World Championships: Jakob Egholm wins junior men's road race

Danish rider takes solo victory

Jakob Egholm of Denmark won the junior men's rainbow jersey at the UCI Road World Championships in Qatar after a combined late attack with teammate Julius Johansen.

Johansen got away first and then Egholm joined him before surging away alone. Egholm struggled in the final kilometres but managed to stay clear and win alone by seven seconds on the field.

Johansen and late chaser Alexys Brunel (France) were swept up in the final kilometres, with Niklas Markl (Germany) and Reto Muller (Switzerland) leading home the front group to take the silver and bronze medals. Italy's Luca Mozzato finished fourth.

Time trial world champion Brandon McNulty (USA) was in the attack that decided the race, but spent perhaps too much energy chasing and finished 16th. Australia's Harry Sweeney was tenth after an 18-rider attack shaped the race and stayed clear of the peloton containing many of the expected favourites.

Egholm struggled to believe he had won the world title before celebrating with his Danish teammates.

"I can't believe it. It's too crazy. I wasn't expecting this," he said.

"I haven't won a race since the Morbihan Nations Cup in May. I went into the race with the expectation of working for my teammate who's a sprinter. We were convinced it would be a bunch sprint. But when we went in the breakaway I started to sit in the back of the group and take it as easy as I could. With 10km to go I took a turn and then my teammate Julius (Johansen) went for it. Nobody was on my wheel, so I thought maybe I could go after him and we could make it to the finish line. Sadly he didn't have the power left in the legs to follow me all the way, so I figured why not, just go for it. If I couldn't do it, I couldn't do it. I had nothing to lose."

"I didn't think I had the power to do it in my legs, but apparently I have. Maybe it was luck, but I'm world champion now and I can thank my team. I just can't believe it."

"It's so unbelievable, it's so crazy I wouldn't have dreamed it. It's something the best in the world do, but I didn't think I was one of the best. I just signed a contract with the Danish Giant team. I'm really looking forward to the U23 next year. It gives me some opportunities I wouldn't have had before. But first I want to enjoy this win. It will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Crash sparks key attack

185 riders started the 133km race and there were a series of crashes as riders tried to grab bidons twice on each lap and at several pinch points on the twisting Pearl circuit.

The decisive attack was launched by Brunel after 80km and a crash soon after created the confusion that allowed the attack of the race to form.

11 riders were in the initial breakaway, and they were joined by others as nations gathered and realised they needed to have riders in the move. Italy was one of several major nations to have only a single rider in the breakaway, and they to tried to lead the chase. However with three Danish and three Slovenian riders in the 18-rider front group, plus the USA's McNulty, the gap remained close to a minute as the kilometres and 15km laps of the circuit ticked down.

Several riders suffered in the heat, with Ivar Knotten of Norway falling to the ground and shaking, seemingly due to the extreme conditions and his effort to stay in the attack of the race. It was reported later that he had recovered from dehydration and exhaustion.

The French and Dutch squads tried to lead the chase but failed to close to the gap on the attackers. Italy's Moreno Marchetti tried to inspire a counter-attack but the move was controlled by the peloton. The front group led by a minute with one final lap left to race as McNulty generously helped control some attacks. They would fight for the rainbow jersey.

After several moves were pulled back, Johansen accelerated away with nine kliometres to go, tucked into an aero position as he used all his energy to distance his rivals. Egholm saw his chance and surged across to his teammate. He then continued on alone when he realised Johansen was tired.

