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San Dimas Men: Young tops final stage, Andy Jacques-Maynes the series

US Pro criterium champion Eric Young (Bissell) took out the final stage of the San Dimas stage race, out-pacing Ken Hanson (Optum Pro Cycling/Kelly Benefit Strategies) and his own Kiwi teammate Patrick Bevin in the bunch sprint.

The Kenda/5hr Energy team was successful in controlling the race for overall winner Andy Jacques-Maynes, who came to the line in sixth place to keep his lead over Joe Schmalz (Elbowz Racing) and Rob Britton (Competitive Cyclist).

"Kenda/5hr Energy was awesome today, they rode so strong and I knew we could win the race," said Jacques-Maynes. "This is my first stage race win and its great to start the season on the right foot."

Jacques-Maynes, en route to his overall victory, also took out the points jersey, while his teammate and stage 1 winner Phil Gaimon took the mountains jersey.

"Winning the KOM, points, and yellow jersey is an indication that we made some great changes for 2012," said Kenda's directeur Frankie Andreu. "The guys are getting along, riding strong, and having fun. It's a great start to a long year."

In the women's race, Kristin Armstrong (Team Exergy-Twenty12) held on with ease to the race leader's jersey as Ina Teutenberg (Specialized-lululemon) claimed the final stage from a breakaway.

"We wanted to be aggressive," said Specialized-lululemon director Ronny Lauke. "The aim was to make it hard from the beginning and try to create a winning situation out of a break whilst always looking for opportunities to try to get Clara away for GC."

Teutenberg entered into the breakaway with Exergy's Pascale Schnider, Jade Wilcoxson (Optum/Kelly Benefit Strategies), Anne Samplonius (Now & Novartis) and Nicky Wangsgard (Primal/MapMyRide) early in the stage, and the break stayed clear by 18 seconds to contest for the stage win.

For Exergy, it was the perfect strategy to have a breakaway with Teutenberg and Schnider.

"We knew Ina would be active today so it was perfect to have Pascale in the break with her." said Armstrong, "Fortunately the rain held off for a fast and dry race. My team worked very well over the past few days and I am so honored to win the overall for them and Exergy Development group. This weekend was perfect preparation for my European stint."

Full Results

Elite Men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eric Young (Bissell Pro Cycling)1:29:29
2Ken Hanson (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)
3Patrick Bevin (Bissell Pro Cycling)
4Logan Loader (Team Exergy)
5Joseph Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
6Andy Jacques-Maynes (Kenda/5Hr Energy P/B Geargrinder)
7Rob Britton (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)
8Anthony Canevari (Cashcall Mortgage)
9Joseph Schmalz (Elbowz Racing)
10Lee Muse (Cashcall Mortgage)
11Tommy Nankervis (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)
12Andrew Dahlheim (Bissell Pro Cycling)
13Tyler Brandt (Team Mike's Bikes)
14Alexey Shmidt (Team Type 1 Development)
15Francisco Mancebo (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)
16Austin Carroll (Simple Green/ Bike Religion)
17Christian Helmig (Elbowz Racing)
18Ben Jacques-Maynes (Bissell Pro Cycling)
19John Murphy (Kenda/5Hr Energy P/B Geargrinder)
20Benjamin Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
21Sergei Tvetkov (Team Exergy)
22Carter Jones (Bissell Pro Cycling)
23Reid Mumford (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)
24Heath Blackgrove (Elbowz Racing)
25Morgan Schmitt (Team Exergy)
26Michael Weicht (Velo Club Lagrange)
27Chad Beyer (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)
28Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
29Ben Chaddock (Team Exergy)
30Tom Soladay (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)
31Matt Cooke (Team Exergy)
32Sebastian Salas (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)
33Kevin Mullervy (Team Exergy)
34Chris Baldwin (Bissell Pro Cycling)
35Shawn Milne (Kenda/5Hr Energy P/B Geargrinder)0:00:20
36Nathan English (Kenda/5Hr Energy P/B Geargrinder)0:00:36
37Ian Burnett (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:00:46
38Christian Varley (B & L)
39Sam Johnson (Team Exergy)0:00:46
40Gabe Varela (Hagens Berman Cycling)
41David Santos (Cashcall Mortgage)
42Daniel Holt (Team Type 1 Development)
43John Simes (Jamis Sutter Home P/B Colavita)
44Travis Livermon (Team Mountain Khakis/Smartstop)
45James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
46Jos Le Roux (Simple Green/ Bike Relligion)
47Sean Sullivan (Elbowz Racing)
48Kyle Gritters (Sho-Air/Rock N Road)
49Thomas Jondall (Landis/Trek)
50Diego Sandoval (No Team)0:01:55
51Adam Carr (Eko.Com - Gaspesien)
52Brian Mcculloch (Cashcall Mortgage)0:01:55
53John Piasta (Team Mike's Bikes)
54Robin Eckmann (California Giant/Specialized)
55Julio Mollindo (F.C.C. Powered By Pure Gear)
56Colt Peterson (Get Crackin' - MS Society)
57Jonathan Hornbeck (Hagens Berman Cycling)
58Demis Aleman (Jamis Sutter Home P/B Colavita)
59Brandon Gritters (Sho-Air/Rock N Road)0:01:58
60Phil Gaimon (Kenda/5Hr Energy P/B Geargrinder)0:02:39
61Austin Allison (Horizon Organic/Panache Elite)0:02:55
62Nate King (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:03:22
63Colin Gibson (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:04:11
64Kirk Carlsen (Wonderful Pistachios)0:04:24
65Shawn Rosenthal (Team Mike's Bikes)0:04:54
66Morgan Ryan (Get Crackin' - MS Society)
DNSTim Srenaski (Gs Boulder)
DNSChris Aten (Landis/Trek)
DNFJeff Perrin (Alto Velo Racing Club)
DNFCory Greenberg (Get Crackin' - MS Society)
DNFJesse Reams (Hagens Berman Cycling)
DNFRoman Kilun (Kenda/5Hr Energy P/B Geargrind )
DNFStradford Helms (Team Type 1 Development)
DNFStephen Mull (Unattached)

