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Davison nabs a third stage at Tour of Gippsland

Luke Davison (Budget Forklifts) made it three wins from four stages when he won the 54.5km Stage 4 at the Tour of Gippsland between Morwell and Yinnar.

"It’s not a bad tally so far," Davison said of his impressive performance so far. "Hopefully we can get another one or two.”

The sprint victory was not enough to unseat Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys) as overall leader with the West Australian rider taking third behind Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore). Giacoppo holds a 13 second lead over Davison, with a further 10 seconds back to Will Walker (Drapac) in his return to the Australian National Road Series following a heart condition.

Giacoppo is confident his team which dominated the Australian domestic calendar in 2011, can hold on to the lead for the rest of the week.

"We’re exactly where we wanted to be," he said. "For the rest of the week, we just need to keep riding how we are now."

A seven kilometre neutral zone kept the peloton in check but once the official start was called, it was full speed ahead to the first KOM of the day after just 14.1km. Climbing specialist Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling) took the five points on offer, with Jai Crawford (Genesys) and Walker next best.

With the peloton split by the climb, Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling), Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys) and Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain) had clear air when it came to the intermediate sprint. The pressure was on for this short afternoon road stage, so their slight advantage was doomed with the second climb of the stage looming ahead. The comparative speed hump proved too tempting for Giacoppo with Genesys putting the hammer down to once again split the race.

The 3km, 6% third KOM was taken out by Pat Shaw (Genesys) moving to equal terms with Crawford and Hill in the classification. The Orange Army were doing their best to ensure Giacoppo would hold on to the overall lead with Crawford and Shaw doing their best to keep Budget out of the points in the second sprint.

Heading out of Thorpdale, the race was largely downhill with the peloton scattered from the constant battle for time bonuses. Nathan Elliott (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team) and Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling) fired off the front of the bunch with 15km to go with the peloton numbering around 50 riders.

Budget took control of the chase and the two escapees were caught but this was not a stage that would be won easily. A group of seven riders attacked with seven kilometres left to race with RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling, Search2Retain, Team Downunder, Drapac and GPM Wilson Racing all represented but their advantage was never more than 150m.

A bunch of 58 riders zeroed in on the line after the break was caught with 2km left to race. Davison once again proving he is in form.

Along with the overall lead, Giacoppo holds a one-point lead in the Scody Cup standings on 33 points.

The Tour of Gippsland continues on Friday with two stages again the order of the day. The morning Stage 5 criterium will be raced around the Sale CBD with 30 laps of 1.2km circuit. Stage 6 will be the longest of the tour so far at 101.9kms between Maffra and Dargo.

