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Clementz and Vouilloz win special stages on day 4

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Mark Weir (WTB Cannondale)

Mark Weir (WTB Cannondale) (Image credit: Michiel Rotgans)
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A racer descends during day 4 of the Trans-Provence

A racer descends during day 4 of the Trans-Provence (Image credit: Michiel Rotgans)
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A racer flows downhill on singletrack during day 4 of the Trans-Provence

A racer flows downhill on singletrack during day 4 of the Trans-Provence (Image credit: Michiel Rotgans)

Wednesday's day 4 ride through the Maritime Alps was a short one, relatively speaking. A touch under 30km long, 2354 metres of descending and a total accumulated baguette consumption of 135 metres.

Each day, 120 baguettes are freshly baked and delivered to the campsite kitchen, opened up into hearty sandwiches and sliced for evening dipping. We have estimated that each rider eats at least a length of baguette each day. The loafage is just part of what keeps the Trans-Provence riders and staff going. Today there were also 20 kilogram of beef, 10 litres of dark beer (don't judge, it was for the beef and beer stew) and two boxes of wine (the spirit needs fueling, too).

The other form of sustenance today was the buffet of trails sampled. From wet and wild loamy Ubac to steep and technical Rochers De Bramus and even the lunar landscape of the infamous "Grey Earth" stage, the riding couldn't be anymore varied than it has been. And this was just one day. With three more to come and Monte Carlo still feeling like a faraway land, racers will likely be distended by trail consumption by then.

Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) won three of the four special stages and moved up into the overall lead ahead of previous leader Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) by 14 seconds and Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) by 2:04. Vouilloz won the only special stage of the day not won by Clementz.

Anne-Caroline Chausson continues to top the women's standings, ahead of Rosara Joseph (Rabobank-Giant) and Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM).

There are three days left to race before the finish at Monaco.

Full Results

Special stage 11
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) (Pro men)0:02:52
2Fabien Barel (Mondraker) (Pro men)0:00:07
3Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) (Pro men)0:00:10
4Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) (Pro men)0:00:17
5Mark Weir (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)
6Matti Lehikoinen (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)
7Joe Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Pro men)0:00:21
8Ralph Näf (Merida) (Pro men)0:00:22
9Matt Simmonds (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:00:23
10Seb Kemp (Amateurs)0:00:24
11Florian Golay (Felt/Crossroad) (Pro men)0:00:25
12Petrik Brueckner (Pro men)0:00:26
13Matthew Slaven (Kona) (Pro men)
14Anne-Caroline Chausson (Women)0:00:29
15Gary Barnard (Amateurs)0:00:30
16Adam Craig (Radobank/Giant) (Pro men)0:00:35
17Chris Ball (Amateurs)0:00:37
18Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) (Pro men)0:00:40
19Tobias Pantling (Amateurs)0:00:43
20Joe Rafferty (Amateurs)0:00:47
21Ben Cruz (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:00:48
22Joost Wichman (Pro men)0:00:51
23Regis Daprela (Amateurs)
24Evan Turpen (Pro men)0:00:54
25Peter Nilges (Amateurs)0:00:55
26Lars Sternberg (Transition Bikes) (Pro men)0:00:56
27Arno De Ruyver (Amateurs)0:00:58
28Plons Racing (Amateurs)
29Kieran Page (Amateurs)0:00:59
30Eirik Schulz (Amateurs)0:01:02
31Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM) (Women)
32Paul Smail (Amateurs)0:01:03
33Andy Dapre (Amateurs)0:01:04
34Piet Weeghmans (Amateurs)
35Amos Hockmeyer (Amateurs)0:01:06
36Sam Pantling (Amateurs)0:01:08
37Tim Kelton (Amateurs)
38Denis Flury (Amateurs)0:01:10
39Bas Rotgans (Amateurs)0:01:13
40Sven Martin (Amateurs)0:01:18
41Dave Freeman (Amateurs)
42Lee Carless (Amateurs)0:01:22
43Rosara Joseph (Women)0:01:23
44Björn Becker (Amateurs)0:01:32
45Chris Marquis (Amateurs)0:01:33
46Fabian Gleitsmann (Amateurs)0:01:36
47Jeff Calam (Amateurs)0:01:37
48Jon Cancellier (Amateurs)0:01:39
49Rúnar Theodórsson (Amateurs)
50Bas Kwaaitaal (Amateurs)
51Aimee Dix (Women)
52Jörg Kröger (Amateurs)0:01:43
53Hannah Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Women)0:01:46
54Tim Garrecht (Amateurs)0:01:47
55Martin Stefan (Amateurs)0:01:48
56Liz Simmons (Women)0:01:50
57Stéphane Amaudruz (Amateurs)0:01:56
58Jean-Philippe Geudvert (Amateurs)0:01:57
59Charles Joris (Amateurs)0:01:59
60Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain Bikes) (Women)0:02:00
61Adrian Gidney (Amateurs)
62Daniel Wood (Amateurs)0:02:01
63Mike Ranft (Amateurs)0:02:19
64Jacqueline Marquis (Women)0:02:23
65Erik Nienhuis (Amateurs)0:02:26
66Andy Lombardini (Amateurs)0:02:27
67Hannah Thorne (Women)0:02:33
68Tim Goodwin (Amateurs)0:02:37
69Kenny Alexander (Amateurs)0:02:39
70Andy Foote (Amateurs)0:04:11
71Jo Cardwell (Women)0:04:12

