Zabriskie time trials to stage win ahead of Leipheimer

David Zabriskie made up for his disastrous day on Sierra Road by crushing the Solvang time trial in a new course record. The Garmin-Cervélo man who was second overall in last year's race boosted his team's fortunes with the stage 6 victory, topping Levi Leipeimer (RadioShack) by 26 seconds and best young rider Tejay Van Garderen (HTC-Highroad) by 40.

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1David Zabriskie (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:30:36
2Levi Leipheimer (USA) Team RadioShack0:00:14
3Tejay Van Garderen (USA) HTC-Highroad0:00:40
4Peter Velits (Svk) HTC-Highroad0:00:48
5Maarten Tjallingii (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team0:00:49
6Christopher Horner (USA) Team RadioShack0:00:51
7Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Leopard Trek0:00:53
8Jeremy Vennell (NZl) Bissell Cycling0:00:59
9Rory Sutherland (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro CyclingRow 8 - Cell 2
10Christian Vande Velde (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:01:01
11Andrew Talansky (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:01:10
12Danny Pate (USA) HTC-HighroadRow 11 - Cell 2
13Thomas Danielson (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:01:13
14Peter Sagan (Svk) Liquigas-Cannondale0:01:15
15Linus Gerdemann (Ger) Leopard Trek0:01:27
16Brent Bookwalter (USA) BMC Racing TeamRow 15 - Cell 2
17Laszlo Bodrogi (Fra) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:01:31
18Ian Stannard (GBr) Sky Procycling0:01:32
19Laurens Ten Dam (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team0:01:34
20Grischa Niermann (Ger) Rabobank Cycling TeamRow 19 - Cell 2
21Taylor Phinney (USA) BMC Racing Team0:01:37
22Christopher Froome (GBr) Sky Procycling0:01:39
23Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:01:42
24Steve Morabito (Swi) BMC Racing TeamRow 23 - Cell 2
25George Hincapie (USA) BMC Racing Team0:01:44
26Brian Vandborg (Den) Saxo Bank Sungard0:01:46
27Bernard Van Ulden (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:01:48
28Martin Mortensen (Den) Leopard TrekRow 27 - Cell 2
29Rubens Bertogliati (Swi) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:01:50
30Rob Britton (Can) Bissell CyclingRow 29 - Cell 2
31Lars Boom (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team0:01:57
32Damiano Caruso (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale0:02:00
33Paul Martens (Ger) Rabobank Cycling Team0:02:01
34Daniel Oss (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale0:02:02
35Luis Romero Amaran (Cub) Jamis - Sutter Home0:02:05
36Frank Kevin Pipp (USA) Bissell Cycling0:02:08
37Benjamin Day (Ita) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:02:15
38Andy Schleck (Lux) Leopard TrekRow 37 - Cell 2
39Bartosz Huzarski (Pol) Team NetAppRow 38 - Cell 2
40Charles Wegelius (GBr) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:02:16
41William Dickeson (Aus) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:02:18
42Shawn Milne (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:02:19
43Jan Barta (Cze) Team NetApp0:02:30
44Mathew Hayman (Aus) Sky Procycling0:02:31
45Zachary Bell (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:02:32
46Haimar Zubeldia Agirre (Spa) Team RadioShackRow 45 - Cell 2
47Greg Henderson (NZl) Sky Procycling0:02:35
48Svein Tuft (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C10Row 47 - Cell 2
49Amaël Moinard (Fra) BMC Racing Team0:02:38
50Christopher Baldwin (USA) Bissell Cycling0:02:40
51Timon Seubert (Ger) Team NetApp0:02:44
52Coen Vermeltfoort (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team0:02:45
53Christian Meier (Can) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:02:47
54Markel Irizar Aranburu (Spa) Team RadioShack0:02:48
55Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) Bissell Cycling0:02:50
56Rafal Majka (Pol) Saxo Bank Sungard0:02:52
57Jay Robert Thomson (RSA) Bissell Cycling0:02:53
58Alexander Efimkin (Rus) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:02:55
59Francesco Bellotti (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale0:02:56
60Jason Donald (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:03:01
61Leigh Howard (Aus) HTC-Highroad0:03:08
62Michael Creed (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealthRow 61 - Cell 2
63Timothy Roe (Aus) BMC Racing Team0:03:11