Brunel made a brave chase but was eventually caught by the rest of the attack. Egholm seemed to struggle too after a huge effort to hold a 20 second lead but found some inspiration and energy in the final two kilometre and was able to stay away and savour a solo world championship victory.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jakob Egholm (Denmark)2:58:19 
2Niklas Markl (Germany)0:00:07 
3Reto Muller (Switzerland)  
4Luca Mozzato (Italy)  
5Ziga Horvat (Slovenia)  
6Ziga Jerman (Slovenia)  
7Ide Schelling (Netherlands)  
8Jaka Primozic (Slovenia)  
9Sedrik Ullebo (Norway)  
10Harry Sweeny (Australia)  
11Adrian Bustamante (Colombia)  
12Jacob Eriksson (Sweden)  
13Brent Van Moer (Belgium)  
14Alexys Brunel (France)  
15Andreas Kron (Denmark)  
16Brandon Mcnulty (United States Of America)  
17Nicolas Debeaumarche (France)  
18Julius Johansen (Denmark)0:00:14 
19Marc Hirschi (Switzerland)  
20Ilya Gorbushin (Kazakhstan)0:01:39 
21Michele Gazzoli (Italy)0:01:45 
22Nils Eekhoff (Netherlands)  
23Tomas Contte (Argentina)  
24Tanguy Turgis (France)  
25Nicolas Malle (France)  
26Stefan Bissegger (Switzerland)  
27Batuhan Ozgur (Turkey)  
28Adam Karl (Hungary)  
29Linus Kvist (Sweden)  
30Thierry Kirouac-Marcassa (Canada)  
31Bartosz Rudyk (Poland)  
32Maximilian Hamberger (Germany)  
33Denis Marian Vulcan (Romania)  
34Felix Gross (Germany)  
35Pol Hernandez Vallejo (Spain)  
36Hakon Aalrust (Norway)  
37Jason Huertas (Costa Rica)  
38Adrian Foltan (Slovakia)  
39Colin Heiderscheid (Luxembourg)  
40Hamza Mansouri (Algeria)  
41Alex Jaime Fernandez (Spain)  
42Eugene Kakizaki (Japan)  
43James Fouche (New Zealand)  
44Richard Holec (Czech Republic)  
45Robert Stannard (New Zealand)  
46Joab Schneiter (Switzerland)  
47Luc Wirtgen (Luxembourg)  
48Lars Van Den Berg (Netherlands)  
49Matus Stocek (Slovakia)  
50Tadej Pogacar (Slovenia)  
51Gage Hecht (United States Of America)  
52Abdelraouf Bengayou (Algeria)  
53Klidi Jaku (Albania)  
54Kristers Ansons (Latvia)  
55Joao Almeida (Portugal)  
56Daniel Viegas (Portugal)  
57Alexandros Agrotis (Cyprus)  
58Vadim Pronskiy (Kazakhstan)  
59Cameron Beard (United States Of America)  
60Ayumu Watanabe (Japan)  
61Jonas Rutsch (Germany)  
62Jo Shigemitsu (Japan)  
63Dan-Mihai Babaita (Romania)  
64Lars Andersson (Sweden)  
65Moreno Marchetti (Italy)  
66Devin Shortt (South Africa)  
67Oguzhan Tiryaki (Turkey)  
68Florian Kierner (Austria)  
69Joakim Kjemhus (Norway)  
70Florentin Lecamus (France)  
71Ruben Apers (Belgium)  
72Clement Betouigt-Suire (France)  
73Abderahim Amari (Algeria)  
74Thai Phan Hoang (Vietnam)  
75Luis Villalobos (Mexico)  
76Anton Popov (Russian Federation)  
77Samuel Oros (Slovakia)  
78Vladislav Stepanov (Russian Federation)  
79Raphael Kockelmann (Luxembourg)  
80Fernando Islas (Mexico)  
81Davide Baldaccini (Italy)  
82Filippo Zana (Italy)  
83Erik Bergstrom (Sweden)0:02:02 
84Jakub Otruba (Czech Republic)  
85Warut Paekrathok (Thailand)  
86Aynur Galeev (Russian Federation)  
87Martin Lavric (Slovenia)  
88Barnabas Peak (Hungary)  
89Pedro Teixeira (Portugal)0:02:06 
90Bastian Flicke (Germany)  
91Vladyslav Shcherban (Ukraine)0:02:09 
92Michel Ries (Luxembourg)  
93Frederik Madsen (Denmark)0:02:16 
