Barel and Lau win Trans-Provence day 2 special stages

The previous four years of glorious autumnal weather that Mavic Trans-Provence has been blessed with, was ended abruptly on Monday morning with a storm of biblical proportions.

In special stages 1 and 2, racers battled through rain, sleet and hail high up at nearly 1800 metres in the mountains - with the usual route quickly becoming, in places, swollen rivers

The camaraderie of the event showed itself once again at the feed stations - where spare clothes were shared out and riders huddled for warmth.

By early afternoon, the storm had blown itself out and riders pedalled some warmth back in to there bodies with the long climb via a cancelled special stage 3 due to the morning storm and up on to the now near mythical special stage 4 "Donkey Darko".

The combination of warming sun and some of the finest riding in Europe changed what had been epic mostly due to the shocking conditions back to epic for all the right reasons, with great trails and great competition all shared with friends.

Full Results

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Special stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fabien Barel (Mondraker) (Pro men)0:06:57
2Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) (Pro men)0:00:08
3Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) (Pro men)0:00:16
4Ralph Näf (Merida) (Pro men)Row 3 - Cell 2
5Joe Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Pro men)0:00:22
6Matt Simmonds (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:00:34
7Florian Golay (Felt/Crossroad) (Pro men)0:00:40
8Sven Martin (Amateurs)0:00:45
9Mark Weir (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:00:48
10Matthew Slaven (Kona) (Pro men)0:00:52
11Rúnar Theodórsson (Amateurs)Row 10 - Cell 2
12Peter Nilges (Amateurs)0:00:53
13Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) (Pro men)0:01:08
14Petrik Brueckner (Pro men)0:01:09
15Lars Sternberg (Transition Bikes) (Pro men)0:01:10
16Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) (Pro men)0:01:11
17Matti Lehikoinen (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)Row 16 - Cell 2
18Joe Rafferty (Amateurs)0:01:12
19Seb Kemp (Amateurs)0:01:17
20Evan Turpen (Pro men)0:01:23
21Fabian Gleitsmann (Amateurs)0:01:24
22Lee Carless (Amateurs)0:01:29
23Tobias Pantling (Amateurs)0:01:30
24Gary Barnard (Amateurs)0:01:31
25Plons Racing (Amateurs)0:01:38
26Denis Flury (Amateurs)0:01:39
27Adam Craig (Radobank/Giant) (Pro men)0:01:42
28Dave Freeman (Amateurs)0:01:48
29Tim Garrecht (Amateurs)Row 28 - Cell 2
30Chris Ball (Amateurs)0:01:49
31Andy Dapre (Amateurs)Row 30 - Cell 2
32Bas Rotgans (Amateurs)0:01:51
33Aimee Dix (Women)0:01:55
34Joost Wichman (Pro men)0:01:57
35Jeff Calam (Amateurs)0:02:00
36Amos Hockmeyer (Amateurs)Row 35 - Cell 2
37Bas Kwaaitaal (Amateurs)0:02:09
38Chris Marquis (Amateurs)0:02:11
39Piet Weeghmans (Amateurs)0:02:12
40Eirik Schulz (Amateurs)0:02:14
41Tim Kelton (Amateurs)0:02:22
42Rosara Joseph (Women)0:02:26
43Anne-Caroline Chausson (Women)0:02:36
44Stéphane Amaudruz (Amateurs)0:02:53
45Martin Stefan (Amateurs)0:02:54
46Paul Smail (Amateurs)0:02:55
47Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM) (Women)0:03:07
