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Koerber and Wilson win Trans-Sylvania stage 5

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Sam Koerber blasts through rocks during the first enduro segment.

Sam Koerber blasts through rocks during the first enduro segment. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Marc Basiliere lining up his landing on the final air-born section of the course

Marc Basiliere lining up his landing on the final air-born section of the course (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Dejay Birtch getting air over the road gap at the end of the stage.

Dejay Birtch getting air over the road gap at the end of the stage. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Brian Conroy speeding out of the woods to the finish.

Brian Conroy speeding out of the woods to the finish. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Donna Miller enjoying a wooded section of trail while racing to an impressive finish in the enduro category of the race.

Donna Miller enjoying a wooded section of trail while racing to an impressive finish in the enduro category of the race. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Amanda Carey briefly emerges from a shaded section of trail.

Amanda Carey briefly emerges from a shaded section of trail. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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David Noletti descends with a smile through a unique tunnel of maples.

David Noletti descends with a smile through a unique tunnel of maples. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Laura Gleason burst out of a particularly vegetated section mid-way through the course.

Laura Gleason burst out of a particularly vegetated section mid-way through the course. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Derek Bissett displays necessary control to bomb the difficult descents of RB Winter State Park.

Derek Bissett displays necessary control to bomb the difficult descents of RB Winter State Park. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Jon Firth makes his way between the rocks to another Men’s Duo podium finish.

Jon Firth makes his way between the rocks to another Men’s Duo podium finish. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Mike Festa handles a wooded corner.

Mike Festa handles a wooded corner. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Andrea Wilson focuses on her line during a steep descent.

Andrea Wilson focuses on her line during a steep descent. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Matt Ferrari picks his way through the leaf-covered rocks of an early descent.

Matt Ferrari picks his way through the leaf-covered rocks of an early descent. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Madison Mathews cornering during the first enduro segment.

Madison Mathews cornering during the first enduro segment. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Drew Edsall clutches his SI time card in his teeth early in the stage.

Drew Edsall clutches his SI time card in his teeth early in the stage. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Justin Lindine racing through the first enduro section.

Justin Lindine racing through the first enduro section. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Riders waiting for the race to start.

Riders waiting for the race to start. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Alex Hawkins at the start of stage five.

Alex Hawkins at the start of stage five. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)
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Rich Dillen rests at the start before a difficult stage 5.

Rich Dillen rests at the start before a difficult stage 5. (Image credit: A.E Landes Photography)

Sam Koerber (ProGold) and Andrea Wilson (Brickhouse Racing) won stage 5 of the Trans-Sylvania Epic on Thursday. Justine Lindine (Redline/NBX) and Amanda Carey (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team) defended their yellow leaders' jerseys; however, the stage was not without drama.

The top four women in the GC, all Stan's NoTubes Women's Elite Team riders, went off course about 10 miles into the 22-mile stage. They, along with some other riders, descended into a valley before they realized their mistake and had to climb back up to the spot they made the wrong turn.

Carey had such a huge lead going into the day's stage that she kept her overall lead, but Wilson moved up into second, ahead of Sue Haywood (Stan's NoTubes) in second.

In the men's overall, Lindine continues to lead, but Koerber moved up one spot, jumping ahead of Brian Matter (RACC/Trek/ProGold), who flatted early in the stage.

Racers competed on old school, rocky Pennsylvania-style singletrack linked together by smooth gravel roads. It was the first properly hot and humid day of the Trans-Sylvania Epic, with temperatures reaching the high 80s.


The women's race proved to me the most eventful contest of the day.

Feeling especially good for the day, Sarah Kaufmann (Stan's NoTubes Elite Women's Team) went to the front near the start and got a gap. After a bit, race leader Carey caught up to her, and the two were chased by Vicki Barclay (Stan's) and Sue Haywood (Stan's).

"I was surprised at how much time I lost yesterday and for whatever reason, I remembered this course better than any other from last year, so I felt like I really knew where to go for it and where to rest," said Kaufmann. "Apparently, I didn't remember it as well as I thought."

Kaufmann and Carey went right instead of left at a key intersection. Instead of staying up on the ridge and heading toward the second enduro segment, a major singletrack downhill, the pair split right and started flying downhill on a road.

"We descended a long fireroad. I stopped halfway down and put my foot down and said that I thought it wasn't right - I knew we lost elevation last year on singletrack and not on a road," said Kaufmann. "But then Vicki and Sue came up on us and Amanda was like 'Sue's right there', so we kept going."

"I should have listened to myself because I just knew it wasn't right. We got down to the road and sure enough, it wasn't right, so we went back up."

Carey said, "I don't have that much experience going off course because I tend to stay on course. But stuff happens. I hit my lap timer at the bottom of that climb, so not counting the descent, I was riding at my max on that climb to get back up to where we missed the turn, and I got 22 minutes. So it was 22 minutes plus the time down that we lost."

