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Wallace sprints to win in stage 1

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The finish

The finish (Image credit: Margus Riga)
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The start

The start (Image credit: Margus Riga)
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The peloton

The peloton (Image credit: Margus Riga)
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Racers get their instructions

Racers get their instructions (Image credit: Margus Riga)
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A long, muddy doubletrack section

A long, muddy doubletrack section (Image credit: Margus Riga)
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Spectators (Image credit: Margus Riga)
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Doubletrack on stage 1

Doubletrack on stage 1 (Image credit: Margus Riga)
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A race covered in dirt after stage 1

A race covered in dirt after stage 1 (Image credit: Margus Riga)

It was an epic start to the 2012 Mongolia Bike Challenge as the skies opened and the downpour began. A front group quickly formed, keeping their exposure as they headed into the Mongolian countryside on what quickly became muddy doubletrack.

Team Kona looked strong from the start with Barry Wicks, Kris Sneddon, and last year's runner-up, Cory Wallace, included in the lead group. Carter Hovey of Team MBC Racing and Paul Zamora of Team Buff International were part of this group with Marcel Hagener of Chiru-WTB also in the mix. The two Mongolian National Team riders, Altansuk Altanzhul and Tuguldur ¨Tugu¨ Tuulkhangai (runner-up 2010) also looked very strong from the beginning.

By the second rest stop at 65 kilometers, the group had separated with Team Kona and Zamora opening at two-minute gap.

Wallace finished first in the sprint finish, followed by teammate Kris Sneddon and then Zamora. Wicks finished forth, followed by Hovey and Tugu.

Cleaned up and rested, racers are getting used to camp life and hoping for sunnier skies in the stages ahead.

Results not yet available

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