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Joe Martin Stage Race: Bassett wins men's time trial

Stephen Bassett (First Internet Bank Cycling) wins stage 1 of the 2019 Joe Martin Stage Race

Stephen Bassett (First Internet Bank Cycling) wins stage 1 of the 2019 Joe Martin Stage Race (Image credit: Tom Ewart/NWA Photography)

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephen Bassett (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:09:17
2James Piccoli (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:00:01
3Jarret Oldham (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:00:08
4Adam Roberge (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:00:15
5Austin Stephens (303 Project)0:00:21
6Efren Santos Mareno (Canel's Specialized)0:00:23
7Marko Pavlic (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:00:23
8Tyler Stites (Aevolo)0:00:25
9Pablo Andres Alarcon Cares (Canel's Specialized)0:00:26
10Alex Hoehn (Aevolo)0:00:26
11Alexander Cowan (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:00:32
12Andrew Vollmer (Aevolo)0:00:32
13Benjamin Wright (Foundation CCB)0:00:34
14Matt Zimmer (Project Echelon Racing)0:00:35
15Jordan Cheyne (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:00:36
16Matt Mcloone (Total Civil Construction-Battley Harley-Davidson)0:00:36
17Noah Granigan (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:00:36
18Carson Miles (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:00:36
19Ignacio Prado Juaez (Canel's Specialized)0:00:39
20Will Cooper (CSX CS Velo Racing-Cannondale)0:00:41
21Christopher Winn (303 Project)0:00:41
22Griffin Easter (303 Project)0:00:42
23Brett Wachtendorf (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:00:43
24Richard Arnopol (Project Echelon Racing)0:00:50
25Tyrel Fuchs (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:00:51
26Scott Mcgill (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:00:52
27Alexandre Latil (Veloselect Racing Team)0:00:53
28Lane Maher (Foundation CCB)0:00:53
29Laurent Gervais (Aevolo)0:00:53
30Michael Hernandez (Aevolo)0:00:53
31Ethan Palamarek (Toronto Hustle)0:00:54
32Thomas Schellenberg (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:00:54
33Jure Rupnik (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:00:54
34Ben Schmutte (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:00:55
35Greg Daniel (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:00:56
36Ulises Castillo Soto (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:00:56
37Eric Young (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:00:56
38Antoine Lepingard (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:00:57
39Bernat Font Mas (303 Project)0:00:58
40Ryan Knapp (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:00:59
41Sean Burger (CSX CS Velo Racing-Cannondale)0:01:01
42Matti Rowe (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:01:01
43Chaz Hogenauer (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:01:02
44Robin Plamondon (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:01:03
45Hugo Scala, Jr. (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:01:04
46Eduardo Corte Cordero (Canel's Specialized)0:01:04
47Chad Capobianco (Total Civil Construction-Battley Harley-Davidson)0:01:05
48Riley Sheeehan (Aevolo)0:01:05
49Resendez Eugenio Mirafuentes (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:01:06
50Hamish Beadle (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:01:07
51Tanner Ward (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)0:01:07
52Grant Koontz (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)0:01:07
53George Simpson (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:01:08
54Johnny Purvis (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)0:01:08
55Cade Bickmore (Aevolo)0:01:09
56Thomas Humphreys (Foundation CCB)0:01:09
57Joshua Kropf (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:01:10
58Evan Hartig (Project Echelon Racing)0:01:11
59Brett Rindt (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:01:12
60Lucas Dauge (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:01:12
61Rolando Gonzalez Fernandez (303 Project)0:01:13
62Ethan Pauly (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:01:14
63Baili Guidi (Toronto Hustle)0:01:17
64Tim Savre (Project Echelon Racing)0:01:18
65Johann Van Zyl (303 Project)0:01:19
66Patrick Collins (CSX CS Velo Racing-Cannondale)0:01:22
67Connor Ryan (Total Civil Construction-Battley Harley-Davidson)0:01:24
68Evan Bausbacher (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:01:24
69Cyrus Pearo (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:01:24
70Pablo Cruz (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)0:01:29
71Peter Olejniczak (Project Echelon Racing)0:01:29
72Rolly Weaver (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:01:30
73Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:01:31
74Cristhian Ravelo (CSX CS Velo Racing-Cannondale)0:01:31
75Gabriel Mendez (Foundation CCB)0:01:32
76Vitor Zucco Schizzi (Foundation CCB)0:01:33
77William Goodfellow (Veloselect Racing Team)0:01:34
78Robert Sroka (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:01:34
79Logan Lakota Phippen (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:01:36
80Taylor Pearman (Total Civil Construction-Battley Harley-Davidson)0:01:36
81Andrew Giniat (CSX CS Velo Racing-Cannondale)0:01:42
82Danil Evdokimov (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:01:43
83Kevin Goguen (Foundation CCB)0:01:45
84Gaelen Merritt (Toronto Hustle)0:01:46
85Gerd De Keijzer (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:01:47
86Brendan Housler (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)0:01:51
87Jofre Prunera Macias (Giant Lakeside-Audi McKinney-Baylor Scott)0:01:52
88Dominic Hamelin (Veloselect Racing Team)0:01:53
89Reid Mcclure (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:01:55
90Anton Varabei (Toronto Hustle)0:01:55
91Jonas Orset (Giant Lakeside-Audi McKinney-Baylor Scott)0:01:57
92Samuel Fritz (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:01:58
93Jake Silverberg (303 Project)0:01:58
94Preston Glace (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)0:01:58
95Francisco Lara Carbajal (Canel's Specialized)0:02:01
96Austin Gomes (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:02:05
97Fernando Guillermo Gutierrez Martin (Giant Lakeside-Audi McKinney-Baylor Scott)0:02:12
98Brad Bradford (Toronto Hustle)0:02:16
99Jan Dunnewind (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:02:17