64Martin Velits (Svk) HTC-HighroadRow 63 - Cell 2
65Ben King (USA) Team RadioShack0:03:13
66Jeffry Louder (USA) BMC Racing Team0:03:14
67Bradley White (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:03:17
68Jason McCartney (USA) Team RadioShack0:03:19
69Jacob Rytlewski (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:03:20
70Cameron Wurf (Aus) Liquigas-Cannondale0:03:24
71Michael Friedman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:03:26
72James Stemper (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:03:27
73Reid Mumford (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:03:28
74Johan Van Summeren (Bel) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:03:29
75Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Arg) Saxo Bank Sungard0:03:31
76Jesse Anthony (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:03:35
77Timothy Duggan (USA) Liquigas-Cannondale0:03:36
78Sergio Hernandez (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:03:37
79Edward King (USA) Liquigas-Cannondale0:03:39
80Christopher Jones (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro CyclingRow 79 - Cell 2
81Roman Kilun (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:03:42
82Ryan Anderson (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:03:43
83Ben Swift (GBr) Sky ProcyclingRow 82 - Cell 2
84Matthew Busche (USA) Team RadioShackRow 83 - Cell 2
85Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:03:45
86Aldo Ino Ilesic (Slo) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:03:46
87Javier Megias Leal (Spa) Team Type 1 - Sanofi AventisRow 86 - Cell 2
88Mauro Da Dalto (Ita) Liquigas-CannondaleRow 87 - Cell 2
89Paul Mach (USA) Bissell Cycling0:03:50
90Matthew Harley Goss (Aus) HTC-Highroad0:03:51
91Daniel Martin (Irl) Team Garmin-CerveloRow 90 - Cell 2
92Jesús Del Nero Montes (Spa) Team NetApp0:03:53
93Anders Lund (Den) Leopard TrekRow 92 - Cell 2
94Baden Cooke (Aus) Saxo Bank Sungard0:03:55
95Karl Menzies (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:03:59
96Andrew Pinfold (Can) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:04:00
97Juan José Haedo (Arg) Saxo Bank Sungard0:04:01
98Tom Zirbel (USA) Jamis - Sutter Home0:04:02
99Martin Pedersen (Den) Leopard TrekRow 98 - Cell 2
100Alexander Candelario (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:04:03
101Jose Fernando Antogna (Arg) Jamis - Sutter Home0:04:09
102Robert Förster (Ger) UnitedHealthcare Pro CyclingRow 101 - Cell 2
103Jonathan Patrick McCarty (USA) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:04:11
104Yannick Eijssen (Bel) BMC Racing Team0:04:12
105Luca Damiani (Ita) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:04:13
106Tyler Wren (USA) Jamis - Sutter Home0:04:14
107Anibal Andres Borrajo (Arg) Jamis - Sutter Home0:04:15
108Lucas Euser (USA) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:04:17
109James Driscoll (USA) Jamis - Sutter Home0:04:18
110Jeremy Powers (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:04:21
111Dmitriy Muravyev (Kaz) Team RadioShackRow 110 - Cell 2
112Alexander Gottfried (Ger) Team NetApp0:04:22
113Andreas Dietziker (Swi) Team NetApp0:04:30
114Jonas Aaen Jörgensen (Den) Saxo Bank Sungard0:04:32
115Nick Nuyens (Bel) Saxo Bank Sungard0:04:33
116Kevin Lacombe (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:04:38
117Oscar Freire Gomez (Spa) Rabobank Cycling Team0:04:39
118Phillip Gaimon (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:04:42
119Martin Gilbert (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:04:43
120Alex Hagman (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:04:48
121Alastair Loutit (Aus) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:04:51
122Jure Kocjan (Slo) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:04:52
123Bernhard Eisel (Aut) HTC-HighroadRow 122 - Cell 2
124Andrew Bajadali (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:04:55
125Andy Guptill (USA) Jamis - Sutter Home0:05:06
126Andreas Schillinger (Ger) Team NetApp0:05:12
127Ken Hanson (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:05:17
128Dan Bowman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:05:22
129Stefan Denifl (Aut) Leopard Trek0:05:32
130Will Routley (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:05:45
131Alejandro Alberto Borrajo (Arg) Jamis - Sutter Home0:06:45
DNSLeopold Konig (Cze) Team NetAppRow 131 - Cell 2
