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Track Worlds: Ganna defends Individual Pursuit title

Filippo Ganna beat his previous Individual Pursuit World Record Friday in Berlin to defend his UCI Track World Championships title, setting a new best world mark of 04:01.934 in the qualifying round.

The 23-year-old Italian, who rides on the road for Team Ineos, went on to beat American Ashton Lambie by 04.173 in the finals to defend his rainbow jersey. Corentin Ermenault (France) beat Jonathan Milan (Italy) for bronze.

The women's Omnium was also decided on Friday, with Yumi Kajihara emerging victorious after four events, beating Letizia Paternoster (Italy) by 11 points and Daria Pikulik (Poland)  by 20.

The Japanese rider won the opening Scratch Race, was second in the Tempo Race, third in the Elimination Race and eighth in the closing Points Race, which Paternoster won.

Germany's Emma Hinze took top honours on the women's Sprint, cruising past Wai Sze Lee (China) in the semi-finals and then disposing of Russia's Anastasiia Voinova in two heats to take the gold. Lee beat Canada's Kelsey Mitchell for bronze.

The men decided two more rainbow jerseys Friday, with Dutchman Sam Ligtlee clocking the best time and the rainbow jersey in the 1km Time Trial and New Zealand's Corbin Strong winning the points race ahead of Sebastian Mora Vedri (Spain) and Roy Eefting (Netherlands).

Women's Omnium – Scratch Race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yumi Kajihara (Japan)
2Jennifer Valente (United States of America)
3Clara Copponi (France)
4Maria Martins (Portugal)
5Letizia Paternoster (Italy)
6Daria Pikulik (Poland)
7Xiaofei Wang (People's Republic of China)
8Georgia Baker (Australia)
9Lydia Boylan (Ireland)
10Sze Wing Lee (Hong Kong, China)
11Jolien D'hoore (Belgium)
12Anita Yvonne Stenberg (Norway)
13Olga Zabelinskaya (Uzbekistan)
14Olivija Baleisyte (Lithuania)
15Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark)
16Andrea Waldis (Switzerland)
17Holly Edmondston (New Zealand)
18Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)
19Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)
20Allison Beveridge (Canada)
20Laura Kenny (Great Britain)
20Rinata Sultanova (Kazakhstan)
20Lizbeth Yareli Salazar Vazquez (Mexico)
20Ting Ying Huang (Chinese Taipei)

Men's 1km Time Trial - Qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Quentin Lafargue (France) 0:00:59.324
2Sam Ligtlee (Netherlands) 0:00:00.266
3Michael de Almeida (France) 0:00:00.650
4Vincent de Haitre (Canada) 0:00:00.694
5Theo Bos (Netherlands) 0:00:00.709
6Maximilian Dornbach (Germany) 0:00:00.908
7Muhammad Fadhil Mohd Zonis (Malaysia) 0:00:00.981
8Nicholas Kergozou (New Zealand) 0:00:00.987
9Tomas Babek (Czech Republic) 0:00:01.126
10Joachim Eilers (Germany) 0:00:01.347
11Melvin Landerneau (France) 0:00:01.437
12Santiago Ramirez Morales (Colombia) 0:00:01.502
13Francesco Lamon (Italy) 0:00:01.553
14Alexander Porter (Australia) 0:00:01.636
15Cameron Scott (Australia) 0:00:01.733
16Samuel Dakin (New Zealand) 0:00:01.880
17Jose Moreno Sanchez (Spain) 0:00:02.007
18Andrey Chugay (Kazakhstan) 0:00:02.335
19Tsz Chun Law (Hong Kong, China) 0:00:02.676
20Yongjia Luo (People's Republic of China) 0:00:03.306
21Francesco Ceci (Italy) 0:00:03.407
22Sergey Ponomaryov (Kazakhstan) 0:00:03.781
DNSKrzysztof Maksel (Poland)

