Driscoll takes the win on day 2 at Charm City

Saturday's winner Werner second, White third

Jamey Driscoll won the second day of elite men's racing at the Charm City Cross in Baltimore, Maryland.

While the women's events on both Saturday and Sunday were dominated by Ellen Noble (Trek Factory Racing CX), Driscoll had finished third on Saturday to winner Kerry Werner (Kona Maxxis Shimano) and runner-up Matthieu Boulo (Team Pays de Dinan).

Werner would be right up there again with second place on Sunday, some 11 seconds off Driscoll's pace, with Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld's Curtis White finishing third, and Boulo in fourth.

Werner explained afterwards that the conditions were completely different to Saturday's race, with the course having dried out considerably.

"But every lap we'd hit this mud bog towards the end of the lap," he said.

"There was a gradual climb up out of it, and I was losing a decent amount of time on that every lap. If I was behind someone, they'd open up a decent gap so that was an error on my part."

However, Driscoll had been nowhere to be seen during the opening four laps of the eight-lap race, with Werner and Garneau-Easton's Michael van den Ham having already taken a small gap on the rest of the field, and later joined by Boulo and White.

Van den Ham was soon dropped, and then Boulo, with Werner and White at the head of affairs with three laps to go.

But Driscoll timed his late charge to perfection, catching first Boulo, and then White after Werner went it alone to try to make it two race wins out of two for the weekend.

Only on the last lap did Driscoll eventually make contact, sweeping Werner aside on the climb out of the difficult mud pit before putting the power down again to romp away for the win.

"I'm very, very excited to take home the victory today," said Driscoll.

"I was just pleasantly surprised to see that I was close enough to Kerry and Curtis, who were leading all day. When I was actually able to make contact, I thought it was that mental edge going into the last lap or two.

"I know that form doesn't last forever, but I think I can maintain this," he continued. "Usually when I've had good form, I've kept it pretty effectively. I'm looking forward to a well-planned-out schedule with proper rest," he said.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1James Driscoll (USA)1:03:12 
2Kerry Werner (USA)0:00:11 
3Curtis White (USA)0:00:31 
4Matthieu Boulo (Fra)0:01:21 
5Tobin Ortenblad (USA)0:02:15 
6Lane Maher (USA)0:02:29 
7Bjorn Selander (USA)0:03:05 
8Jack Kisseberth (USA)0:04:04 
9Cooper Willsey (USA)0:04:20 
10Samuel O'keefe (USA)0:04:47 
11Merwin Davis (USA)0:05:28 
12Travis Livermon (USA)0:05:48 
13Greg Wittwer (USA)0:06:47 
14Byron Rice (USA)0:06:57 
15Eric Thompson (USA)0:07:23 
16Andrew Giniat (USA)0:07:55 
17David Gunnerson (USA)0:08:59 
18Kale Wenczel (USA)-2 laps 
19Patrick Collins (USA)-2 laps 
20Trevor Raab (USA)-2 laps 
21Andrew Wulfkuhle (USA)-2 laps 
22Christian Sundquist (USA)-2 laps 
23Scott Albaugh (USA)-2 laps 
24Benjamin Gomez Villafane (USA)-2 laps 
25Joseph Thomas (USA)-3 laps 
26Michael Potter (USA)-3 laps 
27Trent Blackburn (USA)-3 laps 
28Kevin Ellsworth (USA)-3 laps 
29Robert Marion (USA)-3 laps 
30Jon Okenfuss (USA)-3 laps 
31Spencer Johnston (USA)-3 laps 
32Jesse Stauffer (USA)-4 laps 
DNFMichael Van Den Ham (Can)  
DNFScott Smith (USA)  
DNFAlex Ryan (USA)  
DNFDylan Postier (USA)  
DNFThomas Borner (USA)  
DNFJames Norris (USA)  
DNFJared Nieters (USA)  
DNSJeremy Powers (USA)  
DNSGregory Gunsalus (USA)  
DNSJon Fields (USA)  

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