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Backcountry cycling deals: The best savings on bikes, clothing, helmets and more

Backcountry deals
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Backcountry is not the first retail destination that may pop into your head for cycling gear, but the products on offer at would not be out of place in the WorldTour peloton, let alone the Sunday club rides that we're more likely to be attending. The company also owns Competitive Cyclist. 

Throughout the year you're likely to find a range of great cycling deals at Backcountry mixed in among the climbing, skiing, and camping gear. You never know what bargains there are to be found, and they cover everything from bikes to clothing and everything in between.

To save you the trouble of constantly checking back for the latest deals, we're keeping this page current with all the best Backcountry cycling deals as and when they happen. If you're on the lookout for a bargain, you've come to the right place.

Backcountry cycling deals

Components | up to 80% off
There are a lot of great bike components available in the Backcountry sales right now. Including huge savings on road tyres, heavily discounted bar tape, and hundreds of saddles from brands such as Selle Italia and Astute.View Deal

Clothing and accessories | up to 88% off
As the seasons transition and the weather gets colder, now is high time to be adding some winter clothing to your wardrobe. For a strange, yet fortuitous reason, Backcountry have decided that now is also the right time to discount their winter kit offering, with huge savings on Assos, Castelli and Sportful. View Deal

Cycling shoes | up to 58% off
No matter the time of year, a good pair of cycling shoes is an investment that can transform your ride. As with the winter clothing, there's a collection of winter shoes on offer, as well as normal cycling shoes for those of us who live further south. View Deal

Road bikes | up to 61% off
Road bikes have been pretty hard to come by in 2020, what with factories closing and demand increasing simultaneously. It seems Backcountry still has plenty of stock, and they're offering some handsome discounts. View Deal

Gravel bikes | up to 50% off
If you're fed up of riding on the road and being close-passed by cars, or just want to exercise your adventurous side a little more, then a gravel bike is the answer. There aren't too many left, but what's there is worth a look. View Deal

Zipp Tangente Speed R28 Tyre | 65% off
Was $65.00 | Now $20.99
Zipp knows a thing or two about wheels, tyres and going fast. So you can be sure these Tagente Speed tyres will be quick. They'll probably be quick to sell out, too, given they're now under $21 for the increasingly popular 28c width.View Deal

Schwalbe One Tyre-Clincher | 55% off
Was $76.00 | Now $33.99
If you're running 28mm rubber, you can snag a pair of Schwalbe One clinchers for what a single tyre would usually cost.View Deal

Giro Aether Spherical Helmet | 20% off
Was $349.95 | Now $279.96
Backcountry has marked the Giro Aether Spherical helmet down by 20% in the matte black and purple, midnight bars, matte true spruce, olive, highlight yellow, and blue colours. S, M and L sizes are available as long as you're not picky about what colour.View Deal

Selle SMP Bar Tape Grip Gel | 64% off
Was $54.00 | Now $19.49
Have you been spending a lot of time on the indoor trainer this year?  When was the last time you checked under your bartape to look for sweat build up? Or maybe your cockpit just needs a refresh. Give your bike some love for under 20 bucks with this Selle SMP Grip Gel Bar Tape, in white or black.View Deal

Continental Gatorskin Tyre - Black Edition | 52% off
Was $59.95 | Now $28.99
Winter is coming... Well, for many of us, it's very much here. Sigh. Standing on the side of the road fixing punctures is never fun, but it's even worse during the winter. So get yourself a pair of Continental Gatorskins, which we are about 85% sure could survive a nuclear blast and still hold 85psi. Available in 25, 28 and 32c widths.View Deal

Smith Attack Mag Chromapop Sunglasses | up to 60% off
Was $259.00 | Now from $99.60
Smith's Attack Mag sunglasses utilise ultrastrong magnets for arguably the easiest lens change system on the market. The arms have what looks like an alligator clip on the end, which grabs the lens and is secured with the magnet. No bending, stressing, snapping or fingerprints required, plus they come with Smith's Chromapop lens.View Deal

Oakley Sutro Prizm Sunglasses | Up to 30% off
Was $186.00 | Now from $116.20
The Sutro have fast become some of the best cycling sunglasses available, and the Origins versions launched just a few months back to much fanfare. They have always been competitive on price in comparison to other Oakley models, but they're now available at an even better price across various colours.View Deal

Sportful Fiandre Light Norain Top - Women's | Up to 44% off
Was $179.95 | Now from $94.99
Sportful gear is getting hammered at Backcountry at the moment, but that's far from a bad thing for us consumers, who can get a whole host of winter kit just in time for the bad weather demons to arrive. This women's light rain jersey is available in several sizes and three colours, with up to 44% off.View Deal

Gore C3 Gore-Tex Active Jacket | Up to 33% off
Was $199.95 | Now from $134.95
With its slightly loose fit, the C3 Gore-Tex Active jacket from Gore is versatile enough to be combined with other layers for warmth when needed. The jacket itself is light, breathable and fully waterproof, and can be packed down into a small bundle for stashing away when not needed. It's recommended for use in cool temperatures, from 41-59 degrees Fahrenheit. View Deal

