Piccoli takes Tour de Beauce overall victory

Once again, the final stage of the Tour de Beauce proved to be decisive, with James Piccoli (Team Canada) overtaking Serghei Tvetcov (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling) for the overall win after driving a race-long breakaway. Pier-André Côté (Silber Pro Cycling), the winner of stage 1, took the final stage win.

Piccoli, who had won the previous stage, went from 14th to eighth to first in the General Classification over the course of the last two stages. He is the first Canadian winner of Beauce since Svein Tuft in 2008, and the first winner from the host province of Quebec since Jacques Landry in 1994.

The final circuit stage through the streets of Saint-Georges is deceptively hard, with a steep 1.5km climb on each of the dozen 10.2km laps, plus 18 corners requiring constant braking and acceleration. It has led to many a race leader losing on the final stage, as rivals attack repeatedly, putting the yellow jersey and their team under pressure. Last year, Andzs Flakis (Holowesko-Citadel) also jumped from eighth to win the title on the final day.

Team Canada had shown in the fourth stage, in Quebec City, that they had the power, with three riders in the winning break. A group of nine riders broke clear on the first lap – Piccoli and teammate Jordan Cheyne, Matteo Dal Cin (Rally), Bruno Langlois (Equipe du Quebec), Côté, Joseph Lewis (Holowesko-Citadel), Jonathan Brown (Hagens Berman Axeon), Daniel Whitehouse (Interpro Stradalli) and Timothy Rugg (Ride with Rendall).

The group had two danger riders – Piccoli at 1:10 back and Whitehouse at 1:34. Initially, all the riders in the break were working to open a gap and it widened quickly, as UnitedHealthcare appeared to struggle with the pace on the climb. By the second lap the gap was over a minute and small chase groups were attempting to bridge; none successfully. Tvetcov's team limited the damage and looked to be pulling it back on the third lap with the time split dropping to 40 seconds, but the Team Canada riders – Piccoli and Cheyne – were pushing the pace at the front, and the peloton fractured under the pressure, and began to fall back.

By the mid-way point of the race, the gap was approaching two minutes and Piccoli was the virtual leader. The lead briefly surged to 2:20 with 35 kilometres to go, before stabilising at 1:50. Piccoli also had to worry about Whitehouse, who had been picking up bonus seconds in the bonus sprints, and attacked with three laps to go, just as Piccoli lost Cheyne to a crash in a corner.

The Team Canada rider was receiving some help from Langlois as they chased Whitehouse, and Cheyne managed to bridge back up to the lead group for the final lap and a half. Behind, the chase was down to 14 riders, with Tvetcov only having one teammate left for support. Silber put a man on the front to help with the chase, and the gap started dropping, putting Piccoli's win in jeopardy.

Langlois then attacked on the final climb, with three kilometres to the finish, but Piccoli and Cheyne dragged the rest of the group back, and Côté attacked to take the stage win, with Whitehouse second, Langlois third and Piccoli fourth. Tvetcov's group came in 1:36 down, and he dropped to third overall, with Whitehouse 11 seconds behind Piccoli and Tvetcov 27 seconds back.

"It hasn't totally sunk in, to be honest," said Piccoli. "The team's plan in the final two stages was to make it hard, attack and blow the race to pieces. And everyone did an amazing job of doing that. Jordan [Cheyne] rode out of his mind for me, and all the guys were laying it on the line for me. It was up to us to ride in the break, and we did it."

"After winning stage 1, the rest of the Tour was a bonus," said Côté. "In the breakaway I could let the national team ride and I could sit in all day because we had Adam [Roberge] sitting second overall. I had to gamble when Bruno attacked, but I followed James [Piccoli] back up and I just had to sprint for the win. So, I had the perfect day."

Tvetcov kept the points jersey, while Ben Perry (Team Canada) kept the climber's jersey, but Adam Roberge (Silber) lost the best young rider jersey to Thomas Revard (Hagens Berman Axeon). Team Canada also took the best overall team award, with three riders in the top 10: Cheyne in ninth, Tuft in 10th, and Piccoli with the overall title.


