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Rojas solos to second Spanish road race title

Jose Joaquin Rojas pulls on the Spanish champion's jersey

Jose Joaquin Rojas pulls on the Spanish champion's jersey (Image credit: Movistar Team)

"Rojas has been unbeatable." With the silver medal on his chest, Ángel Vicioso (Katusha) synthesized the feeling of all the riders who took part today in the road race at the Spanish National Championship. José Joaquín Rojas (Movistar) won the race for second time in his career from a successful breakaway, defeating his companions Vicioso and Jordi Simón (Verva-ActiveJet) with a final attack with five kilometres to go.

The race was held on Cocentaina, birthplace of the mastermind behind this edition of the Spanish National Championships, Vicente Belda. Soul of the once noteworthy Kelme-Costa Blanca team, Belda was pleased to see his son David, tiny climber now riding for the Roth-Skoda team, make the main breakaway of the day.

Six riders escaped along with David Belda. The two main Spanish teams, Movistar Team and Caja Rural, put two riders each in the group: Rubén Fernández and José Herrada for the blue team, Diego Rubio and Miguel Ángel Benito for the green. Two youngsters were there as well: Basque prospect Alex Aranburu (Euskadi-Murias) and Giro finisher Cristian Rodríguez (Willier-Southeast).

The breakaway wasn't meant to succeed and was definitely doomed when Benito lost contact, therefore provoking a situation where Caja Rural wasn't even with Movistar. The Professional Continental team took the reins of the peloton and almost neutralized the group. Only Fernández and Belda attacked in two to survive ahead of the pack.

There were two laps left over a hilly course that, without big climbs, accumulated almost 600 metres of elevation gain over 32 kilometres. On the toughest part of the circuit, Mikel Landa (Sky) and Purito Rodríguez (Katusha) made a move that didn't break clear. The following attack by Jordi Simón did.

The Catalan rider, now racing for the Polish team Verva-ActiveJet, found good company for his willing to be offensive. Sergio Pardilla (Caja Rural), Rojas and Vicioso followed his wheel while he bridged across to the pair that still resisted as head of the race.

Despite some powerful attacks from the peloton, including a remarkable one with Iván García Cortina (Klein Constantia) and Luis Ángel Maté (Cofidis) and a couple of accelerations by Rubén Plaza (Orica-GreenEdge), the fight for the medals was a matter for the six-man group that had formed ahead. With 15 kilometres to go, Simón made a big attack to raise the bar and leave behind Fernández, Belda and Pardilla.

It was then when the Rojas show started. The rider from Murcia went on the offensive time and again. "I wanted to get rid of Vicioso," he asserted on the press conference. And so he did with 5 kilometres to go. "He doubted for a bit and I took the chance to beat him."

This victory is the first for Rojas this season, and the 30th for Movistar Team. "I've had a good season so far. Recently I had good performances at both Giro d'Italia and Route du Sud, so I was confident I could fight for this win," he explained. "Maybe I've shifted my role a bit the last couple of years, from sprinter to domestique, but victory isn't everything. Thanks to this new focus I've improved as a rider. Now I can win from afar and don't have to wait for the sprint anymore."