DNSJens Voigt (Ger) Leopard TrekRow 132 - Cell 2
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Best young rider
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tejay Van Garderen (USA) HTC-Highroad0:31:16
2Andrew Talansky (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:00:30
3Peter Sagan (Svk) Liquigas-Cannondale0:00:35
4Taylor Phinney (USA) BMC Racing Team0:00:57
5Coen Vermeltfoort (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team0:02:05
6Rafal Majka (Pol) Saxo Bank Sungard0:02:12
7Leigh Howard (Aus) HTC-Highroad0:02:28
8Timothy Roe (Aus) BMC Racing Team0:02:31
9Ben King (USA) Team RadioShack0:02:33
10Yannick Eijssen (Bel) BMC Racing Team0:03:32
11Alastair Loutit (Aus) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:04:11
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Garmin - Cervelo1:33:56
2HTC - Highroad0:00:27
3Team RadioShack0:01:26
4Rabobank Cycling Team0:01:46
5Leopard Trek0:01:57
6BMC Racing Team0:02:35
7Bissell Pro Cycling0:02:46
9Sky Procycling0:03:31
10UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:03:51
11Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:04:05
12Team NetApp0:05:18
13Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:05:32
14Kenda/5-Hour Energy Cycling Team0:05:43
15Saxo Bank SunGard0:05:58
16Team Spidertech Powered by C100:06:39
17Kelly Benefits Strategies-OptumHealth0:07:24
18Jamis-Sutter Home0:08:05
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General classification after stage 6
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Christopher Horner (USA) Team RadioShack17:17:01
2Levi Leipheimer (USA) Team RadioShack0:00:38
3Rory Sutherland (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:01:38
4Christian Vande Velde (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:01:39
5Thomas Danielson (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:01:44
6Tejay Van Garderen (USA) HTC-Highroad0:01:54
7Linus Gerdemann (Ger) Leopard Trek0:02:26
8Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:02:27
9Laurens Ten Dam (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team0:02:43
10Andy Schleck (Lux) Leopard Trek0:02:54
11Andrew Talansky (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:02:56
12Peter Sagan (Svk) Liquigas-Cannondale0:02:58
13Steve Morabito (Swi) BMC Racing Team0:03:29
14Brent Bookwalter (USA) BMC Racing Team0:03:56
15David Zabriskie (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:04:04
16George Hincapie (USA) BMC Racing Team0:04:18
17Christopher Froome (GBr) Sky Procycling0:04:25
18Grischa Niermann (Ger) Rabobank Cycling Team0:04:35
19Damiano Caruso (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale0:05:00
20Amaël Moinard (Fra) BMC Racing Team0:05:06
21Luis Romero Amaran (Cub) Jamis - Sutter Home0:05:48
22Daniel Martin (Irl) Team Garmin-Cervelo0:05:50
23Rob Britton (Can) Bissell Cycling0:06:04
24Brian Vandborg (Den) Saxo Bank Sungard0:06:16
25Jonathan Patrick McCarty (USA) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:06:40
26Christian Meier (Can) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:06:48
27Danny Pate (USA) HTC-Highroad0:06:51
28Christopher Baldwin (USA) Bissell Cycling0:07:03
29Francesco Bellotti (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale0:07:15
30Alexander Efimkin (Rus) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:07:16
31Tyler Wren (USA) Jamis - Sutter Home0:07:22
32Benjamin Day (Ita) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:07:42
33Peter Velits (Svk) HTC-Highroad0:08:11
34Paul Martens (Ger) Rabobank Cycling Team0:08:23
35Yannick Eijssen (Bel) BMC Racing Team0:08:50
36Matthew Busche (USA) Team RadioShack0:09:07
37Christopher Jones (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:10:22
38Timothy Roe (Aus) BMC Racing Team0:10:50
39Haimar Zubeldia Agirre (Spa) Team RadioShack0:12:46
40Frank Kevin Pipp (USA) Bissell Cycling0:12:47
41Jeffry Louder (USA) BMC Racing Team0:12:48
42Rubens Bertogliati (Swi) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:13:03
43Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Leopard Trek0:13:27
44Maarten Tjallingii (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team0:13:40
45Lucas Euser (USA) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:14:26
46Jason Donald (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:14:42
47Jay Robert Thomson (RSA) Bissell Cycling0:15:00
48Jacob Rytlewski (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:15:01