Men's Individual Pursuit - Qualifying
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Filippo Ganna (Italy) 0:04:01.934
2Ashton Lambie (United States of America) 0:00:01.706
3Corentin Ermenault (France) 0:00:05.659
4Jonathan Milan (Italy) 0:00:06.160
5Felix Gross (Germany) 0:00:06.994
6Stefan Bissegger (Switzerland) 0:00:07.777
7Claudio Imhof (Switzerland) 0:00:08.368
8Ivo Oliveira (Portugal) 0:00:08.895
9Domenic Weinstein (Germany) 0:00:10.637
10Davide Plebani (Italy) 0:00:11.468
11Alexander Evtushenko (Russian Federation) 0:00:13.794
12Jay Lamoureux (Canada) 0:00:15.131
13Lucas Plapp (Australia) 0:00:16.586
14Thomas Denis (France) 0:00:17.055
15Mikhail Shemetau (Belarus) 0:00:17.410
16Wojciech Ziolkowski (Poland) 0:00:19.528
17Alisher Zhumakan (Kazakhstan) 0:00:22.977
18Vitalijs Kornilovs (Latvia) 0:00:43.644
DNSLev Gonov (Russian Federation)

Women's Omnium - Tempo Race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus) 27
2Yumi Kajihara (Japan) 26
3Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark) 22
4Jennifer Valente (United States of America) 6
5Kirsten Wild (Netherlands) 2
6Daria Pikulik (Poland) 2
7Jolien D'hoore (Belgium) 1
8Laura Kenny (Great Britain)
9Letizia Paternoster (Italy)
10Maria Martins (Portugal)
11Georgia Baker (Australia)
12Anita Yvonne Stenberg (Norway)
13Lydia Boylan (Ireland)
14Xiaofei Wang (People's Republic of China)
15Holly Edmondston (New Zealand)
16Clara Copponi (France)
17Sze Wing Lee (Hong Kong, China)
18Andrea Waldis (Switzerland)
19Olga Zabelinskaya (Uzbekistan)
20Olivija Baleisyte (Lithuania)
21Rinata Sultanova (Kazakhstan)
DNSAllison Beveridge (Canada)
DNSLizbeth Yareli Salazar Vazquez (Mexico)
DNSTing Ying Huang (Chinese Taipei)

Women's Omnium - Elimination Race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)
2Letizia Paternoster (Italy)
3Yumi Kajihara (Japan)
4Jolien D'hoore (Belgium)
5Maria Martins (Portugal)
6Georgia Baker (Australia)
7Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark)
8Daria Pikulik (Poland)
9Anita Yvonne Stenberg (Norway)
10Xiaofei Wang (People's Republic of China)
11Laura Kenny (Great Britain)
12Andrea Waldis (Switzerland)
13Lydia Boylan (Ireland)
14Holly Edmondston (New Zealand)
15Olivija Baleisyte (Lithuania)
16Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)
17Clara Copponi (France)
18Olga Zabelinskaya (Uzbekistan)
19Sze Wing Lee (Hong Kong, China)
20Jennifer Valente (United States of America)
21Rinata Sultanova (Kazakhstan)

Men's 1km Time Trial - Finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sam Ligtlee (Netherlands) 0:00:59.495
2Quentin Lafargue (France) 0:00:00.254
3Michael de Almeida (France) 0:00:00.608
4Vincent de Haitre (Canada) 0:00:00.624
5Theo Bos (Netherlands) 0:00:00.835
6Maximilian Dornbach (Germany) 0:00:01.105
7Nicholas Kergozou (New Zealand) 0:00:01.212
8Muhammad Fadhil Mohd Zonis (Malaysia) 0:00:01.400
9Tomas Babek (Czech Republic)
10Joachim Eilers (Germany)
11Melvin Landerneau (France)
12Santiago Ramirez Morales (Colombia)
13Francesco Lamon (Italy)
14Alexander Porter (Australia)
15Cameron Scott (Australia)
16Samuel Dakin (New Zealand)
17Jose Moreno Sanchez (Spain)
18Andrey Chugay (Kazakhstan)
19Tsz Chun Law (Hong Kong, China)
20Yongjia Luo (People's Republic of China)
21Francesco Ceci (Italy)
22Sergey Ponomaryov (Kazakhstan)
Krzysztof Maksel (Poland)

Men's Individual Pursuit - Finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Filippo Ganna (Italy) 0:04:03.875
2Ashton Lambie (United States of America) 0:00:04.173
3Corentin Ermenault (France) 0:00:06.046
4Jonathan Milan (Italy) 0:00:09.292
5Felix Gross (Germany)
6Stefan Bissegger (Switzerland)
7Claudio Imhof (Switzerland)
8Ivo Oliveira (Portugal)
9Domenic Weinstein (Germany)
10Davide Plebani (Italy)
11Alexander Evtushenko (Russian Federation)
12Jay Lamoureux (Canada)
13Lucas Plapp (Australia)
14Thomas Denis (France)
15Mikhail Shemetau (Belarus)
16Wojciech Ziolkowski (Poland)
17Alisher Zhumakan (Kazakhstan)
18Vitalijs Kornilovs (Latvia)
Lev Gonov (Russian Federation)