Full results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)1:18:29
2Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
3Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)
4Edward Bissaker (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)
5Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
6Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Professional Cycling)
7Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
8Stuart Shaw (Drapac Professional Cycling)
9Daniel Barry (Lakes Oil)
10Luke Ockerby (Team Budget Forklifts)
11Jordan Kerby (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)
12Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)
13James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
14Dion Smith (Hot Cycles New Zealand)
15Stuart Smith (Jayco - VIS)
16William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)
17Brodie Talbot (Thiess Degrémont)
18Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)
19Tom Bessey (Hot Cycles New Zealand)
20Alex Wohler (Team Downunder)
21Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)
22Johnnie Walker (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
23Robbie Hucker (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
24Sam Rutherford (GPM Wilson Racing)
25Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)
26Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
27Gordon McCauley (Lakes Oil)
28Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Professional Cycling)
29Jeremy Scott (St George Skoda)
30Alex Clements (Team Polygon Australia)
31Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)
32Mathew Marshall (Team Downunder)
33Nathan Elliott (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)
34William Bowman (Lakes Oil)
35Steven Del Gallo (John West Cycling)
36Rhys Pollock (Drapac Professional Cycling)
37Matthew Nicholson (Thiess Degrémont)
38Jordan Davies (St George Skoda)
39Tom Hamilton (Jayco - VIS)
40Stuart Mulhern (Team Downunder)
41Danny Pulbrook (Team Polygon Australia)
42Andrew Roe (SASI)
43Timothy Cameron (Suzuki / Trek)
44Darren Rolfe (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
45William Lind (Suzuki / Trek)
46Nic Dougall (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
47Steven Waite (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
48Alex Carver (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)
49Mark O'Brien (Team Budget Forklifts)
50Nick Yallouris (St George Skoda)
51Karl Evans (SASI)
52Lachlan Norris (Drapac Professional Cycling)
53Lauchlan Stewart (Bairnsdale RSL)
54Josh Aldridge (Hot Cycles New Zealand)
55Cal Britten (Search2Retain)
56Hayden Brooks (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
57Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)
58Marc Williams (Team Budget Forklifts)
59Blake Hose (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:00:12
60Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:00:40
61Dylan Newberry (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:02:40
62Mitchell Codner (St George Skoda)
63Wade Edwards (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)
64James Stretch (Team Downunder)
65Ryan MacAnally (Team Budget Forklifts)
66Samuel Witmitz (Team Budget Forklifts)0:02:45
67Oliver Martin (Team Polygon Australia)
68Jay Dutton (St George Skoda)
69Peter Loft (Team Budget Forklifts)
70Liam Hill (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)
71Sam Crome (SASI)
72Simon Binney (Hot Cycles New Zealand)
73Nick Miller (Hot Cycles New Zealand)
74Sam McCallum (Team Polygon Australia)
75Damien Wright (Suzuki / Trek)
76Jake Kauffmann (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)
77Geoff Straub (Team Downunder)
78Vaughan Bowman (Bairnsdale RSL)
79Ed White (GPM Wilson Racing)
80Jackson Mawby (Plan B Racing)
81David Edwards (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)
82Jack Matthews (Team Polygon Australia)
83Michael Crosbie (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
84Daniel Bonello (Plan B Racing)
85Liam Dove (Jayco - VIS)
86Luke Parker (Jayco - VIS)
87Matt Leonard (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)
88Peter English (Bunnings Warehouse)
89Jacob Restall (Team Downunder)
90Ron Purtle (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)
91James Boal (John West Cycling)
92Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)
93Luke Dale (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
94Brock Roberts (John West Cycling)
95Luke Williams (Parramatta Racing Team)
96Caleb Jones (GPM Wilson Racing)
97Jack Beckinsale (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)
98Sam Sautelle (Suzuki / Trek)
99Joshua Lind (Suzuki / Trek)
100Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)
101Kane Walker (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)
102James Rendall (Bairnsdale RSL)
103Luke Joyce (Plan B Racing)
104Ivan Michelin-Beard (Suzuki / Trek)
105Alexander Smyth (Plan B Racing)
106Trent Morey (Plan B Racing)
107Daniel Furmiston (Plan B Racing)
108Mitch Flynn (Suzuki / Trek)
109Phil Mundy (SASI)
110Nash Kent (GPM Wilson Racing)
111Andrew Crawley (GPM Wilson Racing)
112Daniel McDonald (Legzzz Racing)
113Conor Murtagh (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)
114Robert-Jon Mccarthy (SASI)
115Alexander Malone (Plan B Racing)0:06:55
116William Raisin-Shaw (Bunnings Warehouse)
117Jamie Lacey (Thiess Degrémont)
118Jay Bourke (Bairnsdale RSL)
119Peter Thompson (Drapac Professional Cycling)
120Stephen Cousins (Croydon Cycleworks)
121James Ibrahim (Plan B Racing)
122Jackson Law (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)
123George Tansley (SASI)
124Darcy Woolley (Bunnings Warehouse)0:08:46
125Stefan Imberger (Bairnsdale RSL)0:08:56
126Antony Dimitrovski (Parramatta Racing Team)
127Nicholas Brain (John West Cycling)
128Clive Silcock (Thiess Degrémont)
129Alistair Crameri (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
130Joel Stearnes (Team Polygon Australia)
131Michael Troy (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
132Jeremy Cameron (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
133Chad Elliston (Hot Cycles New Zealand)
134Boon Kiak Yeo (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
135Hardy Michel (Lakes Oil)
136Brendan Schultz (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
137Charles Howlett (Search2Retain)
138Fraser Northey (SASI)
139James Butler (John West Cycling)
140Billy Sewell (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
141Chris Harper (Bairnsdale RSL)
142Jamie Nightingale (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
143Jake Magee (GPM Wilson Racing)
144Nick Woods (Team Downunder)
145Jarryd Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
146Shannon Johnson (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)
147Mitchell Cooper (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)
148Nicholas D'Ambrosio (Parramatta Racing Team)
149Mitchell Pearson (Suzuki / Trek)
150Marc Wilson (Croydon Cycleworks)0:11:48
151Cru Halliday (Legzzz Racing)
152Tom Donald (Search2Retain)0:15:11
153Samuel Rix (Bunnings Warehouse)0:16:18
154Aaron Jones (Team Polygon Australia)
155Macauley Mulhall (Parramatta Racing Team)0:19:53
156Justin Vanstone (Team Downunder)0:20:01
157Kane Macri (Legzzz Racing)
DNFDale Scarfe (GPM Wilson Racing)
DNSMitchell Lovelock-Fay (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)
DNSJames Henry (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
DNSTyler Spurrell (Croydon Cycleworks)
DNSCalum Middleton (Bunnings Warehouse)

