Armstrong claims San Dimas opener

Kenda/5 Hour Energy's Phil Gaimon claimed an emphatic victory in the opening time trial of the San Dimas Stage Race on Friday. The 26-year-old was 14 seconds quicker than runner-up Rob Britton (Competitive Cyclist) and his own teammate Nate English.

"I'm glad to finally show how strong the team is. I knew I had good form, so I kept it in the big ring," Gaimon said. "This race has been a goal of mine for a long time. Its great to start with a win."

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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Phil Gaimon (Kenda/5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder)0:13:10
2Rob Britton (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:00:14
3Nathan English (Kenda/5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder)0:00:14
4Morgan Schmitt (Team Exergy)0:00:23
5Matt Cooke (Team Exergy)0:00:29
6Nate Wilson (California Giant/Specialized)0:00:29
7Carter Jones (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:31
8Cameron Peterson (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:00:32
9Patrick Bevin (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:35
10Joseph Dombrowski (Bontrager-Livestrong)0:00:36
11Joseph Schmalz (Elbowz Racing)0:00:42
12Francisco Mancebo (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:00:44
13Andy Jacques-Maynes (Kenda/5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder)0:00:45
14Sebastian Salas (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:00:46
15Kirk Carlsen (Wonderful Pistachios)0:00:46
16Chad Beyer (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:00:47
17Ben Jacques-Maynes (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:48
18Chris Baldwin (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:00:48
19Heath Blackgrove (Elbowz Racing)0:00:50
20Ian Burnett (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:00:51
21John Murphy (Kenda/5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder)0:00:54
22Ian Boswell (Bontrager-Livestrong)0:00:57
23Tayor Shelden (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:00:57
24Sergei Tvetkov (Team Exergy)0:01:02
25Reid Mumford (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:01:03
26Roman Kilun (Kenda/5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder)0:01:04
27Connor McCutcheon (Bear Valley Bikes)0:01:04
28Devan Dunn (CashCall Mortgage)0:01:05
29Christian Helmig (Elbowz Racing)0:01:09
30Connor O'Leary (Bontrager-Livestrong)0:01:15
31Sam Johnson (Team Exergy)0:01:16
32Bobby Sweeting (Kenda/5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder)0:01:19
33Freddie Rodriguez (Team Exergy)0:01:23
34Jonathan Teeter (Marc pro/Strava)0:01:23
35Chris Winn (Horizon Organic/Panache Elite Cycling)0:01:23
36Austin Allison (Horizon Organic/Panache Elite Cycling)0:01:23
37Michael Weicht (Velo Club LaGrange)0:01:24
38Sam Bassetti (California Giant/Specialized)0:01:25
39Stephen Mull (Unattached)0:01:27
40Chase Pinkham (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:01:27
41Joseph Lewis (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:01:27
42Andrew Dahlheim (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:01:28
43Thomas Jondall (Landis/Trek)0:01:31
44Stefano Barberi (CashCall Mortgage)0:01:33
45Christiaan Kriek (Simple Green/ Bike Relligion)0:01:34
46James Hepburn (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:01:36
47Chris Monteleone (Team Mountain Khakis/SmartStop)0:01:36
48Torey Philipp (California Giant/Specialized)0:01:39
49Chris Aten (Landis/Trek)0:01:41
50Cory Bruno ( / Echelon Design)0:01:43
