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Hovey wins stage 5 in Mongolia

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A river crossing during stage 5

A river crossing during stage 5 (Image credit: Mongolia Bike Challenge)
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Guys chill during day 5

Guys chill during day 5 (Image credit: Mongolia Bike Challenge)
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A camel spotted en route

A camel spotted en route (Image credit: Mongolia Bike Challenge)

Stage 5 was a fast day through the desert. Leaving from the Ongi River Camp, racers rode through the African Savanna-like landscape to Guchin Us on the edge of the Gobi Desert. Carter Hovey won the stage while Cory Wallace retained his overall lead.

Mongolian National Team rider Tuguldur Tuulkhangai (aka "Tugu") flew off the front of the pack with two of his teammates, temporarily stunning the rest of the lead group. The trio put over two minutes on the pack over the first 20 kilometers but eventually blew up as they had set an impossible pace for the 141-kilometer course.

Marcel Hagener and Mohamad Razif Bin Mohamad Salleh, two Chiru-WTB riders, were looking strong during the first two-thirds of the course, hanging on to the lead group made up of Carter Hovey (MBC-Orbea-SMP), Barry Wicks, Kris Sneddon and Cory Wallace (Kona), Pau Zamora (Buff), Peter Paelinck (Reevax) and Delgerbayar Sonomtseren (Mongolia).

Team Kona, Hovey, and Zamora were able to gap the rest of the pack by the second rest stop at 80 kilometers, but Zamora fell off the pace after suffering a mechanical.

A sprint finish ended with Hovey winning stage 5. He was followed by Sneddon and Wicks.

Riders are enjoying an early finish in camp and preparing themselves for the mountain stages which begin tomorrow.

Full Results

Stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Carter Hovey (Can)4:28:50
2Kris Sneddon (Can)0:00:01
3Barry Wicks (USA)0:00:02
4Cory Wallace (Can)0:00:03
5Peter Paelinck (Bel)0:01:00
6Pau Zamora Perez (Spa)0:05:43
7Altansukh Altanzul (Mon)0:09:45
8Mohamad Razif Bin Mohamad Salleh (Mal)0:18:38
9Marcel Hagener (NZl)
10Delgerbayar Sonomtseren (Mon)0:21:40
11David Rovira Roqueta (Spa)0:28:59
12Davide Ghedini (Ita)
13Francesc Juliá Pascual (Spa)
14Lorenzo Milesi (Swi)0:41:44
15Marcel Farres Dasquens (Spa)
16Steven Pauwels (Bel)0:42:42
17Batmunkh Batsaikhan (Mon)0:45:39
18Aloyse Albert Schartz (Lux)0:52:27
19Thomas Wettemann (Ger)0:56:48
20Fabio Elmer (Ger)
21Thomas Borst (Ger)0:59:17
22Greg Mckennis (USA)0:59:40
23Jennifer Crake (Can)1:02:57
24Marcos Barrio Robles (Spa)
25Elisabeth Adamson (Aus)1:03:28
26Jep Gonzalez Farres (Spa)
27Robert Bleeker (Aus)1:05:32
28Uwe Geiger (Ger)1:05:46
29Liesbeth Hessens (Bel)1:11:20
30Batmunkh Mijid (Mon)1:20:18
31Edmund Tan (Sin)1:21:55
32Angel Lopez Santos (Spa)1:27:20
33Solongo Tserenlham (Mon)1:27:40
34Alex Ramsey (Aus)1:29:59
35Ray Giddins (Aus)
36Ivan Cabañas Gonzalez (Spa)1:34:17
37Jack Anderson (USA)1:37:11
38Iwona Szmyd (Pol)1:38:41
39Ulziibaatar Jamsran (Mon)1:39:38
40Sumya Baterdene (Mon)
41Johan Walraven (Ned)1:46:46
42Max Richner (Swi)1:48:20
43Batbayar Lkham-yanjin (Mon)1:54:29
44Nuo Zhang (Chn)1:58:12
45Otgontuya Batbaatar (Mon)2:25:32
46Jesus Martin Del Nogal (Spa)2:34:58
47Birgit Richner (Swi)2:46:43
48Thierry Lilian Claude Carayol (Fra)2:49:34
49Marcel Besemer (Ned)3:03:08
50Wouter Rijnaerts (Ned)
51Jos Van Dijk (Ned)
52Frances Galache Rejón (Spa)3:55:30
53Kristof Nootens (Bel)
54Tuguldur Tuulkhangai (Mon)5:53:15

General classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cory Wallace (Can)20:46:51
2Barry Wicks (USA)0:01:49
3Kris Sneddon (Can)0:02:01
4Pau Zamora Perez (Spa)0:12:06
5Carter Hovey (Can)0:36:18
6Peter Paelinck (Bel)1:00:49
7Marcel Hagener (NZl)1:21:36
8David Rovira Roqueta (Spa)1:52:11
9Francesc Juliá Pascual (Spa)1:56:37
10Mohamad Razif Bin Mohamad Salleh (Mal)2:06:10
11Altansukh Altanzul (Mon)2:32:02
12Davide Ghedini (Ita)3:22:21
13Delgerbayar Sonomtseren (Mon)3:36:16
14Marcel Farres Dasquens (Spa)3:40:30
15Lorenzo Milesi (Swi)3:41:58
16Batmunkh Batsaikhan (Mon)4:11:46
17Thomas Wettemann (Ger)4:29:11
18Sumya Baterdene (Mon)4:31:21
19Steven Pauwels (Bel)4:32:23
20Fabio Elmer (Ger)4:37:36
21Ray Giddins (Aus)5:00:06
22Elisabeth Adamson (Aus)5:00:32
23Uwe Geiger (Ger)5:09:23
24Liesbeth Hessens (Bel)5:12:04
25Jennifer Crake (Can)5:21:00
26Batmunkh Mijid (Mon)5:27:31
27Jep Gonzalez Farres (Spa)5:37:20
28Greg Mckennis (USA)5:46:54
29Robert Bleeker (Aus)5:55:29
30Aloyse Albert Schartz (Lux)6:08:08
31Alex Ramsey (Aus)6:14:43
32Thomas Borst (Ger)6:18:41
33Ulziibaatar Jamsran (Mon)6:19:19
34Tuguldur Tuulkhangai (Mon)6:33:08
35Ivan Cabañas Gonzalez (Spa)6:39:38
36Solongo Tserenlham (Mon)7:04:04
37Jack Anderson (USA)7:25:17
38Marcos Barrio Robles (Spa)7:31:59
39Iwona Szmyd (Pol)7:57:54
40Max Richner (Swi)8:01:52
41Batbayar Lkham-yanjin (Mon)8:11:56
42Angel Lopez Santos (Spa)8:28:27
43Nuo Zhang (Chn)8:40:44
44Edmund Tan (Sin)8:55:20
45Johan Walraven (Ned)8:57:04
46Otgontuya Batbaatar (Mon)9:47:58
47Jesus Martin Del Nogal (Spa)9:58:51
48Thierry Lilian Claude Carayol (Fra)11:47:39
49Birgit Richner (Swi)12:03:53
50Jos Van Dijk (Ned)13:48:01
51Wouter Rijnaerts (Ned)13:56:55
52Kristof Nootens (Bel)14:45:57
53Frances Galache Rejón (Spa)15:15:51
54Marcel Besemer (Ned)17:03:22


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