48Adrian Gidney (Amateurs)0:03:16
49Arno De Ruyver (Amateurs)0:03:21
50Daniel Wood (Amateurs)0:03:26
51Sam Pantling (Amateurs)0:03:33
52Kenny Alexander (Amateurs)0:03:47
53Liz Simmons (Women)0:03:49
54Jörg Kröger (Amateurs)Row 53 - Cell 2
55Jon Cancellier (Amateurs)0:03:53
56Mike Ranft (Amateurs)0:03:58
57Erik Nienhuis (Amateurs)0:04:04
58Regis Daprela (Amateurs)0:04:05
59Jacqueline Marquis (Women)0:04:17
60Andy Lombardini (Amateurs)0:04:25
61Jean-Philippe Geudvert (Amateurs)0:04:36
62Jo Cardwell (Women)0:04:44
63Hannah Thorne (Women)0:04:50
64Tim Goodwin (Amateurs)0:04:57
65Charles Joris (Amateurs)0:05:17
66Kieran Page (Amateurs)0:05:49
67Hannah Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Women)0:06:11
68Simon Ablett (Amateurs)0:06:56
69Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain Bikes) (Women)0:07:18
70Ben Cruz (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:07:38
71Andy Foote (Amateurs)0:07:45
72Björn Becker (Amateurs)0:09:06
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Special stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) (Pro men)0:07:17
2Ralph Näf (Merida) (Pro men)0:00:17
3Peter Nilges (Amateurs)0:00:29
4Mark Weir (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:00:33
5Rúnar Theodórsson (Amateurs)0:00:37
6Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) (Pro men)0:00:39
7Adam Craig (Radobank/Giant) (Pro men)Row 6 - Cell 2
8Ben Cruz (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)Row 7 - Cell 2
9Joe Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Pro men)0:00:40
10Florian Golay (Felt/Crossroad) (Pro men)0:00:43
11Fabien Barel (Mondraker) (Pro men)0:00:46
12Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) (Pro men)0:00:51
13Chris Ball (Amateurs)Row 12 - Cell 2
14Fabian Gleitsmann (Amateurs)Row 13 - Cell 2
15Tim Kelton (Amateurs)0:00:54
16Tim Garrecht (Amateurs)0:00:55
17Bas Rotgans (Amateurs)0:00:57
18Joe Rafferty (Amateurs)0:00:58
19Denis Flury (Amateurs)0:01:02
20Petrik Brueckner (Pro men)0:01:07
21Sven Martin (Amateurs)0:01:10
22Chris Marquis (Amateurs)0:01:11
23Matt Simmonds (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:01:16
24Andy Dapre (Amateurs)Row 23 - Cell 2
25Plons Racing (Amateurs)0:01:20
26Lee Carless (Amateurs)0:01:21
27Lars Sternberg (Transition Bikes) (Pro men)0:01:23
28Dave Freeman (Amateurs)Row 27 - Cell 2
29Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) (Pro men)0:01:25
30Amos Hockmeyer (Amateurs)0:01:26
31Seb Kemp (Amateurs)0:01:29
32Matthew Slaven (Kona) (Pro men)0:01:32
33Jeff Calam (Amateurs)0:01:33
34Joost Wichman (Pro men)0:01:34
35Kieran Page (Amateurs)0:01:35
36Aimee Dix (Women)0:01:37
37Matti Lehikoinen (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:01:38
38Tobias Pantling (Amateurs)0:01:40
39Anne-Caroline Chausson (Women)0:01:52
40Eirik Schulz (Amateurs)0:01:57
41Evan Turpen (Pro men)0:01:59
42Jörg Kröger (Amateurs)Row 41 - Cell 2
43Bas Kwaaitaal (Amateurs)0:02:02
44Daniel Wood (Amateurs)0:02:08
45Jon Cancellier (Amateurs)0:02:12
46Paul Smail (Amateurs)0:02:13
47Rosara Joseph (Women)0:02:15
48Kenny Alexander (Amateurs)Row 47 - Cell 2
49Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM) (Women)0:02:17
50Arno De Ruyver (Amateurs)0:02:22
51Gary Barnard (Amateurs)0:02:26