Women's Sprint - Semi Finals
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult

Heat 1, Race 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emma Hinze (Germany)
2Wai sze Lee (Hong Kong, China)

Heat 1, Race 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emma Hinze (Germany)
2Wai sze Lee (Hong Kong, China)

Heat 2, Race 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anastasiia Voinova (Federation Russian)
2Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)

Heat 2, Race 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)
2Anastasiia Voinova (Federation Russian)

Heat 2, Race 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Anastasiia Voinova (Federation Russian)
2Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)

Women's Omnium - Points Race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Letizia Paternoster (Italy)
2Daria Pikulik (Poland)
3Laura Kenny (Great Britain)
4Jennifer Valente (United States of America)
5Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark)
6Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)
7Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)
8Yumi Kajihara (Japan)
9Anita Yvonne Stenberg (Norway)
10Maria Martins (Portugal)
11Lydia Boylan (Ireland)
12Holly Edmondston (New Zealand)
13Olga Zabelinskaya (Uzbekistan)
14Clara Copponi (France)
15Sze Wing Lee (Hong Kong, China)
16Jolien D'hoore (Belgium)
17Andrea Waldis (Switzerland)
18Xiaofei Wang (People's Republic of China)
19Georgia Baker (Australia)
20Rinata Sultanova (Kazakhstan)
21Olivija Baleisyte (Lithuania)
Allison Beveridge (Canada)
Lizbeth Yareli Salazar Vazquez (Mexico)
Ting Ying Huang (Chinese Taipei)

Women's Omnium - Final Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Yumi Kajihara (Japan) 121
2Letizia Paternoster (Italy) 109
3Daria Pikulik (Poland) 100
4Maria Martins (Portugal) 92
5Jennifer Valente (United States of America) 85
6Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark) 85
7Kirsten Wild (Netherlands) 83
8Jolien D'hoore (Belgium) 82
9Anita Yvonne Stenberg (Norway) 66
10Xiaofei Wang (People's Republic of China) 64
11Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus) 63
12Laura Kenny (Great Britain) 60
13Lydia Boylan (Ireland) 58
14Georgia Baker (Australia) 56
15Clara Copponi (France) 55
16Holly Edmondston (New Zealand) 36
17Sze Wing Lee (Hong Kong, China) 34
18Andrea Waldis (Switzerland) 34
19Olga Zabelinskaya (Uzbekistan) 28
20Rinata Sultanova (Kazakhstan) -16
21Olivija Baleisyte (Lithuania) -52
DNFAllison Beveridge (Canada)
DNFLizbeth Yareli Salazar Vazquez (Mexico)
DNFTing Ying Huang (Chinese Taipei)

Women' Sprint Finals - Gold
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult

Race 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emma Hinze (Germany)
2Anastasiia Voinova (Federation Russian)

Race 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Emma Hinze (Germany)
2Anastasiia Voinova (Federation Russian)

Women's Sprint Finals - Bronze
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult

Race 1
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wai sze Lee (Hong Kong, China)
2Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)

Race 2
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wai sze Lee (Hong Kong, China)
2Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)

Men's Points Race
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Corbin Strong (New Zealand) 58
2Sebastian Mora Vedri (Spain) 40
3Roy Eefting (Netherlands) 36
4Wojciech Pszczolarski (Poland) 32
5Viktor Manakov (Russian Federation) 29
6Raman Ramanau (Belarus) 26
7Kenny de Ketele (Belgium) 20
8Bryan Coquard (France) 13
9Michele Scartezzini (Italy) 12
10Cyrille Thiery (Switzerland) 12
11Ignacio Sarabia Diaz (Mexico) 10
12Mark Stewart (Great Britain) 10
13Moritz Malcharek (Germany) 6
14Viktor Filutas (Hungary) 5
15Vitaliy Hryniv (Ukraine) 5
16Christos Volikakis (Greece) 3
17Daniel Holloway (United States of America) 3
18Mark Downey (Ireland) 2
19Stefan Mastaller (Austria) 1
20Michael Foley (Canada)
21Roman Vassilenkov (Kazakhstan)
22Yacine Chalel (Algeria) -18
DNFNicolas Pietrula (Czech Republic)

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