Huffman claims Gila time trial victory

California Giant's Evan Huffman proved his Merco Cycling Classic time trial win in March wasn't a one off in today's TT stage of SRAM Tour of the Gila. The 22-year-old powered his way over the hilly TT course to take the win over Rory Sutherland by just two seconds.

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Elite Men stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Evan Huffman (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:34:23
2Rory Sutherland (Aus) UnitedHealthcare0:00:03
3Joe Dombrowski (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:00:17
4Jeremy Vennell (NZl) Bissell Cycling0:00:24
5Lawson Craddock (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:00:38
6Francisco Mancebo (Spa) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:00:45
7Nathan English (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:00:50
8Ian Burnett (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:00:52
9Benjamin Day (Aus) UnitedHealthcare0:00:56
10Marc De Maar (AHo) UnitedHealthcareRow 9 - Cell 2
11Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Bissell Cycling0:00:59
12Cameron Wurf (Aus) Champion System0:01:02
13Gavin Mannion (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:01:06
14Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:01:09
15Luis Alberto Romero Amaran (Cub) Jamis-Sutter Home0:01:10
16Chris Baldwin (USA) Bissell Cycling0:01:11
17Robert Britton (Can) Team Rio Grande0:01:14
18Nate Wilson (USA) California Giant Cycling TeamRow 17 - Cell 2
19Rubens Bertogliati (Swi) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:01:15
20Mathew Cooke (USA) Team Exergy0:01:16
21Julian Kyer (USA) Juwi Solar0:01:17
22Sam Johnson (USA) Team Exergy0:01:22
23Phil Gaimon (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:01:23
24Paul Mach (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:01:24
25Robin Eckmann (Ger) California Giant Cycling Team0:01:28
26James Stemper (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:01:32
27Andres Miguel Diaz Corrales (Col) Team ExergyRow 26 - Cell 2
28Cesar Grajales (Col) Competitive Cyclist Racing TeamRow 27 - Cell 2
29Nathan Brown (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:01:34
30Michael Creed (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits StrategiesRow 29 - Cell 2
31Serghei Tvetcov (Mda) Team Exergy0:01:35
32Chris Butler (USA) Champion System0:01:36
33Fred Rodriguez (USA) Team Exergy0:01:38
34Julien El Fares (Fra) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:01:43
35Tom Zirbel (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits StrategiesRow 34 - Cell 2
36Sebastian Salas (Can) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits StrategiesRow 35 - Cell 2
37Morgan Schmitt (USA) Team Exergy0:01:46
38Mike Olheiser (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:01:48
39Bobby Sweeting (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:01:51
40Luis Enrique Lemus (Mex) Mexican National Team0:01:54
41Chad Haga (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:01:56
42Craig Lewis (USA) Champion System0:02:02
43Carter Jones (USA) Bissell Cycling0:02:04
44Vegard Laengen (Nor) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:02:06
45Taylor Shelden (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:02:14
46Arles Castro (Col) Colombian National TeamRow 45 - Cell 2
47Marlon Perez (Col) Colombian National Team0:02:16
48Tyler Wren (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home0:02:20
49Georg Preidler (Aut) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:02:21
50Stefan Rothe (Ger) Team Rio GrandeRow 49 - Cell 2
51George Cyrus (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:02:23
52Chad Beyer (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:02:31
53Peter Van Dyk (Ned) Jamis-Sutter Home0:02:35
54Ian Boswell (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:02:47
55James Oram (NZl) Bontrager-Livestrong TeamRow 54 - Cell 2
56Max Jenkins (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:02:48
57Reid Mumford (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:02:51
58Dan Bechtold (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:02:52
59Carlos Lopez (Mex) Mexican National TeamRow 58 - Cell 2
60Shawn Milne (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:02:53
61Weimar Roldan (Col) Colombian National Team0:02:55
62Anibal Borrajo (Arg) Jamis-Sutter Home0:02:59
63Chris Winn (Aus) Juwi SolarRow 62 - Cell 2
64Chase Pinkham (USA) Bissell Cycling0:03:02
65Kyle Wamsley (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home0:03:04
66Carson Miller (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home0:03:09
67Andrew Bajadali (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits StrategiesRow 66 - Cell 2
68David Glick (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:03:12
69Thomas Rabou (Ned) Competitive Cyclist Racing TeamRow 68 - Cell 2
70Travis Mccabe (USA) Team Landis CycleryRow 69 - Cell 2
71Gabe Varela (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:03:18
72Don Colin (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:03:20