51Jonathan Hornbeck (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:01:44
52Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)0:01:46
53Nate King (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:01:47
54Travis Livermon (Team Mountain Khakis/SmartStop)0:01:48
55James Wingert (Team Mike's Bikes)0:01:50
56Tom Soladay (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:01:50
57Chris Parrish (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:01:52
58Roux Jos Le (Simple Green/ Bike Relligion)0:01:52
59Robin Eckmann (California Giant/Specialized)0:01:53
60Eric Young (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:01:56
61Shawn Milne (Kenda/5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder)0:01:56
62Christian Varley (B & L)0:01:57
63Chris Barton (Bissell Pro Cycling)0:01:57
64Mike Sherer (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:01:59
65Sean Sullivan (Elbowz Racing)0:02:01
66Nick Frey (Boo Bicycles)Row 65 - Cell 2
67Kennett Peterson (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:02:02
68Shawn Rosenthal (Team Mike's Bikes)0:02:03
69Chris Stastny (California Giant/Specialized)0:02:05
70David Santos (CashCall Mortgage)0:02:06
71Jeff Perrin (Alto Velo Racing Club)0:02:14
72Morgan Ryan (Get Crackin' - MS Society)0:02:14
73Christopher Johnson (Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes/ CRCA)0:02:15
74James Riggs (Velo Club LaGrange)0:02:15
75Logan Loader (Team Exergy)0:02:18
76Gabe Varela (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:02:19
77Mark Shimahara (Team Clif Bar Cycling)0:02:19
78Kevin Mullervy (Team Exergy)0:02:21
79Paolo Cravanzola (Team Type 1 Development)0:02:22
80Shane Buysse (Spy-Swami's Development Elite Team)0:02:23
81Ivan Dominguez (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:02:25
82Cory Greenberg (Get Crackin' - MS Society)0:02:27
83Christopher Wingfield (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:02:27
84Alexey Shmidt (Team Type 1 Development)0:02:28
85Diego Sandoval0:02:29
86Jason King (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)Row 85 - Cell 2
87Ken Hanson (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:02:29
88Jesse Reams (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:02:30
89Brandon Gritters (Sho-Air/Rock N Road)0:02:30
90Tommy Nankervis (Competitive Cyclist Racing Team)0:02:31
91Daniel Bechtold (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:02:34
92Benjamin Hill (RBS Morgans-ATS Pro Cycling)0:02:35
93John Simes (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:02:38
94Kyle Wamsley (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:02:39
95Lee Muse (CashCall Mortgage)0:02:41
96Colt Peterson (Get Crackin' - MS Society)0:02:41
97Tyler Brandt (Team Mike's Bikes)0:02:44
98Eric Riggs (Team Mike's Bikes)0:02:45
99Julio Mollindo (F.C.C. powered by Pure Gear)0:02:47
100Mike Tettleton (F.C.C. powered by Pure Gear)0:02:47
101Daniel Holt (Team Type 1 Development)0:02:51
102Colin Gibson (Hagens Berman Cycling)0:02:52
103Andy Goessling (Team Mike's Bikes)0:02:53
104John Piasta (Team Mike's Bikes)0:02:54
105Guido Palma (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:02:55
106Kyle Gritters (Sho-Air/Rock N Road)0:02:55
107Chad Hartley (Kenda/5hr Energy p/b Geargrinder)0:02:57
108Anibal Borrajo (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:02:57
109Austin Carroll (Simple Green/ Bike Religion)0:02:58
110David Robertson (F.C.C. powered by Pure Gear)0:02:58
111Diego Yepez (F.C.C. powered by Pure Gear)0:02:59
112Andrew Gonzales (Elbowz Racing)0:03:00
