Allar repeats as Athens Twilight champion

The 34th edition of the Terrapin Twilight Criterium was held under beautiful weather conditions which produced a sprint win in the women's race with Erica Allar (Care4Cycling p/b Solomon Corp) and a solo vixtory by Kevin Mullervy (Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes).

“With ten laps to go we knew it was going to be a field sprint,” said Allar. “In the final turn I was following Jennifer Purcell's and with the tailwind (into the home stretch) I knew I had to make a run off of her wheel,” said Allar.

Allar won the Terrapin Twilight last year. “I was super motivated to win in Athens for a second year in a row.”

At the halfway point two women were able to get a slight gap: Christina Gokey-Smith (Rouse/Oogie Racing) and Lindsay Bayer (Colavita/Fine Cooking). They were allowed a few laps of freedom and scooped up several primes for their effort. With 13 laps remaining the sprinters moved to the front of the peloton with no team taking control.

As the race entered the single digits remaining Colavita/Fine Cooking moved to the front for their sprinter Jennifer Purcell.Also in the mix was Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom) looking to take advantage of Colavita/Fine Cooking's hard work at the front.

On the penultimate lap, one last prime was offered and what was once an organized lead-out train of Colavita riders was now a large group curb to curb.

On the backside of the course with 500 meters to go Morgan Patton (Team Novo Nordisk) attacked and got a gap. However, the slight decline to the finish line helped the peloton bring her back just before the line and Allar had the fastest sprint to take the win by several bike lengths.

Mullervy defies the odds

With four laps remaining Kevin Mullervy (Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes) jumped away breakaway companions Frank Travieso (SmartStop-Mountain Khakis) and Carlos Alzate (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) to take a solo win at the Terrapin Twilight Criterium.

Mullervy, perhaps the lesser known of the trio took advantage of a stalemate between the other two notable criterium racers to steal the show.

“I didn't even attack, they (Alzate and Travieso) were just staring at each other. I put my head down and went,” said Mullervy of his race winning move.

The last lap was hard, but Mullervy was inspired.

“I was red-lined the entire way and they (the crowd) brought me to the line. I feel like I'm dreaming. This is the biggest win of my life by far.”

On the first lap a two-hundred dollar prime was announced which launched Jean Michel LeChance (Team Predator). He was joined by Bobby Lea (SmartStop-Mountain Khakis) but the duo were quickly brought back.

The next serious attack came from Adrian Hegyvary (UnitedHealthcare) and Thomas Brown (SmartStop-Mountain Khakis). A third rider Adam Koble (Giant South) bridged and helped increase the time gap grew to 17 seconds. Slightly behind the trio and chasing hard was solo rider David Guttenplan (AG Bicycles/Guttenplan Coaching).

Guttenplan was unable to make the juncture and was caught by the peloton. The leading trio continued to hold a solid 28 second gap.

At the front of the chasing peloton was the Team Predator Carbon Repair squad as they had missed what was looking to be a dangerous move.

With 29 laps of the 80 laps remaining the Predator lead peloton was finally brought the escapees to heel.

The counter-attacks were immediate and Frank Travieso (SmartStop-Mountain Khakis), Kevin Mullervy (Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes), and Carlos Alzate (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) were the next serious move of the night. They were able to get a 13 second gap. After several laps they expanded their lead to 23 seconds.

With 17 laps remaining the trio increased their lead to 33 seconds. Travieso, Mullervy, and Alzate were working together as the SmartStop-Mountain Khakis squad were at the front of the chasing peloton squashing any chases.

With eight laps remaining the trio had a large enough gap that they were getting close to lapping the field.

On the backside of the course with 5 laps to go Mullervy attacked. Travieso and Alzate looked at each other, neither wanting to expend the energy to bring the Champion System rider back.

Behind him Travieso and Alzate couldn't or wouldn't work together and instead continued to look at each other.

