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The best Cyber Monday tyre deals for your road bike

Cyber Monday Cycling Tyre Deals
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A new set of quality tyres is the cheapest way to gain a performance edge over your rivals. While they are not quite as flashy as new wheelset or shiny, new wireless drivetrain, they can transform the way your bike rides and grips to the road.

Here are our picks for the best deals on road tyres for Cyber Monday.

Specialized Turbo Cotton

Specialized Turbo Cotton 700c Tyre | 18% off at Rutland Cycling
Was £60.99 | Now £49.99
Get 18 per cent off the Specialized Turbo Cotton Tyre through Rutland Cycling. The 28c appears to be out of stock but there are plenty of 24c and 26c tyres still in stock.View Deal

Using Specialized's Gription compound, the Turbo Cotton features is a Gucci 320TPI cotton casing making it one of fastest tyres you can buy. While Gription compound doesn't make for much rolling resistance it provides heaps of grip, even if the road is damp and a bit greasy. 

The gum wall casing looks fantastic and they are lightweight with the 24mm casing tipping the scales at 220g. Despite being so thin and light, Specialized has bonded its BlackBelt breaker strip underneath the tread which does pretty well to prevent punctures.

Rutland Cycling has slashed the pricing of Turbo Cottons from £60.99 to £49.99 for Cyber Monday.

Continental Grand Prix 5000

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyre | up to 42% off at Wiggle
Was £59.99 | Now from £34.49
Save up to 40 per cent on the Continental Grand Prix 5000. Wiggle is offering sizes from 23 - 32c. With the best prices coming on the popular sizes of 25 and 28c.View Deal

The Continental GP5000 takes everything we loved about the GP4000 and adds a bit of new tech. The new tyre uses Conti's BlackChilli compound for a robust yet tacky mixture. All this allows the tyre to dig into the road surface and not let go. The GP 5000 also gets the Vectran puncture protection under the tread. 

What's new for the tyre is what Conti calls Active Comfort Technology. Essentially, it's a material embedded into the casing which dampens vibration from the road and adds a touch more comfort.  Also new is a laser-etched micro profile on the shoulder said to improve cornering grip. 

Usually, these tyres will set you back £60 each but Wiggle has cut 40 per cent off the price depending on the size.

Continental Grand Prix 4000 II

Continental Grand Prix 4000 II Tyre | 50% off at Wiggle
Was £59.95 | Now £29.99
Get yourself the 25c Continental Grand Prix 4000 II tyres at a 50 per cent discount on Cyber Monday.View Deal

Even though the Continental GP4000 II tyre has been superseded, it's still one of the best road tyres money can buy.

With a 330TPI casing, the GP 4000 II sees the same BlackChilli synthetic and natural rubber compound complete with carbon black particles for extra grip. 

The GP4000 II also employs the Vectran breaker strip to stave of punctures too. The RRP for a Continental GP 4000 II usually hovers a little over £50, but for Cyber Monday, Wiggle is selling them for £29.99, so stock up while they're cheap.

Vittoria Corsa G+ clincher

Vittoria Corsa G+ Clincher | 50% off at ProBikeKit
Was £54.99 | Now £28.99
Get some graphene in your tyres with a new set of Vittoria Corsa G+ rolling stock. ProBikeKit has cut £26.00 from the asking price.View Deal

Vittoria's Corsa clincher will make any bike ride like a dream but the Italian tyre manufacturer has added graphene to the mix saying it improves puncture resistance and grip.

Graphene is a material derived from graphite that has a tensile strength of 130 Gigapascals - that's roughly 46 per cent stronger than a diamond (~60GPa). Vittoria says the G+ graphene-infused rubber compound offers a 19 per cent reduction in rolling resistance compared to the previous Corsa.

The gum sidewall is reinforced by kevlar and under the tread is the brand's PRB 2.0 breaker strip to protect your tube from road debris. Available in 23-28mm width, for Cyber Monday, ProBikeKit has knocked up to £26.00 off the price, now from £28.99.

Schwalbe Pro One Evo MicroSkin TL-Easy folding road tyre

Schwalbe Pro One Evo MicroSkin TL-Easy Folding Road Tyre| 57% - 63% off at Wiggle
Was £66.99 | Now £26.99 - £30.99
Running tubeless? Save your self some money and pick up the Schwalbe Pro One Evo MicroSkin TL-Easy folding road tyres for less than half the RRP.View Deal

Not everybody is sold on tubeless tyres just yet but for those have made the swap, they will be excited to see Schwalbe Pro One Evo MicroSkin TL-Easy with a slashed price tag on Cyber Monday - they are excellent tyres despite the hefty price tag. 

The Schwalbe One is a fast-rolling, wide-fitting tyre which allows you to run lower pressure making for additional purchase and a softer ride feel. The centre tread is a harder rubber enabling the tyre to roll faster, while the shoulders are a softer compound for cornering grip. 

The Tubeless-Easy version of the One is, as the name suggests, considerably easier to get over the rim and seated than many road tubeless options, and should not require a tyre lever or any expletives during the install. The MicroSkin construction adds durability, helping stave off flats without covering the back of your bike with sealant. 

Usually priced at £66.99, the Schwalbe Pro One Evo MicroSkin TL-Easy Folding Road Tyre start at £26.99 depending on the size. 

We've already seen loads of great  Cyber Monday road bike deals at some unmissable prices. Check out our breakdown of the best Cyber Monday bike deals for even more discounts.

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