113Chris Gruber (Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes/ CRCA)0:03:00
114David Benkoski (Alto Velo Racing Club)0:03:00
115Brian Mcculloch (CashCall Mortgage)0:03:05
116Rob Scheffler (Fremont Bank Cycling Team)0:03:06
117Thorlak Franck (Spy-Swami's Development Elite Team)0:03:08
118Demis Aleman (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:03:08
119Anthony Canevari (CashCall Mortgage)0:03:09
120Stradford Helms (Team Type 1 Development)0:03:14
121Tim Srenaski (GS Boulder)0:03:21
122Ben Chaddock (Team Exergy)0:03:22
123Michael Larsen (F.C.C. powered by Pure Gear)0:03:27
124Adam Carr (EKOÏ.com - Gaspesien)0:03:31
125James Laberge (Team Mike's Bikes)0:03:35
126Justin Morris (Team Type 1 Development)0:03:37
127Branden Russell (Team Type 1 Development)0:03:40
128Patrick Caro (F.C.C. powered by Pure Gear)0:03:46
129Gustavo-Adolfo Mendez (Velo Club LaGrange)0:03:48
130Shawn Daurelio (Velo Club LaGrange)0:03:54
131Tyler Jewell (Elbowz Racing)0:03:55
132Andrew Bosco ( / Echelon Design)0:03:57
133Jerome Townsend (Team Mountain Khakis/SmartStop)0:03:59
134Daniel Farinha (F.C.C. powered by Pure Gear)0:04:02
135Jeremiah Wiscovitch (Southern California Velo)0:04:09
136Michael Herdman (Sho-Air/Rock N Road)0:04:20
137Justin Williams (CashCall Mortgage)0:04:46
138Miles Lamon (Team Clif Bar Cycling)0:04:47
139Andrea Ciacchini (Team Type 1 Development)0:04:47
140Evan Hepner (Cascade Bicycle Studio)0:04:51
141Shawn Vangassen ( / Echelon Design)0:05:05
142James Esser (Kretzschmar Steel Racing)0:09:03
DNSMike Mathis (Bicycle Haus)Row 142 - Cell 2
DNSStephen Leece (California Giant/Specialized)Row 143 - Cell 2
DNSWes Holloway (CashCall Mortgage)Row 144 - Cell 2
DNSRene Corella (Elecoy)Row 145 - Cell 2
DNSDaniel Ramsey (F.C.C. powered by Pure Gear)Row 146 - Cell 2
DNSCody Campbell (Hagens Berman Cycling)Row 147 - Cell 2
DNSMichael Creed (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)Row 148 - Cell 2
DNSMarsh Cooper (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)Row 149 - Cell 2
DNSAlex Jarman (Spy-Swami's Development Elite Team)Row 150 - Cell 2
DNSBryan Larsen (Stage 17 Racing)Row 151 - Cell 2
DNSDaniel Katz (Stage 17 Racing)Row 152 - Cell 2
DNSAndrea Pirovano (Team Type 1 Development)Row 153 - Cell 2
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1Kristin Armstrong (Exergy Twenty12)0:15:01
2Clara Hughes (Team Specialized lululemon)0:00:32
3Kathryn Donovan (FCS|Rouse p/b Mr. Restore)0:00:53
4Tayler Wiles (Exergy Twenty12)0:00:58
5Joelle Numainville (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:01:06
6Jade Wilcoxson (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:01:17
7Alison Powers (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:01:24
8Alisha Welsh (Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing)0:01:25
9Kristin Mcgrath (Exergy Twenty12)0:01:35
10Ally Stacher (Team Specialized lululemon)0:01:37
11Lindsay Myers (Team TIBCO)0:01:38
12Veronique Fortin (Team TIBCO)0:01:38
13Kristen Lasasso (Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing)0:01:45
14Rhae Shaw (Exergy Twenty12)0:01:45
15Pascale Schnider (Exergy Twenty12)0:02:01
16Anne Samplonius (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:02:02
17Leah Guloien (Cynergy Cycles/Missing Link Coaching)0:02:04
18Emily Kachorek (Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing)0:02:06
19Jacquelyn Crowell (Exergy Twenty12)0:02:09
20Olivia Dillon (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:02:09
21Lex Albrecht (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:02:10
22Loren Rowney (Team Specialized lululemon)0:02:14
