Heather tops Sulzberger for Oceania TT crown

Corset rounds out the podium


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Taryn Heather (Vic)0:39:02.63 
2Grace Sulzberger (Tas)0:00:53.37 
3Ruth Corset (Qld)0:00:59.19 
4Katrin Garfoot (Qld)0:01:58.56 
5Felicity Wardlaw (Vic)0:02:16.09 
6Sarah Roy (NSW)0:02:52.47 
7Lucy Coldwell (Vic)0:03:01.13 
8Allison Rice (ACT)0:03:14.93 
9Emily Roper (Qld)0:03:37.91 
10Carla Ryan (Qld)0:03:39.74 
11Lisa Keeling (ACT)0:04:12.22 
12Ellen Skerritt (Qld)0:04:13.17 
13Samantha De Riter (Vic)0:04:34.86 
14Susan Mcalister (Qld)0:05:36.03 
15Alexandra O'Dea (Qld)0:06:02.30 
16Rachel Ward (Vic)0:06:14.44 
17Cassandra Dodd (Qld)0:06:18.24 
18Kerry Knowler (ACT)0:06:36.04 
19Stephanie Frawley (Vic)0:07:23.21 
20Alice Wallett (ACT)0:07:38.21 
21Claire Trembath (Qld)0:09:04.75 
DNSBelinda Althaus (NSW)  
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