"It was just one of those turns. We were riding with a local [a GC leader in a Masters category - ed.], and he loves telling everyone where we're going and what's coming up. He's been so helpful, and we all went the wrong way. Then I heard him swearing, and he'd had a mechanical so we kept going."

Haywood said, "I had just caught up to the other girls after having gotten dropped on the prologue climb, and I basically just followed them and had my head down. Sarah knew it was wrong, and I don't know why we didn't listen. She said she didn't remember that downhill."

"I feel like an idiot. It's always the fatal mistake to follow others. When you're going downhill, it feels so good," said Haywood. "I was surprised how much time we lost. I feel like it's so ironic. I keep having to claw my way back into this GC. It takes its toll. After the first day, I said I'd take it day by day, and that's what I'm doing."

After the four Stan's ladies and their companions from other categories got back on track, they started a chase that would last more than half the race.

Kaufmann struggled a bit. "Passing people was not the problem after we were back on course. Getting motivated was. It was like my mojo was gone," she said.

Carey fared much better. "Honestly, I didn't think once about having gone off course," she said. "I found myself riding with people who were lamenting that we got off course, but that wasn't helping. I wanted to minimze the damage. Sue caught back on to me at about the halfway point. I had an extra bottle so thankfully, I didn't run out of water after getting lost."

"Sue said to me, 'We just have to race really hard,' so we did. We went as fast as we could that was still safe."

The pair rode together until the final dirt climb, when Carey pulled away from Haywood. Kaufmann chased alone on her own behind them, followed by Barclay, also riding solo.

The four women did not catch Wilson or Sonya Looney, both whom had gotten ahead while the Stan's ladies were making their way back onto the course.

Wilson caught up to Looney going into the second enduro section, and the two rode together for the duration of the stage, having no idea they were in the lead of the women's race.

"We weren't riding easily, but we weren't trying to attack each other and kick each other's butts because I had like 20 minutes on her in the GC," said Wilson.

"We rode together, not knowing everyone in front had gone off course. We agreed to roll across the line together. I don't know if one of us had a wheel ahead because I didn't pay attention at all."

Officials called the stage for Wilson, who gained enough time to jump up to second in the GC, behind leader Carey. It was Wilson's second stage win of her career - the other came in stage 5 of the Breck Epic last summer.

"It's amazing. It's crazy. I hate that some people went off course, but at the same time, I passed the same spot and didn't go more than 20 feet off course. But that's bike racing."

Going off course shuffled the GC and set up a battle for the final two stages. Carey still has a 10-minute lead, but there is a healthy battle for the remaining spots brewing.

"Sue is two minutes behind me. I'm going to fight to stay in the top 3. I think tomorrow, the gloves will come off and they will be angry. Tomorrow will bring a whole new level of hurt," said Wilson.


The pace was fast on a prologue loop climb as the favorites applied pressure to whittle down the lead group heading into the numerous rocky singletrack sections.

Race leader Lindine said, "We went pretty hard up the first climb after the neutral section. Drew Edsall [Kenda/Felt] was pushing the pace. We had a small group which formed, but it was without Brian [Matter], although none of us knew why."

Matter was busy dealing with some untimely bad luck.

"Maybe five minutes into the race, I went into the first section of singletrack in about eighth wheel and we weren't going that fast, so I thought I was ok in eighth position," said Matter, "but then it started tilting down. The trail was getting rocky and everyone was zig-zagging to find a good line. My sight line wasn't that great, and I got a rear flat."

Matter used a CO2 to re-inflate the tire, and it sealed well enough to get him up the next dirt road, but the rear tire was flat again and he had to stop and put a tube in before the next singletrack section.

"Flatting that early in the race puts you into that first enduro segment behind 50 or 60 people. It was a lot of traffic, but then it finally spread out."

At the front, Koerber and Lindine were crushing it, until the others had come off on a long, uphill, rocky, technical singletrack section.

"We were kind of working together," said Koerber. "I was able to get a little gap on the enduro segment, but I sat up afterward and got some food. I rode the whole first half without water after my bottle bounced out early on. It was a hot day to be without water, and I was just hanging on Justin on the climbs until I could get some more water."

Lindine said, "We were both putting in some digs. He'd try to ride me off in the technical sections, and I'd try to ride him off on the gravel. We were pretty evenly matched. Neither of us wanted to put each of ourselves super deep into the hurt locker because tomorrow will be a really hard day. It was a good situation for Sam because he was gaining time on Brian, and it was a good situation for me because I was gaining time on Brian."

"As long as I didn't get dropped by Sam, I was ok with the status quo."

Coming into the finish, the two riders were together.

