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Joe Martin: Langley leads TIBCO sweep in uphill TT

Skylar Schneider (L39ION of Los Angeles) at the women's elite race at the USA Cycling Pro Road Championships 2021
Skylar Schneider (L39ION of Los Angeles) at the women's elite race at the USA Cycling Pro Road Championships 2021 (Image credit: Patrick Daly)

Provisional Results
Pos.Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emma Langley (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank 0:10:51
2Veronica Ewers (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank 0:00:01
3Clara Honsinger (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank 0:00:06
4Skylar Schneider (USA) L39ION of Los Angeles 0:00:10
5Heidi Franz (USA) Rally Cycling 0:00:15
6Lauren Stephens (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank 0:00:26
7Sara Poidevin (Can) Rally Cycling 0:00:35
8Emma White (USA) Rally Cycling
9Emily Marcolini (Can) 3T/Q+M Cycling 0:00:36
10Caitlin Conyers (Ber) Lux/Sideshow p/b Specialized 0:00:41
11Holly Henry (Can) Instafund Racing 0:00:48
12Nicole Frain (Aus) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank 0:00:55
13Kira Payer (USA) Lux/Sideshow p/b Specialized 0:00:59
14Erica Clevenger (USA) DNA Pro Cycling Team 0:01:00
15Anet Barrera Esparza (Mex) 3T/Q+M Cycling 0:01:04
16Rachel Langdon (GBr) Instafund Racing 0:01:10
17Maddy Ward (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank 0:01:13
18Gillian Ellsay (Can) Instafund Racing
19Samantha Runnels (USA) 3T/Q+M Cycling 0:01:18
20Olivia Ray (NZl) Rally Cycling 0:01:19
21Kaitlyn Rauwerda (Can) Team Desjardins Ford 0:01:20
22Maggie Coles-Lyster (Can) DNA Pro Cycling Team 0:01:24
23Madeline Bemis (USA) Rally Cycling 0:01:29
24Maeghan Easler (USA) Lux/Sideshow p/b Specialized
25Margot Clyne (USA) DNA Pro Cycling Team 0:01:31
26Sommers Creed (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line 0:01:32
27Allison Mrugal (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line 0:01:33
28Lucy Hempstead (Can) Team Desjardins Ford 0:01:34
29Florence Howden (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line 0:01:36
30Holly Breck (USA) Rally Cycling 0:01:37
31Rachel Jordan (USA) 3T/Q+M Cycling 0:01:38
32Yael Klein (Can) Automatic Racing 0:01:39
33Brenna Wrye-Simpson (USA) DNA Pro Cycling Team 0:01:42
34Hannah Dalsing (USA) Roxo Racing
35Nicole Shields (NZl) DNA Pro Cycling Team
36Emma Delisle (Can) Team Desjardins Ford 0:01:48
37Kathryn Aman (USA) 3T/Q+M Cycling 0:01:51
38Christie Tracy (USA) 3T/Q+M Cycling 0:01:53
39Casandra Cardoza (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line 0:01:56
40Jane Tullis (USA) Roxo Racing
41Isabella Bertold (Can) Instafund Racing 0:01:57
42Camille Primeau (Can) Team Desjardins Ford 0:02:14
43Claire Windsor (USA) Lux/Sideshow p/b Specialized 0:02:23
44Noemie Fortin (Can) Team Desjardins Ford 0:02:30
45Julyn Renee Aguila Hernandez (Mex) L39ION of Los Angeles 0:02:33
46Staci McCudden (Aus) Lux/Sideshow p/b Specialized 0:02:51
47Elizabeth Gin (Can) Instafund Racing 0:02:53
48Katy Sorrell (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line
49Tracy Carrington (USA) Roxo Racing 0:02:54
50Merrill Thierman (USA) Classic Cycling p/b B-Line 0:03:08
51Kimberly Lucie (USA) DNA Pro Cycling Team 0:03:17
52Kara Lilly (Can) Automatic Racing 0:03:40

General classification after stage 3
Pos.Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Skylar Schneider (USA) L39ION of Los Angeles 5:49:32
2Veronica Ewers (USA) Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank 0:00:05
3Clara Honsinger (USA) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank 0:00:26
4Heidi Franz (USA) Rally Cycling
5Anet Barrera Esparza (Mex) 3T/Q+M Cycling 0:01:32
6Emma Langley (USA) Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank 0:01:37
7Sara Poidevin (Can) Rally Cycling 0:04:09
8Samantha Runnels (USA) 3T/Q+M Cycling 0:04:56
9Erica Clevenger (USA) DNA Pro Cycling Team
10Maggie Coles-Lyster (Can) Dna Pro Cycling Team 0:05:17

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