73Kennett Peterson (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:03:22
74Scott Tietzel (USA) Juwi SolarRow 73 - Cell 2
75Garrett Mcleod (Can) Team Rio Grande0:03:24
76Jeff Louder (USA) UnitedHealthcareRow 75 - Cell 2
77Christopher Stastny (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:03:26
78Davide Frattini (Ita) UnitedHealthcare0:03:27
79Greg Krause (USA) Juwi SolarRow 78 - Cell 2
80Josh Atkins (NZl) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:03:29
81James Mattis (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:03:35
82Tanner Putt (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:03:38
83Jonathan Clarke (Aus) UnitedHealthcare0:03:39
84Jesse Goodrich (USA) Juwi Solar0:03:41
85Mathieu Roy (Can) - Gaspesien0:03:48
86Eric Young (USA) Bissell Cycling0:03:52
87Logan Loader (USA) Team Exergy0:03:59
88Andrew Meyer (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:04:05
89Michael Stone (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:04:06
90Trevor Connor (Can) Team Rio Grande0:04:07
91Frank Pipp (USA) Bissell CyclingRow 90 - Cell 2
92Colin Gibson (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:04:09
93Alejandro Borrajo (Arg) Jamis-Sutter Home0:04:10
94Jesse Reams (Can) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:04:11
95William Dugan (USA) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:04:13
96Juan Esteban Arango (Col) Colombian National Team0:04:14
97Thomas Jondall (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:04:16
98Marsh Cooper (Can) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits StrategiesRow 97 - Cell 2
99Charles Bryer (Can) - Gaspesien0:04:22
100Ryan Eastman (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:04:27
101Flavio De Luna (Mex) Mexican National TeamRow 100 - Cell 2
102Ignacio Sarabia (Mex) Mexican National Team0:04:30
103Ian Holt (USA) Juwi SolarRow 102 - Cell 2
104Chris Aten (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:04:36
105Jordan Brochu (Can) - Gaspesien0:04:39
106Stephen Leece (USA) California Giant Cycling TeamRow 105 - Cell 2
107Jonathan Hornbeck (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling TeamRow 106 - Cell 2
108Jamie Riggs (Can) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:04:44
109Chris Parrish (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:04:50
110Tyler Karnes (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:04:51
111Hector Rangel (Mex) Mexican National Team0:04:52
112Isaac Enderline (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:04:53
113Eder Frayre (Mex) Mexican National TeamRow 112 - Cell 2
114Jason Mccartney (USA) UnitedHealthcare0:04:54
115Noe Gianetti (Swi) Team Exergy0:04:57
116Chris Wingfield (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:05:00
117Edwin Avila (Col) Colombian National Team0:05:03
118Jovan Zekavica (Srb) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:05:09
119Pierrick Naud (Can) - Gaspesien0:05:11
120Parker Kyzer (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:05:20
121Luca Damiani (Ita) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:05:23
122James Driscoll (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home0:05:24
123Jose Edmundo Robledo (Mex) Mexican National TeamRow 122 - Cell 2
124Javier Megias (Spa) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:05:37
125Andrew Dahlheim (USA) Bissell Cycling0:05:38
126Anton Varabei (Can) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:05:42
127Gang Xu (Chn) Champion SystemRow 126 - Cell 2
128Justin Kerr (NZl) Team Rio Grande0:05:45
129Erik Slack (USA) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:06:00
130Luis Zamudio (USA) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:06:03
131Antoine Matteau (Can) - Gaspesien0:06:19
132Chris Jones (USA) UnitedHealthcare0:06:24
133Jean-Samuel Deshaies (Can) - Gaspesien0:06:38
134Torey Philipp (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:06:54
135Zach Hughes (Can) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:07:17
136John Philips (USA) Team Rio Grande0:07:18
137Evan Mundy (Can) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:08:18
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General classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Rory Sutherland (Aus) UnitedHealthcare7:24:34
2Joe Dombrowski (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:00:26
3Francisco Mancebo (Spa) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:01:28
4Marc De Maar (AHo) UnitedHealthcare0:01:32
5Chris Baldwin (USA) Bissell Cycling0:01:41
6Sebastian Salas (Can) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:01:54
7Evan Huffman (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:02:25
8Cesar Grajales (Col) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:02:31
9Phil Gaimon (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:02:34
10Rubens Bertogliati (Swi) Team Type 1 - SanofiRow 9 - Cell 2
11Nathan English (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:02:37
12Nate Wilson (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:02:38