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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pier-André Côté (Can) Silber Pro Cycling3:02:47
2Daniel Whitehouse (GBr) Interpro Stradalli CyclingRow 1 - Cell 2
3Bruno Langlois (Can) QuébecRow 2 - Cell 2
4James Piccoli (Can) Team CanadaRow 3 - Cell 2
5Jordan Cheyne (Can) Team Canada0:00:26
6Jonathan Brown (USA) Hagens Berman Axeon0:00:52
7Rui Oliveira (Por) Axeon Hagens Berman0:01:36
8Benjamin Perry (Can) Team CanadaRow 7 - Cell 2
9Serghei Tvetcov (Rom) UnitedHealthcare Pro CyclingRow 8 - Cell 2
10Maxx Chance (USA) 303 ProjectRow 9 - Cell 2
11Pablo Andre Alarcon Cares (Mex) Canel's SpecializedRow 10 - Cell 2
12Robert Britton (Can) Rally CyclingRow 11 - Cell 2
13Francisco Mancebo Perez (Spa) Inteja-MMR Dominican Cycling TeamRow 12 - Cell 2
14Svein Tuft (Can) Team CanadaRow 13 - Cell 2
15Jack Burke (Can) Jelly Belly p/b MaxxisRow 14 - Cell 2
16Thomas Revard (USA) Hagens Berman AxeonRow 15 - Cell 2
17Keegan Swirbul (USA) Jelly Belly p/b MaxxisRow 16 - Cell 2
18Alexey Vermeulen (USA) Interpro Stradalli CyclingRow 17 - Cell 2
19Roman Villalobos (Mex) Canel's SpecializedRow 18 - Cell 2
20Aria Kiani (USA) Ride with RendallRow 19 - Cell 2
21Alistair Slater (GBr) JLT-Condor0:02:48
22Brendan Rhim (USA) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources0:03:08
23Nigel Ellsay (Can) Rally CyclingRow 22 - Cell 2
24Bernat Font Mas (Spa) 303 ProjectRow 23 - Cell 2
25Kaler Marshall (USA) Applewood GarneauRow 24 - Cell 2
26Laurent Gervais (Can) Québec0:03:24
27Adam Roberge (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:03:33
28Ian Garrison (USA) Hagens Berman AxeonRow 27 - Cell 2
29Gavin Mannion (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:04:46
30Charles-Étienne Chrétien (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:06:02
31Lachlan Norris (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:07:07
32Danick Vandale (Can) Silber Pro CyclingRow 31 - Cell 2
33Jonathan Clarke (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro CyclingRow 32 - Cell 2
34Jean-Denis Thibault (Can) Québec0:07:23
35Matthieu Jeannes (Fra) Probaclac/Devinci0:08:40
36Connor Toppings (Can) Probaclac/DevinciRow 35 - Cell 2
37Derek Gee (Can) Team CanadaRow 36 - Cell 2
38Jacob Rathe (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:09:43
39Griffin Easter (USA) 303 Project0:11:13
40Olivier Brisebois (Can) Probaclac/DevinciRow 39 - Cell 2
41Ryan Anderson (Can) Rally Cycling0:15:39
42Emerson Oronte (USA) Rally CyclingRow 41 - Cell 2
43Patrick Collins (USA) CCB FoundationRow 42 - Cell 2
44Mitchell Ketler (Can) Applewood GarneauRow 43 - Cell 2
45Joshua Kropf (Can) Applewood GarneauRow 44 - Cell 2
46Alexander Amiri (Can) NCCH p/b MGCCRow 45 - Cell 2
47Eduardo Corte Cordero (Mex) Canel's SpecializedRow 46 - Cell 2
48Jake Sitler (USA) CCB FoundationRow 47 - Cell 2
49Jonathan Sandoval Ulloa (Mex) CCB FoundationRow 48 - Cell 2
50Cullen Easter (USA) 303 ProjectRow 49 - Cell 2
51Kyle Murphy (USA) Rally CyclingRow 50 - Cell 2
52William Guzman Rosario (Dom) Inteja-MMR Dominican Cycling TeamRow 51 - Cell 2
53Steve Fisher (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:15:48
54Taylor Shelden (USA) Jelly Belly p/b MaxxisRow 53 - Cell 2
55Timothy Rugg (USA) Ride with Rendall0:17:41
DNFAndzs Flaksis (Lat) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe ResourcesRow 55 - Cell 2
DNFJohn Murphy (USA) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe ResourcesRow 56 - Cell 2
