Cyber Monday headphones: Handpicked deals starting at $35

Apple Airpods for Zwift racing
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Cyber Monday is well underway, so we'll be monitoring the best deals and updating them for you all weekend. You can peruse our main Cyber Monday bike deals hub to your heart's content as well as keep up to date on the latest breaking deals on our Black Friday live blog

We care about delivering you, the CN readers, worthwhile and good value deals and take our time to try and find the best ones; things we would (and do) buy ourselves. We have pulled together a range of the best Cyber Monday headphones deals here. If you listen to music whilst cycling, some of these should make the experience even better if you are in the market this November. 

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Quick Cyber Monday headphones deals

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Listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks whilst cycling indoors and outdoors can be really enjoyable and sometimes it can be really nice to immerse yourself in an interesting podcast conversation or audiobook as you spin through the lanes on a warm afternoon. At the other end of the spectrum, if you are completing a set of intervals on the smart trainer or warming up for a race, listening to music has been shown to have positive benefits during exercise.

A good quality pair of headphones can often prove to be a bit of a revelation if and when you upgrade. Sound quality, as well as comfort, can both often improve making the cycling and audio experience far better, browse our range of discounted headphones below, there's a fair chance you may find something you fancy. 

Cyber Monday Apple AirPods deals

Apple AirPods Pro 2: £229.00

Apple AirPods Pro 2:
£229.00 £199.99 at Amazon UK
13% off - Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Wireless Ear Buds come equipped with USB-C Charging, Up to 2X More Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, Transparency Mode, Adaptive Audio, and Personalized Spatial Audio.

USA: $129.99

Apple AirPods 2nd Gen:
USA: $129.99 $79.99 at Amazon
£129.00 £99.00 at Amazon
Save 23-38% - The 2nd Gen of the base model AirPods might have a slightly less premium sound quality and come with a slightly shorter feature list compared to the Pro, but if you're after a more affordable option, they're still a great pair. The UK deal here isn't quite as strong, but at under £100 this is still a deal we'd recommend against the competition. 

Apple AirPods 3rd Gen: $169.00

Apple AirPods 3rd Gen:
$169.00 $139.99 at Amazon USA
£169.00 £149.00 at Amazon UK
Save 12-17% -
The latest generation of the ubiquitous AirPods are on offer at $20 off. They feature 30 hours battery life, spatial audio, and are sweat and water-resistant. We've saw them at $139.99 for a brief period back in August though, so unless you're in a hurry we'd suggest holding out. The USA deal is the better of the two here, and according to our tools, is the lowest these have been priced since their launch in 2021. 

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Cyber Monday Shokz deals

Shokz OpenFit: £179.00

Shokz OpenFit:
£179.00 £152.00 (15% off)
$179.95 $149.95 (17% off)
The OpenFit are unique within the Shokz line in that they come without the headband that wraps behind the head. This means you can stick with the one-ear option if you prefer. 

Shokz OpenRun: £129.95

Shokz OpenRun:
£129.95 £89.95 (31% off)
$129.95 $89.95 (31% off)
The OpenRun are the sporty version in the range, with a lightweight frame and a secure but comfortable fit. They're good for around eight hours of use and are IP67-rated against water and dust. They're actually probably a better pick for many cyclists than the more expensive OpenRun Pro, because they're better sealed against weather and cheaper. 

The Mini version, which plays slightly nicer with helmets and high-collar winter jackets, are also on the same offer. 

Shokz OpenRun Pro: £159.95

Shokz OpenRun Pro:
£159.95 £109.95 (31% off)
$129.95 $89.95 (31% off)
The OpenRun Pro are only IP55 rated, so not quite as well sealed as the OpenRun, but that's still probably enough for all but the worst rain conditions. They do benefit from a slightly better sound quality though, as well as a longer battery life of 10 hours and perhaps the biggest reason to choose these, the quick charge that will give 90 mins of use from a five-minute charge. 

Read our OpenRun Pro review for more info.

Shokz OpenMove: £79.95

Shokz OpenMove:
£79.95 £54.95 (31% off)
$79.95 $54.95 (31% off)
The OpenMove are the entry-level product in the Shokz range, with lower levels of sound quality and shorter battery life (six hours) than the models above. They're the most affordable in the range though, and the same percentage off deal. 

Cyber Monday Alternate Options

USA: $

Amazon Echo Buds (2023)
USA: $49.99 $34.99 at Amazon
The new 2023 Amazon Echo buds are discounted this weekend and allow you to connect and manage your music using the Amazon Alexa eco-system. You can also seamlessly switch between audio on two devices and use the Alexa app to set up custom tap controls for each earbud! In the UK, the second-gen buds are heavily discounted and can do a lot of the same things. 