Elite Men Young Riders
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Eric Young (Bissell Pro Cycling)1:29:29
2Patrick Bevin (Bissell Pro Cycling)
3Logan Loader (Team Exergy)
4Joseph Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
5Joseph Schmalz (Elbowz Racing)
6Andrew Dahlheim (Bissell Pro Cycling)
7Tyler Brandt (Team Mike's Bikes)
8Benjamin Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
9Sergei Tvetkov (Team Exergy)
10Carter Jones (Bissell Pro Cycling)
11Michael Weicht (Velo Club Lagrange)
12Kevin Mullervy (Team Exergy)
13John Simes (Jamis Sutter Home P/B Colavita)0:00:46
14Travis Livermon (Team Mountain Khakis/Smartstop)
15James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)
16Thomas Jondall (Landis/Trek)
17Diego Sandoval0:01:55
18John Piasta (Team Mike's Bikes)
19Robin Eckmann (California Giant/Specialized)
20Colt Peterson (Get Crackin' - MS Society)
21Jonathan Hornbeck (Hagens Berman Cycling)
22Austin Allison (Horizon Organic/Panache Elite)0:02:55
23Morgan Ryan (Get Crackin' - MS Society)0:04:54
DNFJeff Perrin (Alto Velo Racing Club)
DNFCory Greenberg (Get Crackin' - MS Society)
DNFJesse Reams (Hagens Berman Cycling)
DNFStradford Helms (Team Type 1 Development)

Elite Men Final General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andy Jacques-Maynes (Kenda/5Hr Energy P/B Geargrinder)5:15:25
2Joseph Schmalz (Elbowz Racing)0:00:05
3Rob Britton (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:00:09
4Ben Jacques-Maynes (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:18
5Morgan Schmitt (Team Exergy)0:00:19
6Patrick Bevin (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:22
7Carter Jones (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:26
8Heath Blackgrove (Elbowz Racing)0:00:35
9Francisco Mancebo (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:00:38
10Matt Cooke (Team Exergy)0:00:45
11Nathan English (Kenda/5Hr Energy P/B Geargrinder)
12Chad Beyer (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:00:52
13Chris Baldwin (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:55
14Christian Helmig (Elbowz Racing)0:01:04
15Reid Mumford (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:01:10
16Michael Weicht (Velo Club Lagrange)0:01:19
17Ian Burnett (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:01:42
18Eric Young (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:01:46
19Thomas Jondall (Landis/Trek)0:01:47
20Andrew Dahlheim (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:01:54
21Logan Loader (Team Exergy)0:02:13
22Tom Soladay (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:02:17
23Ken Hanson (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:02:18
24James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:02:28
25Benjamin Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:02:29
26Travis Livermon (Team Mountain Khakis/Smartstop)0:02:40
27Sean Sullivan (Elbowz Racing)0:02:53
28Lee Muse (Cashcall Mortgage)0:02:57
29Christian Varley (B & L)0:02:58
30Sam Johnson (Team Exergy)0:03:06
31Phil Gaimon (Kenda/5Hr Energy P/B Geargrinder)
32Tommy Nankervis (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:03:13
33Tyler Brandt (Team Mike's Bikes)0:03:25
34Anthony Canevari (Cashcall Mortgage)0:03:36
35Roux Le (Simple Green/ Bike Relligion)0:03:42
36Robin Eckmann (California Giant/Specialized)0:03:43
37Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:03:53
38Jonathan Hornbeck (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:04:21
39Austin Allison (Horizon Organic/Panache Elite)0:05:17
40Brian Mcculloch (Cashcall Mortgage)0:05:32
41John Piasta (Team Mike's Bikes)0:05:53
42Sebastian Salas (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:06:57
43Alexey Shmidt (Team Type 1 Development)0:07:08
44Colin Gibson (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:07:30
45Shawn Rosenthal (Team Mike's Bikes)0:07:34
46Shawn Milne (Kenda/5Hr Energy P/B Geargrinder)0:08:26
47Diego Sandoval (Unassigned)0:09:04
48Demis Aleman (Jamis Sutter Home P/B Colavita)0:09:44
49Ben Chaddock (Team Exergy)0:12:17
50Kyle Gritters (Sho-Air/Rock N Road)0:12:36
51Kirk Carlsen (Wonderful Pistachios)0:12:58
52Gabe Varela (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:13:06
53Joseph Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:13:49
54Adam Carr (Eko.Com - Gaspesien)0:15:20
55Sergei Tvetkov (Team Exergy)0:15:22
56Austin Carroll (Simple Green/ Bike Religion)0:17:18
57John Simes (Jamis Sutter Home P/B Colavita)0:17:45
58Daniel Holt (Team Type 1 Development)0:17:58
59David Santos (Cashcall Mortgage)0:18:26
60Brandon Gritters (Sho-Air/Rock N Road)0:18:48
61Colt Peterson (Get Crackin' - MS Society)0:18:57
62Julio Mollindo (F.C.C. Powered By Pure Gear)0:19:03
63Nate King (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:19:29
64Kevin Mullervy (Team Exergy)0:20:38
65John Murphy (Kenda/5Hr Energy P/B Geargrinder)0:22:55
66Morgan Ryan (Get Crackin' - MS Society)0:29:09

