Gall claims junior men's world title for Austria

Betouigt-Suire too late with bike throw, Pedersen third

Austria’s Felix Gall won the junior men’s road race at the World Championships after a late solo attack and strong finish to hold off chaser Clement Betouigt-Suire of France.

The Frenchman looked around as he closed on Gall in sight of the line but that gave the Austrian an edge and he won the sprint by half a wheel, despite Betouigt-Suire’s strong bike throw lifting his front wheel off the ground. Rasmus Pedersen (Denmark) finished third, one second back, to take the bronze medal.

Britain’s Nathan Draper finished tenth at 13 seconds with, with the USA’s Adrien Costa –one of the most aggressive riders in the race, finishing 18th at 36 seconds. Both had been part of the front group that formed in the final two laps but were unable to go with the decisive attacks on the climbs in the final five kilometres of the circuit.

Crashes on the wet cobbles

The 130km, eight-lap race start in the rain, meaning the cobbled sectors and corners on Libby Hill and 23rd Street were slippery and potential crash locations. Numerous riders went down early on in the race. Some lost hope of performing well but others got up and rode on despite injuries.

Attacks kept the pace high early on but the first serious split and attack came after five laps. Costa was in it and it the group opened a gap of 30 seconds but the peloton was quickly all back together.

A more decisive developed came with just over two laps to go. Costa was again one of the driving forces and five riders opened a gap with several groups of chasers fighting to get across to them. A front group of 14 riders eventually formed, hearing the bell ringing out the last lap with a hand full of seconds on a chase group.

The race came back together on the flat roads of the circuit but then exploded in the final kilometres. Gall made his move before Libby Hill and took the best line in the gutter on the cobbled climb. He kept his lead over the top and on 23rd St but faded in the final kilometres and the climb up to the finish.