23Elizabeth Newell (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:02:14
24Courtney Lowe (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:02:15
25Ruth Clemence (SC VELO/Empower Coaching)0:02:15
26Kate Chilcott (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:02:16
27Ina Yoko Teutenberg (Team Specialized lululemon)0:02:18
28Anna Sanders (FCS|Rouse p/b Mr. Restore)0:02:21
29Rebecca Werner (Team TIBCO)0:02:22
30Jennifer Wheeler (Team TIBCO)0:02:34
31Devon Gorry (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:02:35
32Amber Gaffney (SC VELO/Empower Coaching)0:02:36
33Lauren Stephens (FCS|Rouse p/b Mr. Restore)0:02:40
34Heather Logan Springer (Exergy Twenty12)0:02:46
35Emily Collins (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:02:47
36Joy Mcculloch (Helen's Racing Helen's/Cannondale)0:02:47
37Kristin Sanders (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:02:49
38Katie Colclough (Team Specialized lululemon)0:02:52
39Lisa Campbell (SC VELO/Empower Coaching)0:02:53
40Jazzy Hurikino (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:02:54
41Rachel Cieslewicz (Canyon Bicycles Race Team)0:02:57
42Cara Gillis (Team Kenda p/b Geargrinder)0:02:59
43Kendall Ryan (Team TIBCO)0:02:59
44Julie Cutts (Velo Club LaGrange)0:03:14
45Ruth Winder (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:03:22
46Kate Wilson (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:03:24
47Dani Haulman (Team TIBCO)0:03:26
48Joanie Caron (Cynergy Cycles/Missing Link Coaching)0:03:29
49Melina Bernecker (Velo Club LaGrange)0:03:32
50Addyson Albershardt (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:03:34
51Monika Sattler (XO Communications p/b CISCO)0:03:49
52Shannon Castle (PAA - Re/Max)0:04:04
53Liza Rachetto (Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing)Row 52 - Cell 2
54Annie Ewart (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:04:09
55Amy Mcguire (FCS|Rouse p/b Mr. Restore)0:04:10
56Julia Lafranchise (Cynergy Cycles/Missing Link Coaching)0:04:14
57Angela Wimberly (CalCoast Bicycles)0:04:17
58Mary Maroon (FCS|Rouse p/b Mr. Restore)0:04:17
59Christina Gokey-Smith (NOW and Novartis for MS)0:04:18
60Hilary Crowley (Team Revolution)0:04:20
61Beatriz Rodriguez (SC VELO/Empower Coaching)0:04:21
62Rebecca Siegel (PAA - Re/Max)0:04:21
63Emma Grant (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)0:04:28
64Suzanne Sonye (Helen's Racing Helen's/Cannondale)0:04:29
65Nicky Wangsgard (Primal/MapMyRide Women's racing)0:04:30
66Heather Nielson (Touchstone Climbing)0:04:38
67Holly Breck (SC VELO/Empower Coaching)0:04:42
68Kemille Garvin (Bountiful Mazda Race Team)0:04:49
69Ryan Hostetter (Metromint Cycling)0:04:51
70Michelle Melka (RED Racing)0:04:58
71Karlee Gendron (FCS|Rouse p/b Mr. Restore)0:05:01
72Lauren Liscinski (Cynergy Cycles/Missing Link Coaching)0:05:02
73Amber Woodbury (Bountiful Mazda Race Team)0:05:06
74Jenna Kowalski (Cynergy Cycles/Missing Link Coaching)0:05:13
75Jenny Rios (SC VELO/Empower Coaching)0:05:31
76Billington Kathleen (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:05:42
77Kimberly Keathley (Bolthouse Farms/AIAGE)0:05:48
78Courtney Dimpel (Vanderkitten-Focus)0:05:50
79Belinda Eschenwald (Velo Club LaGrange)0:06:10
80Priscilla Calderon (SC VELO/Empower Coaching)0:06:48
81Shelby Reynolds (Helen's Racing Helen's/Cannondale)0:06:54
82Ivie Crawford (Fort Lewis College Cycling)0:07:19
83Payton Thomas (FCS|Rouse p/b Mr. Restore)0:09:52
DNSTheresa Cliff-Ryan (Exergy Twenty12)Row 83 - Cell 2
DNSVanessa Drigo (Vanderkitten-Focus)Row 84 - Cell 2

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