49Laszlo Bodrogi (Fra) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:15:33
50Rafal Majka (Pol) Saxo Bank Sungard0:15:34
51Bartosz Huzarski (Pol) Team NetApp0:15:36
52Tom Zirbel (USA) Jamis - Sutter Home0:15:43
53Alexander Candelario (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:15:52
54Jeremy Vennell (NZl) Bissell Cycling0:16:04
55Paul Mach (USA) Bissell Cycling0:16:26
56Andrew Bajadali (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:16:54
57Greg Henderson (NZl) Sky Procycling0:16:57
58Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:17:08
59Ben King (USA) Team RadioShack0:19:10
60Jesse Anthony (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:19:37
61Oscar Freire Gomez (Spa) Rabobank Cycling Team0:20:48
62Cameron Wurf (Aus) Liquigas-Cannondale0:20:59
63Dmitriy Muravyev (Kaz) Team RadioShack0:21:41
64Sergio Hernandez (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:22:08
65Alexander Gottfried (Ger) Team NetApp0:22:28
66Charles Wegelius (GBr) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:24:29
67Taylor Phinney (USA) BMC Racing Team0:25:29
68Martin Pedersen (Den) Leopard Trek0:25:57
69Daniel Oss (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale0:26:03
70Martin Mortensen (Den) Leopard Trek0:26:21
71Ian Stannard (GBr) Sky Procycling0:26:37
72Mathew Hayman (Aus) Sky Procycling0:26:48
73Leigh Howard (Aus) HTC-Highroad0:26:54
74James Stemper (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:27:00
75Coen Vermeltfoort (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team0:27:03
76Zachary Bell (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:27:05
77Ben Swift (GBr) Sky Procycling0:27:21
78Lars Boom (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team0:27:22
79Javier Megias Leal (Spa) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:27:39
80Mauro Da Dalto (Ita) Liquigas-Cannondale0:27:53
81Svein Tuft (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:27:55
82Reid Mumford (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:28:07
83Edward King (USA) Liquigas-Cannondale0:28:18
84Matthew Harley Goss (Aus) HTC-Highroad0:28:26
85Bernard Van Ulden (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:28:31
86Baden Cooke (Aus) Saxo Bank Sungard0:28:34
87Anibal Andres Borrajo (Arg) Jamis - Sutter Home0:28:47
88Johan Van Summeren (Bel) Team Garmin-CerveloRow 87 - Cell 2
89Anders Lund (Den) Leopard Trek0:28:58
90Andrew Pinfold (Can) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:29:05
91Andreas Dietziker (Swi) Team NetApp0:29:24
92Markel Irizar Aranburu (Spa) Team RadioShack0:29:27
93Nick Nuyens (Bel) Saxo Bank SungardRow 92 - Cell 2
94Timon Seubert (Ger) Team NetApp0:29:36
95Timothy Duggan (USA) Liquigas-Cannondale0:29:38
96Jure Kocjan (Slo) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:29:46
97Bernhard Eisel (Aut) HTC-HighroadRow 96 - Cell 2
98Jonas Aaen Jörgensen (Den) Saxo Bank Sungard0:29:48
99Ken Hanson (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:29:56
100Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Arg) Saxo Bank Sungard0:30:07
101Andy Guptill (USA) Jamis - Sutter Home0:30:11
102Dan Bowman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:30:27
103Alejandro Alberto Borrajo (Arg) Jamis - Sutter Home0:30:37
104Juan José Haedo (Arg) Saxo Bank Sungard0:31:46
105Robert Förster (Ger) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:32:00
106Roman Kilun (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:32:14
107Will Routley (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:32:17
108Michael Creed (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:32:26
109Martin Velits (Svk) HTC-Highroad0:33:05
110Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) Bissell Cycling0:33:08
111Shawn Milne (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:33:42
112Jan Barta (Cze) Team NetApp0:36:10
113Bradley White (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:37:21
114Michael Friedman (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth0:37:26
115Aldo Ino Ilesic (Slo) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis0:37:35
116Karl Menzies (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:37:48
117Jeremy Powers (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:38:25
118Kevin Lacombe (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:38:27