"We came across the line together," said Koerber. "I jammed my chain coming right across the line, and he gave me a little push to get across first so that I could get the stage win."

"It was the reverse of stage 3 when I was the odd man out and Justin and Brian were together. I knew I could get some time back today, especially with two of us trading pulls and working."

Lindine summed up the day, "It was a good day and fun. It was unbelievably hot. It was kind of a shock to go from 60 degrees and raining to 90 and humid today. That was hurting everyone a little bit."

"I felt bad from Brian. I know how it feels to have a mechanical so early on and to have to chase. It's not an easy course to move up through traffic."

Edsall chased behind the two leaders while Matter closed on him, catching him near the end.

"I felt great and I rode within myself," said Matter. "I ended up catching Drew Edsall coming into the dirt road finish section. I made it back up to forth."

"It's a little disappointing to lose more time to Sam. Take away a few flat tires, and I think I'd be right up there. Tomorrow, I'll go with a little less. I think tomorrow will be more tire pressure and less suspension pressure to even things out."

Koerber gained enough time to overtake Matter for second in the GC, which Lindine continues to lead.

Singlespeed men

With a 14-minute lead in the GC, Matt Ferrari (FreezeThaw/Hubcap Cycles) went into stage 5 in a strong position to defend his leader's jersey. However, for second place Dax Massey (Breck Epic/Honey Stinger/Light and Motion), time was limited to close the gap and unseat the lead single speed rider.

"I tried to get into the singletrack first and put the pressure on him," Massey said. Coming into the race in substantially better form than last year, Massey successfully opened up a small gap between himself and Ferrari coming into the aid station halfway through the course.

Ferrari remained close enough to Massey to keep him in his sights. "I could just barely see him on the longer climb sections leading up to the aid station," Ferrari said. The pair would rejoin shortly after the aid station and would remain together through the end of the race. In the second half of the race, Massey dropped his chain but was able to chase back to Ferrari quickly.

Coming into the final section of the course, Ferrari mentions he "wasn't sure whether we had a 'gentleman's agreement'" for ending the race without a full-on sprint. Massey cleared the confusion by reminding Ferrari of the road gap jump at the end of the trail segment, thus commencing a long sprint finish. "We started going into it like a BMX race," Ferrari commented.

Massey crossed the line just ahead of Ferrari to take the stage win. David Yacobelli (Corning/NoTubes) placed third. Today's finishes did not result in any changes to the GC, with Ferrari still leading Massey by fourteen minutes and Yacobelli sitting comfortably in third.


U25 race leader Cory Rimmer ceded over 20 minutes to his top contenders after suffering from multiple flats and the misfortune of turning off course.

Madison Matthews (The Bicycle Shop/MBR/Maxxis), sitting third in the GC after the previous stage, took control early on in the race. "I broke away from the start and really just wanted to get as much time out of today as possible," said Matthews, who would go on to take the stage win, with Logan Taylor and Gunnar Bergey following in second and third, respectively.

Throughout the race, Rimmer battled with a frustrating trio of flats that allowed Matthews, as well as other contenders, to build their lead over the GC leader. Compounding his bad luck, Rimmer went off course in a tricky section of trail, losing even more time to his competition.

With the time lost in today's race, Rimmer relinquished his command of the U25 leader's jersey to Gunnar Bergey, who now sits only two minutes ahead of second-place Matthews in the GC.

After the race, Rimmer appeared frustrated but prepared to tackle the next day. Commenting on his chances of regaining the leader's jersey, Rimmer acknowledged that "it'd take a big effort" due to his competitions' strong riding and Matthew's local knowledge of the trails.

Duo men

The duo men results appeared a bit different for stage 5, as Mike Festa and Craig Lebair (Philadelphia Ciclismo) ended the winning streak of Jon Firth and Drew Simson (TransRockies/Honey Stinger/Planet Foods) with their first place finish. The TransRockies team placed second, losing two minutes to the Philadelphia Ciclismo duo.

The powerhouse team of Firth and Simson experienced major setbacks in the stage as Firth broke his derailleur in the first half of the race. After developing a sizeable gap, Festa and Lebair worked hard to sustain their lead. Despite an impressive chase, Simson and Firth were unable to close the gap to the stage winners.

"It was fantastic and we still almost got beat, so we're very happy to be in first tonight," noted Festa.

Duo coed

In another exciting upset, Chris Merriam and Libbey Sheldon (Crosshairs Cycling) developed a small lead over GC leaders Kaarin Tae and Lawrence Plug (Java Blend) to take their first stage win of the week. However, the win would gain the Crosshairs Cycling team only fifteen seconds over second place, leaving Tae and Plug comfortably in first for GC. Elizabeth Shaner and Sean Riley (Griggs Orthopedics) rack up another third place finish, leaving the overall GC unaffected.

