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Bobridge wins Road America stage in ToAD


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jack Bobridge (Budget Forklifts)2:24:13
2Ben Hill (Charter Mason Giant Racing)0:00:02
3Dan Gardner (Astellas Cycling Team)0:00:03
4Christian L Gutierrez (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)0:00:05
5Michael Chauner (Atomic Energy Squad)0:00:14
6Antonio J Alarcon (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)0:00:18
7Hector Aguilar (Stradalli Cycle~Safftti Smart W)0:00:20
8Zachary Nehr (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)0:00:25
9Yors A Santofimio (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)0:01:42
10Omar Mendoza (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)0:01:44
11Bill Mulligan (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)0:01:47
12Alexander Ray (Silber Cycling)0:02:02
13Steven Perezluha0:02:04
14Scott Sunderland (Budget Forklifts)
15Brandon Feehery (Astellas)0:02:05
16Yosvany Falcon (Stradalli Cycle~Safftti Smart W)
17Camilo Ulloa (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)0:02:06
18Corey Davis (Isagenix/SeaSucker/Guttenplan C)0:02:07
19Jake Magee
21Cristian C Serrano (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)0:02:11
22Owen Gillott (Hagens Berman U-23)0:02:12
23Colton Barrett (Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b Str)0:02:13
24Jose Frank Rodriguez0:02:14
25Jonah Meadvancort (KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain)0:02:16
26Leif Byrge-Liebig (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)0:02:17
27Ewoud Hartemink (Great Dane Velo Club)0:02:18
28Andrew Hammond (Palmer Cycling)
29John Kunert (Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC))0:02:19
31Abel Quintana (Stradalli Cycle~Safftti Smart W)0:02:20
32Sebastian Morfin (Stradalli Cycle~Safftti Smart W)
33Kip Spaude (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)0:02:21
34Miles Lamon (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)0:02:24
35Anyer D Arevalo (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)0:02:28
36Brandon Krawczyk (Revolution Cycle/Twin Six)
37Brad Neagos (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)0:02:29
39Robert White (Avant Cycling p/b Precision Plu)0:02:54
40David Gerth (Langlois Brown)
41Eric Hill (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)0:03:18
42Grayson Brookshire (Greenlife-Organic Valley p/b Hi)0:03:21
43Dan Teaters (Team Wheel & Sprocket)0:03:23
44Nicholas Sabel (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)0:04:11
45Mitchell Mulhern (Budget Forklifts)0:04:14
46Stephen Wagstaff (Happy Tooth Racing)0:04:26
47Blake Anton (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)0:05:04
48Adam Myerson (Astellas Cycling Team)0:05:31
49Eugene Boronow (GS Mengoni U.S.A.)
50Stephen Hyde (Astellas Cycling Team)
51Peter Olejniczak (Astellas Cycling Team)0:05:32
52Timothy Campbell (Team Wheel & Sprocket)0:06:18
53Emile Abraham (Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b Str)0:06:26
54Andrew Webb (Diablo Cycling)0:07:44