Apple AirPods Max: $549

Apple AirPods Max: $549 $449.99 at Amazon
18% Off -
If you care about sound quality above all else, then the Airpods Max with their over-the-head style and larger drivers are what you want. In the US they are seeing discounts at Amazon almost as large as the Airpods Pro. Like the Beats headphones above Apple Products usually get some nice discounts during BF weekend so keep an eye on these. 

Beats Studio Buds wireless earbuds: $149.99

Beats Studio Buds wireless earbuds: $149.99 $89.99 at Best Buy
$60 off - Over a third off the Beats By Dr Dre noise cancelling earbuds with up to 8 hours of playtime and 24 hours of recharge time from the case, which is USB-C compatible. They're IPX4-rated, so they'll cope with a not-too-sweaty workout. 

Philips H9505 Hybrid ANC Headphones: $249.99

Philips H9505 Hybrid ANC Headphones: $249.99 $88.00 at Amazon
65% off - With more than half slashed off the price of these high-end, active noise-cancelling, wireless headphones you can be sure you're getting a really solid deal. They boast a 27-hour battery life too, and 15 minutes of charging will give you an extra 5 hours of playback if you somehow do use them for over a day straight. 

JBL Tune 760NC: $129.95

JBL Tune 760NC: $129.95 $64.95 at Amazon
50% off -
With 50% off in both the white and blue colourways the 760NC's from JBL are also the cheapest they have ever been on Amazon currently. Despite being superseded by the 770NC model they are still excellent headphones at this price. 

JBL Tune 660NC: $99

JBL Tune 660NC: $99 $49.95 at Amazon
50% off -
The JBL 660NC headphones have nearly 40% off at the moment, the cheapest they have ever been. They are wireless and feature active noise cancellation, a bargain for the price. 

UK: £249

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless headphones:
UK: £249 £199 at Currys
£50 Off -
These powerful headphones from Sony benefit from the QN1 processor and make use of it to cancel noise around you. Adaptive sound control auto-adjusts the sound profile to your environment. Our research tells us these are a hot item this Black Friday weekend. 

JLab Go Air Wireless Earphones: £29.99

JLab Go Air Wireless Earphones: £29.99 £19.99 at Amazon
33% off - At nearly half price, these solid little wireless earbuds are even better value. You get 5 hours of playtime from each earbud and an additional 15 from the charging case. They're 20% smaller than the JBud Air too, which is great if you've got smaller ears. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (2022 version): £139.00

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (2022 version): £139.00 £68.00 at Amazon
51% off - With Active Noise Cancellation and a design that's comfortable all day long, these Galaxy buds are great for long rides outdoors, as long as you let the surrounding sounds in so you're not unsafe on the road. 

£74.00 at Amazon

Sennheiser HD 350BT Wireless foldable Headphones: £89.99 £74.00 at Amazon
18% off - These headphones from Sennheiser are designed to fold up, so they make a compact package to travel with when not in use. They boast 30-hour battery life and fast charging via USB C. These headphones have been cheaper, we'd say hold on until Black Friday for hopefully a bigger discount. 

Bose QuietComfort 45 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones: £289.95

Bose QuietComfort 45 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones: £289.95 £189.95 at Currys
£100 off - Bose's premium over-ear headphones might be overkill for a turbo session, but they'll serve you well in other situations too.  With 24-hour battery life and just 2 hours of recharge time, they'll keep you listening, while the premium leather pads will make it a comfortable experience.

USA: $169.95

Beats Studio buds +
USA: $169.95 $149.95 at Amazon
12% off - You can enjoy up to 36 hours of total battery life with the Beats Studio Buds +. They are packed with tech including active noise cancelling neutralizes unwanted sounds and you can choose to allow some external noises in via transparency mode to keep you safer and more in touch with your surroundings. 

USA: $199.99

JBL Live 660NC
USA: $199.99 $99.95 at Amazon

50% off - Team UAE Emirates are sponsored by JBL and Tadej Pogacar and his teammates use the headphones when warming up. We aren't sure if Tadej uses this exact pair but they are very nearly the cheapest they have ever been and feature 40mm drivers, adaptive noise cancelling tech, and you can manage incoming calls with the buttons on the ears. 

USA: $

Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen)
USA: $49.99 $34.99 at Amazon
30% off - The 2nd Gen Amazon Echo buds are discounted this weekend and allow you to connect and manage your music using the Amazon Alexa eco-system. You can also seamlessly switch between audio on two devices and use the Alexa app to set up custom tap controls for each earbud! In the UK, the second-gen buds are heavily discounted and can do a lot of the same things. 

Other Cyber Monday deals

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