Special stage 12
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) (Pro men)0:12:07
2Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) (Pro men)0:00:28
3Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) (Pro men)0:00:39
4Ralph Näf (Merida) (Pro men)0:00:54
5Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) (Pro men)0:00:56
6Joe Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Pro men)0:01:11
7Adam Craig (Radobank/Giant) (Pro men)0:01:19
8Mark Weir (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:01:24
9Fabien Barel (Mondraker) (Pro men)0:01:52
10Seb Kemp (Amateurs)0:02:02
11Joe Rafferty (Amateurs)0:02:12
12Florian Golay (Felt/Crossroad) (Pro men)0:02:16
13Chris Ball (Amateurs)0:02:19
14Evan Turpen (Pro men)0:02:21
15Peter Nilges (Amateurs)0:02:22
16Ben Cruz (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:02:25
17Lars Sternberg (Transition Bikes) (Pro men)0:02:34
18Kieran Page (Amateurs)0:02:39
19Tobias Pantling (Amateurs)0:02:41
20Matt Simmonds (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:02:53
21Matti Lehikoinen (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:02:58
22Petrik Brueckner (Pro men)0:03:12
23Rosara Joseph (Women)0:03:18
24Eirik Schulz (Amateurs)0:03:19
25Matthew Slaven (Kona) (Pro men)0:03:20
26Sven Martin (Amateurs)0:03:28
27Anne-Caroline Chausson (Women)0:03:48
28Jon Cancellier (Amateurs)0:04:15
29Fabian Gleitsmann (Amateurs)0:04:34
30Joost Wichman (Pro men)0:04:35
31Chris Marquis (Amateurs)0:04:45
32Tim Kelton (Amateurs)0:04:52
33Arno De Ruyver (Amateurs)0:04:56
34Plons Racing (Amateurs)0:05:07
35Rúnar Theodórsson (Amateurs)0:05:12
36Sam Pantling (Amateurs)0:05:13
37Gary Barnard (Amateurs)0:05:14
38Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM) (Women)0:05:23
39Jeff Calam (Amateurs)0:05:24
40Amos Hockmeyer (Amateurs)0:05:38
41Paul Smail (Amateurs)0:05:45
42Dave Freeman (Amateurs)0:05:51
43Andy Dapre (Amateurs)0:05:54
44Denis Flury (Amateurs)0:05:55
45Regis Daprela (Amateurs)0:06:01
46Bas Kwaaitaal (Amateurs)0:06:39
47Jörg Kröger (Amateurs)0:06:49
48Piet Weeghmans (Amateurs)0:07:00
49Martin Stefan (Amateurs)0:07:07
50Bas Rotgans (Amateurs)0:07:15
51Tim Garrecht (Amateurs)0:07:26
52Lee Carless (Amateurs)0:07:27
53Hannah Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Women)0:07:28
54Hannah Thorne (Women)0:07:37
55Björn Becker (Amateurs)0:07:45
56Aimee Dix (Women)0:07:50
57Jean-Philippe Geudvert (Amateurs)0:07:56
58Erik Nienhuis (Amateurs)0:07:57
59Daniel Wood (Amateurs)0:08:17
60Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain Bikes) (Women)0:08:32
61Stéphane Amaudruz (Amateurs)0:08:46
62Adrian Gidney (Amateurs)0:09:25
63Kenny Alexander (Amateurs)0:09:37
64Charles Joris (Amateurs)0:10:17
65Liz Simmons (Women)0:11:03
66Andy Lombardini (Amateurs)0:11:56
67Mike Ranft (Amateurs)0:12:15
68Tim Goodwin (Amateurs)0:12:47
69Jacqueline Marquis (Women)0:14:10
70Jo Cardwell (Women)0:15:05
71Andy Foote (Amateurs)0:19:21