13Chad Beyer (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing TeamRow 12 - Cell 2
14Luis Enrique Lemus (Mex) Mexican National Team0:02:53
15Chris Butler (USA) Champion System0:02:55
16Mathew Cooke (USA) Team Exergy0:02:57
17Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:03:15
18Tyler Wren (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home0:03:50
19Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Bissell Cycling0:03:52
20Benjamin Day (Aus) UnitedHealthcare0:03:58
21Michael Creed (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:03:59
22Luis Alberto Romero Amaran (Cub) Jamis-Sutter Home0:04:00
23Carlos Lopez (Mex) Mexican National Team0:04:01
24Cameron Wurf (Aus) Champion System0:04:04
25Tom Zirbel (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:04:08
26Morgan Schmitt (USA) Team Exergy0:04:11
27Max Jenkins (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:04:12
28Lawson Craddock (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:04:14
29Fred Rodriguez (USA) Team Exergy0:04:31
30Julien El Fares (Fra) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:04:36
31Robert Britton (Can) Team Rio Grande0:04:40
32Craig Lewis (USA) Champion System0:04:41
33Chris Winn (Aus) Juwi Solar0:04:58
34Andrew Bajadali (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:05:08
35Mike Olheiser (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:05:10
36Nathan Brown (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong TeamRow 35 - Cell 2
37Stefan Rothe (Ger) Team Rio Grande0:05:35
38Arles Castro (Col) Colombian National Team0:05:36
39Georg Preidler (Aut) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:05:39
40Peter Van Dyk (Ned) Jamis-Sutter Home0:05:44
41Julian Kyer (USA) Juwi Solar0:05:48
42Weimar Roldan (Col) Colombian National Team0:05:57
43Travis Mccabe (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:06:14
44Vegard Laengen (Nor) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:06:17
45Andres Miguel Diaz Corrales (Col) Team Exergy0:06:27
46Jonathan Clarke (Aus) UnitedHealthcare0:06:41
47Josh Atkins (NZl) Bontrager-Livestrong TeamRow 46 - Cell 2
48James Stemper (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:06:55
49Scott Tietzel (USA) Juwi Solar0:07:08
50Bobby Sweeting (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:07:11
51Juan Esteban Arango (Col) Colombian National Team0:07:16
52Hector Rangel (Mex) Mexican National Team0:07:17
53Ian Holt (USA) Juwi Solar0:07:23
54Ignacio Sarabia (Mex) Mexican National Team0:07:25
55Tanner Putt (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:07:27
56Jonathan Hornbeck (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:07:34
57Marsh Cooper (Can) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:07:40
58Chad Haga (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:07:41
59Thomas Rabou (Ned) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:07:42
60Don Colin (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:07:45
61Chris Parrish (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:07:59
62Robin Eckmann (Ger) California Giant Cycling Team0:08:00
63Ian Burnett (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:08:01
64Jose Edmundo Robledo (Mex) Mexican National Team0:08:03
65James Mattis (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:08:06
66Carson Miller (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home0:08:08
67Jeff Louder (USA) UnitedHealthcare0:08:12
68Reid Mumford (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:08:17
69Jeremy Vennell (NZl) Bissell Cycling0:08:32
70Stephen Leece (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:08:50
71Serghei Tvetcov (Mda) Team Exergy0:08:52
72Kennett Peterson (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling TeamRow 71 - Cell 2
73Gabe Varela (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:08:58
74Gavin Mannion (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:09:05
75James Oram (NZl) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:09:08
76Taylor Shelden (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:09:23
77Ian Boswell (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:09:24
78Marlon Perez (Col) Colombian National Team0:09:29
79Jordan Brochu (Can) - Gaspesien0:09:32
80Noe Gianetti (Swi) Team Exergy0:09:34
81Flavio De Luna (Mex) Mexican National Team0:09:44
82Torey Philipp (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:09:47
83Carter Jones (USA) Bissell Cycling0:09:57
84Eder Frayre (Mex) Mexican National Team0:10:06
85Luis Zamudio (USA) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:10:20
86Chris Aten (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:10:26
87Jesse Goodrich (USA) Juwi Solar0:10:34
88Anibal Borrajo (Arg) Jamis-Sutter Home0:10:42
89Shawn Milne (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:10:44
90Frank Pipp (USA) Bissell Cycling0:11:00
91Chase Pinkham (USA) Bissell Cycling0:11:05
92Jovan Zekavica (Srb) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:11:06
93Edwin Avila (Col) Colombian National Team0:11:09
94Pierrick Naud (Can) - Gaspesien0:11:10
95Andrew Meyer (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:11:18