Castelli Sanremo 4.0 Speed Suit | up to 31% off
Was $399.95 | Now from $274.95
The Sanremo 4.0 Speed Suit combines the aerodynamics of a skinsuit, and adds pockets and double bottom for versatility and convenience. The top half is constructed using Castelli's Velocity Rev2 fabric, while the bottom is the brand's high-performance Free Aero Race 4 Short. The double bottom design makes getting in and out of the suit a less difficult endeavour, and makes nature breaks more convenient, too. The silver gray colourway is available in every size.View Deal

Giro Factor Techlace Cycling Shoe | up to 46% off
Was $349.95 | Now from $189.95
Combining laces, BOAs and velcro closures, Giro's Factor Techlace blends the three lightweight closures for a highly adjustable pair of road kicks. With an Easton EC90SLX2 sole, they are more than stiff enough to please even a WorldTour pro. While the white and yellow versions are showing limited sizes, Backcountry has almost every size in the range in black – which is the best colour for shoes anyway.View Deal

Giro Empire ACC Cycling Shoe | up to 45% off
Was $299.95| Now from $164.95 
If the above Factor Techlace shoe seems too complicated then Giro's Empire shoe is for you. Sticking to good old fashioned laces, the Empire's micro-fibre uppers and stiff Easton EC90 ACC carbon sole mean there is more than enough performance. Backcountry has a good range of sizes across five different colours.View Deal

Sportful Stelvio Jacket - Men's | up to 40% off
Was $359.95 | Now from $214.95
Why Backcountry is discounting this Stelvio jacket by 40% at this time of year is beyond us. It's a darn good jacket, and we'd be happy to pay full price, especially given the interminable winter is now upon us.View Deal

Lazer Z1 helmet | 26% off
Was $229.95 | Now $139.99
This top-notch helmet from Belgian helmet specialists Lazer is on offer at a great deal. The yellow, red and matt black are discounted by 26%, and are showing stock across the sizes. A very light and comfortable lid with great protection capabilities.View Deal

Assos Equipe RS Jacket - Men's | up to 26% off
Was $349.00 | Now $259.95
If your ride is more about rain than cold, then the Assos Equipe RS jacket is the perfect solution. It's a bit spendy, but it's the last jacket you'll ever buy, so we think it's worth it.View Deal

Castelli Alpha Ros Jacket - Men's | 20% off
Was $349.95 | Now $279.96
The Alpha Ros is pretty much the last word in winter-beating cycling jackets. It's one of our favourites, and it's now available with 20% off, just in time for the cold to hit. As long as you're not fussy about colour, there is stock available in S and M in Red, but only S in Black.View Deal

Castelli Alpha RoS Jacket - Women's | 20% off
Was $349.95 | Now $279.99
Winter cycling isn't a man's game, it's a cyclist's game. Luckily, women can battle the elements in some level of comfort, too, with the Alpha Ros women's jacket at 20% off. There is only size S in the silver grey colour, but if you like black, only XS remains.View Deal

Sidi Shot Vent Carbon Cycling Shoe - Men's| Up to 30% off
Was $549.99 | Now $384.98
The Sidi Shot shoes are a premium offering from the Italian shoe brand and feature a super-stiff vented carbon sole that's perfect for racing, and, as always with Sidi, an eye-wateringly expensive price tag. Until this deal, that is. If you're not too fussy, the glow yellow/black version is marked down by 30%, while the rest of the colours are full price.View Deal

Santa Cruz Stigmata Carbon CC | 10% off
Was $9,899.00 | Now $8,909.00
Can we call this almost-$9,000 bike a deal? Probably not, but if we were picking the bike of our dreams, this would be high on the list, so we couldn't resist.  

If you've got $9k burning a hole in your pocket... then maybe you should put it towards the down payment on a house or something more sensible... But if you insist on spending it on a bike, don't let us stop you! 

If you don't have $9k, then why not just check out the specs and enjoy a little daydreaming? Only size 54cm in Mustard still available.View Deal

Cervelo S3 Disc Road Frameset | 41% off
Was $4,200.00 | Now $2,499.00
If you've been looking for an excuse to build up a frameset, the Cervelo S3 Disc Road might just be the kick in the pants you need to start a project. The frame is of course aero optimised, and built using the brand's Finite Element Analysis to ensure the lay-up is working in overdrive, providing max stiffness without the weight. 

If a frameset build is something you're looking to do, there are frames in the smart-looking fluro-yellow and black, in sizes from 51 to 61.

If you like this bike, but don't want to source the parts, Backcountry has you covered with an Ultegra build for 10% off.View Deal

While this is a short round-up of our favourite deals currently available at Backcountry, there is a lot more where that came from, so browse the Backcountry sale for yourself. 

Alternatively, if you've not found what you're looking for above, then the list below overviews our ecosystem of articles dedicated to finding the best deals available. We've got deals pages tailored to road bikes, electric bikes, clothing and more. As well as other retailer-specific deals round-ups.

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