DNFRuben Companioni (Cub) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe ResourcesRow 57 - Cell 2
DNFJoseph Lewis (Aus) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe ResourcesRow 58 - Cell 2
DNFEzekiel Mostov (USA) Hagens Berman AxeonRow 59 - Cell 2
DNFMatteo Dal-Cin (Can) Rally CyclingRow 60 - Cell 2
DNFColin Joyce (USA) Rally CyclingRow 61 - Cell 2
DNFAlexander Cataford (Can) UnitedHealthcare Pro CyclingRow 62 - Cell 2
DNFDaniel Eaton (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro CyclingRow 63 - Cell 2
DNFTanner Putt (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro CyclingRow 64 - Cell 2
DNFWellin Canela Capellan (Dom) Inteja-MMR Dominican Cycling TeamRow 65 - Cell 2
DNFCormac McGeough (Irl) Jelly Belly p/b MaxxisRow 66 - Cell 2
DNFCurtis White (USA) Jelly Belly p/b MaxxisRow 67 - Cell 2
DNFÉmile Jean (Can) Silber Pro CyclingRow 68 - Cell 2
DNFNickolas Zukowsky (Can) Silber Pro CyclingRow 69 - Cell 2
DNFRyan Roth (Can) Silber Pro CyclingRow 70 - Cell 2
DNFThomas Stewart (GBr) JLT-CondorRow 71 - Cell 2
DNFMathew Gibson (GBr) JLT-CondorRow 72 - Cell 2
DNFRobert-Jon Mccarthy (GBr) JLT-CondorRow 73 - Cell 2
DNFEdmund Bradbury (GBr) JLT-CondorRow 74 - Cell 2
DNFHendrik Pineda (Can) Probaclac/DevinciRow 75 - Cell 2
DNFJulien Gagne (Can) Probaclac/DevinciRow 76 - Cell 2
DNFOlivier Péloquin (Can) Probaclac/DevinciRow 77 - Cell 2
DNFFranc Izquierdo Bernier (Can) Probaclac/DevinciRow 78 - Cell 2
DNFEfren Santos Moreno (Mex) Canel's SpecializedRow 79 - Cell 2
DNFLeonel Palma Dajui (Mex) Canel's SpecializedRow 80 - Cell 2
DNFFerman Arroyo Rossario (Mex) Interpro Stradalli CyclingRow 81 - Cell 2
DNFFlorian Hudry (Fra) Interpro Stradalli CyclingRow 82 - Cell 2
DNFKyohei Mizuno (Jpn) Interpro Stradalli CyclingRow 83 - Cell 2
DNFIsaiah Newkirk (USA) 303 ProjectRow 84 - Cell 2
DNFAustin Stephens (USA) 303 ProjectRow 85 - Cell 2
DNFChristopher Winn (Aus) 303 ProjectRow 86 - Cell 2
DNFThie Kirouac-Marcassa (Can) QuébecRow 87 - Cell 2
DNFGuillaume Davidson (Can) QuébecRow 88 - Cell 2
DNFConor Schunk (USA) CCB FoundationRow 89 - Cell 2
DNFNoah Granigan (USA) CCB FoundationRow 90 - Cell 2
DNFLukas Conly (Can) Applewood GarneauRow 91 - Cell 2
DNFEnrique Serrato Lozano (Mex) Ride with RendallRow 92 - Cell 2
DNFTimothy Austen (Can) Ride with RendallRow 93 - Cell 2
DNFJustin Purificati (Can) Ride with RendallRow 94 - Cell 2
DNFNicholas Diniz (Can) NCCH p/b MGCCRow 95 - Cell 2
DNFMartin Rupes (Can) NCCH p/b MGCCRow 96 - Cell 2
DNFJordann Jones (Can) NCCH p/b MGCCRow 97 - Cell 2
DNFEoff Chambers-Bedard (Can)NCCH p/b MGCCRow 98 - Cell 2
DNFTrevor O'Donnell (Can) NCCH p/b MGCCRow 99 - Cell 2
DNFMichael Owens (Aus) Veloselect-ApogeeRow 100 - Cell 2
DNSMichael Foley (Can) Team CanadaRow 101 - Cell 2
DNSJay Lamoureux (Can) Team CanadaRow 102 - Cell 2
DNSOliver Wood (GBr) JLT-CondorRow 103 - Cell 2
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Canada9:10:23
2Hagens Berman Axeon0:02:02
3Silber Pro Cycling0:07:33
5Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:10:53
7303 Project0:13:55
8Canel's Specialized0:16:49
9Rally Cycling0:18:21
11Applewood Garneau0:32:24
12CCB Foundation-Sicleri0:44:55
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Final General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1James Piccoli (Can) Team Canada15:11:52
2Daniel Whitehouse (GBr) Interpro Stradalli Cycling0:00:11
3Serghei Tvetcov (Rom) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:00:27
4Jack Burke (Can) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:00:49