Men General classification after stage 7
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alexander Ray (Silber Cycling)97pts
2Scott Sunderland (Budget Forklifts)94
3Brandon Feehery (Astellas Cycling Team)92
4Aldo Ino Ilesic (AltoVelo-Sea Sucker Factory Racin)87
5Jack Bobridge (Budget Forklifts)68
6Owen Gillott (Hagens Berman U-23)61
7Ruben Companioni (Stradalli Cycle~Safftti Smart Wear)60
8Rahsaan Bahati (Bahati Foundation/WinTeam Racin)55
9Daniel Holloway (AltoVelo-Sea Sucker Factory Racin)53
10Colton Barrett (Texas Roadhouse Cycling)49
11Emile Abraham (Texas Roadhouse Cycling)43
12Grant Erhard (SBR Quantum Racing)42
13Camilo Ulloa (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)40
14Ben Hill (Charter Mason Giant Racing)39
15Hector Aguilar (Stradalli Cycle~Safftti Smart Wear)38
16Glenn O'shea (Budget Forklifts)35
17Omar Mendoza (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)32
18Dan Gardner (Astellas Cycling Team)32
19Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Cycling Team)28
20Robert White (Avant Cycling p/b Precisioin Plus)28
21Bill Mulligan (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)26
22Chad Hartley (AltoVelo-Sea Sucker Factory Racin)23
23Mitchell Mulhern (Budget Forklifts)23
24Brad Neagos (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)22
25Alexander Voitik20
26Christian Gutierrez (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)19
27Maxwell Anderson (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)18
28Jose Frank Rodriguez (Stradalli Cycle~Safftti Smart Wear)18
29Adam Myerson Astellas Cycling Team18
30Jonah Meadvancort Kms Cycling/Killington Mountain
31Michael Chauner (Atomic Energy Squad)16pts
32Nathan Labecki (AltoVelo-Sea Sucker Factory Racin)15
33Joshua Johnson (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)15
34Antonio Alarcon (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)15
35Adam Leibovitz (BISSELL-ABG-GIANT)14
36Grayson Brookshire (Greenlife-Organic Valley)14
37Zachary Nehr (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI)13
38Yors Santofimio (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)12
39Hogan Sills (Astellas Cycling Team)11
40Stephen Hyde (Astellas Cycling Team)10
41Steven Perezluha (Isagenix/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching)8
42David Guttenplan (Isagenix/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching)7
43Cole House (Isagenix/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching)6
44Yosvany Falcon (Stradalli Cycle~Safftti Smart Wear)6
45Blake Anton (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)5
46Charkie Huegel (Hearts Racing Club)4
47Camilo Ulloa (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)4
48Cristian Serrano (Liciclismo Meta Colombia)3
49Shane Feehery (SBR Quantum Racing)3
50Andrew Hammond (Palmer Cycling)3
51Corey Davis (Isagenix/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching)3
52Jake Magee2
53Sean Metz (EGO p/b Sammy's Bikes)1
54Diego Garavito1
55Eugene Boronow (GS Mengoni U.S.A.)1

Women Road America
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tina Pic (Pepper Palace p/b They Happy To)1:37:47
2Kaitlin Antonneau (TWENTY16 p/b SHO-AIR)0:00:01
3Laura Van Gilder (Van Dessel Factory Team p/b Mel)0:00:03
4Lauretta Hanson (Fearless Femme)0:00:04
5Yussely Soto (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)0:00:05
6Vanessa Curtis (University of Iowa Heart and Va)0:00:06
7Nicolle Bruderer (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)
8Janelle Cole (Fearless Femme p/b Haute Wheels)
9Hanna Muegge (Team Mike Bikes p/b Equator)0:00:07
10Verita Stewart (CRCA/ Stans NoTubes p/b Velo C)
11Racquel Sheath (New Zealand Cycling)
12Cristina Hughes (ICE Sportswear p/b Pinnacle Rac)
14Caroline Moakley (Happy Tooth Women Racing)0:00:09
15Nicole Mertz
16Jennifer Nordhem (Stans NoTubes p/b Velo Classic)0:00:10
17Amanda Seigle (JAKROO Racing Team)
18Abigail Mickey (United Healthcare)
19Holly Mathews (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)0:00:12
20Melanie Beale (Thump Cycling p/b Turin)0:00:14
21Amanda Schaap (Speed Merchants)
22Corey Coogan Cisek (The Fix Studio)0:00:15
23Starla Teddergreen (Fearless Femme p/b Haute Wheels)0:00:17
24Ash Duban (Portland Bicycle Studio)0:00:18
25Jennifer Gerth
26Grace Chappell (Happy Tooth Women Racing)
28Brittlee Bowman (Stans NoTubes p/b Velo Classic)0:00:22
29Siobhan Mcnamara (Team Mike Bikes p/b Equator)0:00:23
30Jan Bennett (FCS|Cycling: p/b Visit Dallas C)
32Alysha Keith (New Zealand Cycling)0:00:26
33Jennifer Wagner (Infinity Racing/Tom Williams BM)
34Courteney Lowe (Pepper Palace P/B They Happy To)0:00:27
35Kristen Lasasso (Mellow Mushroom Racing)0:00:28
36Daphne Karagianis (Chicago Womens Elite Cycling)0:00:31
37Jennifer Vollmer (Roosters Bikers Edge)0:00:35
38Lexie Millard (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)0:00:38
39Jannette Rho (Chicago Womens Elite Cycling)0:00:39
40Laura Jorgensen (Pepper Palace Pro Cycl)0:00:42
41Philippa Sutton (New Zealand Cycling)
42Lauren Ellis (New Zealand Cycling)
43Julie Kuliecza (Pepper Palace Pro Cycl)
44Jeannie Kuhajek (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)0:00:43
45Abby Krawczyk (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice)
46Elizabeth Steel (New Zealand Cycling)
47Sara Yancovitz (Stans NoTubes p/b Velo Classic)0:00:51
48Amy Cutler (Fearless Femme p/b Haute Wheels)0:01:29