52Martin Stefan (Amateurs)0:02:33
53Piet Weeghmans (Amateurs)0:02:35
54Adrian Gidney (Amateurs)0:02:44
55Erik Nienhuis (Amateurs)0:02:45
56Jean-Philippe Geudvert (Amateurs)0:02:50
57Regis Daprela (Amateurs)0:02:53
58Sam Pantling (Amateurs)0:02:54
59Andy Lombardini (Amateurs)0:03:00
60Hannah Thorne (Women)0:03:09
61Charles Joris (Amateurs)0:03:10
62Mike Ranft (Amateurs)0:03:12
63Liz Simmons (Women)0:03:26
64Jacqueline Marquis (Women)0:03:35
65Simon Ablett (Amateurs)0:03:37
66Hannah Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Women)0:03:47
67Stéphane Amaudruz (Amateurs)0:03:50
68Tim Goodwin (Amateurs)0:04:18
69Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain Bikes) (Women)0:04:31
70Jo Cardwell (Women)0:04:44
71Björn Becker (Amateurs)0:05:03
72Andy Foote (Amateurs)0:06:12
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Special stage 7
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Fabien Barel (Mondraker) (Pro men)0:12:25
2Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) (Pro men)0:00:12
3Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) (Pro men)0:00:15
4Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) (Pro men)0:00:17
5Mark Weir (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:00:37
6Joe Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Pro men)0:00:45
7Matt Simmonds (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:00:50
8Sven Martin (Amateurs)0:01:05
9Adam Craig (Radobank/Giant) (Pro men)0:01:06
10Matti Lehikoinen (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:01:08
11Florian Golay (Felt/Crossroad) (Pro men)0:01:20
12Chris Ball (Amateurs)Row 11 - Cell 2
13Ben Cruz (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)Row 12 - Cell 2
14Anne-Caroline Chausson (Women)0:01:29
15Matthew Slaven (Kona) (Pro men)0:01:38
16Lars Sternberg (Transition Bikes) (Pro men)Row 15 - Cell 2
17Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) (Pro men)0:01:46
18Tobias Pantling (Amateurs)0:01:48
19Gary Barnard (Amateurs)0:01:50
20Evan Turpen (Pro men)0:02:02
21Ralph Näf (Merida) (Pro men)0:02:07
22Petrik Brueckner (Pro men)0:02:13
23Seb Kemp (Amateurs)0:02:23
24Kieran Page (Amateurs)0:02:25
25Peter Nilges (Amateurs)0:02:35
26Joe Rafferty (Amateurs)0:02:44
27Regis Daprela (Amateurs)0:02:48
28Arno De Ruyver (Amateurs)0:02:53
29Paul Smail (Amateurs)0:02:54
30Fabian Gleitsmann (Amateurs)0:03:03
31Joost Wichman (Pro men)Row 30 - Cell 2
32Jeff Calam (Amateurs)0:03:25
33Eirik Schulz (Amateurs)0:03:29
34Rúnar Theodórsson (Amateurs)0:03:32
35Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM) (Women)0:03:33
36Rosara Joseph (Women)0:03:36
37Sam Pantling (Amateurs)0:03:51
38Andy Dapre (Amateurs)0:03:52
39Bas Rotgans (Amateurs)0:03:55
40Denis Flury (Amateurs)0:04:03
41Tim Kelton (Amateurs)0:04:07
42Jon Cancellier (Amateurs)0:04:22
43Bas Kwaaitaal (Amateurs)0:04:26
44Plons Racing (Amateurs)0:04:37
45Aimee Dix (Women)0:04:46
46Dave Freeman (Amateurs)0:05:00
47Lee Carless (Amateurs)0:05:03
48Chris Marquis (Amateurs)0:05:05
49Amos Hockmeyer (Amateurs)0:05:12
50Piet Weeghmans (Amateurs)0:05:19
51Martin Stefan (Amateurs)0:05:42
52Hannah Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Women)0:07:03
53Björn Becker (Amateurs)0:07:05