Masters 40+

In the back-and-forth competition of the Masters 40+ race, Nathan Ruch (Evolution) raced aggressively to finish first. The impressive ride put almost thirteen minutes into second place stage finisher Alex Hawkins, who previously led the GC by only three minutes. Rob Campbell finished third.

In the GC, Ruch moved to first place, holding a nine-minute gap over Hawkins. Jon Stang (Crosstown Velo/Industry Nine) retains his third place standing in GC despite losing significant time and finishing tenth in today's stage.

Masters 50+

After dominating the race in the first few stages, race leader Jim Matthews DNF'd stage 5, thereby yielding the first place finish to John Williams.

Matthews received external assistance on the course, thereby making him ineligible for the day's stage win or an overall GC finish. Matthews will be able to ride the remaining stages of the Trans-Sylvania Epic, but will not be scored for stage or GC results.

With his first stage win, Williams becomes the current Masters 50+ race leader, holding a gap of almost an hour over second place GC contender Joe McCarthy. Finishing third for the day, Jack Dalzell (Team CF-Ohio) moves to third place in the overall standings.


In the men's competition, the stage 5 enduro competition resulted in a three-way tie between Derek Bissett (NoTubes/Trans-Sylvania), Drew Edsall (Kenda/Felt), and Zachary Adams (Toasted Head Racing). The tie was resolved based on aggregate times - the competition is typically scored on a points basis - that left Bissett in first, followed by Edsall, then Adams.

With the three-way tie in stage results, Drew Edsall keeps the leader's jersey. Bissett keeps his second place standing, only three points behind. Adams' finish moves him up to third in the overall standings while Brian Matter (RACC/Trek/Progold) drops to fourth.

Andrea Wilson added to her successful day with a first place finish in the women's stage 5 enduro competition. Rhonda Pearce finished second, with Laura Gleason (TotalCyclist Mountain Bike Race Team) taking third on the stage. In the GC competition, Andrea Wilson broke her tie with competitor Sue Haywood to earn the leader's jersey. Rhonda Pearce and Jordan Salman (Pisgah Tavern) move up one spot each to finish second and third in the overall standings.

Stage 6

Friday's stage 6 is the queen stage in Rothrock State Forest.  Racers will cover 37 miles and nearly 5,000 feet of climbing, including going over the well known and scenic Tussey Mountain Ridge.

Non-elite reports written by Tim Darwick.

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Sam Koerber (ProGold)2:04:39
2Justin Lindine (Redline / NBX)
3Drew Edsall (Kenda / Felt)0:05:19
4Brian Matter (RACC / TREK / ProGold)0:05:21
5Aaron Snyder (TSEpic Team)0:06:28
6Phil Grove (Hammer Nutrition)0:08:13
7Wes Richards (Clemmons bicycle)0:11:31
8Michael Wissell (B2C2/ Boloco)0:14:11
9Madison Matthews (The Bicycle Shop / MBR / Maxxis)0:17:39
10Peter Butt0:28:39
11Cory Rimmer (Piney Flats Bicycles/Dean Endurance)0:38:05
12David Fahnestock (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)0:39:27
13Michael Cosgrove (Bike Doctor Waldorf/SOMD Crew)0:44:44
13Kyle Centrella (Philadephia Ciclismo)0:51:27
15Ben Welnak (Mountain Bike Radio)0:52:01
16Steven Ordons (Philadelphia Ciclismo)0:52:26
17Jesse Quagliaroli (Expo Wheelmen)0:54:39
18Cody Hawkins0:54:44
19Theo Procopos (Keswick Cycle)0:59:06
20Matthew Kesecker (CAMBO)1:06:33
21Daniel Humm1:10:46
22Scott Molnar1:11:57
23Zachary Adams (Toasted Head Racing)1:14:56
24Derek Bissett (NoTubes / Trans-Sylvania Epic / BMC)1:14:58
25Andrew Schmidt1:22:21
26Jorge Riba (CREMA)1:44:52

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrea Wilson (Brickhouse Racing)2:41:59
2Sonya Looney (Topeak Ergon)0:00:01
3Amanda Carey (Stan's Notubes Women's Elite)0:15:05
4Sue Haywood0:16:51
5Vanessa Mccaffery (Corning/Stan's NoTubes Race Team)0:21:45
6Sarah Kaufmann (NoTubes Elite Women)0:24:31
7Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes Elite Womens Team)0:29:09
8Sue George (
9Karen Brooks (Dirt Rag)0:34:21
10Jordan Salman (Pisgah Tavern)0:35:09
11Rhonda Pearce0:38:11
12Laura Gleason (TotalCyclist Mountain Bike Race Team)0:40:57
13Beverly Richardson (Blue Rige Adventure Team)0:42:01
14Jana Morris (Giordana-Clif Bar)0:53:44
15Donna Miller (TSEpic Team)0:58:31
16Teresa Dewitt (Off the Front)1:14:51
17Angie Sokorai (Action Wheels)1:34:46
18Carlota Moncada (0)1:37:48
19Sandie Reynolds (Mason Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works)1:52:03