Betouigt-Suire and Rasmussen managed to distance the other chasers and close on Gall on the long finishing straight. However the Frenchman made the fatal error of worrying about Rasmussen rather than focusing on beating Gall, allowing the Austrian to win the world title and pull on the rainbow jersey.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Felix Gall (Austria)3:11:09 
2Clement Betouigt-Suire (France)  
3Rasmus Pedersen (Denmark)0:00:01 
4Reto Muller (Switzerland)0:00:10 
5Martin Salomon (Germany)  
6Nicola Conci (Italy)  
7Mathias Norsgaard (Denmark)0:00:13 
8Nathan Draper (Great Britain)  
9Marc Hirschi (Switzerland)  
10Pit Leyder (Luxembourg)0:00:20 
11Thomas Vereecken (Belgium)0:00:21 
12Alexys Brunel (France)0:00:23 
13Anthon Charmig (Denmark)0:00:26 
14Max Kanter (Germany)0:00:36 
15Matteo Sobrero (Italy)  
16Michael Storer (Australia)  
17Gino Mader (Switzerland)  
18Adrien Costa (United States of America)  
19Joey Walker (Great Britain)  
20Kevin Geniets (Luxembourg)  
21Jaka Primozic (Slovenia)0:00:39 
22Bjorg Lambrecht (Belgium)0:00:45 
23Tanguy Turgis (France)  
24Nils Eekhoff (Netherlands)  
25Marcel Neuhauser (Austria)  
26Vadim Pronskiy (Kazakhstan)  
27Keagan Girdlestone (South Africa)  
28Leo Appelt (Germany)  
29Dusan Rajovic (Serbia)  
30Patrick Haller (Germany)  
31Alexandr Kulikovskiy (Russian Federation)  
32Mario Spengler (Switzerland)  
33Andre Carvalho (Portugal)  
34Kristo Enn Vaga (Estonia)  
35Robin Froidevaux (Switzerland)  
36Markus Wildauer (Austria)0:00:54 
37Jasper Philipsen (Belgium)  
38Luis Villalobos (Mexico)0:00:58 
39Dennis Van Der Horst (Netherlands)0:01:00 
40Stefan Bissegger (Switzerland)  
41Michael O'loughlin (Ireland)0:01:04 
42Gorazd Per (Slovenia)0:01:07 
43Karl Patrick Lauk (Estonia)0:01:09 
44Alejandro Gomiz (Spain)0:01:12 
45Derek Gee (Canada)  
46Luc Wirtgen (Luxembourg)  
47Jakub Otruba (Czech Republic)  
48Jhonnatan Manuel Narvaez Prado (Ecuador)  
49Robbe Ghys (Belgium)  
50Max Singer (Germany)  
51Jorge Magalhaes (Portugal)  
52Pascal Eenkhoorn (Netherlands)  
53Georg Zimmerman (Germany)  
54Samuel Jenner (Australia)0:01:19 
55Marco Friedrich (Austria)0:01:25 
56Bram Welten (Netherlands)0:01:27 
57Theo Menant (France)0:01:33 
58Alejandro Regueiro Perez (Spain)  
59Alan Banaszek (Poland)0:01:40 
60Sergey Rostovtsev (Russian Federation)  
61Riccardo Verza (Italy)  
62Christopher Blevins (United States of America)0:02:05 
63Niklas Larsen (Denmark)  
64Louis Louvet (France)0:02:12 
65Aleksander Borisov (Russian Federation)0:02:18 
66Robert Stannard (New Zealand)0:02:30 
67Pablo Alonso (Spain)0:02:38 
68Stan Dewulf (Belgium)0:03:04 
69Patrick Gamper (Austria)0:03:16 
70Masahiro Ishigami (Japan)0:03:18 
71Daniel Savini (Italy)0:03:25 
72Tommaso Fiaschi (Italy)  
73Willem Boersma (Canada)0:03:29 
74Marten Kooistra (Netherlands)0:03:32 
75Szymon Sajnok (Poland)0:03:34 
76Aaron Verwilst (Belgium)  
77Torjus Sleen (Norway)0:03:39 
78Hans Kristian Rudland (Norway)  
79Lars Saugstad (Norway)0:04:29 
80Petter Fagerhaug (Norway)  
81Simm Kiskonen (Estonia)0:05:17 
82David Gabor D. Kovacs (Hungry)  
83Tobias Foss (Norway)0:05:26 
84Samuel Oros (Slovakia)0:06:07 
85Martin Spudil (Czech Republic)0:06:33 
86Vitor Schizzi (Brazil)0:06:51 
87Julian Cardona (Colombia)0:06:52 
88Jack Maddux (United States of America)0:07:16 
89Adam Stenson (Ireland)0:07:25 
90Vincent Andersson (Sweden)0:07:33 
91Tiago Da Silva (Luxembourg)0:11:43 
92Mehdi Chokri El (Morocco)0:12:30 
93Keitaro Sawada (Japan)  
94Barnabas Peak (Hungry)0:15:59 
95Adrian Bustamante (Colombia)0:16:01 
96Javier Montoya (Colombia)  
97Itamar Einhorn (Israel)0:16:08 
98Adrian Foltan (Slovakia)0:16:19 
99Dinmukhammed Ulysbayev (Kazakhstan)0:16:32 
100Erik Sierra (Ecuador)0:16:33 
101Melvin Daniel Boron Rabinal (Guatemala)  
102Mohcine El Kouraji (Morocco)  
103Oussama Mansouri (Algeria)0:16:36 
104Joel Taylor (Canada)0:16:48 
105Erik Sandersson (Sweden)0:17:09 
106Daniel Viegas (Portugal)0:18:14 
107Joao Almeida (Portugal)  
108Antonio Barac (Bosnia and Herzegovina)0:19:08 
109Patompob Phonarjthan (Thailand)0:19:18 
110Ethan Reynolds (United States of America)0:19:41 
111Jonathan Brown (United States of America)  
112Jake Gray (Ireland)  
113Yuttana Mano (Thailand)  
114Islam Mansouri (Algeria)0:21:04 
DNFNicolas Nesi (Italy)  
DNFDenis Nekrasov (Russian Federation)  
DNFBrandon Mcnulty (United States of America)  
DNFSimon Tuomey (Ireland)  
DNFNikita Sokolov (Kazakhstan)  
DNFJames Fouche (New Zealand)  
DNFAmine Belabessi (Algeria)  
DNFAlexandros Agrotis (Cyprus)  
DNFBryan Mendoza (El Salvador)  
DNFFredy Orlando Toc Xon (Guatemala)  
DNFJoe Holt (Great Britain)  
DNFSaar Hershler (Israel)  
DNFAdam Roberge (Canada)  
DNFNikolay Ilichev (Russian Federation)  
DNFAndreas Stokbro (Denmark)  
DNFTadej Pogacar (Slovenia)  
DNFMichal Brazda (Czech Republic)  
DNFNorbert Banaszek (Poland)  
DNFJuraj Michalicka (Slovakia)  
DNFKanan Gahramanli (Azerbaijan)  
DNFGustaf Andersson (Sweden)  
DNFDmitriy Ponkratov (Uzbekistan)  
DNFTarlan Mammadov (Azerbaijan)  
DNFGunyaidin Khaji Dursun Ogly (Kazakhstan)  
DNFKotaro Ono (Japan)  
DNFSantiago Yeri Mingo (Argentina)  
DNFIlya Gorbushin (Kazakhstan)  
DNFKyle De Wet (South Africa)  
DNFAyumu Watanabe (Japan)  
DNFJarno Mobach (Netherlands)  
DNFBryan Portilla (Ecuador)  
DNFJarrod Hattingh (South Africa)  
DNFErik Relanto (Finland)  
DNFDamian Slawek (Poland)  
DNFDawid Gieracki (Poland)  
DNFMarcio Oliveira Filho (Brazil)  
DNFTegsh-Bayar Batsaikhan (Mongolia)  
DNFMario Rojas (Costa Rica)  
DNFPavel Sivakov (Russian Federation)  
DNFMathieu Burgaudeau (France)  
DNFEriks Toms Gavars (Latvia)  
DNFDarragh O'mahoney (Ireland)  
DNFPedro Martins (Brazil)  
DNFHarry Sweeny (Australia)  
DNFAhulee Rivera (Puerto Rico)  
DNFMerrill Jern-E Chua (Singapore)  
DNFZiga Jerman (Slovenia)  
DNFSam Dobbs (New Zealand)  
DNFMichel Ries (Luxembourg)  
DNFMusa Mikayilzade (Azerbaijan)  
DNSJaakko Hanninen (Finland)  

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