119Ryan Anderson (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:39:28
120Stefan Denifl (Aut) Leopard Trek0:39:36
121Luca Damiani (Ita) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:39:54
122Martin Gilbert (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C100:39:56
123Jose Fernando Antogna (Arg) Jamis - Sutter Home0:40:10
124Alastair Loutit (Aus) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:41:59
125Andreas Schillinger (Ger) Team NetApp0:42:10
126Jason McCartney (USA) Team RadioShack0:44:11
127William Dickeson (Aus) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:45:37
128Jesús Del Nero Montes (Spa) Team NetApp0:47:12
129Phillip Gaimon (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder0:48:25
130Alex Hagman (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda0:48:51
131James Driscoll (USA) Jamis - Sutter Home0:50:18
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Points classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Peter Sagan (Svk) Liquigas-Cannondale34pts
2Ben Swift (GBr) Sky Procycling25Row 1 - Cell 3
3Leigh Howard (Aus) HTC-Highroad18Row 2 - Cell 3
4Juan José Haedo (Arg) Saxo Bank Sungard18Row 3 - Cell 3
5Greg Henderson (NZl) Sky Procycling15Row 4 - Cell 3
6Kevin Lacombe (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C1012Row 5 - Cell 3
7Jan Barta (Cze) Team NetApp10Row 6 - Cell 3
8Matthew Harley Goss (Aus) HTC-Highroad10Row 7 - Cell 3
9Taylor Phinney (USA) BMC Racing Team9Row 8 - Cell 3
10Michael Creed (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth9Row 9 - Cell 3
11Christian Meier (Can) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling8Row 10 - Cell 3
12Oscar Freire Gomez (Spa) Rabobank Cycling Team7Row 11 - Cell 3
13Paul Martens (Ger) Rabobank Cycling Team7Row 12 - Cell 3
14Christopher Froome (GBr) Sky Procycling5Row 13 - Cell 3
15Jonas Aaen Jörgensen (Den) Saxo Bank Sungard5Row 14 - Cell 3
16Alejandro Alberto Borrajo (Arg) Jamis - Sutter Home5Row 15 - Cell 3
17Christopher Baldwin (USA) Bissell Cycling4Row 16 - Cell 3
18Coen Vermeltfoort (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team4Row 17 - Cell 3
19Robert Förster (Ger) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling4Row 18 - Cell 3
20Daniel Martin (Irl) Team Garmin-Cervelo3Row 19 - Cell 3
21Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) Bissell Cycling3Row 20 - Cell 3
22Phillip Gaimon (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder3Row 21 - Cell 3
23Frank Kevin Pipp (USA) Bissell Cycling2Row 22 - Cell 3
24Jure Kocjan (Slo) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis2Row 23 - Cell 3
25Alexander Candelario (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth1Row 24 - Cell 3
26Jesse Anthony (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth1Row 25 - Cell 3
27Alexander Gottfried (Ger) Team NetApp1Row 26 - Cell 3
28Shawn Milne (USA) Kenda/5-hour Energy Pro Cycling presented by Geargrinder1Row 27 - Cell 3
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Mountains classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Jonathan Patrick McCarty (USA) Team Spidertech Powered By C1023pts
2Jesse Anthony (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies - OptumHealth17Row 1 - Cell 3
3Levi Leipheimer (USA) Team RadioShack12Row 2 - Cell 3
4Christopher Horner (USA) Team RadioShack10Row 3 - Cell 3
5Will Routley (Can) Team Spidertech Powered By C1010Row 4 - Cell 3
6Andy Schleck (Lux) Leopard Trek10Row 5 - Cell 3
7Matthew Busche (USA) Team RadioShack10Row 6 - Cell 3
8Dmitriy Muravyev (Kaz) Team RadioShack8Row 7 - Cell 3
9Oscar Freire Gomez (Spa) Rabobank Cycling Team7Row 8 - Cell 3
10Rory Sutherland (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling7Row 9 - Cell 3
11Haimar Zubeldia Agirre (Spa) Team RadioShack7Row 10 - Cell 3
12Lars Boom (Ned) Rabobank Cycling Team6Row 11 - Cell 3
13Thomas Danielson (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo5Row 12 - Cell 3
14Tejay Van Garderen (USA) HTC-Highroad5Row 13 - Cell 3
15Christopher Froome (GBr) Sky Procycling5Row 14 - Cell 3
16Christian Vande Velde (USA) Team Garmin-Cervelo4Row 15 - Cell 3
17George Hincapie (USA) BMC Racing Team4Row 16 - Cell 3
18Rubens Bertogliati (Swi) Team Type 1 - Sanofi Aventis4Row 17 - Cell 3
19Linus Gerdemann (Ger) Leopard Trek3Row 18 - Cell 3
20Christopher Baldwin (USA) Bissell Cycling3Row 19 - Cell 3
21Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Team Garmin-Cervelo2Row 20 - Cell 3