Special stage 13
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) (Pro men)0:03:46
2Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) (Pro men)0:00:04
3Fabien Barel (Mondraker) (Pro men)
4Matt Simmonds (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:00:05
5Florian Golay (Felt/Crossroad) (Pro men)0:00:06
6Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) (Pro men)0:00:13
7Matti Lehikoinen (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)
8Mark Weir (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:00:15
9Lars Sternberg (Transition Bikes) (Pro men)0:00:19
10Joe Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Pro men)0:00:20
11Chris Ball (Amateurs)0:00:23
12Petrik Brueckner (Pro men)
13Ralph Näf (Merida) (Pro men)0:00:26
14Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) (Pro men)0:00:29
15Tobias Pantling (Amateurs)0:00:30
16Matthew Slaven (Kona) (Pro men)0:00:31
17Joost Wichman (Pro men)0:00:32
18Adam Craig (Radobank/Giant) (Pro men)0:00:33
19Evan Turpen (Pro men)
20Seb Kemp (Amateurs)0:00:34
21Ben Cruz (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)
22Anne-Caroline Chausson (Women)0:00:40
23Gary Barnard (Amateurs)0:00:44
24Eirik Schulz (Amateurs)0:00:45
25Regis Daprela (Amateurs)0:00:49
26Kieran Page (Amateurs)0:00:52
27Arno De Ruyver (Amateurs)0:00:57
28Joe Rafferty (Amateurs)0:00:58
29Peter Nilges (Amateurs)0:01:00
30Paul Smail (Amateurs)0:01:01
31Jon Cancellier (Amateurs)0:01:06
32Sam Pantling (Amateurs)0:01:08
33Andy Dapre (Amateurs)
34Plons Racing (Amateurs)0:01:09
35Tim Kelton (Amateurs)0:01:10
36Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM) (Women)0:01:12
37Rosara Joseph (Women)0:01:13
38Rúnar Theodórsson (Amateurs)0:01:18
39Denis Flury (Amateurs)0:01:21
40Chris Marquis (Amateurs)0:01:24
41Bas Rotgans (Amateurs)0:01:25
42Fabian Gleitsmann (Amateurs)0:01:27
43Lee Carless (Amateurs)0:01:28
44Amos Hockmeyer (Amateurs)0:01:29
45Bas Kwaaitaal (Amateurs)0:01:30
46Hannah Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Women)0:01:34
47Dave Freeman (Amateurs)0:01:37
48Aimee Dix (Women)0:01:42
49Björn Becker (Amateurs)0:01:51
50Sven Martin (Amateurs)0:01:52
51Piet Weeghmans (Amateurs)
52Tim Garrecht (Amateurs)0:02:03
53Jörg Kröger (Amateurs)0:02:05
54Jo Cardwell (Women)0:02:17
55Stéphane Amaudruz (Amateurs)0:02:19
56Jean-Philippe Geudvert (Amateurs)0:02:21
57Hannah Thorne (Women)0:02:22
58Daniel Wood (Amateurs)0:02:26
59Martin Stefan (Amateurs)0:02:28
60Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain Bikes) (Women)0:02:31
61Adrian Gidney (Amateurs)
62Charles Joris (Amateurs)0:02:37
63Kenny Alexander (Amateurs)0:02:39
64Andy Lombardini (Amateurs)0:02:47
65Tim Goodwin (Amateurs)0:03:00
66Mike Ranft (Amateurs)0:03:03
67Erik Nienhuis (Amateurs)0:03:06
68Jacqueline Marquis (Women)0:03:10
69Andy Foote (Amateurs)0:04:02
70Liz Simmons (Women)0:04:04
71Jeff Calam (Amateurs)0:06:23

