Redlands: Jasmin Duehring wins stage 3

Jasmin Duehring (Team Twenty 20/Sho-Air) leads Claudia Veronica Leal Balderas (CONADE-Specialized-Visit Mexico) on the climb of stage 1 of the Tour of The Gila on April 18, 2018 in Silver City

Jasmin Duehring (Team Twenty 20/Sho-Air) leads Claudia Veronica Leal Balderas (CONADE-Specialized-Visit Mexico) on the climb of stage 1 of the Tour of The Gila on April 18, 2018 in Silver City (Image credit: Jonathan Devich/


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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jasmin Duehring (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)1:39:51
2Katharine Hall (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)0:00:12
3Sara Bergen (Rally Cycling)0:00:14
4Deborah Paine (Roxsolt Attaquer)Row 3 - Cell 2
5Emma Grant (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:00:17
6Megan Jastrab (Team California)0:00:18
7Edwige Pitel (Jakroo Racing)Row 6 - Cell 2
8Kirsti Lay (Rally Cycling)0:00:21
9Shayna Powless (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)Row 8 - Cell 2
10Leah Thomas (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)0:00:28
11Stefanie Sydlik (Qcw Cycling)0:00:29
12Marie Soleil Blais (Team California)Row 11 - Cell 2
13Justine Barrow (Roxsolt Attaquer)0:00:32
14Alice Cobb (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:00:34
15Melanie Wong (Point S Auto - Nokian Tyres)0:00:35
16Whitney Allison (Hagens Berman - Supermint)0:00:38
17Starla Teddergreen (Hagens Berman - Supermint)0:00:42
18Michele Schaeffer (Amy D Foundation)Row 17 - Cell 2
19Rachel Langdon (Team California)0:00:46
20Jennifer Valente (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)0:00:48
21Erica Clevenger (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)Row 20 - Cell 2
22Sara Poidevin (Rally Cycling)0:00:50
23Emily Newsom (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)Row 22 - Cell 2
24Anne Donley (Jakroo Racing)Row 23 - Cell 2
25Jennifer Luebke (Hagens Berman - Supermint)Row 24 - Cell 2
26Beth Ann Orton (Point S Auto - Nokian Tyres)0:00:54
27Allie Dragoo (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)0:00:56
28Elizabeth Banks (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)Row 27 - Cell 2
29Lisa Cordova (Jl Velo Cycling Team)0:01:00
30Katie Clouse (Amy D Foundation)0:01:20
31Lindsay Goldman (Hagens Berman - Supermint)0:01:36
32Liza Rachetto (Hagens Berman - Supermint)0:02:04
33Jessica Cerra (Hagens Berman - Supermint)Row 32 - Cell 2
34Maddy Ward (Jl Velo Cycling Team)0:02:35
35Catherine Ouellette (Team California)0:02:59
36Emma Lujan (Tag Cycling Race Team)0:03:06
37Allison Beveridge (Rally Cycling)0:03:15
38Kathryn Buss (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:03:19
39Esther Meisels (Jakroo Racing)Row 38 - Cell 2
40Rushlee Buchanan (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)0:03:36
41Katherine Maine (Rally Cycling)Row 40 - Cell 2
42Peta Mullens (Hagens Berman - Supermint)0:03:52
43Lauren Hall (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)0:03:54
44Lauretta Hanson (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)Row 43 - Cell 2
45Esta Bovill (Tag Cycling Race Team)0:04:46
46Haley Gill (Tag Cycling Race Team)0:04:57
47Arzaluz Gutiérrez (Conade-Specialized-Visit Mex)Row 46 - Cell 2
48Kelly Catlin (Rally Cycling)0:05:02
49Renata Bucher (Roxsolt Attaquer)Row 48 - Cell 2