With one lap to go there was a large crash in the main field. Mullervy, who was approaching the back of the field, had to pick his way around the riders who were straightening bars or picking themselves off the ground.

The crash didn't hamper the Champion System rider and he crossed the finish line with his arms in a victory salute. Several seconds behind him Alzate out sprinted Travieso for second.

Full Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Mullervy (Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes)1:39:32
2Carlos Alzate (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)0:00:22
3Frank Travieso (Team SmartStop-Mountain Khakis)0:00:24
4Luke Keough (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)0:03:40
5Shane Kline (Team SmartStop-Mountain Khakis)0:03:41
6Hilton Clarke (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team)Row 5 - Cell 2
7Karl Menzies (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team)0:03:42
8Rafael A. Meran (CRCA/Foundation)Row 7 - Cell 2
9Chad Hartley (Sharecare Cycling p/b Wheeland)Row 8 - Cell 2
10Gavriel Epstein (Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes)0:03:43
11Yosvany Falcon (Sharecare Cycling p/b Wheeland)Row 10 - Cell 2
12Jacob Hill (Stan's NoTubes p/b Proferrin)0:03:46
13Allan Rego (Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes)Row 12 - Cell 2
14Neil Bezdek (CRCA/Foundation)Row 13 - Cell 2
15David Guttenplan (AG Bicycles)0:03:48
16Jordan HeimerRow 15 - Cell 2
17Adrian Hegyvary (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling)0:03:49
18Colton Barrett (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)Row 17 - Cell 2
19Lucas Wardein (D3Devo p/b Airgas)Row 18 - Cell 2
20Stephan Hirsch (United Healthcare of Georgia)Row 19 - Cell 2
21Brian Arne (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team)Row 20 - Cell 2
22Bradley White (United Healthcare Professional)0:03:51
23Andrea Ciacchini (Team Novo Nordisk)0:03:53
24Ryan Sullivan (United Healthcare of Georgia)0:03:57
25Josh Thornton (Pioneer Mortgage Funding)Row 24 - Cell 2
26Chris Williams (Novo Nordisk)0:04:00
27Robert White (Sharecare Cycling p/b Wheeland)0:04:02
28Kevin Attkisson (Texas Roadhouse Cycling)0:04:03
29Stephen Clancy (Team Novo Nordisk)0:04:04
30Thomas Brown (Team SmartStop-Mountain Khakis)0:04:05
31John Acker (Team Wheel & Sprocket)Row 30 - Cell 2
32David Goodman (United Healthcare of Georgia)Row 31 - Cell 2
33Marco Aledia (Sharecare Cycling p/b Wheeland)Row 32 - Cell 2
34Daniel Zmolik (Stan's NoTubes p/b Proferrin)0:04:06
35Luke Servedio (Sonic Cycling)Row 34 - Cell 2