Special stage 14
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) (Pro men)0:06:28
2Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) (Pro men)0:00:03
3Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) (Pro men)0:00:12
4Florian Golay (Felt/Crossroad) (Pro men)0:00:18
5Joe Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Pro men)0:00:21
6Fabien Barel (Mondraker) (Pro men)
7Mark Weir (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:00:25
8Ralph Näf (Merida) (Pro men)0:00:34
9Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) (Pro men)0:00:39
10Adam Craig (Radobank/Giant) (Pro men)0:00:43
11Ben Cruz (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:00:47
12Matt Simmonds (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:00:49
13Sven Martin (Amateurs)0:00:51
14Matthew Slaven (Kona) (Pro men)0:00:53
15Lars Sternberg (Transition Bikes) (Pro men)0:00:54
16Matti Lehikoinen (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:00:58
17Chris Ball (Amateurs)0:00:59
18Tobias Pantling (Amateurs)
19Petrik Brueckner (Pro men)0:01:01
20Joost Wichman (Pro men)0:01:02
21Joe Rafferty (Amateurs)0:01:06
22Seb Kemp (Amateurs)0:01:07
23Evan Turpen (Pro men)
24Arno De Ruyver (Amateurs)0:01:11
25Anne-Caroline Chausson (Women)0:01:13
26Gary Barnard (Amateurs)
27Kieran Page (Amateurs)0:01:14
28Peter Nilges (Amateurs)0:01:21
29Regis Daprela (Amateurs)0:01:40
30Plons Racing (Amateurs)0:01:45
31Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM) (Women)0:01:53
32Rosara Joseph (Women)0:01:58
33Sam Pantling (Amateurs)0:01:59
34Amos Hockmeyer (Amateurs)0:02:00
35Jon Cancellier (Amateurs)0:02:03
36Rúnar Theodórsson (Amateurs)0:02:04
37Andy Dapre (Amateurs)0:02:05
38Eirik Schulz (Amateurs)0:02:10
39Paul Smail (Amateurs)
40Piet Weeghmans (Amateurs)0:02:11
41Bas Rotgans (Amateurs)0:02:12
42Lee Carless (Amateurs)0:02:15
43Denis Flury (Amateurs)0:02:17
44Chris Marquis (Amateurs)0:02:19
45Dave Freeman (Amateurs)0:02:20
46Tim Kelton (Amateurs)0:02:28
47Bas Kwaaitaal (Amateurs)
48Aimee Dix (Women)0:02:37
49Björn Becker (Amateurs)0:02:42
50Tim Garrecht (Amateurs)0:02:43
51Daniel Wood (Amateurs)0:02:52
52Martin Stefan (Amateurs)0:02:57
53Stéphane Amaudruz (Amateurs)0:03:10
54Jean-Philippe Geudvert (Amateurs)0:03:11
55Hannah Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Women)0:03:17
56Jörg Kröger (Amateurs)0:03:20
57Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain Bikes) (Women)0:03:30
58Kenny Alexander (Amateurs)0:03:49
59Erik Nienhuis (Amateurs)0:03:51
60Adrian Gidney (Amateurs)0:03:55
61Hannah Thorne (Women)0:04:07
62Mike Ranft (Amateurs)0:04:20
63Fabian Gleitsmann (Amateurs)0:04:22
64Jeff Calam (Amateurs)0:04:24
65Liz Simmons (Women)0:04:33
66Charles Joris (Amateurs)0:04:37
67Andy Lombardini (Amateurs)0:04:38
68Tim Goodwin (Amateurs)0:04:54
69Jo Cardwell (Women)0:05:13
70Jacqueline Marquis (Women)0:06:04
71Andy Foote (Amateurs)0:08:32