Asked about his plans for the rest of the season, Rojas explained he intended to participate on the Vuelta a España and was unsure of contesting the Qatar Worlds. "Frankly, I don't know what to expect. I didn't make the Spanish squad for Richmond last year despite of being in great shape. In fact, the Spanish coach [Javier Mínguez] has never called me nor talked to me. I don't trust him."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jose Joaquin Rojas Gil (Spa) Movistar Team4:45:22
2Angel Vicioso Arcos (Spa) Team Katusha0:00:07
3Jordi Simon Casulleras (Spa) Verva ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team
4Alejandro Valverde Belmonte (Spa) Movistar Team0:00:13
5Jesus Herrada Lopez (Spa) Movistar Team
6Vicente Garcia De Mateos Rubio (Spa) Louletano - Hospital de Loule
7Carlos Barbero Cuesta (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
8Francisco José Ventoso Alberdi (Spa) Movistar Team
9Luis Leon Sanchez Gil (Spa) Astana Pro Team
10Angel Madrazo Ruiz (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
11Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Movistar Team
12Luis Angel Mate Mardones (Spa) Cofidis, Solutions Credits
13Oscar Pujol Munoz (Spa) Team Ukyo
14Benjamin Prades (Spa) Team Ukyo
15Garikoitz Bravo Oiarbide (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias
16Mikel Landa Meana (Spa) Team Sky
17Alberto Losada Alguacil (Spa) Team Katusha
18David Arroyo Duran (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
19Julio Alberto Amores Palacios (Spa)
20Jonathan Lastra Martinez (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
21Egoitz Fernández (Spa)
22Jesus Ezquerra Muela (Spa) Sporting/Tavira
23Sergio Casanova (Spa)
24Víctor De La Parte (Spa) CCC Sprandi Polkowice
25Mikel Bizkarra (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias
26Jesus Del Pino Corrochano (Spa) Burgos BH
27Jose Antonio De Segovia Botella (Spa) Louletano - Hospital de Loule0:00:26
28Diego Rubio (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
29Ruben Plaza Molina (Spa) Orica-GreenEdge
30Ivan Martinez Jimenez (Spa)0:00:30
31Imanol Erviti (Spa) Movistar Team
32Victor Etxebarria Carrasco (Spa) Radio Popular - Boavista
33Ruben Fernandez (Spa) Movistar Team
34Jonathan Castroviejo Nicolas (Spa) Movistar Team
35Mikel Iturria Segurola (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias
36Manuel Sola (Spa)0:00:35
37Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Team Katusha0:00:41
38Luis Mas Bonet (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
39Antonio Angulo Sampedro (Spa)0:00:46
40Sergio Pardilla Bellon (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:00:49
41Benat Txoperena Matxikote (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias0:00:51
42David Belda Garcia (Spa) Team Roth0:00:52
43Igor Merino Cortazar (Spa) Burgos BH0:01:28
44Ivan Garcia Cortina (Spa) Klein Constantia0:01:38
45Imanol Estevez (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias0:02:48
46Eduard Prades Reverte (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA0:04:12
47Martin Lestido Rey (Spa) Tusnad Cycling Team0:08:40
48Pablo Torres Muino (Spa) Burgos BH
49Marcos Jurado Rodriguez (Spa)
50Jon Izaguirre Insausti (Spa) Movistar Team
51Daniel Sánchez (Spa)0:11:01
52Aser Estevez Cividanes (Spa)
53Pedro Merino Criado (Spa)
54Sergio Pérez (Spa)0:11:03
55Jose Miralles (Spa) Tusnad Cycling Team0:11:04
56Raúl Martínez De M. (Spa)
57Iker Esquibel (Spa)
58Victor Martinez Garcia (Spa)
59Jesús Alberto Rubio (Spa) Nasr Dubai0:11:07
60Gabriel Reguero Corral (Spa) Team Differdange - Losch0:11:15
61Alexander Unzueta (Spa)
62Juan Ignacio Perez Martin (Spa) W52/FC Porto
63Javier Francisco Aramendia Lorente (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
64Arnau Soe Vall (Spa) Burgos BH0:11:21
65Alex Aranburu (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias
66Pedro Gregori (Spa)
67Enrique Sanz (Spa) Wilier Triestina-Southeast
