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Jake Silverberg takes out junior men's race

Junior Women 17-18
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alexis Ryan (Team Tibco Ii)2:16:49
2Emily Shields (Carolina Masters /Painpathways)0:00:01
3Katherine Shields (Carolina Masters /Painpathways)
4Grace Alexander (Byrds (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq)
5Annika Johannesen0:00:02
6Kayla Sterling (Rouse Bicycles)
7Addyson Albershardt (Now Cycling/Now And Novartis Fo)0:00:08
8Allison Arensman (Asheville Bicycle Racing Club/A)
9Emily Elbers (Farm Team Cycling/Farm Team Eli)0:00:18
10Madison Tuggle (Natural Grocers Cycling Team)0:05:08
11Elisabeth Scheder-Beschin (Early Bird Womens Developmental)
12Lisha Herold (Sweet'N Salty Cycling/Angie'S K)0:06:12
13Jacqueline Denny (Team Kenda Presented By Geargri)0:08:03
14Kaitlyn Lawrence (Genesee Valley Cycling Club/Mvp)0:08:04
15Antonina Esposto (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock/)0:12:49
16Allyson Beach (Frazier Cycling/Frazier Cycling)0:13:17
17Anna Zuver0:14:00
DNSStephanie Cucaz (Frazier Cycling)

Junior Men 15-16
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jake Silverberg (Zmotion Racing Team)1:52:41
2Stephen Bassett (Prochain Cycling)0:00:33
3Brandon Pruett0:00:34
4Logan Owen (Hagens Bergman)0:00:36
5Michael Dessau (Chipotle Junior Development Tea)
6Andrew Macrae (Frazier Cycling)
7Geoffrey Curran (Surf City Cyclery)
8Spence Peterson (Above Category Racing)
9Daniel Parks (Chipotle Junior Development Tea)
10Jordan Cullen (Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club)
11Andres Alayon (Sun Cycling Team/Sun Cycling T)0:00:37
12Kenneth Gonzales (All Sport-Team Swift)
13Imari Miller (Chipotle Junior Development Tea)
14Jonathon Schilling (Chipotle Junior Development Tea)
15Zack Gould (Chipotle Junior Development Tea)0:00:38
16Tyler Schwartz (Jet Cycling)
17Curtis White (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/Bay H)
18Miguel Bryon (Blue Star- Rossetti Development)
19Casey Braga (Zmotion Racing Team)
20Brendan Rhim (Woodstock Bicycle Club/Vollers)
21Jacob King (Hot Tubes Development Cycling T)0:00:39
22Keegan Sotebeer
23William Guillen (Raleigh Allstars Cycling Club/R)
24Noah Williams (Chipotle Junior Development Tea)0:00:40
25Andy Mount (Hpc/Hpc/List)
26Anthony Fitch (Southern California Velo)
27Grayson Brookshire (Velosports Racing Asheville/Diy)
28Efren Flores (Adams Avenue Bicycles)
29Alec Aldape (Bike World Racing)0:00:41
30Trevor Rolette (Borah Development)
31Andrew Bailey (Tri Cities Road Club/Tri-Cities)0:00:42
32Reese Levine (Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team)0:00:44
33John Francisco (Red Zone Cycling)
34Teddy Kozlowski (Liberty Cycle)0:00:45
35Max Toeldte (Byrds (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq)
36Sean Conway (Liberty Cycle)
37Taylor White (Velosports Racing Asheville/Diy)0:00:47
38Samuel Morkalwilliams (Century Road Club Association)0:00:49
39Diego Binatena (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)0:00:51
40Jonah Tannos (Southern Elite/Southern Elite/S)0:00:52
41Carlo Villarreal (Wally'S Bicycle Works)
42Luke Bateman (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock)
43Luke Broadwell (Fulton Flyers Cycling Club)0:00:56
44Zachary Houlik (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock/)0:01:00
45Rudyard Peterson (Flying Rhino Cycling Club)0:01:24
46Dylan Schuyler (Echelon Santa Barbara)0:01:51
47Charlie Hough (Les Amis/Les Amis/Calder Brothe)0:02:13
48Zeke Mostov (San Jose Bicycle Club/Sjbc)0:02:37
49Philip O'donnell (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)0:03:35
50William Barta (Byrds (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq)
51Shane Scoggin (Hpc/Hpc/List)0:05:03
52Anders Nystrom (Byrds (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq)0:07:47
53Gregory Ratzell (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock/)
54Max Gander (Tristar Cycling Team)0:07:48
55Abel Quintana0:07:54
56Richard Rainville (Ventus Cycling Team)0:08:34
57Nolan Tankersley (Tri Cities Road Club)0:12:21
58Jonathan Cucaz (Frazier Cycling/Frazier Cycling)0:13:33
59Nathan Pherigo (Southern California Velo)0:18:57
60Noah Granigan (Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club/Speci)0:20:30
61Maxx Chance (Sonic Boom Racing)
62William Pestcoe (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock/)0:20:31
63Frankie Gonzalez (Hollywood Big Wheelers)0:20:33
64Ian Mcpherson (Sonic Boom Racing)0:20:44
65Zachary Carlson (Matrix Cycling Club/Matrix/Rbm)0:28:41
66John Curtis0:30:15
DNFStephen Ridley (Forest Acres Cycling Team)
DNFNate Morse (Corner Cycle Cycling Club/Bay H)
DNFSpencer Downing (Gs Ciao/Horizon Organic / Panac)
DNFJustin Oien (San Diego Bicycle Club/Acqua Al)
DNFMatthew Valencia (Team Specialized Racing/Team Sp)
DNFTy Mader (Jacksonville Racing Club)
DNFMax Thilen (Orlando Road Club Inc/Orlando R)
DNFSamuel Bell (International Christian Cycling)
DNFPedro Zaragoza
DNFJay Major (Chipotle Junior Development Tea)
DNFJack Mccann (Prochain Cycling)
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