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Roper makes it two for Roxsolt

Under 23 winner, Emily Roper (QLD) in the bunch

Under 23 winner, Emily Roper (QLD) in the bunch (Image credit: CJ Farquharson/

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emily Roper (Roxsolt Attaquer)1:03:44
2Justine Barrow (Roxsolt Attaquer)0:00:02
3Beck Wiasak0:00:06
4Katie Clouse (DNA Pro Cycling Team)
5Holly Breck (Go Fast - Incycle)
6Courteney Lowe (Fast Chance Women's Cycling p/b The Happy Tooth)
7Shayna Powless (Sho-Air TWENTY20)
8Kristen Arnold (ButcherBox Cycling)0:00:09
9Summer Moak (Rally UHC Cycling)0:00:11
10Kaitlyn Agnew
11Jolene Holland (Colavita/Bialetti)0:00:12
12Lily Williams (Hagens Berman Supermint)0:00:14
13Peta Mullens (Roxsolt Attaquer)0:00:15
14Samantha ann Schnieder (CWA Racing p/b TREK)
15Leighann Ganzar (Hagens Berman Supermint)0:00:16
16Josie Talbot (Roxsolt Attaquer)
17Skylar Schneider (Boels Dolman's Cycling Team)0:00:17
18Rachel Langdon (Fast Chance Women's Cycling p/b The Happy Tooth)
19Michaela Drummond (DNA Pro Cycling Team)0:00:20
20Lisa Cordova (Levine Law Group p/b
21Erica Carney (Rally UHC Cycling)
22Liza Rachetto (Hagens Berman Supermint)
24Caroline Baur (CWA Racing p/b TREK)
25Emily Spence (Gray Goat Bullseye)0:00:22
26Makayla Macpherson (Twentey20 jr development)
27Daniely del Valle Garcia (CWA Racing p/b TREK)
28Emma Chilton (Roxsolt Attaquer)
29Taylor Kuyk-white (Philly Bike Expo)
30Starla Teddergreen (Hagens Berman Supermint)0:00:23
31Madison Kelly (CWA Racing p/b TREK)
32Heather Fischer (DNA Pro Cycling Team)
33Andrea Cyr (Velocause Centraal Cycling)
34Melanie Wong (Sho-Air TWENTY20)0:00:24
35Emily Ehrlich (CWA Racing p/b TREK)
36Ella Bloor (Specialized Womens Racing)0:00:25
37Emma Bast (Levine Law Group p/b
38Vanessa Curtis (University of Iowa Heart and Vascular)0:00:27
40Gwen Inglis (Stages Cycling)
41Pip Sutton (Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo)
42Daphne Karagianis (Velo Classic p/b Stans NoTubes)
43Rachel Canning (Levine Law Group p/b
44Madeline Bemis (Colavita/Bialetti)
45Caitlin Friesen (Wolfpack p/b Hyperthreads)0:00:35
46Kathryn Goffin (University of Iowa Heart and Vascular)
47Margot Clyne (Sho-Air TWENTY20)0:00:39
48Samantha Quijano (Squadra SF p/b Ter�n)0:00:44
49Sarah Gigante (Roxsolt Attaquer)0:00:48
50Harriet Owen (Hagens Berman Supermint)0:01:09
51Laurel Rathbun (Colavita/Bialetti)
52Silvia Fernanda Polanco (DURANGO- SPECIALIZED- IED)
53Caroline Poole (Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo)
54Danielle Moreshead (LA Sweat)
55Kimberly Lucie (DNA Pro Cycling Team)
56Sarah Coney (LA Sweat)
57Hannah Shell (DNA Pro Cycling Team)
58Hanna Muegge (DNA Pro Cycling Team)
59Stephanie Halamek (CRCA/ CityMD Racing)
60Grace Chappell (Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo)0:05:31
61Michelle Montoya (October Three Racing)
62Alexandra Burton (Point S Nokian)
63Ashlyn Woods (Levine Law Group p/b
64Olivia Cummins (Blue Competition Cycles Factory Team)
65Samantha Runnels (Squid Squad)
66Abigail Youngwerth (Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo)0:05:32
68Michelle Henry (Point S Nokian)
69Abby Krawczyk (Orion Womens Cycling pb Borah Teamwear)
70Mallory Miller (Point S Racing)
72Samantha Goldenstein (Orion Womens Cycling pb Borah Teamwear)
73Allison Crow (Orion Womens Cycling pb Borah Teamwear)
74Evelyn Sifton (Shadow Elite)
75Emily Flynn (LA Sweat)
76Victoria Kanizer (Tulsa Wheelmen)0:05:33
77Hayley Bates (Levine Law Group p/b
78Ashley Weaver (LA Sweat)
79Leigh ann Fields (Breakaway Cycling Team)
80Ashley King (Orion Womens Cycling pb Borah Teamwear)
81Minda Murray (Butcherbox Racing)
82Leila Kasprzyk (Ultra Violet Racing)
83Noni Bertagnoli0:05:34
84Lauren Dodge (Automatic Racing)
85Abigail Yates (Matrix/RBM)
86Alexandra Millard
87Molly Clark-oien (Parallel 44 Racing p/b Sanford Power)
88Jennifer Darmody
89Shannon Castle
90Jessica Mundy (Norwood Cycling Club)
91Jordyn Hassett
92Suzie Green (Spin DEVO)
93Ingrid Anderson (Iowa City Cycling Club)
DNSWhitney Allison (Hagens Berman Supermint)
DNSSamantha Fox (Philly Bike Expo)
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