Day 4 overall
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) (Pro men)0:25:16
2Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) (Pro men)0:01:07
3Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) (Pro men)0:01:18
4Joe Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Pro men)0:02:10
5Ralph Näf (Merida) (Pro men)0:02:13
6Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) (Pro men)
7Mark Weir (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:02:18
8Fabien Barel (Mondraker) (Pro men)0:02:21
9Florian Golay (Felt/Crossroad) (Pro men)0:03:02
10Adam Craig (Radobank/Giant) (Pro men)0:03:07
11Seb Kemp (Amateurs)0:04:04
12Matt Simmonds (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:04:07
13Chris Ball (Amateurs)0:04:15
14Matti Lehikoinen (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:04:23
15Ben Cruz (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:04:31
16Lars Sternberg (Transition Bikes) (Pro men)0:04:40
17Tobias Pantling (Amateurs)0:04:50
18Evan Turpen (Pro men)0:04:52
19Petrik Brueckner (Pro men)0:04:59
20Joe Rafferty (Amateurs)0:05:00
21Matthew Slaven (Kona) (Pro men)0:05:07
22Peter Nilges (Amateurs)0:05:35
23Kieran Page (Amateurs)0:05:41
24Anne-Caroline Chausson (Women)0:06:07
25Joost Wichman (Pro men)0:06:57
26Eirik Schulz (Amateurs)0:07:13
27Sven Martin (Amateurs)0:07:26
28Gary Barnard (Amateurs)0:07:38
29Rosara Joseph (Women)0:07:49
30Arno De Ruyver (Amateurs)0:07:59
31Plons Racing (Amateurs)0:08:56
32Jon Cancellier (Amateurs)0:09:00
33Regis Daprela (Amateurs)0:09:18
34Sam Pantling (Amateurs)0:09:25
35Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM) (Women)0:09:27
36Tim Kelton (Amateurs)0:09:35
37Paul Smail (Amateurs)0:09:56
38Chris Marquis (Amateurs)0:09:58
39Andy Dapre (Amateurs)0:10:08
40Rúnar Theodórsson (Amateurs)0:10:10
41Amos Hockmeyer (Amateurs)
42Denis Flury (Amateurs)0:10:40
43Dave Freeman (Amateurs)0:11:03
44Fabian Gleitsmann (Amateurs)0:11:56
45Bas Rotgans (Amateurs)0:12:02
46Piet Weeghmans (Amateurs)0:12:04
47Bas Kwaaitaal (Amateurs)0:12:13
48Lee Carless (Amateurs)0:12:29
49Aimee Dix (Women)0:13:45
50Björn Becker (Amateurs)0:13:47
51Jörg Kröger (Amateurs)0:13:54
52Tim Garrecht (Amateurs)0:13:56
53Hannah Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Women)0:14:02
54Martin Stefan (Amateurs)0:14:17
55Jean-Philippe Geudvert (Amateurs)0:15:22
56Daniel Wood (Amateurs)0:15:33
57Stéphane Amaudruz (Amateurs)0:16:08
58Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain Bikes) (Women)0:16:30
59Hannah Thorne (Women)0:16:36
60Erik Nienhuis (Amateurs)0:17:17
61Jeff Calam (Amateurs)0:17:45
62Adrian Gidney (Amateurs)0:17:48
63Kenny Alexander (Amateurs)0:18:41
64Charles Joris (Amateurs)0:19:27
65Liz Simmons (Women)0:21:27
66Andy Lombardini (Amateurs)0:21:45
67Mike Ranft (Amateurs)0:21:54
68Tim Goodwin (Amateurs)0:23:15
69Jacqueline Marquis (Women)0:25:44
70Jo Cardwell (Women)0:26:44
71Andy Foote (Amateurs)0:36:03