Elite Men Young Riders Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joseph Schmalz (Elbowz Racing)5:15:30
2Patrick Bevin (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:17
3Carter Jones (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:21
4Michael Weicht (Velo Club Lagrange)0:01:14
5Eric Young (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:01:41
6Thomas Jondall (Landis/Trek)0:01:42
7Andrew Dahlheim (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:01:49
8Logan Loader (Team Exergy)0:02:08
9James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:02:23
10Benjamin Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:02:24
11Travis Livermon (Team Mountain Khakis/Smartstop)0:02:35
12Tyler Brandt (Team Mike's Bikes)0:03:20
13Robin Eckmann (California Giant/Specialized)0:03:38
14Jonathan Hornbeck (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:04:16
15Austin Allison (Horizon Organic/Panache Elite)0:05:12
16John Piasta (Team Mike's Bikes)0:05:48
17Diego Sandoval0:08:59
18Joseph Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:13:44
19Sergei Tvetkov (Team Exergy)0:15:17
20John Simes (Jamis Sutter Home P/B Colavita)0:17:40
21Colt Peterson (Get Crackin' - MS Society)0:18:52
22Kevin Mullervy (Team Exergy)0:20:33
23Morgan Ryan (Get Crackin' - MS Society)0:29:04

Elite Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Ina Yoko Teutenberg (Team Specialized Lululemon)0:55:21
2Jade Wilcoxson (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)
3Pascale Schnider (Exergy Twenty12)
4Anne Samplonius (Now And Novartis For MS)0:00:02
5Joelle Numainville (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:00:18
6Christi Gokey-Smith (Now And Novartis For MS)
7Loren Rowney (Team Specialized Lululemon)0:00:18
8Kendall Ryan (Team Tibco)
9Clara Hughes (Team Specialized Lululemon)
10Liza Rachetto (Primal/Mapmyride Women's Racin)
11Ruth Winder (Vanderkitten-Focus)
12Joanie Caron (Cynergy Cycles/Missing Link Co)
13Courtney Lowe (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)
14Kate Chilcott (Vanderkitten-Focus)
15Kristin Armstrong (Exergy Twenty12)
16Alison Powers (Now And Novartis For MS)
17Jenny Rios (SC Velo/Empower Coaching)
18Amy Mcguire (FCS|Rouse P/B Mr. Restore)
19Amber Gaffney (SC Velo/Empower Coaching)
20Ally Stacher (Team Specialized Lululemon)
21Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus)
22Katie Colclough (Team Specialized Lululemon)
23Beatriz Rodriguez (SC Velo/Empower Coaching)
24Annie Ewart (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)
25Lex Albrecht (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)
26Holly Breck (SC Velo/Empower Coaching)
27Rhae Shaw (Exergy Twenty12)
28Devon Gorry (Now And Novartis For MS)
29Julia Lafranchise (Cynergy Cycles/Missing Link Co)
30Anna Sanders (FCS|Rouse P/B Mr. Restore)
31Lindsay Myers (Team Tibco)
32Jazzy Hurikino (Vanderkitten-Focus)
33Elizabeth Newell (Now And Novartis For MS)
34Kristin Mcgrath (Exergy Twenty12)
35Alisha Welsh (Primal/Mapmyride Women's Racin)
36Melina Bernecker (Velo Club Lagrange)
37Addyson Albershardt (Now And Novartis For MS)
38Emily Kachorek (Primal/Mapmyride Women's Racin)
39Rebecca Werner (Team Tibco)
40Joy Mcculloch (Helen's Racing Helen's/Cannond)
41Kathryn Donovan (FCS|Rouse P/B Mr. Restore)