5Robert Britton (Can) Rally Cycling0:01:03
6Alexey Vermeulen (USA) Interpro Stradalli Cycling0:01:23
7Thomas Revard (USA) Hagens Berman Axeon0:01:32
8Keegan Swirbul (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:02:17
9Jordan Cheyne (Can) Team Canada0:02:23
10Svein Tuft (Can) Team Canada0:02:28
11Adam Roberge (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:02:44
12Ian Garrison (USA) Hagens Berman Axeon0:04:14
13Roman Villalobos (Mex) Canel's Specialized0:04:22
14Francisco Mancebo Perez (Spa) Inteja-MMR Dominican Cycling Team0:04:28
15Jonathan Brown (USA) Hagens Berman Axeon0:04:42
16Nigel Ellsay (Can) Rally Cycling0:04:43
17Gavin Mannion (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:05:42
18Bernat Font Mas (Spa) 303 Project0:06:27
19Kaler Marshall (USA) Applewood Garneau0:07:27
20Charles-Étienne Chrétien (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:08:19
21Pier-André Côté (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:08:39
22Aria Kiani (USA) Ride with Rendall0:08:42
23Lachlan Norris (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:09:28
24Maxx Chance (USA) 303 Project0:11:48
25Pablo Andre Alarcon Cares (Mex) Canel's Specialized0:12:21
26Danick Vandale (Can) Silber Pro Cycling0:12:32
27Alistair Slater (GBr) JLT-Condor0:13:04
28Griffin Easter (USA) 303 Project0:13:10
29Laurent Gervais (Can) Québec0:13:11
30Bruno Langlois (Can) Québec0:13:19
31Jean-Denis Thibault (Can) Québec0:13:24
32Connor Toppings (Can) Probaclac/Devinci0:15:46
33Kyle Murphy (USA) Rally Cycling0:16:55
34Benjamin Perry (Can) Team Canada0:17:59
35Brendan Rhim (USA) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources0:19:07
36Matthieu Jeannes (Fra) Probaclac/Devinci0:19:09
37Derek Gee (Can) Team Canada0:19:39
38Ryan Anderson (Can) Rally Cycling0:20:36
39Jake Sitler (USA) CCB Foundation0:20:38
40Eduardo Corte Cordero (Mex) Canel's Specialized0:21:37
41Olivier Brisebois (Can) Probaclac/Devinci0:22:13
42Taylor Shelden (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:22:20
43Alexander Amiri (Can) NCCH p/b MGCC0:23:56
44Rui Oliveira (Por) Axeon Hagens Berman0:24:00
45Jacob Rathe (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:25:54
46Jonathan Sandoval Ulloa (Mex) CCB Foundation0:26:23
47Jonathan Clarke (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling0:28:11
48Cullen Easter (USA) 303 Project0:28:21
49Timothy Rugg (USA) Ride with Rendall0:31:48
50Steve Fisher (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:32:54
51Patrick Collins (USA) CCB Foundation0:39:16
52Emerson Oronte (USA) Rally Cycling0:40:53
53Joshua Kropf (Can) Applewood Garneau0:44:57
54William Guzman Rosario (Dom) Inteja-MMR Dominican Cycling Team1:16:46
55Mitchell Ketler (Can) Applewood Garneau1:17:39
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Points Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Serghei Tvetcov (Rom) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling52pts
2Rui Oliveira (Por) Axeon Hagens Berman52Row 1 - Cell 3
3James Piccoli (Can) Team Canada42Row 2 - Cell 3
4Jonathan Brown (USA) Hagens Berman Axeon41Row 3 - Cell 3
5Benjamin Perry (Can) Team Canada39Row 4 - Cell 3
6Adam Roberge (Can) Silber Pro Cycling37Row 5 - Cell 3
7Daniel Whitehouse (GBr) Interpro Stradalli Cycling36Row 6 - Cell 3
8Pier-André Côté (Can) Silber Pro Cycling33Row 7 - Cell 3
9Robert Britton (Can) Rally Cycling26Row 8 - Cell 3
10Gavin Mannion (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling25Row 9 - Cell 3
