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Canadian Road Championships 2011

Date range:
June 23-26, 2011

June 25, Elite Men Road Race: Toronto, Ontario - Toronto, Ontario 180km

Tuft doubles up with win in road race

Cycling News
June 26, 2011, 4:06 BST,
June 26, 2011, 7:00 BST

Spidertech get six riders in top ten

A trifecta for Spidertech as Tuft crosses the line to take his first ever road national championship.

A trifecta for Spidertech as Tuft crosses the line to take his first ever road national championship.

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Svein Tuft led a sweep of the podium at the Elite Men's Canadian National Road Championships on Saturday by the SpiderTech team. Tuft, who had won his seventh national time trial championship on Thursday, won his first road title.

He and his team mates took the top three spots in the 180 kilometre race, with Will Routley finishing second, and Zach Bell third. All three riders finished with the same time of four hours, 32 minutes and nine seconds. Routley and Bell had been in a breakaway move for most of the race, and Tuft bridged up to them on the final lap of the event. The three crossed the line together.

Tuft said his team mates made the national title a gift to him. "These guys gave me a tremendous gift. We have been working together for a number of years, and they gave it to me and I can't thank them enough. This is something for my career I thought would be an amazing to pull off, and now it happened. It's an amazing feeling. We came out here today to be aggressive and control the race, and that's what we did. I owe this all to my team mates."