68Cristian Carralero (Spa) Louletano - Hospital de Loule
69Carlos Jimenez Lozano (Spa) Radio Popular - Boavista
70Salvador Guardiola Tora (Spa) Team Ukyo
71Sergio Rodríguez (Spa)
DNFJorge Arcas Pena (Spa) Movistar Team
DNFJosé Herrada Lopez (Spa) Movistar Team
DNFGorka Izaguirre Insausti (Spa) Movistar Team
DNFJavier Moreno Bazan (Spa) Movistar Team
DNFAntonio Pedrero Lopez (Spa) Movistar Team
DNFMarc Soler (Spa) Movistar Team
DNFMiguel Angel Benito Diez (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
DNFPello Bilbao Lopez De Armentia (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
DNFJaime Roson Garcia (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
DNFHector Saez Benito (Spa) Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
DNFJorge Cubero Galvez (Spa) Burgos BH
DNFDaniel Lopez Parada (Spa) Burgos BH
DNFAlvaro Robredo Crespo (Spa) Burgos BH
DNFIbai Salas (Spa) Burgos BH
DNFPeio Olaberria (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias
DNFAritz Bagües (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias
DNFAdrian Gonzalez (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias
DNFEneko Lizarralde (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias
DNFAitor Gonzalez (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias
DNFGotzon Udondo (Spa) Euskadi Basque Country - Murias
DNFAntonio Piedra Perez (Spa) Funvic Soul Cycles - Carrefour
DNFPablo Urtasun Perez (Spa) Funvic Soul Cycles - Carrefour
DNFRafael Valls Ferri (Spa) Lotto Soudal
DNFJesus Hernandez Blazquez (Spa) Tinkoff Team
DNFCristian Rodriguez Martin (Spa) Wilier Triestina-Southeast
DNFDaniel Gines Martin (Spa) d'Amico Bottecchia
DNFAntonio Domene Soriano (Spa) Dare Gobik
DNFJuan Jesus Martinez Antolin (Spa) Dare Gobik
DNFJavier Valero Amat (Spa) Dare Gobik
DNFJosé Alberto Marquez Moreno (Spa) GM Europa Ovini
DNFRafael Marquez Raigon (Spa) Inteja-MMR Dominican Cycling Team
DNFIsrael Nuno Arguelles (Spa) Inteja-MMR Dominican Cycling Team
DNFJoaquin Sobrino Martinez (Spa) Inteja-MMR Dominican Cycling Team
DNFRicardo Garcia Ambroa (Spa) Kinan Cycling Team
DNFMarcos Garcia (Spa) Kinan Cycling Team
DNFEnric Mas Nicolau (Spa) Klein Constantia
DNFRuben Caseny Catala (Spa) Massi - Kuwait Cycling Project
DNFAxel Costa Soria (Spa) Massi - Kuwait Cycling Project
DNFMarc Vilanova Marsa (Spa) Massi - Kuwait Cycling Project
DNFEloy Teruel Rovira (Spa) Louletano - Hospital de Loule
DNFPeio Goikoetxea (Spa) Manzana Postobon Team
DNFPablo Guerrero Bonilla (Spa) Radio Popular - Boavista
DNFÓscar González (Spa) Sporting/Tavira
DNFSebastia Mascaro Rigo (Spa) Tusnad Cycling Team
DNFRodrigo Lorente Araque (Spa) Team Ukyo
DNFFrancesc Zurita (Spa) Team Vorarlberg
DNFArtur Martí (Spa)
DNFMario Arranz (Spa)
DNFDaniel Estévez (Spa)
DNFLlorenç García (Spa)
DNFIllart Zuazubiskar Gallastegi (Spa)
DNFGonzalo Andrés (Spa)
DNFJesús Montero (Spa)
DNFJosu Zabala (Spa)
DNFAdrián García (Spa)
DNFCristian Astals Fernandez (Spa)
DNFMarc Cayuela (Spa)
DNFIsmael López Valle (Spa)
DNFGenís Soriano (Spa)
DNFJoaquín Badia (Spa)
DNFMiquel Carrió (Spa)
DNFJosé Luis Cobo (Spa)
DNFManuel Jiménez (Spa)
DNFÓscar Panisello (Spa)
DNFAdrián Merino (Spa)
DNFMarcos Altur Boronat (Spa)
DNFJose Manuel Cayuela Lopez (Spa)
DNFFrancisco Del Rincón (Spa)
DNFÓscar Hernández (Spa)
DNFFernando Márquez (Spa)
DNFRicardo Márquez (Spa)
DNFAbraham Carneado (Spa)
DNFDiego Fernández (Spa)
DNFDavid Francisco Delgado (Spa)
DNFMiguel Llaneza (Spa)
DNFAlberto Lucas (Spa)
DNFNoel Martin Infante (Spa)
DNFMarcos Rojo (Spa)
DNFAitor Escobar (Spa)
DNFJavier Chacon (Spa)
DNFÁngel Gutiérrez (Spa)
DNFAngel De Julian Vazquez (Spa)
DNFJosé Manuel Gutierrez Revuelta (Spa)
DNFMiguel Gomez Crespo (Spa)
DNFJosé Luis Mariño (Spa)
DNFSergio Míguez (Spa)
DNFErik Altuna (Spa)
DNFIñigo Ojeda (Spa)
DNFJorge Ferrer (Spa)
DNFJesús Ortiz (Spa)
DNFJuan Carlos Ramirez (Spa)
DNFFrancisco Santana (Spa)
DNFDavid Santillana (Spa)
DNFEric Valiente (Spa)


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