U25 men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Madison Matthews (The Bicycle Shop / MBR / Maxxis)2:22:18
2Logan Taylor (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)0:03:22
3Gunnar Bergey (Team Seifert)0:04:04
4Cory Rimmer (Piney Flats Bicycles/Dean Endurance)0:20:26
5Cody Hawkins0:37:05
6Jonah Merriam0:40:04
7Zachary Adams (Toasted Head Racing)0:57:17
8Derek Bissett (NoTubes / Trans-Sylvania Epic / BMC)0:57:19
9Mateus Kaplan (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)0:57:21

Singlespeed men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Dax Massey (Breck Epic/Honey Stinger/Light and Motion)2:21:01
2Matt Ferrari (FreezeThaw/Hubcap Cycles)0:00:01
3David Yacobelli (Corning/NoTubes Race Team)0:12:49
4Rich Dillen (Faster Mustache)0:20:28
5Eric Mckeegan (Dirt Rag)0:28:50
6Dejay Birtch (Ride for Reading, Stan’s, Maxxis, Pivot)0:41:11
7Tyler Welnak (Vision/Wheel and Sprocket)1:23:06

Masters Men 40+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Ruch (Evolution)2:22:44
2Alex Hawkins0:12:36
3Rob Campbell0:14:54
4Bob Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop / Vassago)0:18:01
5Matt Lough (Juggernaut - ESF)0:24:15
6Colby Waller (Juggernaut ESF)0:24:16
7Brian Conroy (giordona clif bar)0:25:44
8David Olsen (Juggernaut ESF)0:28:11
9Thori Wolfe (Juggernaut ESF)0:34:25
10Jon Stang (Crosstown Velo/Industry Nine)0:34:30
11Chris Cyr (BIKEMAN.COM)0:40:22
12Alan Avis (Bikes plus)0:53:37
13Rick Mceachran (Spinsanity Cycles)0:59:50
14Kevin Maldonado1:03:11
15Joaquin Gil Del Real (CREMA)1:26:48

Masters Men 50+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Williams2:47:40
2Joe Mccarthy0:13:56
3Jack Dalzell (Team CF-Ohio)0:18:17
4Michael Kryzytski (The Bicycle Peddler)0:50:19
5Robert Eiserman (CAMBO Racing)1:00:45
6Scott Hammontree (Phoenix/Bike Source)1:04:24
7Jim Matthews1:15:04

Duo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mike Festa (Philadelphia Ciclsimo)2:33:28
2Craig Lebair (Philadelphia Ciclsimo)0:00:01
3Drew Simson (TransRockies/Honeystinger/Planet Foods)0:01:51
4Jon Firth (TransRockies/Planet Foods/HoneyStinger)0:01:52
5Paul Wojciak (Pawling Cycle and Sport)0:22:41
6Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle and Sport)0:22:43
7Don Harmeyer (Catamount/1K2GO)0:35:02
8Matt Salter (Catamount/1K2GO)0:35:03
9Marc Basiliere (
10Tyler Benedict (
11Drew Jordan (Revolution / Peak Fasteners)1:02:55
12Jim Wedge (Revolution / Peak Fasteners)1:02:56
13Anthony Sanson (Racing for Riley/Summit City Bikes)1:26:59
14Matt Johnson (Racing for Riley/Summit City Bikes)1:46:35

Duo co-ed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Chris Merriam (Crosshairs Cycling)3:01:45
2Libbey Sheldon (Crosshairs Cycling)0:00:01
3Kaarin Tae (Java Blend)0:00:18
4Lawrence Plug (Java Blend)
5Sean Riley (Griggs Orthopedics)0:31:18
6Elizabeth Shaner (Griggs Orthopedics)0:31:21
7Sandy Marshall (Giordana-Clif Bar)1:15:42
8Mark Deaton (Giordana-Clif Bar)1:15:44