Full Results
# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Svein Tuft (Team Spidertech Powered By C10) 4:33:52  
2 Will Routley (Team Spidertech Powered By C10)    
3 Zachary Bell (Team Spidertech Powered By C10)    
4 Rob Britton (Bissell Pro Cycling) 0:01:43  
5 Hugo *Houle (Team Spidertech Powered By C10) 0:05:26  
6 Arnaud *Papillon (Equipe Du Quebec)    
7 Sebastian Salas (Team H&R Block) 0:05:31  
8 Christian Meier (United Healthcare Pro Cycling)    
9 Bruno Langlois (Team Spidertech Powered By C10) 0:05:39  
10 Francois Parisien (Team Spidertech Powered By C10) 0:05:42  
11 Jason Thompson (Independent) 0:05:46  
12 Jamie *Riggs (Team Ontario)    
13 Nic Hamilton (Jelly Belly P/B Kenda) 0:05:51  
14 David Veilleux (Team Europcar) 0:05:54  
15 Adam Thuss (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosa) 0:05:59  
16 Ryan Anderson (Team Spidertech Powered By C10) 0:06:24  
17 Andrew Randell (Team Spidertech Powered By C10) 0:07:36  
18 Keven Lacombe (Team Spidertech Powered By C10) 0:07:40  
19 Spencer *Smitheman (Hagens Berman Llp Elite Cyclin) 0:11:20  
20 Michael Sidic (Cycling BC) 0:13:54  
21 Jean-Michel Lachance (Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vale)    
22 Laurent *Dallaire (Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vale)    
23 Derrick St. John (Ride With Rendall) 0:14:17  
24 Derrek Ivey (Kallisto/Wheels Of Bloor)    
25 Osmond Bakker (Jetfuel/La Bicicletta) 0:14:26  
26 Garrett *Mcleod (Team H&R Block) 0:14:38  
27 Dustin *Andrews (Team H&R Block)    
28 Antoine *Matteau (Gaspésien/ Passion-Vélo) 0:14:43  
29 Mathieu Roy (Gaspésien/ Passion-Vélo)    
30 Ryan *Macdonald (Rocky Mountain- Cibc Wood Gund) 0:14:46  
31 Ryan *Aitcheson (Team Ontario) 0:14:50  
32 William *Blackburn (Gaspésien/ Passion-Vélo)    
33 Stuart *Wight (Atlantic Cycling Centre) 0:14:55  
34 Craig *Logan (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosa) 0:14:59  
35 Cody *Campbell (Cycling BC) 0:15:06  
36 Chris *Balestrini (Garneau - Club Chaussures - No) 0:15:08  
37 Marvin *Guzman (Westwood Cycles / Cannondale P) 0:15:12  
38 Rémi *Pelletier-Roy (Equipe Du Quebec) 0:15:15  
39 Simon *Lambert-Lemay (Team Spidertech Powered By C10)    
40 Cameron Mackinnon (Team H&R Block) 0:15:20  
41 Dustin Macburnie (Team H&R Block)    
42 Luc Dionne (Jean-Coutu/Cibc Wood Gundy) 0:15:50  
DNF Jeff Dicks (Midweek Cycling Club)    
DNF Jeffery Schiller (Garneau - Club Chaussures - No)    
DNF Mike *Rothengatter (Cycling BC)    
DNF Bailey *Mcknight (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosa)    
DNF Logan *Cornel (Euro-Sports/ Foodery/Dal-Cin)    
DNF Kevin *Massicotte (Nativo/Devinci)    
DNF Dan Skinner (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosa)    
DNF Ed Veal (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta)    
DNF David Stephens (Garneau Evolution)    
DNF Lachlan Holmes (Team H&R Block)    
DNF Chris Gruber (Kallisto/Wheels Of Bloor)    
DNF Dave Byer (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta)    
DNF Andrew Pinfold (United Healthcare Pro Cycling)    
DNF Dominique Rollin (FDJ)    
DNF Nicolas Therrien (Jean-Coutu / Cibc Wood-Gundy)    
DNF David *Boily (Team Spidertech Powered By C10)    
DNF Charles Bryer (Team Ontario)    
DNF Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosa)    
DNF Trevor *Montague (Coachchris.Ca/Multisport-Zone)    
DNF Marsh Cooper (Kelly Benefit Strategies-Optum)    
DNF Mark Batty (Team Spidertech Powered By C10)    
DNF Philippe *Nadon (Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vale)    
DNF James Sparling (Raleigh Pro Cycling)    
DNF Marco Li (Garneau-Club Chaussures- Norto)    
DNF Jacob *Schwingboth (Cycling BC)    
DNF Andrew Bradbury (Darkhorse Flyers)    
DNF Jean-Samuel *Deshais (Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vale)    
DNF Yuri *Hrycaj (Wheels Of Bloor)    
DNF Christopher Mcgarity (Gaspésien/ Passion-Vélo)    
DNF Pierrick *Naud (Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vale)    
DNF Dave Vukets (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosa)    
DNF Scott Fitzgerald (Lapdogs Cycling Club)    
DNF Ryan Desroches (Darkhorse Flyers)    
DNF Kevin Hazzard (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta)    
DNF Guillaume *Boivin (Team Spidertech Powered By C10)    
DNF Douglas Van Den Ham (Nine2Fivepro.Com Cycling Team)    
DNF Stephen Keeping (Kingsnorth International)    
DNF Kristofer *Dahl (Team H&R Block)    