Intermediate Sprints - m41 Tennis Courts Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)3pts
2Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)2
3Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)1

m60 Thorpdale General Store Sprint
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)3pts
2James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)2
3Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)1

Hill Climbs - m32 McGrath's Track HC3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)5pts
2Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)3
3William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)2

m45 Narracan Town Sign HC4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)3pts
2Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)2
3Peter Loft (Team Budget Forklifts)1

m54 Blue Letterbox HC3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)5pts
2Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Professional Cycling)3
3Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)2

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)2pts

General classification after Stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)4:36:19
2Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)0:00:13
3William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:00:23
4Alex Carver (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:00:28
5Edward Bissaker (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:00:30
6Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:00:32
7Alex Wohler (Team Downunder)0:00:33
8Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:00:34
9Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)
10Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
11Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:00:36
12Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:00:39
13Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:00:41
14Dion Smith (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:00:42
15Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)0:00:43
16Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Professional Cycling)
17Marc Williams (Team Budget Forklifts)0:00:44
18Rhys Pollock (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:00:45
19Daniel Barry (Lakes Oil)
20Alex Clements (Team Polygon Australia)0:00:46
21William Bowman (Lakes Oil)
22Mathew Marshall (Team Downunder)
23Jordan Kerby (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)
24Sam Rutherford (GPM Wilson Racing)
25Luke Ockerby (Team Budget Forklifts)0:00:47
26James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:00:48
27Stuart Shaw (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:00:49
28Tom Bessey (Hot Cycles New Zealand)
29Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)0:00:51
30Robbie Hucker (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:00:52
31Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)
32Brodie Talbot (Thiess Degrémont)
33Mark O'Brien (Team Budget Forklifts)0:00:53
34Andrew Roe (SASI)
35Timothy Cameron (Suzuki / Trek)
36Gordon McCauley (Lakes Oil)
37Darren Rolfe (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
38Danny Pulbrook (Team Polygon Australia)
39Nick Yallouris (St George Skoda)
40Nic Dougall (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
41Hayden Brooks (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
42Steven Waite (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
43Johnnie Walker (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
44Stuart Mulhern (Team Downunder)
45Stuart Smith (Jayco - VIS)
46Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
47Blake Hose (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:01:04
48Jordan Davies (St George Skoda)0:01:10
49Karl Evans (SASI)
50Nathan Elliott (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)
51Matthew Nicholson (Thiess Degrémont)
52Tom Hamilton (Jayco - VIS)
53Cal Britten (Search2Retain)
54Josh Aldridge (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:01:24
55Lachlan Norris (Drapac Professional Cycling)0:01:26
56Robert-Jon Mccarthy (SASI)0:02:28
57Samuel Witmitz (Team Budget Forklifts)0:03:20
58Ryan MacAnally (Team Budget Forklifts)0:03:22
59Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:03:28
60Caleb Jones (GPM Wilson Racing)0:03:29
61Jack Beckinsale (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:03:30
62Peter Loft (Team Budget Forklifts)0:03:33
63Liam Dove (Jayco - VIS)0:03:35
64Conor Murtagh (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)0:03:38