36Joshua Carter (Team Predator Carbon Repair)Row 35 - Cell 2
37Pat Lemieux (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)Row 36 - Cell 2
38Adam Koble (Giant Bicycles-SOUTH)0:04:07
39Justin Morris (Team Novo Nordisk)Row 38 - Cell 2
40Alejandro Guzman (CRCA/Foundation)Row 39 - Cell 2
41Adam Myerson (Team SmartStop-Mountain Khakis)0:04:08
42Michael York0:04:17
43David Worth (Cumberland Transit Cycling)0:04:19
44Marc Williams (Athletix Cycling Team)0:04:22
45Chris Wolhuter (Stan's NoTubes p/b Proferrin)0:04:24
46Jesse Keough (CRCA/Foundation)0:04:27
47Bobby Lea (Team SmartStop-Mountain Khakis)0:04:55
48Sergio Hernandez (Predator Cycling Carbon Repair)0:05:05
49Jean Michel Lechance (Team Predator Carbon Repair)0:05:06
50Euris R. Vidal (CRCA/Foundation)Row 49 - Cell 2
51Geoff Godsey (Giant Bicycles-SOUTH)0:05:59
52Patrick Harkins (cumberland transit cycling)0:06:00
53Andy Reardon (Cumberland Transit Cycling)0:06:01
54Daniel Chabanov (CRCA/Foundation)0:06:05
55Brendan Cornett (United Healthcare of Georgia)0:06:20
56Bryan Fawley (Giant Bicycles-SOUTH)Row 55 - Cell 2
57Sam Croft (Giant Bicycles-SOUTH)0:06:28
58Ed Veal (RealDeal/Gears p/b Fieldgate)0:34:22
59Brian Toone (Friends of the Great Smokies)Row 58 - Cell 2
60Julian Cabra (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team)Row 59 - Cell 2
61John Grant (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)Row 60 - Cell 2
62Andrew Crater (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Team)0:34:23
63Ricardo Escuela (Team Predator Carbon Repair)Row 62 - Cell 2
64Benjamin Bryant (Unattached)Row 63 - Cell 2
65Emile Abraham (Team Predator Carbon Repair)Row 64 - Cell 2
66Aj Meyer (Village Volkswagen Elite Cyclin)Row 65 - Cell 2
67Richard Bailey (Finish Strong Elite Cyling Team)Row 66 - Cell 2
68Johnny Sundt (Giant Bicycles-SOUTH)Row 67 - Cell 2
69Maxwell Robb (United Healthcare of Georgia p/)Row 68 - Cell 2
70Strickler Issaac (Beck Cycling)Row 69 - Cell 2
71Brian Hill (Stan's NoTubes P/b Proferrin)Row 70 - Cell 2
72Missing NameRow 71 - Cell 2
73Kenneth Ng (REAL DEAL RACING p/b Gears)Row 72 - Cell 2
74Russell Brandon (Team Novo Nordisk)Row 73 - Cell 2
75Aaron Perry (Novo Nordisk)Row 74 - Cell 2
76Eugene Boronow (GS Mengoni USA)Row 75 - Cell 2
77Matthew Whatley (Atlanta Cycling Racing)Row 76 - Cell 2
78Cal HootenRow 77 - Cell 2
79Mark Babcock (Atlanta Cycling Racing )Row 78 - Cell 2
80Josh Oxendine (earthfare)Row 79 - Cell 2
81Michael Mandel (RealDeal/Gears p/b Fieldgate)Row 80 - Cell 2
82Matthew Russell (Village Volkswagen Elite cycling)Row 81 - Cell 2
83Bryan Schoeffler (SUBARU- GUAYAKI)Row 82 - Cell 2