96Thomas Jondall (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:11:32
97Erik Slack (USA) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:11:40
98Sam Johnson (USA) Team Exergy0:11:48
99Javier Megias (Spa) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:11:49
100Greg Krause (USA) Juwi Solar0:12:09
101Eric Young (USA) Bissell Cycling0:12:41
102Ryan Eastman (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:12:50
103David Glick (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:13:26
104Jean-Samuel Deshaies (Can) - Gaspesien0:13:28
105Gang Xu (Chn) Champion System0:13:33
106Charles Bryer (Can) - Gaspesien0:13:51
107Alejandro Borrajo (Arg) Jamis-Sutter Home0:14:00
108Paul Mach (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:14:16
109Mathieu Roy (Can) - Gaspesien0:15:08
110Garrett Mcleod (Can) Team Rio Grande0:16:17
111Jason Mccartney (USA) UnitedHealthcare0:16:37
112Dan Bechtold (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:16:48
113George Cyrus (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:17:42
114Luca Damiani (Ita) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:17:59
115Chris Jones (USA) UnitedHealthcare0:18:14
116Zach Hughes (Can) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:18:57
117James Driscoll (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home0:19:39
118Andrew Dahlheim (USA) Bissell Cycling0:19:40
119Justin Kerr (NZl) Team Rio Grande0:20:28
120Davide Frattini (Ita) UnitedHealthcare0:20:47
121Christopher Stastny (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:21:26
122John Philips (USA) Team Rio Grande0:21:42
123Michael Stone (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:22:36
124Logan Loader (USA) Team Exergy0:22:44
125Jamie Riggs (Can) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:24:08
126Chris Wingfield (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:24:24
127Kyle Wamsley (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home0:25:22
128Tyler Karnes (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:28:56
129William Dugan (USA) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:30:17
130Anton Varabei (Can) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:31:47
131Antoine Matteau (Can) - Gaspesien0:34:52
132Colin Gibson (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:38:20
133Jesse Reams (Can) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:51:08
134Parker Kyzer (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:52:08
135Isaac Enderline (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:53:18
136Trevor Connor (Can) Team Rio Grande0:53:23
137Evan Mundy (Can) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:58:47
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Young rider classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joe Dombrowski (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team7:25:00
2Evan Huffman (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:01:59
3Nate Wilson (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:02:12
4Luis Enrique Lemus (Mex) Mexican National Team0:02:27
5Chris Butler (USA) Champion System0:02:29
6Lawson Craddock (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:03:48
7Nathan Brown (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:04:44
8Georg Preidler (Aut) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:05:13
9Julian Kyer (USA) Juwi Solar0:05:22
10Travis Mccabe (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:05:48
11Vegard Laengen (Nor) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:05:51
12Josh Atkins (NZl) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:06:15
13Bobby Sweeting (USA) Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:06:45
14Tanner Putt (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:07:01
15Jonathan Hornbeck (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:07:08
16Chad Haga (USA) Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:07:15
17Don Colin (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:07:19
18Robin Eckmann (Ger) California Giant Cycling Team0:07:34
19Carson Miller (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home0:07:42
20Stephen Leece (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:08:24
21Serghei Tvetcov (Mda) Team Exergy0:08:26
22Gabe Varela (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:08:32
23Gavin Mannion (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:08:39
24James Oram (NZl) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:08:42
25Taylor Shelden (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team0:08:57
26Ian Boswell (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:08:58
27Jordan Brochu (Can) - Gaspesien0:09:06
28Noe Gianetti (Swi) Team Exergy0:09:08
29Flavio De Luna (Mex) Mexican National Team0:09:18
30Torey Philipp (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:09:21
31Carter Jones (USA) Bissell Cycling0:09:31
32Eder Frayre (Mex) Mexican National Team0:09:40
33Chris Aten (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:10:00
34Jesse Goodrich (USA) Juwi Solar0:10:08