65Mitch Flynn (Suzuki / Trek)
66Geoff Straub (Team Downunder)
67Vaughan Bowman (Bairnsdale RSL)
68Jake Kauffmann (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)
69Brock Roberts (John West Cycling)
70Sam McCallum (Team Polygon Australia)
71Nick Miller (Hot Cycles New Zealand)
72David Edwards (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)
73Alexander Smyth (Plan B Racing)0:03:49
74Dylan Newberry (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:03:50
75Daniel Bonello (Plan B Racing)0:03:52
76James Boal (John West Cycling)0:03:55
77Luke Dale (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
78Ed White (GPM Wilson Racing)0:03:58
79Peter English (Bunnings Warehouse)0:04:09
80Luke Williams (Parramatta Racing Team)0:04:12
81James Rendall (Bairnsdale RSL)0:04:36
82Andrew Crawley (GPM Wilson Racing)0:05:41
83Lauchlan Stewart (Bairnsdale RSL)0:05:51
84Peter Herzig (Team Budget Forklifts)0:07:10
85Kane Walker (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:07:44
86Alexander Malone (Plan B Racing)0:07:48
87Peter Thompson (Drapac Professional Cycling)
88Daniel Furmiston (Plan B Racing)0:07:51
89Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)0:07:56
90George Tansley (SASI)0:08:05
91Ivan Michelin-Beard (Suzuki / Trek)0:08:08
92Luke Parker (Jayco - VIS)
93Sam Crome (SASI)0:08:28
94Jeremy Scott (St George Skoda)0:08:47
95Phil Mundy (SASI)0:09:08
96Jackson Mawby (Plan B Racing)0:09:26
97Chad Elliston (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:09:42
98Steven Del Gallo (John West Cycling)0:09:43
99William Lind (Suzuki / Trek)0:09:46
100Mitchell Pearson (Suzuki / Trek)0:09:49
101Michael Troy (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)
102Jay Dutton (St George Skoda)0:09:54
103Liam Hill (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)0:10:01
104Alistair Crameri (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:10:03
105Michael Crosbie (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:10:18
106Sam Sautelle (Suzuki / Trek)
107Oliver Martin (Team Polygon Australia)
108Jacob Restall (Team Downunder)0:10:38
109Damien Wright (Suzuki / Trek)0:10:46
110Luke Joyce (Plan B Racing)0:10:49
111Fraser Northey (SASI)0:11:31
112Nash Kent (GPM Wilson Racing)0:11:32
113Darcy Woolley (Bunnings Warehouse)0:11:43
114Daniel McDonald (Legzzz Racing)0:11:46
115Jamie Lacey (Thiess Degrémont)0:12:18
116James Stretch (Team Downunder)0:12:23
117Ron Purtle (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)0:12:28
118William Raisin-Shaw (Bunnings Warehouse)0:12:59
119Jay Bourke (Bairnsdale RSL)0:13:10
120Mitchell Codner (St George Skoda)0:13:22
121Marc Wilson (Croydon Cycleworks)0:13:39
122Jackson Law (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)0:13:56
123Brendan Schultz (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:14:02
124Charles Howlett (Search2Retain)
125Shannon Johnson (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)
126James Butler (John West Cycling)0:14:19
127Antony Dimitrovski (Parramatta Racing Team)
128Nicholas D'Ambrosio (Parramatta Racing Team)0:14:42
129Trent Morey (Plan B Racing)0:14:49
130Mitchell Cooper (Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team)0:14:52
131Tom Donald (Search2Retain)0:16:04
132Joel Stearnes (Team Polygon Australia)0:16:29
133Jeremy Cameron (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:17:08
134Matt Leonard (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)0:17:55
135Hardy Michel (Lakes Oil)0:18:23
136Jack Matthews (Team Polygon Australia)
137Samuel Rix (Bunnings Warehouse)0:18:51
138Nick Woods (Team Downunder)0:19:20
139Simon Binney (Hot Cycles New Zealand)0:19:26
140Clive Silcock (Thiess Degrémont)0:19:30
141Wade Edwards (Seight Custom Cycling Wear)0:20:28
142James Ibrahim (Plan B Racing)0:21:41
143Billy Sewell (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:22:01
144Stephen Cousins (Croydon Cycleworks)0:22:05
145Jamie Nightingale (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:23:38
146Boon Kiak Yeo (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:24:03
147Jarryd Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)0:24:26
148Nicholas Brain (John West Cycling)0:27:37
149Justin Vanstone (Team Downunder)
150Chris Harper (Bairnsdale RSL)0:27:45
151Joshua Lind (Suzuki / Trek)0:31:32
152Jake Magee (GPM Wilson Racing)0:31:59
153Cru Halliday (Legzzz Racing)0:32:42
154Stefan Imberger (Bairnsdale RSL)0:34:02
155Macauley Mulhall (Parramatta Racing Team)0:45:55
156Kane Macri (Legzzz Racing)0:49:35