54Daniel Wood (Amateurs)0:07:34
55Mike Ranft (Amateurs)0:07:49
56Adrian Gidney (Amateurs)0:08:07
57Erik Nienhuis (Amateurs)0:08:39
58Liz Simmons (Women)0:08:57
59Hannah Thorne (Women)0:08:58
60Kenny Alexander (Amateurs)0:09:03
61Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain Bikes) (Women)0:09:22
62Jean-Philippe Geudvert (Amateurs)0:09:23
63Stéphane Amaudruz (Amateurs)0:09:32
64Charles Joris (Amateurs)0:09:48
65Andy Lombardini (Amateurs)0:10:05
66Jacqueline Marquis (Women)0:12:30
67Andy Foote (Amateurs)0:14:44
68Tim Garrecht (Amateurs)0:15:35
69Jo Cardwell (Women)0:19:19
70Jörg Kröger (Amateurs)0:20:16
DNFSimon Ablett (Amateurs)Row 70 - Cell 2
DNFTim Goodwin (Amateurs)Row 71 - Cell 2
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Day 2 totals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) (Pro men)0:27:10
2Fabien Barel (Mondraker) (Pro men)0:00:15
3Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) (Pro men)0:01:14
4Joe Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Pro men)0:01:16
5Mark Weir (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:01:27
6Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) (Pro men)0:01:33
7Matt Simmonds (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:02:09
8Ralph Näf (Merida) (Pro men)Row 7 - Cell 2
9Florian Golay (Felt/Crossroad) (Pro men)0:02:12
10Sven Martin (Amateurs)0:02:29
11Adam Craig (Radobank/Giant) (Pro men)0:02:56
12Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) (Pro men)0:03:17
13Peter Nilges (Amateurs)0:03:26
14Matti Lehikoinen (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)Row 13 - Cell 2
15Chris Ball (Amateurs)0:03:29
16Matthew Slaven (Kona) (Pro men)0:03:31
17Lars Sternberg (Transition Bikes) (Pro men)0:03:40
18Petrik Brueckner (Pro men)0:03:58
19Joe Rafferty (Amateurs)0:04:23
20Tobias Pantling (Amateurs)0:04:27
21Rúnar Theodórsson (Amateurs)0:04:30
22Seb Kemp (Amateurs)0:04:38
23Fabian Gleitsmann (Amateurs)0:04:47
24Evan Turpen (Pro men)0:04:53
25Gary Barnard (Amateurs)0:05:16
26Anne-Caroline Chausson (Women)0:05:26
27Joost Wichman (Pro men)0:06:03
28Bas Rotgans (Amateurs)0:06:12
29Denis Flury (Amateurs)0:06:13
30Andy Dapre (Amateurs)0:06:26
31Jeff Calam (Amateurs)0:06:27
32Tim Kelton (Amateurs)0:06:52
33Plons Racing (Amateurs)0:07:04
34Eirik Schulz (Amateurs)0:07:09
35Lee Carless (Amateurs)0:07:22
36Paul Smail (Amateurs)0:07:31
37Dave Freeman (Amateurs)0:07:40
38Rosara Joseph (Women)0:07:46
39Aimee Dix (Women)0:07:47
40Chris Marquis (Amateurs)0:07:56
41Arno De Ruyver (Amateurs)0:08:05
42Bas Kwaaitaal (Amateurs)0:08:06
43Amos Hockmeyer (Amateurs)0:08:07
44Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM) (Women)0:08:26
45Ben Cruz (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:09:06
46Regis Daprela (Amateurs)0:09:15
47Kieran Page (Amateurs)0:09:18
48Piet Weeghmans (Amateurs)0:09:35
49Sam Pantling (Amateurs)0:09:47
50Jon Cancellier (Amateurs)0:09:56
51Martin Stefan (Amateurs)0:10:38
52Daniel Wood (Amateurs)0:12:37
53Adrian Gidney (Amateurs)0:13:36
54Mike Ranft (Amateurs)0:14:28
55Kenny Alexander (Amateurs)0:14:34
56Erik Nienhuis (Amateurs)0:14:57
57Liz Simmons (Women)0:15:41
58Stéphane Amaudruz (Amateurs)0:15:44
59Jean-Philippe Geudvert (Amateurs)0:16:18
60Hannah Thorne (Women)0:16:26