General classification after day 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) (Pro men)1:34:33
2Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) (Pro men)0:00:14
3Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) (Pro men)0:02:04
4Mark Weir (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:03:50
5Ralph Näf (Merida) (Pro men)0:04:32
6Joe Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Pro men)0:04:52
7Florian Golay (Felt/Crossroad) (Pro men)0:07:00
8Adam Craig (Radobank/Giant) (Pro men)0:07:34
9Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) (Pro men)0:07:50
10Matt Simmonds (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:10:10
11Chris Ball (Amateurs)0:11:19
12Matthew Slaven (Kona) (Pro men)0:11:30
13Matti Lehikoinen (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:11:50
14Seb Kemp (Amateurs)0:12:04
15Tobias Pantling (Amateurs)0:13:07
16Petrik Brueckner (Pro men)0:13:39
17Joe Rafferty (Amateurs)0:13:52
18Sven Martin (Amateurs)0:13:54
19Evan Turpen (Pro men)0:14:38
20Lars Sternberg (Transition Bikes) (Pro men)0:14:46
21Ben Cruz (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)
22Peter Nilges (Amateurs)0:15:09
23Gary Barnard (Amateurs)0:18:13
24Anne-Caroline Chausson (Women)0:18:18
25Kieran Page (Amateurs)0:19:27
26Eirik Schulz (Amateurs)0:20:37
27Joost Wichman (Pro men)0:22:15
28Rosara Joseph (Women)0:22:54
29Rúnar Theodórsson (Amateurs)0:23:03
30Arno De Ruyver (Amateurs)0:25:04
31Plons Racing (Amateurs)0:25:59
32Andy Dapre (Amateurs)0:26:17
33Fabian Gleitsmann (Amateurs)0:26:27
34Paul Smail (Amateurs)0:26:53
35Tim Kelton (Amateurs)0:26:56
36Jon Cancellier (Amateurs)0:27:50
37Regis Daprela (Amateurs)0:27:55
38Sam Pantling (Amateurs)0:27:57
39Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM) (Women)0:28:12
40Denis Flury (Amateurs)0:28:25
41Amos Hockmeyer (Amateurs)0:29:04
42Chris Marquis (Amateurs)0:30:14
43Bas Rotgans (Amateurs)0:30:37
44Lee Carless (Amateurs)0:32:57
45Dave Freeman (Amateurs)0:33:27
46Jeff Calam (Amateurs)0:33:53
47Piet Weeghmans (Amateurs)0:34:00
48Bas Kwaaitaal (Amateurs)0:34:30
49Aimee Dix (Women)0:36:39
50Martin Stefan (Amateurs)0:41:06
51Tim Garrecht (Amateurs)0:46:09
52Hannah Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Women)0:46:42
53Björn Becker (Amateurs)0:48:15
54Stéphane Amaudruz (Amateurs)0:51:27
55Jean-Philippe Geudvert (Amateurs)0:51:34
56Adrian Gidney (Amateurs)0:53:12
57Daniel Wood (Amateurs)0:54:13
58Hannah Thorne (Women)0:55:20
59Kenny Alexander (Amateurs)0:55:51
60Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain Bikes) (Women)0:56:28
61Erik Nienhuis (Amateurs)0:56:29
62Jörg Kröger (Amateurs)0:59:10
63Liz Simmons (Women)1:01:00
64Mike Ranft (Amateurs)1:01:08
65Andy Lombardini (Amateurs)1:09:11
66Charles Joris (Amateurs)1:19:46
67Jacqueline Marquis (Women)1:23:42
68Jo Cardwell (Women)1:24:16


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