35Chase Pinkham (USA) Bissell Cycling0:10:39
36Jovan Zekavica (Srb) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:10:40
37Edwin Avila (Col) Colombian National Team0:10:43
38Pierrick Naud (Can) - Gaspesien0:10:44
39Andrew Meyer (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:10:52
40Thomas Jondall (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:11:06
41Erik Slack (USA) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:11:14
42Eric Young (USA) Bissell Cycling0:12:15
43Ryan Eastman (USA) Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:12:24
44Jean-Samuel Deshaies (Can) - Gaspesien0:13:02
45Charles Bryer (Can) - Gaspesien0:13:25
46Garrett Mcleod (Can) Team Rio Grande0:15:51
47George Cyrus (USA) Team Landis Cyclery0:17:16
48Zach Hughes (Can) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:18:31
49Andrew Dahlheim (USA) Bissell Cycling0:19:14
50Christopher Stastny (USA) California Giant Cycling Team0:21:00
51Michael Stone (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:22:10
52Logan Loader (USA) Team Exergy0:22:18
53Jamie Riggs (Can) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:23:42
54Tyler Karnes (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:28:30
55William Dugan (USA) Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:29:51
56Antoine Matteau (Can) - Gaspesien0:34:26
57Colin Gibson (USA) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:37:54
58Jesse Reams (Can) Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:50:42
59Parker Kyzer (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:51:42
60Isaac Enderline (USA) BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:52:52
61Evan Mundy (Can) Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:58:21
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Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Competitive Cyclist Racing Team22:18:50
3Kenda 5 Hour Energy0:03:18
4Bontrager-Livestrong Team0:03:53
5California Giant Cycling Team0:03:56
6Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefits Strategies0:04:27
7Team Exergy0:06:01
8Bissell Cycling0:06:23
9Champion System0:06:32
10Team Type 1 - Sanofi0:07:26
11Jamis-Sutter Home0:08:12
12Mexican National Team0:08:40
13Juwi Solar0:10:52
14Colombian National Team0:11:23
15Team Landis Cyclery0:16:40
16Hagens Berman Cycling Team0:17:49
17Team Rio Grande0:19:46 - Gaspesien0:22:28
19BMC - Hincapie Sportswear Development Team0:23:20
20Jet Fuel Cycling Team0:32:55
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Elite Women stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristin Armstrong (USA) Exergy TWENTY120:37:13
2Alison Powers (USA) NOW and Novartis for MS0:02:05
3Carmen Small (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:02:11
4Tara Whitten (Can) Team TIBCO0:02:46
5Jasmin Glaesser (Can) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:02:48
6Anne Samplonius (Can) NOW and Novartis for MS0:03:18
7Jade Wilcoxson (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:03:28
8Alison Tetrick (USA) Exergy TWENTY120:03:29
9Maria Louisa Calle Williams (Col) Colombian National Team0:03:38
10Olivia Dillon (Irl) NOW and Novartis for MS0:03:50
11Andrea Dvorak (USA) Exergy TWENTY120:03:54
12Emily Kachorek (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racingRow 11 - Cell 2
13Jessica Cutler (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing0:04:05
14Tayler Wiles (USA) Exergy TWENTY120:04:15
15Janel Holcomb (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:04:17
16Lindsay Myers (USA) Team TIBCO0:04:33
17Elizabeth 'Beth' Newell (USA) NOW and Novartis for MS0:04:44
18Heather Logan Springer (Can) Exergy TWENTY120:04:49
19Robin Farina (USA) NOW and Novartis for MS0:04:59
20Veronique Fortin (Can) Team TIBCO0:05:01
21Lauren Hall (USA) Team TIBCO0:05:13
22Kathryn Donovan (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:05:30
23Kathryn Bertine (SKN) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:05:31
24Kathryn Hunter (USA) Landis/Trek0:05:39
25Julie Emmerman (USA) Landis/Trek0:06:00
26Moriah Macgregor (Can) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:06:08
27Anna Sanders (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:06:10
28Courteney Lowe (NZl) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:06:16
29Jen Weinbrecht (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing0:06:26
30Jamie Dinkins Bookwalter (USA) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:06:28
31Emma Grant (GBr) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:06:32
32Lex Albrecht (Can) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:06:39
33Pascale Schnider (Swi) Exergy TWENTY120:06:48
34Melanie Colavito (USA) Landis/Trek0:06:56
35Loren Rowney (Aus) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:07:01
36Amy Charity (USA) Steamboat Velo p/b MOOTS0:07:10
37Anna Barensfeld (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:07:12
38Catherine Johnson (USA) Panache0:07:24
39Julie Anne Cutts (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:07:31
40Mary Zider (USA) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:07:33