50Jennifer Tetrick (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)Row 49 - Cell 2
51Steph Roorda (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)0:05:12
52Abigail Mickey (Rally Cycling)0:05:22
53Aguila Hernández (Conade-Specialized-Visit Mex)0:05:59
54Christie Tracy (Jl Velo Cycling Team)0:07:18
55Ayesha Mcgowan (Qcw Cycling)0:07:22
56Erik Varela Huerta (Conade-Specialized-Visit Mex)Row 55 - Cell 2
57Tarah Cole (Hagens Berman - Supermint)Row 56 - Cell 2
58Claudia Leal Balderas (Conade-Specialized-Visit Mex)Row 57 - Cell 2
59Christina Birch (Qcw Cycling)Row 58 - Cell 2
60Miriam Brouwer (Team California)0:07:31
61Gillian Ellsay (Rally Cycling)0:07:46
62Nicola Bruderer Cofiño (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)Row 61 - Cell 2
63Lauren Thompson (Amy D Foundation)0:18:39
64Diana Cedeno (Jakroo Racing)Row 63 - Cell 2
65Ginger Boyd (Jl Velo Cycling Team)Row 64 - Cell 2
66Helena Coney (Tag Cycling Race Team)Row 65 - Cell 2
67Irena Ossola (Qcw Cycling)Row 66 - Cell 2
68Valenzuela Salomon (Team California)0:21:23
69Alice Hernández Delgado (Conade-Specialized-Visit Mex)Row 68 - Cell 2
70Lizbeth Ureño Armas (Jl Velo Cycling Team)0:22:29
71Mallory Miller (Point S Auto - Nokian Tyres)Row 70 - Cell 2
72Catherine Culkin (Qcw Cycling)Row 71 - Cell 2
73Lex Albrecht (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)Row 72 - Cell 2
74Annick Chalier (Jl Velo Cycling Team)Row 73 - Cell 2
75Philippa Sutton (Team California)Row 74 - Cell 2
76Remaili Martins (Point S Auto - Nokian Tyres)Row 75 - Cell 2
77Lori Nedescu (Qcw Cycling)0:23:59
78Nicole Pressprich (Point S Auto - Nokian Tyres)0:30:38
79Gabrielle Lehnert (Amy D Foundation)Row 78 - Cell 2
80Anna Traxler (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:31:08
81Makayla Macpherson (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)Row 80 - Cell 2
82Maggie Coles-Lyster (Tag Cycling Race Team)0:38:22
83Amber Pierce (Amy D Foundation)Row 82 - Cell 2
84Masha Schneider (Qcw Cycling)Row 83 - Cell 2
85Emily Marcolini (Amy D Foundation)0:56:15
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General Classification after stage 3
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Katharine Hall (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)4:58:02
2Sara Bergen (Rally Cycling)0:00:26
3Edwige Pitel (Jakroo Racing)0:00:28
4Shayna Powless (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)0:00:53
5Leah Thomas (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)0:01:03
6Sara Poidevin (Rally Cycling)0:01:25
7Jasmin Duehring (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)0:01:30
8Kirsti Lay (Rally Cycling)0:01:42
9Deborah Paine (Roxsolt Attaquer)0:02:21
10Alice Cobb (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:02:28
11Whitney Allison (Hagens Berman - Supermint)0:02:32
12Emma Grant (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:02:48
13Jennifer Luebke (Hagens Berman - Supermint)0:03:40
14Allie Dragoo (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)0:03:51
15Erica Clevenger (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)0:04:36
16Justine Barrow (Roxsolt Attaquer)0:05:09
17Michele Schaeffer (Amy D Foundation)0:05:39
18Megan Jastrab (Team California)0:06:25
19Stefanie Sydlik (Qcw Cycling)0:06:26
20Lisa Cordova (Jl Velo Cycling Team)0:06:40
21Kathryn Buss (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:06:53
22Emily Newsom (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:06:57