Women's Results

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Erica Allar (CARE4CYCLING p/b Solomon Corp)0:56:19
2Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy)Row 1 - Cell 2
3Cari Higgins (Exergy TWENTY16)0:00:01
4Kimberley Wells (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy)Row 3 - Cell 2
5Lenore Pipes (CARE4CYCLING p/b Solomon Corp)Row 4 - Cell 2
6Jennifer Purcell (Colavita/Fine Cooking)Row 5 - Cell 2
7Tina Pic (Colavita/Fine Cooking)Row 6 - Cell 2
8Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom)Row 7 - Cell 2
9Samantha Schneider (Team TIBCO)Row 8 - Cell 2
10Jacquelyn Crowell (Exergy TWENTY16)Row 9 - Cell 2
11Morgan Patton (Team Novo Nordisk)Row 10 - Cell 2
12Tiffany Pezzulo (Primal Pro Women p/b BH)Row 11 - Cell 2
13Liza Rachetto (Vanderkitten)0:00:02
14Christina Gokey-Smith (ROUSE/OOGIE RACING)Row 13 - Cell 2
15Joanie Caron (Primal Pro Women p/b BH)Row 14 - Cell 2
16Starla Teddergreen (Vanderkitten)Row 15 - Cell 2
17Carrie Cash Wootten (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)Row 16 - Cell 2
18Vanessa Drigo (Rose Bandits)0:00:03
19Christy Keely (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)Row 18 - Cell 2
20Amy Phillips (Hub Endurance Chattanooga)0:00:04
21Kelly Fisher-Goodwin (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy)Row 20 - Cell 2
22Tussey Sara (Veloshine Cycling)Row 21 - Cell 2
23Debbie Milne0:00:06
24Erica ZavetaRow 23 - Cell 2
25Mary Zider (Colavita/Fine Cooking)0:00:07
26Laura Parsons (Rose Bandits)Row 25 - Cell 2
27Jamie Bookwalter (Colavita/Fine Cooking)Row 26 - Cell 2
28Beth Newell (NOW and Novartis for MS)Row 27 - Cell 2
29Lindsay Bayer (Colavita/Fine Cooking)Row 28 - Cell 2
30Melinda Bernecker (Primal Pro Women p/b BH)0:00:08
31Ambre Levy (iBike/GS Palm Beach)0:00:09
32Kaytie Scott (Primal Pro Women p/b BH)Row 31 - Cell 2
33Erin Silliman (Fearless Femme p/b Pure Energy)Row 32 - Cell 2
34Laura Brown (Colavita/Fine Cooking)0:00:10
35Arley Kemmerer (C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co.)Row 34 - Cell 2
36Melanie Spath (Team TIBCO)Row 35 - Cell 2
37Whitney Schultz (SkiNourishment p/b Paceline Pro)0:00:11
38Hannah Miller (Pain Pathways Women's Cycling)Row 37 - Cell 2
39Kathryn Clark (Pain Pathways Women's Cycling)0:00:12
40Samantha Heinrich (West Coast Cycling p/b STS Bike)Row 39 - Cell 2
41Cinthia Lehner (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)0:00:13
42Nichole Wangsgard (Primal Pro Women p/b BH)0:00:25
43Lauren Arnouts (Restore Cycling)0:00:27
44Shannon Parrish (Team Kenda presented by RACC)0:00:31
45Holly Mathews (ISCorp Intelligentsia)0:00:33
46Debbie Prouty (PCP Race Team)0:09:32
47Liz Gerrity (Rose Bandits)Row 46 - Cell 2
48Elizabeth McCalley (Hub Endurance)Row 47 - Cell 2
49Sarah Rice (Spidermonkey cycling)Row 48 - Cell 2
50Frances Morrison (Pedal Power)Row 49 - Cell 2
51Sarah Huang (Exergy TWENTY16)Row 50 - Cell 2
52Skylar Schneider (Team Tibco)0:09:33
53Stelly Arden (Pain Pathways Women's Cycling)Row 52 - Cell 2
54Amy Horstmeyer (Team Kenda presented by RACC)Row 53 - Cell 2
55Kristen Meshberg (Spidermonkey Cycling)Row 54 - Cell 2
56Zoe Frazier (Frazier Cycling)Row 55 - Cell 2
57Jennifer Caicedo (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)Row 56 - Cell 2
58Zoe Mullins (Exergy TWENTY16)Row 57 - Cell 2
59Rebecca Schepps (Team Novo Nordisk)Row 58 - Cell 2
60Stephanie Cucaz (PCP Race Team)Row 59 - Cell 2
61Dominique Shore (Frazier Cycling Partners)Row 60 - Cell 2
62Martha Hall (Beck Cycling)Row 61 - Cell 2
63Dawn Decaminada (West Coast Cycling p/b STS Bike)Row 62 - Cell 2
64Elizabeth Lee (LG Factory Team p/b Fuji)Row 63 - Cell 2
65Stacey Jensen (Team Kenda presented by RACC)Row 64 - Cell 2
66Marianna Williams (Outspokin Augusta)Row 65 - Cell 2
67Chane Chane (INTC)Row 66 - Cell 2

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