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Iserbyt wins junior World Cup in Valkenburg


Junior men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eli Iserbyt (Bel) Belgium0:46:32
2Max Gulickx (Ned) Netherlands0:00:36
3Johan Jacobs (Swi) Switzerland0:00:54
4Thomas Bonnet (Fra) France0:01:09
5Jappe Jaspers (Bel) Belgium0:01:56
6Stefano Sala (Ita) Italy0:02:18
7Giorgio Rossi (Ita) Italy0:03:05
8Sandy Dujardin (Fra) France0:03:08
9Pascal Eenkhoorn (Ned) Netherlands
10Alexis Bourmaud (Fra) France0:03:19
11Gianni Siebens (Bel) Belgium0:03:26
12Gavin Haley (USA) United States Of America0:03:31
13Wesley Floren (Ned) Netherlands0:03:34
14Jens Dekker (Ned) Netherlands0:03:37
15Victor Vandebosch (Bel) Belgium0:03:41
16Kevin Kuhn (Swi) Switzerland0:03:49
17Mehdy Henriet (Fra) France0:03:57
18Joel Grab (Swi) Switzerland0:04:00
19Antonio Folcarelli (Ita) Italy0:04:04
20Lance Haidet (USA) United States Of America0:04:08
21Maik Van Der Heijden (Ned) Netherlands0:04:21
22Jarne Driesen (Bel) Belgium0:04:26
23Mart Muskens (Ned) Netherlands-B0:04:35
24Mitch Groot (Ned) Netherlands-B0:05:04
25Erik Boer (Ned) Netherlands-B0:05:20
26Jenko Bonne (Bel) Belgium0:05:24
27Thijs Wolsink (Ned) Netherlands0:05:34
28Lois Dufaux (Swi) Switzerland0:05:37
29Colin Heiderscheid (Lux) Luxembourg0:05:47
30Michel Ries (Lux) Luxembourg0:05:48
31Bryan Bouwmans (Ned) Netherlands-B0:05:58
32Per Wiggers (Ned) Netherlands-B0:06:02
33Lukas Kunt (Cze) Czech Republic0:06:28
34Federico Mandelli (Ita) Italy0:06:44
35Mario Junquera (Spa) Spain0:07:46
-1lapJonas Brezina (Cze) Czech Republic
-1lapDylan Bouwmans (Ned) Netherlands-B
-1lapLauritz Urnauer (Ger) Germany
-1lapMartin Matejcek (Cze) Czech Republic
-1lapLudwig Cords (Ger) Germany
-1lapRaphael Schroder (Ger) Germany
-1lapVaclav Sirucek (Cze) Czech Republic
-1lapTarik Haupt (Ger) Germany
-1lapJordan Lewis (USA) United States Of America
-1lapNoah Fries (Lux) Luxembourg
-1lapDiego Guglielmetti (Ita) Italy
-2lapsRoman Benc (Cze) Czech Republic
-2lapsPaul Rudolph (Ger) Germany
-2lapsTom Rees (Lux) Luxembourg
-2lapsJan Novak (Cze) Czech Republic
-2lapsMichael Schubel (Ger) Germany

Junior men World Cup standings
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eli Iserbyt (Bel) Belgium60pts
2Max Gulickx (Ned) Netherlands50
3Johan Jacobs (Swi) Switzerland45
4Thomas Bonnet (Fra) France40
5Jappe Jaspers (Bel) Belgium35
6Stefano Sala (Ita) Italy30
7Giorgio Rossi (Ita) Italy28
8Sandy Dujardin (Fra) France26
9Pascal Eenkhoorn (Ned) Netherlands24
10Alexis Bourmaud (Fra) France22
11Gianni Siebens (Bel) Belgium20
12Gavin Haley (USA) United States Of America19
13Wesley Floren (Ned) Netherlands18
14Jens Dekker (Ned) Netherlands17
15Victor Vandebosch (Bel) Belgium16
16Kevin Kuhn (Swi) Switzerland15
17Mehdy Henriet (Fra) France14
18Joel Grab (Swi) Switzerland13
19Antonio Folcarelli (Ita) Italy12
20Lance Haidet (USA) United States Of America11
21Maik Van Der Heijden (Ned) Netherlands10
22Jarne Driesen (Bel) Belgium9
23Mart Muskens (Ned) Netherlands8
24Mitch Groot (Ned) Netherlands7
25Erik Boer (Ned) Netherlands6
26Jenko Bonne (Bel) Belgium5
27Thijs Wolsink (Ned) Netherlands4
28Lois Dufaux (Swi) Switzerland3
29Colin Heiderscheid (Lux) Luxembourg2
30Michel Ries (Lux) Luxembourg1
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