Dillman tops Chance for D1 collegiate title in Austin

Joshua Johnson finishes third

Andrew Dillman (Marian University) took the men’s victory in 50:32, topping Maxx Chance (University of Colorado) in 51:29 and teammate Joshua Johnson (Marian University) in 51:45.

“Crossing the line as I rolled onto the pavement and they said my name, that’s a feeling that you don’t get to experience that often,” Dillman said. “That was my first time getting to feel that. It’s an awesome feeling.”

Marian University won the DI omnium with 282 total points, Fort Lewis College earned silver with 220 points and Lees-McRae College claimed bronze with 211 points.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Dillman (USA) Marian University0:50:32 
2Maxx Chance (USA) University of Colorado Boulder0:00:57 
3Joshua Johnson (USA) Marian University0:01:13 
4W Grant Ellwood (USA) University of Colorado Boulder0:01:24 
5Gunnar Bergey (USA) Lees-McRae College0:02:09 
6Ian McPherson (USA) Fort Lewis College0:02:38 
7Cody Cupp (USA) Fort Lewis College0:03:02 
8Kolby Preble (USA) Fort Lewis College0:03:10 
9Brandon Feehery (USA) Lindenwood University0:03:26 
10Spencer Downing (USA) Fort Lewis College0:03:41 
11Payson McElveen (USA) Fort Lewis College0:03:52 
12Kacey Campbell (USA) Colorado State University0:04:14 
13Cory Small (USA) University of Vermont0:04:28 
14Luke Haley (USA) Lindenwood University0:05:03 
15Skyler Trujillo (USA) Fort Lewis College0:05:08 
16Ryan Standish (USA) Fort Lewis College0:05:10 
17Jonathan Hoopingarner (USA) Marian University0:05:11 
18Daniel Gerow (USA) Marian University  
19Matthew Zimmer (USA) Lees-McRae College0:05:15 
20John Francisco (USA) University of Louisville0:05:32 
21Elliott Baring (USA) Lees-McRae College0:05:42 
22Nicholas Torraca (USA) The University of Texas at Austin0:05:47 
23Kyle Trudeau (USA) University of Arizona0:05:48 
24Austin Stephens (USA) University of Colorado Boulder0:05:55 
25Rory Jack (USA) University of Washington-Seattle0:06:08 
26Byron Rice (USA) Appalachian State University0:06:09 
27Matthew Clements (USA) Lees-McRae College0:06:10 
28Kevin Fish (USA) The University of Texas at Austin0:06:24 
29Zachary Carlson (USA) Marian University0:06:58 
30Bryan Lewis (USA) University of Virginia  
31Merwin Davis (USA) West Virginia University0:07:01 
32Maxwell Ackermann (USA) University of Wisconsin-Madison0:07:07 
33Jonathan Anderson (USA) Fort Lewis College0:07:46 
34Peter Striegel (USA) University of Vermont0:07:49 
35Garrett Gerchar (USA) University of Colorado Boulder0:08:05 
36Sam Damphousse (USA) University of Vermont  
37Jason Blodgett (USA) Marian University0:08:49 
38Samuel Dobrozsi (USA) Lees-McRae College0:09:32 
39Wyatt Myers (USA) Lindsey Wilson College-1Lap 
40Benjamin King (USA) University of Louisville  
41Justin Evans (USA) Appalachian State University  
42Christopher Besaw (USA) University of Wisconsin-Madison  
43Keegan Sotebeer (USA) University of Colorado Boulder  
44Douglas Torres (USA) University of New Mexico  
45Jim Maddock (USA) University of Washington-Seattle  
46Michael Dutczak (USA) University of Illinois at Chicago  
47Mark Currie (USA) Colorado State University  
48Nathan Dugan (USA) Columbia University-NYC  
49gunner gilliam (USA) Lindenwood University  
50Sam Winters (USA) Marian University  
51Logan Grace (USA) University of Minnesota-Twin Cities  
52Christopher (CJ) Brish (USA) Lindenwood University  
53Grant Flick (USA) University of Minnesota-Twin Cities  
54Lane Johnson (USA) Lindenwood University-2Laps 
55Alex Meucci (USA) University of Florida  
56Michael Zanetti (USA) Lees-McRae College  
57Clayton Otto (USA) Lindenwood University  
58Reece Oleson (USA) Lindenwood University  
59Jonah Boatman (USA) Texas Tech University  
60Kevin Burgess (USA) Lees-McRae College  
61Baird Sills (USA) Appalachian State University  
62Justin Bristol (USA) University of South Carolina-Columbia  
63Dylan Fox (USA) University of Colorado Boulder  
64Travis Burkel (USA) University of Arizona  
65Grant Koontz (USA) Texas A & M University  
66Andrew Faturos (USA) Colorado State University  
67Bradley Thurgood (USA) Utah Valley University  
68David Novak (USA) Lindsey Wilson College  
69Andrew Strempke (USA) University of Kansas  
70David Greif (USA) University of Arizona  
71Patrick Dust (USA) Lindsey Wilson College  
72Anthony Sequera (USA) Midwestern State University  
73Brian Gaines (USA) Lindenwood University  
74Dylan Lawson (USA) North Carolina State University at Raleigh  
75Jonathan Modig (USA) Colorado State University  
76Charles Upshaw (USA) The University of Texas at Austin  
77Richard Korzekwa (USA) The University of Texas at Austin  
78Preston Glace (USA) The University of Texas at Austin  
79Sam Gross (USA) University of Arizona  
80Alexander Blair (USA) Kansas State University  
81Jay Catlett (USA) University of Virginia  
82Garrett Brown (USA) University of Colorado Boulder  
83John Hoffman Jr. (USA) Marian University  
84Ian Whaley (USA) Colorado State University-3Laps 
85Tony Cofrancesco (USA) University of Florida  
86Richard Frye (USA) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  
87Chris Leffler (USA) Northern Arizona University  
88Minh Nguyen (USA) University of Florida  
89Dustin Morris (USA) Oklahoma State University  
DNFJames Couvillion (USA) Clemson University  
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