Lecuisinier wins for France

Breakaway holds off the peloton

Pierre-Henri Lecuisinier gave France another gold medal and another rainbow jersey in the junior men’s road race after sprinting away from the remnants of a successful break to beat Belgium’s Martijn Degreve and the Netherlands’s Steven Lammertink into second and third respectively.

Lecuisinier punched clear in the final 150 metres of the 126km event in which the French squad dominated the race with their superior numbers and better tactics, proving it is possible for a break to succeed on the flat course.

“It’s a really great day, I’m so happy,” said an ecstatic Lecuisinier at the finish in Rudersdal, just north of Copenhagen. “I want to thank all the French team today – they did a very good job for me to win.”

After leading out Lecuisinier, France’s Florian Senechal claimed fourth, with Erik Zabel’s son, Rick, rounding out the top five.

Second-placed Degreve said: “We didn’t have any real communication with the other riders in the break. I just talked to Rob Leemans and he attacked inside the last 2km, which was really good for me, but Pierre-Henri was too strong.”

As to be expected with junior riders, the racing was aggressive from the start and the French immediately made their mark, getting four riders into a 13-man group. Although the break didn’t last a lap it was a springboard for Alexis Gougeard (France) and Daan Myngheer (Belgium) to jump clear. Their lead barely grew passed the 40 second mark as a continuous flurry of attacks kept the duo’s lead pegged back. However their effort held out until the seventh lap when they were finally reclaimed by the peloton. Another flurry of attacks from a number of riders including British rider Matthew Holmes and Australian Calvin Watson followed and a large group of about 25 riders broke clear. In the penultimate lap of a race, however, a break of six, with two riders apiece from France, Belgium and the Netherlands created a 20 second cushion and this proved to be the attack of the race thanks to the presence of several big nations.

Despite the efforts of the Italian squad, led by European junior time trial champion Alberto Bettiol, and several hard turns by Great Britain, the move stayed away. The margin was also aided on the final lap after a bad-looking crash at the front of the peloton when a German rider misjudged the apex and brought down about 15 others.

Up ahead, on the last significant incline of the course, Slik faded off the back and re-joined the peloton, leaving the remaining five to press on alone.

Leemans surged away in the finale, got a gap and seemed set to win, even insight of the line. However the slight gradient up to the finish hurt his speed and the other riders started their sprint early to avoid being caught by the rapidly approaching peloton.

Lammertink went first but then eased. Lecuisinier then made his own, more decisive move and quickly got a gap than gave him the time to understand and celebrate the significance of his victory.

Lecuisinier’s success means France has now claimed two gold medals in this year’s road events.