Men enduro
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Derek Bissett (NoTubes / Trans-Sylvania Epic / BMC)296pts
1Drew Edsall (Kenda / Felt)296
1Zachary Adams (Toasted Head Racing)296
4Brian Matter (RACC / Trek / ProGold)290
4Dax Massey (Breck Epic/Honey Stinger/Light and Motion)290
6Marc Basiliere (
6Tyler Benedict (
8Larry Colvin (Tex-Sylvanians)280
9Ryan Dudek (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)279
9Brian Conroy (giordona clif bar)279
11Chris Wielgosz (Tex-Sylvanians)278
11Sean Riley (Griggs Orthopedics)278
13Stephen Saxton (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)270
14Jesse Quagliaroli (Expo Wheelmen)269
15Rob Campbell268
16Colby Waller (Juggernaut ESF)265
17Andrew Schmidt263
18Jorge Riba (CREMA)262
19Eric Mckeegan (Dirt Rag)261
20David Olsen (Juggernaut ESF)257
21Robert Eiserman (CAMBO Racing)256
22Joaquin Gil Del Real (CREMA)254
23Mateus Kaplan (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)253
23David Noletti (Team Seifert)253
25Jonah Merriam250
26Matthew Davies (Bikeway)245
27Scott Molnar243
28Matthew Kesecker (CAMBO)242
29Will Farwell (SMCC)239
30Scott Hammontree (Phoenix/Bike Source)238
31John Nguyen (Tex-Sylvanians)237
32Derek Papastrat (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)234
32Tyler Welnak (Vision/Wheel and Sprocket)234
34Lawrence Plug (Java Blend)138
35Gunnar Bergey (Team Seifert)128
35Drew Jordan (Revolution / Peak Fasteners)128
37Mark Deaton (Giordana-Clif Bar)114

Women enduro
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrea Wilson (Brickhouse Racing)297pts
2Rhonda Pearce294
3Laura Gleason (TotalCyclist Mountain Bike Race Team)289
4Sue George (
4Karen Brooks (Dirt Rag)288
4Donna Miller (TSEpic Team)288
7Jordan Salman (Pisgah Tavern)286
8Beverly Richardson (Blue Rige Adventure Team)282
9Jana Morris (Giordana-Clif Bar)281
10Sandie Reynolds (Mason Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works)275
10Angie Sokorai (Action Wheels)275
12Carlota Moncada274
13Sandy Marshall (Giordana-Clif Bar)273
13Teresa Dewitt (Off the Front)273
15Sue Haywood149
16Kaarin Tae (Java Blend)147

Men general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Justin Lindine (Redline / NBX)9:12:18
2Sam Koerber (Progold)0:12:04
3Brian Matter (RACC / TREK / PROGOLD)0:14:30
4Aaron Snyder (TSEpic Team)0:32:06
5Drew Edsall (Kenda / Felt)0:45:41
6Phil Grove (Hammer Nutrition)0:52:55
7Michael Wissell (B2C2/ Boloco)0:53:27
8Madison Matthews (The Bicycle Shop / MBR / Maxxis)1:24:26
9Wes Richards (Clemmons bicycle)1:33:43
10Cory Rimmer (Piney Flats Bicycles/Dean Endurance)1:34:00
11Ben Welnak (Mountain Bike Radio)2:05:31
12Theo Procopos (Keswick Cycle)2:07:52
13Steven Ordons (Philadelphia Ciclismo)2:20:47
13Zachary Adams (Toasted Head Racing)2:28:57
15Peter Butt2:41:49
16Kyle Centrella (Philadephia Ciclismo)2:46:28
17David Fahnestock (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)3:05:39
18Michael Cosgrove (Bike Doctor Waldorf/SOMD Crew)3:14:09
19Jesse Quagliaroli (Expo Wheelmen)3:19:24
20Cody Hawkins3:37:45
21Derek Bissett (NoTubes / Trans-Sylvania Epic / BMC)3:49:52
22Daniel Humm4:09:29
23Matthew Kesecker (CAMBO)4:17:35
24Scott Molnar5:13:23
25Andrew Schmidt5:40:14
26Jorge Riba (CREMA)6:57:41

Women general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Amanda Carey (Stan's Notubes Women's Elite)11:26:07
2Andrea Wilson (Brickhouse Racing)0:10:00
3Sue Haywood0:12:31
4Sarah Kaufmann (NoTubes Elite Women)0:24:24
5Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes Elite Womens Team)0:27:08
6Sonya Looney (Topeak Ergon)0:35:28
7Vanessa Mccaffery (Corning/Stan's NoTubes Race Team)2:09:41
8Karen Brooks (Dirt Rag)2:46:29
9Sue George (
10Beverly Richardson (Blue Rige Adventure Team)3:10:04
11Rhonda Pearce3:16:07
12Jordan Salman (Pisgah Tavern)3:17:24
13Jana Morris (Giordana-Clif Bar)3:41:25
14Laura Gleason (TotalCyclist Mountain Bike Race Team)4:10:24
15Donna Miller (TSEpic Team)4:30:28
16Angie Sokorai (Action Wheels)4:38:26
17Teresa Dewitt (Off the Front)5:14:42

