Peterson (Borah/Coulee Region Youth Cycling Team)
111Chase Howard (Carbon Racing)0:19:04
112Samuel Dobrozsi (Prochain Cycling)0:20:49
113Zack Lavergne (Park Place Dealerships/Dallas Racing)0:20:51
114Ryan Culp (Park Place Dealerships/Dallas Racing)
115Zander Guzy-Sprague (Rock Creek Velo)0:21:06
116Cesar Lopez (Major Motion Development/Stage 17 Racing)0:21:07
117Hank Booth (Carolina Break)0:21:09
118Jake Schneidewind (Fayetteville Wheelmen)0:26:03
119Ellis Anderson (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team)0:27:08
120Adam Ocamb (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team)
-1 lapAndrew Bailey (Krystal Cycling Team/Scenic City Velo)
-1 lapJustin Mcquerry (Bicycles Outback P/B Jubilee Mitsubishi)
-1 lapMaxwell Ackermann (Iscorp Cycling Team/Nova Cycle)
-1 lapJoseph Tarnowski (Iscorp Cycling Team/Nova Cycle)
-1 lapNash Keanu Jacquez (Major Motion Development/Stage 17 Racing)
-1 lapJonathan Barnes (Dna Racing)
-1 lapDaniel Rich (Merrill Lynch Cycling/Team Day)
DNFAndy Mount (Hpc/List/Hpc)
DNFJohn Hoffman Jr. (Spin)
DNFSam Damphousse (Bay Hill Capital /Clnoonan P/B Corner Cy/Corner Cycle Cycling Club)
DNFJonathan Cucaz (Frazier Cycling)
DNFJonathan Petrillo (Sport Systems Mountaintop Cycling)
DNFDominic Galenti (Southern California Velo)
DNFBeau Boggs (Zipp Factory Team)
DNFKyle Torres (Team Specialized Racing Juniors/Team Specialized Racing)
DNFHugh Brown (Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development Team)
DNFAlex Howard (Ritte Elite U23 Development Teamm)
DNFCharles Holsen (Southern Elite/Sun & Ski Sports/Southern Elite)
DNFDaniel Gay (Get Crackin'-Ms Society/Vrc)
DNFAlec Aldape (Bicycle Sport Shop Pb Integrity/Super Squadra)
DNFJulian Patterson (Carolina Break)
DNFBenjamin Rothschild (Frazier Cycling)
DNFCarson Lange (787 Racing)
DNFRobby Ketterhagen (787 Racing)
DNFErik Volotzky (Get Crackin'-Ms Society/Vrc)
DNFJosef Nygaard (Team Swift)
DNFTice Porterfield (T3Multisports Elite Junior Cycling/T3Multisports)
DNFJuan Pimentel Jr. (Brauer - Mick Management)
DNFBraedan Weller (Berkshire Bike And Board)
DNFPaul Price Jr (Forest Acres Cycling Team)

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