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Cyrus Monk solos to U23 Australian road race title

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Cyrus Monk (Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team) celebrates his national title win

Cyrus Monk (Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team) celebrates his national title win (Image credit: Con Chronis)
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Cyrus Monk (Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team) in the green and gold

Cyrus Monk (Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team) in the green and gold (Image credit: Con Chronis)
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Cyrus Monk (Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team) had plenty of time to celebrate his victory

Cyrus Monk (Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team) had plenty of time to celebrate his victory (Image credit: Con Chronis)
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James Whelan narrowly holds off Michael Potter for silver

James Whelan narrowly holds off Michael Potter for silver (Image credit: Con Chronis)
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Silver medallist James Whelan (InForm Tineli)

Silver medallist James Whelan (InForm Tineli) (Image credit: Con Chronis)
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Cyrus Monk (Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team) riding solo to the win

Cyrus Monk (Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team) riding solo to the win (Image credit: Con Chronis)

Cyrus Monk (Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team) has added his name to the list of Australian U23 road race champions with solo victory in Buninyong. Monk rode across the two-man breakaway of Reece Tucknott and Mcgregor Carter on the penultimate lap, dropping both and taking out the green and gold jersey.

Taking his time in the long finishing straight, Monk duly celebrated the biggest win of his young career. Behind, James Whelan (InForm Tineli), led-out early and narrowly held off Michael Potter (Australian Cycling Academy) for the silver medal 26 seconds later. Potter's teammate Dylan Sunderland was the third rider in the first group to claim fourth. Tucknott capped off a successful day with fifth place.

"It is pretty hard to believe at the moment. You try and picture that every training ride for the past four months so it is pretty hard to believe it has actually happened," Monk said after his win.

The race was shortened due to extreme heat on Victoria's hottest day in two years and Monk explained that initially he was "furious" with the decision and urged his team to complain to the national body. "Even this morning I was asking if they could change it. I really wanted the long distance to wear the riders down," he said.

Praising teammates Liam Magennis and Paddy Burt for making the race hard, Monk added that using both his head and legs was crucial in securing the win.

Chasing from behind, Whelan explained the group believed they could catch Monk before the line. However, games of "cat and mouse" in the final 5km scuttled their chances. Lacking a sprint the former middle-distance runner took a late flier and just held off Potter for silver.

"It was a race for second coming in with two or three kilometres to go and then I went with about a key and half to go because I am not a sprinter and that is my best card to play," said Whelan, adding "this is the biggest result I have ever had."

While bronze is often a maligned medal, Potter was "elated" with the result and was quick to praise Monk for the win and his team for the opportunity. Defending champion Samuel Jenner (Mitchelton-BikeExchange) rolled over in a group 39 seconds down on Monk in 12th place.

How it unfolded

Due to the dry conditions and temperatures predicted to be into the high 30s, the road race had been cut in length and moved into the earlier time slot of 9am. A change in the course for 2018, lengthening the lap to 11.6km was further departure from the norm. An aggressive opening on the early laps led to a trio of Ashley Mackay (Australian Cycling Academy, Reece Tucknott and Mcgregor Carter forming the breakaway.

The three riders’ lead hovered around the 90-second mark while aggressive racing in the peloton saw a number of riders drop of the contention. The 11 abandons after just three laps were an indication of how hard and hot the race was. For Alex Porter, a bee sting rather than the pace of the race ended his day early.

As the race entered its denouement, the trio had become two with Tucknott and Carter pressing on alone 49 seconds to the good. Coming around for the third last lap, the lead was down to 30 seconds with Cyrus Monk chasing hard in the attempt to bridge the gap. On the climb, Michael Potter (Australian Cycling Academy) led the first round of attacks but it would be Monk who succeeded in getting clear.

Catching and then dropping Tucknott, Monk steadily built his advantage and ensured behind it was a fight for silver with his green and gold jersey waiting for him on the line finish line.


Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Cyrus Monk (Aus) Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team2:24:48
2James Whelan (Aus) InForm Tineli0:00:26
3Michael Potter (Aus) Australian Cycling Academy
4Dylan Sunderland (Aus) Bennelong SwissWellness
5Reece Tucknott (Aus)0:00:31
6Mathew Ross (Aus)0:00:39
7Jason Lea (Aus) Bennelong SwissWellness
8Angus Lyons (Aus) mobius BridgeLane
9Callum Scotson (Aus) Mitchelton-BikeExchange
10Drew Morey (Aus) Terengganu Cycling Team
11Sebastian Berwick (Aus)
12Samuel Jenner (Aus) Mitchelton-BikeExchange
13Alexander Evans (Aus) mobius BridgeLane
14Harrison Sweeny (Aus) Mitchelton-BikeExchange0:03:00
15Peter Livingstone (Aus) mobius BridgeLane0:03:18
16Nicholas White (Aus) Oliver's Real Food Racing0:03:31
17Jarrad Drizners (Aus) SASI
18Jonathan Noble (Aus) Brisbane Continental Cycling Team
19Calan White (Aus) Brisbane Continental Cycling Team
20Connor Reardon (Aus)
21Ethan Berends (Aus) mobius BridgeLane
22Jordan Schmidt (Aus)
23Macgregor Carter (Aus)0:05:52
24Sebastian Presley (Aus)0:06:41
25Robert Stannard (Aus) Mitchelton-BikeExchange0:08:39
26Thomas Green (Aus) GPM0:12:07
27Angus Calder (Aus) Nero KOM Racing0:12:26
28Cameron Scott (Aus) Australian Cycling Academy
29Shaun Falzarano (Aus)0:12:36
30Dylan McKenna (Aus) AMR Renault Racing Team
31Jordan Villani (Aus)0:13:26
32Thomas Allford (Aus) Van D'am Racing0:13:45
33Benjamin Andrews (Aus) Oliver's Real Food Racing
34Harrison Bailey (Aus) GPM
35Patrick Burt (Aus) Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team
36Callum Dolby (Aus)
37Ethan Egglestone (Aus) Van D'am Racing
38Lachlan Holliday (Aus) PMR
39Aidan Kampers (Aus) Australian Cycling Academy
40Alex Lack (Aus)
41Daniel Luke (Aus)
42Liam Magennis (Aus) Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team
43Richard Maher (Aus)
44Thomas McDonald (Aus)
45Henry Pennell (Aus)
46Sam Welsford (Aus) Australian Cycling Academy
47Craig Wiggins (Aus) mobius BridgeLane
48Rohan Wight (Aus) Tirol
49Riley Terrens (Aus)0:15:15
50Hamish Webber (Aus)
51Jake Brooker (Aus)0:15:17
52Alastair Christie-Johnston (Aus) Bennelong SwissWellness
53Matthew Gassner (Aus)
54Campbell Jones (Aus) Oliver's Real Food Racing
55Patrick Kennedy (Aus)
56Tom McCracken (Aus)
57Bradley Soden (Aus)
58Alexander Holden (Aus)
59Jordan Louis (Aus) St George Continental Cycling Team0:16:44
60Iven Bennett (Aus) Van D'am Racing0:18:18
61Brandon Conway (Aus)
62Curtis Dowdell (Aus)
63Thomas Jones (Aus)
64Bryce Lanigan (Aus) Satalyst Verve Racing
65Liam Lawlor (Aus) Van D'am Racing
66Tim Lennon (Aus)
67Jonathan Lewis (Aus) VMR
68Liam Nolan (Aus) mobius BridgeLane
69Callum Pearce (Aus)
70Leigh Phillips (Aus) Nero KOM Racing
71Timothy Sellar (Aus)
72Daniel Simpson (Aus)
DNFScott Reynolds (Aus)
DNFChris Powell (Aus)
DNFBraden O'Shea (Aus) SASI
DNFCooper Sayers (Aus) SASI
DNFAndrew Gynes (Aus)
DNFHarrison Scott (Aus)
DNFJoshua Beikoff (Aus)
DNFOliver Parsons (Aus)
DNFBailey Walters (Aus)
DNFNicholas Villiers (Aus)
DNFJulian Thomson (Aus)
DNFLeighton Taylor (Aus)
DNFKeegan Sutton-Baker (Aus)
DNFZak Sunderland (Aus)
DNFDaniel Siwek (Aus) Van D'am Racing
DNFNicholas Simpson (Aus) AMR Renault Racing Team
DNFFrahn Sequoia (Aus)
DNFLachlan Scott (Aus)
DNFMark Sampson (Aus)
DNFDavid Randall (Aus) Van D'am Racing
DNFAlex Porter (Aus) Bennelong SwissWellness
DNFLiam Pino (Aus)
DNFJack Patzel (Aus)
DNFKallum Parlevliet (Aus) InForm Tineli
DNFRobert Parker (Aus)
DNFJames Pane (Aus) Drapac EF p/b Cannondale Holistic Development Team
DNFToby Orchard (Aus) Australian Cycling Academy
DNFKelland O'Brien (Aus) Australian Cycling Academy
DNFBentley Niquet-Olden (Aus)
DNFDaniel Newman (Aus) MTR
DNFSamuel Munday (Aus) Team Novo Nordisk
DNFIndiana Michel (Aus)
DNFHarrison Mclean (Aus)
DNFThomas McFarlane (Aus)
DNFJohn Maguire (Aus)
DNFJade Maddern (Aus)
DNFAshley Mackay (Aus) Australian Cycling Academy
DNFKian Lerch-Mackinnon (Aus)
DNFSamuel Lane (Aus)
DNFNicholas Kirwan (Aus) MTR
DNFKaydon Jeffreys (Aus)
DNFSam Horan (Aus)
DNFThomas Hooper (Aus)
DNFThomas Hodge (Aus) Balmoral Cycling Club
DNFAlastair Hirsch (Aus)
DNFMackenzie Hastings (Aus)
DNFOliver Hartung (Aus)
DNFLachlan Harrigan (Aus)
DNFRoss Gordon (Aus) InForm Tineli
DNFRiley Fleming (Aus) GPM
DNFJacob Emmerton (Aus)
DNFLiam Edwards (Aus) mobius BridgeLane
DNFFlynn Eady-Jennings (Aus)
DNFAmarni Drake (Aus) Australian Cycling Academy
DNFTony Doherty (Aus)
DNFMatthew De Vroet (Aus) Van D'am Racing
DNFNicholas Darling (Aus) AMR Renault Racing Team
DNFLachlan Darch (Aus) Van D'am Racing
DNFNicholas Costello (Aus)
DNFJoshua Corcoran (Aus) GPM
DNFXavier Cooper (Aus)
DNFFintan Conway (Aus) Oliver's Real Food Racing
DNFHarry Cleary (Aus)
DNFAlex Clairs (Aus)
DNFTom Chester (Aus)
DNFNathan Burrell (Aus)
DNFPatrick Brett (Aus)
DNFThomas Bolton (Aus) Oliver's Real Food Racing
DNFAdam Blazevic (Aus)
DNFNathan Aver (Aus)
DNFJasper Albrecht (Aus) AMR Renault Racing Team
DNSTom Gough (Aus)
DNSMyles Stewart (Aus)
DNSOliver Smith (Aus) Brisbane Continental Cycling Team
DNSWilliam Hodges (Aus) GPM
DNSTearloch Carr (Aus)


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