Bobby Lea takes road race ahead of Van Der Velde

Feng Chun-Kai continues consistent run for Action Cycling team, finishing third

Full Results
1Bobby Lea (Pure Energy Cycling-Proairhfa) 
2Ricardo Van Der Velde (Donckers Coffee Jelly Belly) 
3Feng Chun-Kai (Action Cycling Team) 
4Alder Martz (Hincapie Development P/B Holowesko Partners) 
5Cole House (Realcyclist.Com) 
6Thomas Soladay (Kelly Benefits Strategies P/B Optum Health) 
7Lee Wei-Cheng (Action Cycling Team) 
8Laurent Beuret (Team Atlas Personal) 
9Mathieu Roy (Gaspesien) 
10Yuen Chi-Ho (Team Hong Kong) 
11Juan Enrique Aldapa (Mexican National Team) 
12Jerry Kallenfels (Jan Van Arckel Rabobank Pliegersport) 
13Bryan Mcvey (Abd Cycling) 
14John (Jackie) Simes (Jamis/Sutter Home) 
15Colton Barrett (Kelly Benefits Strategies P/B Optum Health) 
16Alex Wieseler (Chemstar P/B United Healthcare) 
17Chris Winn (Fly V Australia) 
18Isaac Enderline (Hincapie Development P/B Holowesko Partners) 
19Zach Allison (Sonic Boom P/B Lucky Pie) 
20Brandon Feehery (Mesa Cycles) 
21Laurent Dallaire (Rocky Mountain) 
22David Guttenplan (Chemstar P/B United Healthcare) 
23Justin Lowe (Hincapie Development P/B Holowesko Partners) 
24Mike Sherer (Kelly Benefits Strategies P/B Optum Health) 
25Hans Dekkers (Landbouwkrediet- Colnago) 
26Andrew Otte (Nuvo Cultural Trail) 
27Chen Chien-Liang (Action Cycling Team) 
28Thomson Remo (Team Wheel & Sprocket) 
29Martin Acosta (Mcguire Cycling Team) 
30Scott Henry 
31Hans Higdon (Hampshire Cycle Club) 
32Adam Mcclurg (Lapt/Attitude Sports/Wilde Subaru) 
33Chad Dean (5 Nines Cycling) 
34Christopher Lynch (Team Geargrinder) 
35Ross White (Team Gear Grinder) 
36Victor Ayala (Kahala-Lagrange Cycling Team) 
37Barry Miller (Glacial Energy/Pista Elite) 
38Parker Kyzer (Hincapie Development P/B Holowesko Partners) 
39Christopher Chase (Rideclean P/B Patentit.Com) 
40Wong Chung Yon (Team Hong Kong) 
41Tim Norris (Gateway Harley/Mesa Cycles) 
42Leung Chun Wing (Team Hong Kong) 
43Shiu Ka Ming (Team Hong Kong) 
44Alexander Vaughan-Ruiz (Alexander Vaughan-Ruiz) 
45Chris Mcgarity (Team Saskatchewan) 
46Dillon Bennett (Subway Pro Cycling) 
47Yang Wu-Hsing (Action Cycling Team) 
48Hsiao Shih-Hsin (Action Cycling Team) 
49Ko Siuwai (Team Hong Kong) 
50Matt Duncan (Sonic Boom Racing P/B Lucky Pie) 
51Ho Burr (Team Hong Kong) 

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