42Veronique Fortin (Team Tibco)
43Jacquelyn Crowell (Exergy Twenty12)
44Billington Kathleen (Vanderkitten-Focus)
45Olivia Dillon (Now And Novartis For MS)0:00:34
46Jennifer Wheeler (Team Tibco)0:00:36
47Nicky Wangsgard (Primal/Mapmyride Women's Racin)
DNSKarlee Gendron (FCS|Rouse P/B Mr. Restore)
DNFHeat Logan Springer (Exergy Twenty12)
DNFRachel Cieslewicz (Canyon Bicycles Race Team)
DNFLauren Stephens (FCS|Rouse P/B Mr. Restore)
DNFRebecca Siegel (Paa - Re/Max)
DNFMichelle Melka (Red Racing)
DNFDani Haulman (Team Tibco)
DNFMonika Sattler (Xo Communications P/B Cisco)

Elite Women Final General Classification
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kristin Armstrong (Exergy Twenty12)3:29:16
2Clara Hughes (Team Specialized Lululemon)0:00:35
3Joelle Numainville (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:01:13
4Alison Powers (Now And Novartis For MS)0:01:30
5Jade Wilcoxson (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:05:18
6Kathryn Donovan (FCS|Rouse P/B Mr. Restore)0:05:21
7Alisha Welsh (Primal/Mapmyride Women's Racin)0:05:54
8Kristin Mcgrath (Exergy Twenty12)0:06:04
9Pascale Schnider (Exergy Twenty12)0:06:05
10Ally Stacher (Team Specialized Lululemon)
11Anne Samplonius (Now And Novartis For MS)0:06:13
12Emily Kachorek (Primal/Mapmyride Women's Racin)0:06:34
13Lindsay Myers (Team Tibco)0:06:36
14Veronique Fortin (Team Tibco)
15Lex Albrecht (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:06:39
16Loren Rowney (Team Specialized Lululemon)0:06:42
17Elizabeth Newell (Now And Novartis For MS)
18Courtney Lowe (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:06:44
19Kate Chilcott (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:06:45
20Anna Sanders (FCS|Rouse P/B Mr. Restore)0:06:49
21Olivia Dillon (Now And Novartis For MS)0:06:54
22Devon Gorry (Now And Novartis For MS)0:07:03
23Amber Gaffney (SC Velo/Empower Coaching)0:07:04
24Jacquelyn Crowell (Exergy Twenty12)0:07:06
25Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:07:15
26Rhae Shaw (Exergy Twenty12)0:07:19
27Katie Colclough (Team Specialized Lululemon)0:07:21
28Jennifer Wheeler (Team Tibco)0:07:50
29Ruth Winder (Vanderkitten-Focus)
30Ina Teutenberg (Team Specialized Lululemon)0:07:52
31Joanie Caron (Cynergy Cycles/Missing Link Co)0:07:57
32Melina Bernecker (Velo Club Lagrange)0:08:00
33Kendall Ryan (Team Tibco)0:08:20
34Addyson Albershardt (Now And Novartis For MS)0:08:21
35Annie Ewart (Optum Pro Cycling P/B Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:08:38
36Amy Mcguire (FCS|Rouse P/B Mr. Restore)
37Christina Gokey-Smith (Now And Novartis For MS)0:08:46
38Liza Rachetto (Primal/Mapmyride Women's Racin)0:09:02
39Julia Lafranchise (Cynergy Cycles/Missing Link Co)0:09:35
40Joy Mcculloch (Helen's Racing Helen's/Cannond)0:10:01
41Billington Kathleen (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:10:10
42Rebecca Werner (Team Tibco)0:13:44
43Jazzy Hurikino (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:14:16
44Beatriz Rodriguez (SC Velo/Empower Coaching)0:15:44
45Holly Breck (SC Velo/Empower Coaching)0:16:05
46Nicky Wangsgard (Primal/Mapmyride Women's Racin)0:16:11
47Jenny Rios (SC Velo/Empower Coaching)0:16:53


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