U25 men general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Gunnar Bergey (Team Seifert)10:34:58
2Madison Matthews (The Bicycle Shop / MBR / Maxxis)0:01:46
3Cory Rimmer (Piney Flats Bicycles/Dean Endurance)0:11:20
4Logan Taylor (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)0:21:48
5Zachary Adams (Toasted Head Racing)1:06:17
6Cody Hawkins2:15:05
7Derek Bissett (NoTubes / Trans-Sylvania Epic / BMC)2:27:12
8Mateus Kaplan (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)3:50:51
9Jonah Merriam4:32:47

Singlespeed men general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Matt Ferrari (FreezeThaw/Hubcap Cycles)10:25:18
2Dax Massey (Breck Epic/Honey Stinger/Light and Motion)0:14:11
3David Yacobelli (Corning/NoTubes Race Team)0:33:27
4Rich Dillen (Faster Mustache)0:53:51
5Dejay Birtch (Ride for Reading, Stan’s, Maxxis, Pivot)1:06:39
6Eric Mckeegan (Dirt Rag)2:02:34
7Tyler Welnak (Vision/Wheel and Sprocket)3:50:54

Masters 40+ general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Nathan Ruch (Evolution)10:38:33
2Alex Hawkins0:09:10
3Jon Stang (Crosstown Velo/Industry Nine)0:59:00
4Rob Campbell1:04:04
5Bob Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop / Vassago)1:15:36
6Brian Conroy (giordona clif bar)1:16:08
7Colby Waller (Juggernaut ESF)1:26:16
8Matt Lough (Juggernaut - ESF)1:27:02
9David Olsen (Juggernaut ESF)1:39:20
10Thori Wolfe (Juggernaut ESF)2:15:06
11Kevin Maldonado3:27:01
12Alan Avis (Bikes plus)4:20:20
13Rick Mceachran (Spinsanity Cycles)5:09:21
14Joaquin Gil Del Real (CREMA)5:35:17

Masters 50+ general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1John Williams12:12:55
2Joe Mccarthy0:55:09
3Jack Dalzell (Team CF-Ohio)1:23:54
4Robert Eiserman (CAMBO Racing)3:12:32
5Michael Kryzytski (The Bicycle Peddler)3:52:23
6Scott Hammontree (Phoenix/Bike Source)4:08:45

Duo men general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jon Firth (TransRockies/Planet Foods/HoneyStinger)10:42:52
1Drew Simson (TransRockies/Honeystinger/Planet Foods)10:43:45
2Mike Festa (Philadelphia Ciclsimo)0:30:17
2Craig Lebair (Philadelphia Ciclsimo)0:00:04
3Anthony Sanson (Racing for Riley/Summit City Bikes)1:40:14
3Matt Johnson (Racing for Riley/Summit City Bikes)1:44:30
4Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle and Sport)1:44:12
4Paul Wojciak (Pawling Cycle and Sport)1:44:37
5Matt Salter (Catamount/1K2GO)1:42:21
5Don Harmeyer (Catamount/1K2GO)1:46:08
6Marc Basiliere (
6Tyler Benedict (
7Jim Wedge (Revolution / Peak Fasteners)3:55:08
7Drew Jordan (Revolution / Peak Fasteners)3:56:36

Duo Co-ed general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Lawrence Plug (Java Blend)12:47:46
1Kaarin Tae (Java Blend)12:48:00
2Libbey Sheldon (Crosshairs Cycling)0:28:17
2Chris Merriam (Crosshairs Cycling)0:01:13
3Elizabeth Shaner (Griggs Orthopedics)1:22:13
3Sean Riley (Griggs Orthopedics)1:28:57
4Mark Deaton (Giordana-Clif Bar)4:04:27
4Sandy Marshall (Giordana-Clif Bar)4:08:01