DNF Aaron Schooler (Team H&R Block)    
DNF Charly Vives (Team Spidertech Powered By C10)    
DNF Brandon *Spencer (Kallisto/Wheels Of Bloor)    
DNF Mathieu Fradet (Jean-Coutu/Cibc Wood Gundy)    
DNF Mason *Hanrahan (Ride With Rendall)    
DNF Anton Varabei (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's)    
DNF Etienne *Moreau (Emd Serono - Specialized Cc)    
DNF Pierre-Etienne *Boivin (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale)    
DNF Andre Tremblay (Nativo Devinci)    
DNF Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta)    
DNF Raphael *Massé Viau (Rocky Mountain Desjardins Vale)    
DNF Olivier Lavigueur (Jean Coutu-Cibc Wood Gundy)    
DNF Casey Roth (Ride With Rendall)    
DNF Matt *Degiacomo (Team London)    
DNF Brody *Pasciullo (Thunder Bay Cycling Club)    
DNF Philippe Leduc (Jean-Coutu/Cibc Wood Gundy)    
DNF Erik Box (Nativo/Devinci)    
DNF Robert *Ralph (Rockland Md Presented By Mediq)    
DNF Ken Ng (Independent)    
DNF Brian *Trafford (Fresh Air Experience/Ottawa Bi)    
DNF Adam Mcclounie (Tower International Inc.)    
DNF Russell Van Every (Tower International)    
DNF Brandon Tulloch (Cc Croix De Fer)    
DNF Trevor Connor (Team Rio Grande)    
DNF Scott Inman (Westwood Cannondale)    
DNF Andrew *De Cal (Liberty! Bicycles)    
DNF James Larmer (Westwood Cycle/Cannondale P/)    
DNF Martin Gilbert (Team Spidertech Powered By C10)    
DNF Zachary *Hughes (Independent)    
DNF Cuylar *Conly (Team Saskatchewan)    
DNF Zachary *Taylor (Cycling BC)    
DNF Jesse *Reams (Cycling BC)    
DNF Kyle *Fry (Team Ontario)    
DNF Isaac Smith (Darkhorse Flyers)    
DNF Matt Gervais (Tower International)    
DNF Philippe *Bergeron (Fresh Air Experience/Ottawa Bi)    
DNF Clayton Meisner (Olympia Cycling Club)    
DNF James *Piccoli (Rockland Md Presented By Mediq)    
DNF Conor *O`Brien (Stevens Racing P/B The Cyclery)    
DNF Timothy Burton (Rideallday.Ca Cc P/B Real Deal)    
DNF Charlie Gorman (Nine2Fivepro.Com Cycling Team)    
DNF Geoff Power (Team London)    
DNF Alexandre *Mcduff-Viau (Cc Universite De Montreal)    
DNF Zachery Garland (Team H&R Block)    
DNF Kiernan *Orange (Ride With Rendall)    
DNF Owen *Harrison (Team H&R Block)    
DNF Kianoush Missaghi (Team Spirit-GTH/Cannondale/Rhu)    
DNF Kevin Intini (Mbrc.Org - Gears)    
DNF Justin-Frederick *Hall (Garneau Club Chaussures Norton)    
DNF Francois *Chabot (Gaspésien/ Passion-Vélo)    
DNF Jean Francois Racine (Garneau-Club Chaussures Norton)    
DNF Steven *Noble (Team Ontario)    
DNF Matteo *Dal-Cin (Jet Fuel/ La Bicicletta)    
DNF Shawn Clarke (Stevens Racing P/B The Cyclery)    
DNF Yannick *Bedard (Gaspésien/ Passion-Vélo)    
DNF Sebastien Lacroix (Rockland Md Presented By Mediq)    
DNF Nicholas Di Cristofaro (Rideallday.Ca Cc P/B Real Deal)    
DNF Justin *Henri (Liberty! Bicycles)    
DNF Max *Csikos (Soigneur Race Services Race Te)    
DNF Mark Palma (Sweet Pete's)    
DNF Evan *Mundy (Team Ontario)    
DNF Derek *Harnden (Fresh Air Experience/Ottawa Bi)    
DNF Walid El-Sayed (Darkhorse Flyers)    
DNF Darko Ficko (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta)    
DNF Bayden Pritchard (Kallisto/Wheels Of Bloor)    
DNF Christopher Hillier (Team Rio Grande)    
DNF Benjamin Martel (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale)    
DNF John Stewart (The Hub Race Team)    
DNF Stephen *Meyer (Jet Fuel Coffee/La Bicicletta)    
DNF Ben *Andrew (Fresh Air Experience/Ottawa Bi)    
DNF Mackenzie *Garvin (Cyclemiesters/Bowcycle)    
DNF Joshua *Hall (Cycling BC)    
DNF Bradley *Clifford (Team H&R Block)    
DNF Chris Freeland (Cycle Soulutions / Angry Johnn)    
DNF Brian Robinson (Cyclemeisters)    
DNF Alexander *Gibson (Esteemtraining.Com)    
DNF Benjamin Chaddock (Team Exergy)    
DNF Pascal Bussieres (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale)    
DNF Jason Abbott (West Of Quebec Wheelers)    
DNF Antoine *Duschesne (Equipe Du Quebec)    
DNF Christian *Jug (Soigneur Race Services Race Te)    
DNF Julien *Langlois (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale)    
DNF Pierre Boilard (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale)    
DNF Brendan *Cubello (Esteemtraining.Com)    
DNF Tony *Ambs (Esteemtraining.Com)    
DNF Gavriel Epstein (Chipotle Development Team)    
DNF Duncan Jackson (Novofit Cycling Solutions)    
DNF Nicholas Friesen (Team H&R Block)    
DNF Robert Nicolas Pratt (Seppshomecardio)    
DNF Aaron Fillion (Ride With Rendall)