11Jordan Cheyne (Can) Team Canada22Row 10 - Cell 3
12Jack Burke (Can) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis22Row 11 - Cell 3
13Griffin Easter (USA) 303 Project21Row 12 - Cell 3
14Bruno Langlois (Can) Québec20Row 13 - Cell 3
15Alexey Vermeulen (USA) Interpro Stradalli Cycling19Row 14 - Cell 3
16Thomas Revard (USA) Hagens Berman Axeon19Row 15 - Cell 3
17Keegan Swirbul (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis19Row 16 - Cell 3
18Danick Vandale (Can) Silber Pro Cycling18Row 17 - Cell 3
19Svein Tuft (Can) Team Canada16Row 18 - Cell 3
20Ian Garrison (USA) Hagens Berman Axeon14Row 19 - Cell 3
21Taylor Shelden (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis12Row 20 - Cell 3
22Charles-Étienne Chrétien (Can) Silber Pro Cycling10Row 21 - Cell 3
23Joshua Kropf (Can) Applewood Garneau9Row 22 - Cell 3
24Jacob Rathe (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis8Row 23 - Cell 3
25Francisco Mancebo Perez (Spa) Inteja-MMR Dominican Cycling Team7Row 24 - Cell 3
26Pablo Andre Alarcon Cares (Mex) Canel's Specialized6Row 25 - Cell 3
27Maxx Chance (USA) 303 Project6Row 26 - Cell 3
28Bernat Font Mas (Spa) 303 Project6Row 27 - Cell 3
29Brendan Rhim (USA) Holowesko-Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources5Row 28 - Cell 3
30Kyle Murphy (USA) Rally Cycling5Row 29 - Cell 3
31Laurent Gervais (Can) Québec3Row 30 - Cell 3
32Nigel Ellsay (Can) Rally Cycling3Row 31 - Cell 3
33Roman Villalobos (Mex) Canel's Specialized2Row 32 - Cell 3
34Jake Sitler (USA) CCB Foundation2Row 33 - Cell 3
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Mountains Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResultHeader Cell - Column 3
1Benjamin Perry (Can) Team Canada33pts
2Rui Oliveira (Por) Axeon Hagens Berman27Row 1 - Cell 3
3Daniel Whitehouse (GBr) Interpro Stradalli Cycling21Row 2 - Cell 3
4Jack Burke (Can) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis20Row 3 - Cell 3
5Bruno Langlois (Can) Québec18Row 4 - Cell 3
6Griffin Easter (USA) 303 Project17Row 5 - Cell 3
7Serghei Tvetcov (Rom) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling17Row 6 - Cell 3
8Thomas Revard (USA) Hagens Berman Axeon16Row 7 - Cell 3
9Adam Roberge (Can) Silber Pro Cycling16Row 8 - Cell 3
10Jonathan Brown (USA) Hagens Berman Axeon16Row 9 - Cell 3
11James Piccoli (Can) Team Canada13Row 10 - Cell 3
12Ian Garrison (USA) Hagens Berman Axeon9Row 11 - Cell 3
13Eduardo Corte Cordero (Mex) Canel's Specialized8Row 12 - Cell 3
14Keegan Swirbul (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis7Row 13 - Cell 3
15Jordan Cheyne (Can) Team Canada7Row 14 - Cell 3
16Robert Britton (Can) Rally Cycling6Row 15 - Cell 3
17Gavin Mannion (USA) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling6Row 16 - Cell 3
18Jonathan Clarke (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling5Row 17 - Cell 3
19Charles-Étienne Chrétien (Can) Silber Pro Cycling4Row 18 - Cell 3
20Alexey Vermeulen (USA) Interpro Stradalli Cycling3Row 19 - Cell 3
21Lachlan Norris (Aus) UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling1Row 20 - Cell 3
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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Team Canada45:40:23
2Hagens Berman Axeon0:02:56
3Silber Pro Cycling0:07:06
5Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:14:46
6Rally Cycling0:15:56
7303 Project0:23:53
8Canel's Specialized0:32:33
11CCB Foundation-Sicleri1:01:48
12Applewood Garneau1:31:10


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