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephen Bassett (First Internet Bank Cycling)5pts
2James Piccoli (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)4
3Jarret Oldham (First Internet Bank Cycling)3
4Adam Roberge (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)1

Young rider
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Adam Roberge (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:09:32
2Tyler Stites (Aevolo)0:00:11
3Alex Hoehn (Aevolo)0:00:11
4Andrew Vollmer (Aevolo)0:00:18
5Benjamin Wright (Foundation CCB)0:00:20
6Carson Miles (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:00:22
7Tyrel Fuchs (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:00:36
8Scott Mcgill (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:00:37
9Lane Maher (Foundation CCB)0:00:38
10Laurent Gervais (Aevolo)0:00:39
11Michael Hernandez (Aevolo)0:00:39
12Ethan Palamarek (Toronto Hustle)0:00:39
13Thomas Schellenberg (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:00:39
14Chaz Hogenauer (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:00:47
15Robin Plamondon (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:00:48
16Hugo Scala, Jr. (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:00:49
17Chad Capobianco (Total Civil Construction-Battley Harley-Davidson)0:00:50
18Riley Sheeehan (Aevolo)0:00:51
19Resendez Eugenio Mirafuentes (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:00:51
20Hamish Beadle (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:00:52
21Cade Bickmore (Aevolo)0:00:54
22Thomas Humphreys (Foundation CCB)0:00:55
23Ethan Pauly (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:00:59
24Baili Guidi (Toronto Hustle)0:01:02
25Evan Bausbacher (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:01:09
26Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:01:16
27Gabriel Mendez (Foundation CCB)0:01:18
28Vitor Zucco Schizzi (Foundation CCB)0:01:18
29Danil Evdokimov (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:01:28
30Kevin Goguen (Foundation CCB)0:01:30
31Dominic Hamelin (Veloselect Racing Team)0:01:38
32Austin Gomes (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:01:51
33Jan Dunnewind (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:02:02

General classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephen Bassett (First Internet Bank Cycling)8:49:26
2James Piccoli (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:00:15
3Matt Zimmer (Project Echelon Racing)0:00:21
4Jarret Oldham (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:00:28
5Tyler Stites (Aevolo)0:00:32
6Pablo Andres Alarcon Cares (Canel's Specialized)0:00:34
7Marko Pavlic (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:00:37
8Efren Santos Mareno (Canel's Specialized)0:00:43
9Austin Stephens (303 Project)0:00:44
10Alex Hoehn (Aevolo)0:00:46
11Matt Mcloone (Total Civil Construction-Battley Harley-Davidson)0:00:50
12Alexander Cowan (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:00:55
13Jordan Cheyne (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:00:56
14Griffin Easter (303 Project)
15Brett Wachtendorf (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:01:03
16Noah Granigan (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:01:08
17Carson Miles (Floyd's Pro Cycling)
18Andrew Vollmer (Aevolo)0:01:16
19Greg Daniel (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:01:19
20Scott Mcgill (Gateway Devo Cycling)
21Antoine Lepingard (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:01:28
22Benjamin Wright (Foundation CCB)0:01:29
23Lane Maher (Foundation CCB)0:01:30
24Will Cooper (CSX CS Velo Racing-Cannondale)0:01:31
25Richard Arnopol (Project Echelon Racing)0:01:34
26Eduardo Corte Cordero (Canel's Specialized)0:01:36
27Bernat Font Mas (303 Project)0:01:37
28Sean Burger (CSX CS Velo Racing-Cannondale)0:01:38
29Jure Rupnik (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)
30Adam Roberge (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:01:39
31Resendez Eugenio Mirafuentes (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:01:45
32Tanner Ward (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)0:01:46
33Tyrel Fuchs (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)
34Ben Schmutte (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:01:50
35Matti Rowe (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:01:56
36Chad Capobianco (Total Civil Construction-Battley Harley-Davidson)0:02:00
37Johann Van Zyl (303 Project)0:02:09
38Tim Savre (Project Echelon Racing)0:02:13
39Hamish Beadle (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:02:16
40Vitor Zucco Schizzi (Foundation CCB)0:02:17
41Andrew Giniat (CSX CS Velo Racing-Cannondale)0:02:18
42Baili Guidi (Toronto Hustle)0:02:19
43Cyrus Pearo (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)
44Johnny Purvis (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)0:02:21
45Pablo Cruz (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)0:02:24
46Evan Hartig (Project Echelon Racing)
47Lucas Dauge (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:02:27
48Michael Hernandez (Aevolo)0:02:31
49Brett Rindt (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:02:32
50Ethan Pauly (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:02:38
51Ryan Knapp (First Internet Bank Cycling)
52Francisco Lara Carbajal (Canel's Specialized)0:02:40
53Peter Olejniczak (Project Echelon Racing)0:02:57
54Thomas Humphreys (Foundation CCB)0:03:01
55Danil Evdokimov (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:03:07
56Gerd De Keijzer (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:03:08
57George Simpson (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:03:11
58Anton Varabei (Toronto Hustle)0:03:33
59Cade Bickmore (Aevolo)0:03:36
60Preston Glace (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)
61Thomas Schellenberg (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:03:37
62Jofre Prunera Macias (Giant Lakeside-Audi McKinney-Baylor Scott)0:03:39
63Reid Mcclure (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:03:47
64Austin Gomes (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:04:14
65Samuel Fritz (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:04:15
66Logan Lakota Phippen (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:04:16
67Alexandre Latil (Veloselect Racing Team)0:04:21
68Christopher Winn (303 Project)0:04:27
69Grant Koontz (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)0:04:56
70Rolando Gonzalez Fernandez (303 Project)0:04:59
71Chaz Hogenauer (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:05:01
72Riley Sheeehan (Aevolo)0:05:30
73Patrick Collins (CSX CS Velo Racing-Cannondale)0:05:34
74Robert Sroka (First Internet Bank Cycling)0:06:06
75Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:06:07
76Ulises Castillo Soto (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)
77Cristhian Ravelo (CSX CS Velo Racing-Cannondale)0:06:47
78Hugo Scala, Jr. (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:07:08
79Taylor Pearman (Total Civil Construction-Battley Harley-Davidson)0:10:00
80Eric Young (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:10:26
81Jake Silverberg (303 Project)0:10:35
82Ignacio Prado Juaez (Canel's Specialized)0:13:50
83Jan Dunnewind (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:14:03
84Robin Plamondon (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:15:32
85William Goodfellow (Veloselect Racing Team)0:16:05
86Ethan Palamarek (Toronto Hustle)0:16:36
87Gabriel Mendez (Foundation CCB)0:20:29
88Laurent Gervais (Aevolo)0:22:10
89Evan Bausbacher (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:26:17
90Connor Ryan (Total Civil Construction-Battley Harley-Davidson)0:26:20
91Brendan Housler (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)0:26:33
92Jonas Orset (Giant Lakeside-Audi McKinney-Baylor Scott)0:27:04
93Kevin Goguen (Foundation CCB)0:27:05
94Rolly Weaver (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:27:15
95Joshua Kropf (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:30:59
96Fernando Guillermo Gutierrez Martin (Giant Lakeside-Audi McKinney-Baylor Scott)0:38:09
97Gaelen Merritt (Toronto Hustle)0:46:55
98Brad Bradford (Toronto Hustle)0:53:30
99Dominic Hamelin (Veloselect Racing Team)1:01:28

