Best time trial helmets - Top helmets for TT and triathlon

Time trial cyclist wearing TT gear and racing
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Choosing one of the best time trial helmets is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to shave time off of the bike leg of a triathlon or time trial. Anytime you ride a bike, the speed at which you travel is a function of your ability to overcome the forces acting against you. One of those functions is the ability to move through the air, meaning as you increase your speed, the aerodynamic forces become an ever-greater limiting factor. Because the helmet represents the leading edge of your body as it cuts through the wind, the importance of choosing the right one is hard to overstate. In fact, while the best triathlon and TT wheels are another significant factor, a helmet can make a greater difference for a smaller financial investment. That's not just the conjecture from the team here at Cyclingnews either, if you'd like to dive deep into the science of it an excellent reference article is 'Riding against the wind: a review of competition cycling aerodynamics' published in 2017.  

Of course, it's not as easy as just picking the helmet that looks best from our list. Your position on the bike is just as important as the equipment you use. Depending on your ability to hold the ideal position, and the particular details of each event, you'll want to consider different shapes of helmets. Longer or wider helmets might be faster in the wind tunnel, but they require greater discipline on the part of the rider, while smaller, more rounded helmets are technically slower, but remain fast when you turn or drop your head. As you look through our list of the best time trial helmets, remember that you'll need to put in the training time to use them correctly. 

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