94Timofei Sherstnev (Russian Federation)  
95Sasha Weemaes (Belgium)0:02:31 
96Andreas Leknessund (Norway)0:02:35 
97Viktor Potocki (Croatia)0:02:42 
98Awet Habtom (Eritrea)  
99Jarno Mobach (Netherlands)0:02:49 
100Nikita Sokolov (Kazakhstan)0:03:14 
101Clement Davy (France)0:03:22 
102Saymon Musie (Eritrea)0:03:37 
103Daniil Marukhin (Kazakhstan)0:03:46 
104Nadjib Assal (Algeria)0:04:08 
105Tomas Person (Slovakia)  
106Daan Hoole (Netherlands)0:04:22 
107Jake Gray (Ireland)0:05:44 
108Gerben Thijssen (Belgium)0:06:07 
109Dennis Van Der Horst (Netherlands)0:07:01 
110Thanakhan Chaiyasombat (Thailand)0:07:45 
111Ian Garrison (United States Of America)  
112Jason Oosthuizen (South Africa)0:09:20 
DNFMathias Larsen (Denmark)  
DNFMikkel Bjerg (Denmark)  
DNFSzymon Krawczyk (Poland)  
DNFFelix Gall (Austria)  
DNFInigo Elosegui Momene (Spain)  
DNFLothar Verhulst (Belgium)  
DNFNickolas Zukowsky (Canada)  
DNFNahuel Omar D Aquila Silva (Argentina)  
DNFLudvik Holstad (Norway)  
DNFValere Thiebaud (Switzerland)  
DNFNicolas Lujan Molina (Argentina)  
DNFJair Kelly (Aruba)  
DNFHenok Mulubrhan (Eritrea)  
DNFSaad Alsaadi (Bahrain)  
DNFCampbell Stewart (New Zealand)  
DNFMisch Leyder (Luxembourg)  
DNFRatchanon Yaowarat (Thailand)  
DNFKarim Shiraliyev (Azerbaijan)  
DNFRene Ukiniwabo (Rwanda)  
DNFNik Cemazar (Slovenia)  
DNFTyler Stites (United States Of America)  
DNFOgnjen Ilic (Serbia)  
DNFVojtech Sedlacek (Czech Republic)  
DNFIver Knotten (Norway)  
DNFStanislav Koniaev (Russian Federation)  
DNFVeljko Stojnic (Serbia)  
DNFCharles-Etienne Chretien (Canada)  
DNFRonan Tuomey (Ireland)  
DNFTegshbayar Batsaikhan (Mongolia)  
DNFXeno Young (Ireland)  
DNFMaccie Carter (Australia)  
DNFFilip Kvasina (Croatia)  
DNFJoseph Villalobos (Costa Rica)  
DNFKeitaro Sawada (Japan)  
DNFBenneng Yu (People's Republic Of China)  
DNFMarco Friedrich (Austria)  
DNFYurii Burchenia (Ukraine)  
DNFDinmukhammed Ulysbayev (Kazakhstan)  
DNFNicolas Vergara (Chile)  
DNFTomas Capek (Czech Republic)  
DNFDamean Oosthuizen (South Africa)  
DNFMikolaj Konieczny (Poland)  
DNFRobin Froidevaux (Switzerland)  
DNFDaniil Nikulin (Ukraine)  
DNFAhmet Orencik (Turkey)  
DNFFran Majoli (Croatia)  
DNFMarkus Wildauer (Austria)  
DNFAlastair Christie-Johnston (Australia)  
DNFTyler Cole (Trinidad And Tobago)  
DNFReyner Alpizar (Costa Rica)  
DNFMikayil Safarli (Azerbaijan)  
DNFSheng Sha (People's Republic Of China)  
DNFLong San Lao (Macao, China)  
DNFSaar Hershler (Israel)  
DNFJohn Jimenez (Costa Rica)  
DNFYousef Alyousef (Saudi Arabia)  
DNFGoran Dermanovic (Bosnia And Herzegovina)  
DNFIgor Chzhan (Kazakhstan)  
DNFTamaz Tsereteli (Georgia)  
DNFXin Cai (People's Republic Of China)  
DNFChi Son Ieong (Macao, China)  
DNFFarhan Al Farizi (Qatar)  
DNFYoussof Mrad (Lebanon)  
DNFGassem Hassan (Qatar)  
DNFNoofal Al Habsi (Oman)  
DNFAhmed Al Bishri (Saudi Arabia)  
DNFMohammed Al Hasani (Oman)  
DNFEbrahim Hajizadehasl (Islamic Republic Of Iran)  
DNFSabri Tafa (Albania)  
DNFPouria Hosseini (Islamic Republic Of Iran)  
DNFAbdullah Alrashdi (Saudi Arabia)  
DNSJasper Philipsen (Belgium)  
DNSMatthew Staples (Canada)  

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