Mountain classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Stephen Bassett (First Internet Bank Cycling)5pts
2James Piccoli (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)4
3Jarret Oldham (First Internet Bank Cycling)3
4Adam Roberge (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)1

Point classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Grant Koontz (DNA Racing-Allied Cycle Works)17pts
2Stephen Bassett (First Internet Bank Cycling)15
3Matt Zimmer (Project Echelon Racing)15
4Tyler Stites (Aevolo)12
5Pablo Andres Alarcon Cares (Canel's Specialized)10
6Scott Mcgill (Gateway Devo Cycling)10
7Griffin Easter (303 Project)9
8Laurent Gervais (Aevolo)8
9James Piccoli (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)7
10Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)7
11Noah Granigan (Floyd's Pro Cycling)6
12Matt Mcloone (Total Civil Construction-Battley Harley-Davidson)5
13Michael Hernandez (Aevolo)5
14Marko Pavlic (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)4
15Ignacio Prado Juaez (Canel's Specialized)4
16Brett Wachtendorf (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)3
17Gaelen Merritt (Toronto Hustle)3
18Alex Hoehn (Aevolo)2
19Jure Rupnik (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)2
20Antoine Lepingard (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)1
21Jarret Oldham (First Internet Bank Cycling)1
22Hugo Scala, Jr. (Gateway Devo Cycling)1

Young rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tyler Stites (Aevolo)8:49:58
2Alex Hoehn (Aevolo)0:00:14
3Carson Miles (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:00:36
4Andrew Vollmer (Aevolo)0:00:44
5Scott Mcgill (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:00:47
6Benjamin Wright (Foundation CCB)0:00:57
7Lane Maher (Foundation CCB)0:00:58
8Adam Roberge (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:01:07
9Resendez Eugenio Mirafuentes (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:01:13
10Tyrel Fuchs (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:01:14
11Chad Capobianco (Total Civil Construction-Battley Harley-Davidson)0:01:28
12Hamish Beadle (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:01:44
13Vitor Zucco Schizzi (Foundation CCB)0:01:45
14Baili Guidi (Toronto Hustle)0:01:47
15Michael Hernandez (Aevolo)0:01:59
16Ethan Pauly (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:02:06
17Thomas Humphreys (Foundation CCB)0:02:29
18Danil Evdokimov (Support Clean Sport-BSCG-Guttenplan Coaching)0:02:35
19Cade Bickmore (Aevolo)0:03:04
20Thomas Schellenberg (DC Bank Pro Cycling Team)0:03:05
21Austin Gomes (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:03:42
22Chaz Hogenauer (Rio Grande Elite Cycling)0:04:29
23Riley Sheeehan (Aevolo)0:04:58
24Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling)0:05:35
25Hugo Scala, Jr. (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:06:36
26Jan Dunnewind (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:13:31
27Robin Plamondon (Floyd's Pro Cycling)0:15:00
28Ethan Palamarek (Toronto Hustle)0:16:04
29Gabriel Mendez (Foundation CCB)0:19:57
30Laurent Gervais (Aevolo)0:21:38
31Evan Bausbacher (Gateway Devo Cycling)0:25:45
32Kevin Goguen (Foundation CCB)0:26:33
33Dominic Hamelin (Veloselect Racing Team)1:00:56
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