61Hannah Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Women)0:16:30
62Andy Lombardini (Amateurs)0:16:59
63Charles Joris (Amateurs)0:17:44
64Tim Garrecht (Amateurs)0:17:47
65Jacqueline Marquis (Women)0:19:51
66Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain Bikes) (Women)0:20:40
67Björn Becker (Amateurs)0:20:43
68Jörg Kröger (Amateurs)0:25:33
69Andy Foote (Amateurs)0:28:10
70Jo Cardwell (Women)0:28:16
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General classification after day 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nicolas Lau (Cube Action Team) (Pro men)0:48:43
2Jérôme Clementz (Cannondale/Mavic) (Pro men)0:01:00
3Nicolas Vouilloz (Lapierre) (Pro men)0:01:39
4Mark Weir (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:01:52
5Ralph Näf (Merida) (Pro men)0:02:27
6Joe Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Pro men)0:02:36
7Florian Golay (Felt/Crossroad) (Pro men)0:03:15
8Adam Craig (Radobank/Giant) (Pro men)0:03:47
9Geoff Kabush (Scott-3Rox) (Pro men)0:05:19
10Matt Simmonds (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:05:10
11Matthew Slaven (Kona) (Pro men)0:05:34
12Sven Martin (Amateurs)0:05:51
13Chris Ball (Amateurs)0:06:00
14Matti Lehikoinen (ChainReactionCycles/Nukeproof) (Pro men)0:06:45
15Seb Kemp (Amateurs)0:06:51
16Tobias Pantling (Amateurs)0:07:09
17Petrik Brueckner (Pro men)0:07:16
18Joe Rafferty (Amateurs)0:07:06
19Peter Nilges (Amateurs)0:07:03
20Evan Turpen (Pro men)0:07:56
21Lars Sternberg (Transition Bikes) (Pro men)0:08:30
22Ben Cruz (WTB/Shimano/Cannondale) (Pro men)0:10:12
23Gary Barnard (Amateurs)0:08:44
24Anne-Caroline Chausson (Women)0:09:31
25Rúnar Theodórsson (Amateurs)0:09:56
26Eirik Schulz (Amateurs)0:11:10
27Kieran Page (Amateurs)0:11:48
28Fabian Gleitsmann (Amateurs)0:10:46
29Rosara Joseph (Women)0:11:53
30Joost Wichman (Pro men)0:13:41
31Jeff Calam (Amateurs)0:12:01
32Andy Dapre (Amateurs)0:12:22
33Paul Smail (Amateurs)0:13:34
34Plons Racing (Amateurs)0:13:41
35Arno De Ruyver (Amateurs)0:14:49
36Tim Kelton (Amateurs)0:13:40
37Denis Flury (Amateurs)0:12:54
38Sam Pantling (Amateurs)0:15:31
39Bas Rotgans (Amateurs)0:14:08
40Regis Daprela (Amateurs)0:14:36
41Anka Martin (Santa Cruz/SRAM) (Women)0:14:58
42Jon Cancellier (Amateurs)0:15:58
43Amos Hockmeyer (Amateurs)0:14:58
44Chris Marquis (Amateurs)0:15:24
45Lee Carless (Amateurs)0:15:45
46Piet Weeghmans (Amateurs)0:16:42
47Bas Kwaaitaal (Amateurs)0:16:35
48Dave Freeman (Amateurs)0:15:48
49Aimee Dix (Women)0:17:42
50Martin Stefan (Amateurs)0:19:46
51Tim Garrecht (Amateurs)0:25:32
52Hannah Barnes (MTBCut/Orange) (Women)0:25:47
53Björn Becker (Amateurs)0:27:55
54Stéphane Amaudruz (Amateurs)0:26:30
55Adrian Gidney (Amateurs)0:26:56
56Jean-Philippe Geudvert (Amateurs)0:27:23
57Kenny Alexander (Amateurs)0:28:28
58Daniel Wood (Amateurs)0:22:56
59Hannah Thorne (Women)0:29:26
60Erik Nienhuis (Amateurs)0:28:04
61Mike Ranft (Amateurs)0:30:25
62Liz Simmons (Women)0:29:48
63Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain Bikes) (Women)0:30:43
64Jörg Kröger (Amateurs)0:38:20
65Andy Lombardini (Amateurs)0:36:56
66Jo Cardwell (Women)0:45:10
67Jacqueline Marquis (Women)0:44:49
68Charles Joris (Amateurs)0:51:19

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