23Elizabeth Banks (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)0:07:16
24Lindsay Goldman (Hagens Berman - Supermint)0:07:18
25Anne Donley (Jakroo Racing)0:07:27
26Arzaluz Gutiérrez (Conade-Specialized-Visit Mex)0:07:28
27Marie Soleil Blais (Team California)0:07:56
28Starla Teddergreen (Hagens Berman - Supermint)Row 27 - Cell 2
29Emma Lujan (Tag Cycling Race Team)0:08:34
30Beth Ann Orton (Point S Auto - Nokian Tyres)0:09:11
31Jessica Cerra (Hagens Berman - Supermint)Row 30 - Cell 2
32Catherine Ouellette (Team California)0:09:12
33Abigail Mickey (Rally Cycling)0:09:25
34Haley Gill (Tag Cycling Race Team)0:10:30
35Esta Bovill (Tag Cycling Race Team)0:11:28
36Kelly Catlin (Rally Cycling)0:11:53
37Lauretta Hanson (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)0:12:14
38Katie Clouse (Amy D Foundation)0:12:15
39Rachel Langdon (Team California)0:13:06
40Esther Meisels (Jakroo Racing)0:13:22
41Tarah Cole (Hagens Berman - Supermint)0:13:29
42Jennifer Valente (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)0:14:06
43Maddy Ward (Jl Velo Cycling Team)0:14:55
44Liza Rachetto (Hagens Berman - Supermint)0:15:56
45Claudia Leal Balderas (Conade-Specialized-Visit Mex)0:16:00
46Rushlee Buchanan (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)0:16:54
47Peta Mullens (Hagens Berman - Supermint)0:17:44
48Jennifer Tetrick (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:19:09
49Aguila Hernández (Conade-Specialized-Visit Mex)0:19:17
50Katherine Maine (Rally Cycling)0:19:40
51Allison Beveridge (Rally Cycling)0:19:43
52Steph Roorda (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)0:21:09
53Renata Bucher (Roxsolt Attaquer)0:22:55
54Nicola Bruderer Cofiño (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:23:14
55Erik Varela Huerta (Conade-Specialized-Visit Mex)0:23:26
56Gillian Ellsay (Rally Cycling)0:23:50
57Melanie Wong (Point S Auto - Nokian Tyres)0:24:02
58Ayesha Mcgowan (Qcw Cycling)0:24:39
59Lauren Hall (Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling)0:25:35
60Alice Hernández Delgado (Conade-Specialized-Visit Mex)0:26:44
61Christie Tracy (Jl Velo Cycling Team)0:27:58
62Lori Nedescu (Qcw Cycling)0:30:06
63Lex Albrecht (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:33:41
64Miriam Brouwer (Team California)0:34:31
65Philippa Sutton (Team California)0:35:22
66Anna Traxler (Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank)0:37:53
67Christina Birch (Qcw Cycling)0:43:05
68Nicole Pressprich (Point S Auto - Nokian Tyres)0:43:54
69Gabrielle Lehnert (Amy D Foundation)0:44:28
70Irena Ossola (Qcw Cycling)0:45:39
71Annick Chalier (Jl Velo Cycling Team)0:46:25
72Masha Schneider (Qcw Cycling)0:51:09
73Lizbeth Ureño Armas (Jl Velo Cycling Team)0:51:44
74Valenzuela Salomon (Team California)0:51:50
75Catherine Culkin (Qcw Cycling)0:53:37
76Helena Coney (Tag Cycling Race Team)0:54:16
77Ginger Boyd (Jl Velo Cycling Team)0:55:32
78Amber Pierce (Amy D Foundation)0:56:20
79Remaili Martins (Point S Auto - Nokian Tyres)0:57:42
80Lauren Thompson (Amy D Foundation)0:58:02
81Diana Cedeno (Jakroo Racing)0:58:49
82Emily Marcolini (Amy D Foundation)1:00:29
83Mallory Miller (Point S Auto - Nokian Tyres)1:02:08
84Makayla Macpherson (Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air)1:03:00
85Maggie Coles-Lyster (Tag Cycling Race Team)1:15:34

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