SP AusNet Sprint Championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)21pts
2Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)20
3Alex Carver (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)18
4Neil Van Der Ploeg (Search2Retain)12
5Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)10
6Samuel Witmitz (Team Budget Forklifts)10
7Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)10
8Rhys Pollock (Drapac Professional Cycling)8
9Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)7
10Lachlan Norris (Drapac Professional Cycling)7
11Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)7
12Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)7
13Luke Ockerby (Team Budget Forklifts)6
14Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)6
15James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)5
16Tom Bessey (Hot Cycles New Zealand)4
17Dion Smith (Hot Cycles New Zealand)4
18Stuart Shaw (Drapac Professional Cycling)4
19Peter Loft (Team Budget Forklifts)4
20Jonathan Lovelock (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)4
21Ryan MacAnally (Team Budget Forklifts)3
22Liam Dove (Jayco - VIS)3
23Alex Wohler (Team Downunder)3
24Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)3
25Alexander Smyth (Plan B Racing)3
26Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)2
27Marc Williams (Team Budget Forklifts)2
28Robert-Jon Mccarthy (SASI)2
29Caleb Jones (GPM Wilson Racing)2
30Daniel Barry (Lakes Oil)1
31Robbie Hucker (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)1
32Cameron Bayly (Search2Retain)1
33Brodie Talbot (Thiess Degrémont)1
34Blake Hose (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)1
35Kane Walker (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)1
36Fraser Northey (SASI)1

Credit Collect Criterium Championship
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)18pts
2Alex Wohler (Team Downunder)12
3Robert-Jon Mccarthy (SASI)12
4Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)10
5Edward Bissaker (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)9
6Ryan MacAnally (Team Budget Forklifts)9
7Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Professional Cycling)8
8Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)7
9Samuel Witmitz (Team Budget Forklifts)5
10William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)4
11Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)4
12Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)3
13Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)3
14Daniel Barry (Lakes Oil)3
15Joel Pearson (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)2
16Dion Smith (Hot Cycles New Zealand)1

Hotondo Homes King of the Mountains
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)5pts
2Patrick Shaw (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)5
3Jai Crawford (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)5
4Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)3
5Darren Lapthorne (Drapac Professional Cycling)3
6William Walker (Drapac Professional Cycling)2
7Luke Fetch (Search2Retain)2
8Peter Loft (Team Budget Forklifts)1

Crossco Most Aggressive Rider
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alex Carver (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)2pts
2Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)2
3Lachlan Norris (Drapac Professional Cycling)2
4Josh Taylor (GPM Wilson Racing)2

Teams Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team13:51:15
2Drapac Professional Cycling
3Team Budget Forklifts0:00:07
4RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling
5Team Downunder
6Hot Cycles New Zealand
7Lakes Oil
9St George Skoda0:02:21
10GPM Wilson Racing0:02:45
11Team Jayco-Honey Shotz0:02:52
12Team Polygon Australia0:02:59
13Suzuki / Trek0:03:06
14Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore0:03:16
16Jayco - VIS0:03:23
17Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team0:06:08
18Plan B Racing0:09:04
19John West Cycling0:10:38
20Bairnsdale RSL0:11:38
21Thiess Degrémont0:12:03
22African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team0:14:36
23Bunnings Warehouse0:21:48
24Parramatta Race Team0:30:55
25Seight Custom Cycling Wear0:35:51
26Legzzz Racing1:31:45

Scody Cup Leaders
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys Wealth Advisers Professional Cycling Team)33pts
2Luke Davison (Team Budget Forklifts)32
3Edward Bissaker (Team Jayco-Honey Shotz)25
4Alex Wohler (Team Downunder)22
5Brenton Jones (Team Torq / Bicycle Superstore)20
6Malcolm Rudolph (Drapac Professional Cycling)15
7Ryan MacAnally (Team Budget Forklifts)14
8Joe Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)14
9Robert-Jon Mccarthy (SASI)14
10Ben Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)11


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As a sports journalist and producer since 1997, Jane has covered Olympic and Commonwealth Games, rugby league, motorsport, cricket, surfing, triathlon, rugby union, and golf for print, radio, television and online. However her enduring passion has been cycling.


Jane is a former Australian Editor of Cyclingnews from 2011 to 2013 and continues to freelance within the cycling industry.


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