Men enduro classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Drew Edsall (Kenda / Felt)1622pts
2Derek Bissett (NoTubes / Trans-Sylvania Epic / BMC)1619
3Zachary Adams (Toasted Head Racing)1578
4Brian Matter (RACC / TREK / PROGOLD)1576
5Marc Basiliere (
6Brian Conroy (giordona clif bar)1439
7Jesse Quagliaroli (Expo Wheelmen)1406
8Tyler Benedict (
9Larry Colvin (Tex-Sylvanians)1334
10Dax Massey (Breck Epic/Honey Stinger/Light and Motion)1288
11Andrew Schmidt1283
12Colby Waller (Juggernaut ESF)1276
13Stephen Saxton (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)1264
14Matthew Kesecker (CAMBO)1254
15Jorge Riba (CREMA)1241
16Joaquin Gil Del Real (CREMA)1214
17Sean Riley (Griggs Orthopedics)1204
18Robert Eiserman (CAMBO Racing)1189
19Rob Campbell1169
20Mateus Kaplan (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)1156
21Ryan Dudek (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)1150
22Will Farwell (SMCC)1137
23David Olsen (Juggernaut ESF)1133
24Derek Papastrat (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)1075
25Jonah Merriam1068
26Scott Hammontree (Phoenix/Bike Source)990
27Tyler Welnak (Vision/Wheel and Sprocket)983
28Gunnar Bergey (Team Seifert)964
29Chris Wielgosz (Tex-Sylvanians)904
30Matthew Davies (Bikeway)858
31Eric Mckeegan (Dirt Rag)812
32John Williams805
33Drew Jordan (Revolution / Peak Fasteners)787
34Madison Matthews (The Bicycle Shop / MBR / Maxxis)735
34Aaron Snyder (TSEpic Team)735
36Alex Hawkins711
37Cory Rimmer (Piney Flats Bicycles/Dean Endurance)702
38David Noletti (Team Seifert)693
39Jim Wedge (Revolution / Peak Fasteners)681
39Dejay Birtch (Ride for Reading, Stan’s, Maxxis, Pivot)681
41Jon Stang (Crosstown Velo/Industry Nine)678
42Theo Procopos (Keswick Cycle)668
43Alec Donahue (Cycle-Smart)651
44Lawrence Plug (Java Blend)649
45Jon Firth (TransRockies/Planet Foods/HoneyStinger)647
46Michael Wissell (B2C2/ Boloco)644
47Wes Richards (Clemmons bicycle)642
48Justin Lindine (Redline / NBX)641
49Matt Lough (Juggernaut - ESF)636
50Phil Grove (Hammer Nutrition)634
51Matt Ferrari (FreezeThaw/Hubcap Cycles)630
52David Yacobelli (Corning/NoTubes Race Team)626
53John Nguyen (Tex-Sylvanians)620
54Scott Molnar618
55Drew Simson (TransRockies/Honeystinger/Planet Foods)617
56Nathan Ruch (Evolution)615
57Jim Matthews612
58Bob Radzwich (The Bicycle Shop / Vassago)598
58Cody Hawkins598
60Sam Koerber (Progold)582
61Mike Festa (Philadelphia Ciclsimo)577
62Peter Butt572
63Ben Welnak (Mountain Bike Radio)569
64Steven Ordons (Philadelphia Ciclismo)555
65Logan Taylor (Kelpius Cycling & Logan Taylor)552
66Joe Mccarthy548
67Craig Lebair (Philadelphia Ciclsimo)542
68Christian Baks (Pawling Cycle and Sport)539
69Paul Wojciak (Pawling Cycle and Sport)519
70Kyle Centrella (Philadephia Ciclismo)512
71David Fahnestock (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV)511
72Rich Dillen (Faster Mustache)498
73Matt Johnson (Racing for Riley/Summit City Bikes)484
74Thori Wolfe (Juggernaut ESF)473
75Don Harmeyer (Catamount/1K2GO)470
76Michael Cosgrove (Bike Doctor Waldorf/SOMD Crew)461
77Mark Deaton (Giordana-Clif Bar)454
78Matt Salter (Catamount/1K2GO)452
79Chris Merriam (Crosshairs Cycling)445
80Daniel Humm438
81Alan Avis (Bikes plus)393
82Anthony Sanson (Racing for Riley/Summit City Bikes)373
83Joel Kostelac (Team Seifert)343
84Jorge R Riba N322
85Michael Kryzytski (The Bicycle Peddler)307
86Stephan Kincaid (Team Seifert)290
87Rob Lichtenwalner (Team Seifert)284
88Rene Gonzalez Vargas269
89Chris Cyr (BIKEMAN.COM)195
90Jack Dalzell (Team CF-Ohio)76

Women enduro classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrea Wilson (Brickhouse Racing)1633pts
2Rhonda Pearce1592
3Jordan Salman (Pisgah Tavern)1571
4Donna Miller (TSEpic Team)1547
5Angie Sokorai (Action Wheels)1544
6Laura Gleason (TotalCyclist Mountain Bike Race Team)1540
7Sue George (
8Karen Brooks (Dirt Rag)1523
9Beverly Richardson (Blue Rige Adventure Team)1522
10Jana Morris (Giordana-Clif Bar)1516
11Sandy Marshall (Giordana-Clif Bar)1489
12Sue Haywood1485
13Carlota Moncada1055
14Teresa Dewitt (Off the Front)921
15Kaarin Tae (Java Blend)858
16Vicki Barclay (Stan's NoTubes Elite Womens Team)734
17Amanda Carey (Stan's Notubes Women's Elite)730
18Sarah Kaufmann (NoTubes Elite Women)721
19Sonya Looney (Topeak Ergon)705
20Libbey Sheldon (Crosshairs Cycling)704
21Elizabeth Shaner (Griggs Orthopedics)671
22Vanessa Mccaffery (Corning/Stan's NoTubes Race Team)659
23Sandie Reynolds (Mason Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works)275
24Peggy Ortiz254


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