Full Results
1 Pierre-Henri Lecuisinier (France) 2:48:58  
2 Martijn Degreve (Belgium)    
3 Steven Lammertink (Netherlands)    
4 Florian Senechal (France) 0:00:03  
5 Rick Zabel (Germany)    
6 Roman Ivlev (Russian Federation)    
7 Daniel Hoelgaard (Norway)    
8 Nicolas Marini (Italy)    
9 Stan Godrie (Netherlands)    
10 Frederik Plesner (Denmark)    
11 Søren Andersen (Denmark)    
12 Sondre H Enger (Norway)    
13 Niccolo' Bonifazio (Italy)    
14 Martin Otonicar (Slovenia)    
15 Kevin Deltombe (Belgium)    
16 Calvin Watson (Australia)    
17 Adrien Legros (France)    
18 Alexander Mazhechev (Russian Federation)    
19 Aksel Nõmmela (Estonia)    
20 Luka Pibernik (Slovenia)    
21 Doron Hekic (Slovenia)    
22 Richard Dijkshoorn (Netherlands)    
23 Jade Julius (South Africa)    
24 Owain Doull (Great Britain)    
25 Jan Dieteren (Germany)    
26 Boris Vallée (Belgium)    
27 Emil Andersson (Sweden)    
28 Guy Gabay (Israel)    
29 Jack Wilson (Ireland)    
30 Roman Semyonov (Kazakhstan)    
31 Joaquin Torres Parraga (Spain)    
32 Maarten Van Trijp (Netherlands)    
33 Vitaliy Marukhin (Kazakhstan)    
34 Jon Dibben (Great Britain)    
35 Théry Schir (Switzerland)    
36 Daniel Paulus (Austria)    
37 Ben Einhoren (Israel)    
38 Michal Vakoc (Czech Republic)    
39 Rob Leemans (Belgium)    
40 Cristian Raileanu (Republic of Moldova)    
41 Dion Smith (New Zealand)    
42 Vadim Zhuravlev (Russian Federation)    
43 Daan Myngheer (Belgium)    
44 Olivier Le Gac (France)    
45 Volodymyr Dzhus (Ukraine)    
46 Antoine Mores (Luxembourg)    
47 Thomas Zechmeister (Czech Republic)    
48 Magnus Cort Nielsen (Denmark)    
49 Sandis Eislers (Latvia)    
50 Mihkel Räim (Estonia)    
51 António Barbio (Portugal)    
52 José Alfredo Aguirre (Mexico)    
53 Lukas Spengler (Switzerland)    
54 Hiroki Nishimura (Japan)    
55 Krists Neilands (Latvia)    
56 Alexey Vermeulen (United States Of America)    
57 Yuriy Vasyliv (Germany)    
58 Tormod Jacobsen (Norway)    
59 Sviatoslav Lupitskyi (Ukraine)    
60 Paul Lynch (United States Of America)    
61 Nikolaos Ioannidis (Greece)    
62 Ivar Slik (Netherlands)    
63 Silvio Herklotz (Germany)    
64 João Leal (Portugal)    
65 Adam De Vos (Canada)    
66 Aleksey Rybalkin (Russian Federation)    
67 Emil Vinjebo (Denmark)    
68 Romain Faussurier (France)    
69 Christophe Braun (Luxembourg)    
70 Sergio Escutia (Mexico)    
71 Marlen Zmorka (Ukraine)    
72 Alistair Slater (Great Britain)    
73 David Edwards (Australia)    
74 Mate Radonics (Hungary)    
75 Pierre-Roger Latour (France)    
76 Tobias Derler (Austria) 0:00:13  
77 Paulius Siskevicius (Lithuania)    
78 Bradley Linfield (Australia)    
79 Miloš Borisavljevic (Serbia)    
80 Guillaume Martin (France)    
81 Ábel Kenyeres (Hungary)    
82 Marko Pavlic (Slovenia)    
83 Dennis Paulus (Austria) 0:00:17  
84 Arakdiusz Owsian (Poland)    
85 Josip Rumac (Croatia)    
86 Bruno Maltar (Croatia)    
87 Matej Mohoric (Slovenia)    
88 Mathew Lipscomb (United States Of America)    
89 Roy Goldstein (Israel) 0:00:21  
90 Marcus Fåglum Karlsson (Sweden)    
91 Aku Silvénius (Finland) 0:00:24  
92 Matthew Holmes (Great Britain)    
93 Med Amine Mahmoudi (Tunisia) 0:00:26  
94 Ryan Mullen (Ireland)    
95 Fraser Gough (New Zealand)    
96 Michel Hübsch (Luxembourg) 0:00:29  
97 Naoya Uchino (Japan)    
98 Alexander Edmonson (Australia) 0:00:37  
99 Simone Andreetta (Italy) 0:00:39  
100 Davide Martinelli (Italy)    
101 Nick Schultz (Australia) 0:00:50  
102 Pawel Samol (Poland) 0:00:57  
103 Alexander Kamp Egested (Denmark) 0:01:02  
104 Tilegen Maidos (Kazakhstan) 0:01:09  
105 Miguel Ángel Benito (Spain) 0:01:10  
106 Alexis Gougeard (France) 0:01:18  
107 Isaac Yaguaro (Venezuela) 0:01:27  
108 Ludwig Halleröd (Sweden) 0:01:43  
109 Alex Darville (United States Of America) 0:02:11  
110 Mario Daško (Slovakia) 0:02:34  
111 Sang-Hoon Park (Korea) 0:02:42  
112 Amir Kolahdouz (Islamic Republic of Iran) 0:03:12  
113 Gilles Heymes (Luxembourg)    
114 Oskar Nisu (Estonia) 0:03:28  
115 Olli Teivaala (Finland)    
116 William David Muñoz Perez (Colombia)    
117 Tom Schwarmes (Luxembourg) 0:03:32  
118 Julian Barrientos (Argentina) 0:04:21  
119 Lubos Malovec (Slovakia)    
120 Francisco Jose Medina Abril (Spain) 0:04:23  
121 Bálint Varró (Hungary) 0:04:26  
122 Sam Lowe (Great Britain) 0:04:48  
123 Erik Baška (Slovakia)    
124 Tom Bohli (Switzerland) 0:04:59  
125 Amaury Capiot (Belgium) 0:05:10  
126 Stefan Kueng (Switzerland) 0:08:31  
127 Fabrizio Von Nacher Suess (Mexico)    
128 Djordje Stevanovic (Serbia)    
129 Tsz Chin Wong (Hong Kong, China)    
130 Hayden Mccormick (New Zealand) 0:08:38  
131 Juan Ignacio Curuchet (Argentina)    
132 James Oram (New Zealand)    
133 Rasmus Lund (Denmark) 0:09:00  
134 Benjamin Dietrich (Germany) 0:09:12  
135 Daniel Turek (Czech Republic)    
136 Ondrej Tkadlec (Czech Republic)    
137 Timur Yambulatov (Uzbekistan) 0:10:08  
138 Kristopher Jorgenson (United States Of America) 0:10:14  
139 Alberto Bettiol (Italy) 0:11:43  
140 Jackson Law (Australia)    
141 Ohko Shimizu (Japan) 0:13:01  
142 Ahmet Orken (Turkey) 0:13:35  
143 Colby Wait-Molyneux (United States Of America) 0:15:40  
144 Yohan Patry (Canada)    
145 Benjamin Perry (Canada)    
146 Olivier Le Court De Billot (Mauritius) 0:15:51  
DNF Pascal Ackermann (Germany)    
DNF Dylan Groenewegen (Netherlands)    
DNF Alexander Cataford (Canada)    
DNF Kristoffer Skjerping (Norway)    
DNF Ioannis Spanopoulos (Greece)    
DNF Amado Goncalco Duarte Basilio (Portugal)    
DNF Ezequiel Linaza (Argentina)    
DNF Patryk Komisarek (Poland)    
DNF Kostadin Petrov (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)    
DNF Peteris Janevics (Latvia)    
DNF Mohammadreza Eimanigoloujeh (Islamic Republic of Iran)    
DNF Luis Gomes (Portugal)    
DNF Velickovic Aleksa (Serbia)    
DNF Daniel Biedermann (Austria)    
DNF Maral-Erdene Batmunkh (Mongolia)    
DNF Satjakul Sianylam (Thailand)    
DNF Ricardo Teixeira (Portugal)    
DNF Alexey Ryabkin (Russian Federation)    
DNF Roope Nurmi (Finland)    
DNF Matteo Cigala (Italy)    
DNF Alex Frame (New Zealand)    
DNF Ilar Arslanov (Russian Federation)    
DNF Émile Jean (Canada)    

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