Women General classification after stage 7
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lauretta Hanson (Fearless Femme p/b Haute Wheels)125pts
2Tina Pic (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)124
3Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom Racing)111
4Yussely Soto (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MR)111
5Cari Higgins (UnitedHealthcare)73
6Nicolle Bruderer (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MR)73
7Racquel Sheath (New Zealand Cycling Team)67
8Holly Mathews (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MR)62
9Nicole Mertz (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MR)61
10Janelle Cole (Fearless Femme p/b Haute Wheels)59
11Brittlee Bowman (CRCA/Stan's NoTubes)53
12Starla Teddergreen (Fearless Femme p/b Haute Wheels)50
13Kaitlin Antonneau (TWENTY16 p/b SHO-AIR)44
14Lauren Ellis (New Zealand Cycling)38
15Cristina Hughes (ICE Sportswear p/b Pinnacle Racing)38
16Vanessa Drigo (Argon18Racing p/b November)35
17Amy Cutler (Fearless Femme p/b Haute Wheels)28
18Kelli Richter (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MR)19
19Alysha Keith (New Zealand Cycling)19
20Jennifer Sharp (Stages Cycling)17
21Elizabeth Steel (New Zealand Cycling Team)16
22Verita Stewart (CRCA/Stan's NoTubes)16
23Amanda Seigle (JAKROO Racing Team)15
24Vanessa Curtis (University of Iowa Heart)15
25Natalia Franco (University of Colorado-Mesa)14
26Daphne Karagianis (Chicago Women's Elite Cycling)14
27Abby Krawczyk (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI)13
28Jeannie Kuhajek (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI)13
29Ivy Audrain (L.A. Sweat)12
30Ginny King (KingRacingGroup)12
31Hanna Muegge (Team Mike's Bikes p/b Equator)12
32Sarah Fader (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)11
33Philippa Sutton (New Zealand Cycling)11
34Lexie Millard (ISCorp Cycling p/b SmartChoice MRI)10
35Madison Kriek (FloridaVelo)9
36Amy Floyd (Argon18Racing p/b November)8
37Jennifer Nordhem (Stan's NoTubes p/b Velo Classic)8
38Danielle Smith (Chicago Women's Elite Cycling)7
39Julie Kuliecza (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)7
40Caroline Moakley (Happy Tooth Women's Racing)7
41Madelein Pape (Tenspeed Hero)6
42Kristen Lasasso (Mellow Mushroom Racing)5
43Laura Jorgensen (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)5
44Holly Edmondston (New Zealand Cycling)3
45Abigail Mickey (United Healthcare)3
46Amanda Schaap (Speed Merchants)2
47Melanie Beal (Thump Cycing p/b Turin)1

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