41Leah Guloien (Can) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:07:38
42Alisha Welsh (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing0:07:40
43Mary Maroon (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:07:45
44Devon Gorry (USA) NOW and Novartis for MS0:08:02
45Jacquelyn Crowell (USA) Exergy TWENTY120:08:15
46Christina Gokey-Smith (USA) NOW and Novartis for MS0:08:16
47Amy McGuire (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:08:20
48Kasey Clark (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing0:08:23
49Natalie Koch (USA) Landis/Trek0:08:26
50Joanie Caron (Can) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:09:27
51Liza Rachetto (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing0:09:50
52Rachel Cieslewicz (USA) Canyon Bicycles0:10:09
53Amy Dombroski (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:10:24
54Kimberley Turner (USA) Naked Women's Racing0:11:34
55Caitlin Laroche (USA) Landis/Trek0:12:01
56Kaelly Simpson (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:12:41
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General classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristin Armstrong (USA) Exergy TWENTY127:31:05
2Carmen Small (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:05:01
3Alison Powers (USA) NOW and Novartis for MS0:05:29
4Jade Wilcoxson (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:07:45
5Janel Holcomb (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:07:56
6Emily Kachorek (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing0:08:15
7Maria Louisa Calle Williams (Col) Colombian National Team0:09:43
8Jasmin Glaesser (Can) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:09:48
9Olivia Dillon (Irl) NOW and Novartis for MS0:09:52
10Tayler Wiles (USA) Exergy TWENTY120:09:55
11Andrea Dvorak (USA) Exergy TWENTY120:10:08
12Jessica Cutler (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing0:10:15
13Robin Farina (USA) NOW and Novartis for MS0:10:21
14Lindsay Myers (USA) Team TIBCO0:11:25
15Kathryn Donovan (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:11:52
16Anna Sanders (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:12:47
17Elizabeth 'Beth' Newell (USA) NOW and Novartis for MS0:14:04
18Courteney Lowe (NZl) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:15:08
19Melanie Colavito (USA) Landis/Trek0:15:52
20Tara Whitten (Can) Team TIBCO0:21:20
21Alison Tetrick (USA) Exergy TWENTY120:28:21
22Anne Samplonius (Can) NOW and Novartis for MS0:29:16
23Veronique Fortin (Can) Team TIBCO0:29:47
24Catherine Johnson (USA) Panache0:29:48
25Kathryn Hunter (USA) Landis/Trek0:30:07
26Jen Weinbrecht (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing0:30:27
27Heather Logan Springer (Can) Exergy TWENTY120:30:29
28Julie Emmerman (USA) Landis/Trek0:30:57
29Moriah Macgregor (Can) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:31:03
30Leah Guloien (Can) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:31:21
31Emma Grant (GBr) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:31:23
32Anna Barensfeld (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:32:08
33Jamie Dinkins Bookwalter (USA) Colavita-espnW Pro CyclingRow 32 - Cell 2
34Kathryn Bertine (SKN) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:32:16
35Mary Zider (USA) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:32:35
36Lex Albrecht (Can) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies0:32:56
37Alisha Welsh (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing0:33:18
38Devon Gorry (USA) NOW and Novartis for MS0:34:00
39Loren Rowney (Aus) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:34:12
40Amy Charity (USA) Steamboat Velo p/b MOOTS0:35:51
41Jacquelyn Crowell (USA) Exergy TWENTY120:36:10
42Kasey Clark (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing0:36:26
43Pascale Schnider (Swi) Exergy TWENTY120:36:28
44Amy McGuire (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:38:01
45Liza Rachetto (USA) Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing0:38:40
46Rachel Cieslewicz (USA) Canyon Bicycles0:40:34
47Amy Dombroski (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:41:32
48Joanie Caron (Can) Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:43:51
49Caitlin Laroche (USA) Landis/Trek0:44:00
50Lauren Hall (USA) Team TIBCO0:44:31
51Christina Gokey-Smith (USA) NOW and Novartis for MS0:44:43
52Julie Anne Cutts (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:45:39
53Natalie Koch (USA) Landis/Trek0:46:13
54Mary Maroon (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:48:01
55Kaelly Simpson (USA) FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:50:07
56Kimberley Turner (USA) Naked Women's Racing0:50:22
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Teams classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Exergy TWENTY1222:52:43
2Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strateg0:01:28
3NOW and Novartis for MS0:04:36
4Primal/MapMyRide Women's ra0:29:29
5FCS|ROUSE p/b Mr. Restore0:38:57
6Team TIBCO0:39:11
7Colavita-espnW Pro Cycling0:50:37

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