Calderon takes final stage at Tour of the Philippines


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#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joel Calderon (Phi) Mail and More4:36:06
2Baler Ravina (Phi) GO21Row 1 - Cell 2
3Sea Keong Loh (Mas) Singapore Cycling Team0:01:50
4Timo Scholz (Ger) CCN Cycling Team0:04:21
5Koos Jeroen Kers (Ned) Dutch Global Cycling Team0:04:25
6John Mark Galedo (Phi) Smart TeamRow 5 - Cell 2
7Chun Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:05:56
8Iris Valenzuela (Phi) American Vinyl LPGMA0:06:34
9Ristom Lim (Phi) American Vinyl LPGMARow 8 - Cell 2
10Cris Joven (Phi) American Vinyl LPGMA0:10:40
11Ronnel R Hualda (Phi) American Vinyl LPGMARow 10 - Cell 2
12Masakazu Ito (Jpn) Asian Racing Team0:10:43
13Shinichi Fukushima (Jpn) Terengganu Cycling TeamRow 12 - Cell 2
14Lloyd Lucien Reynante (Phi) Smart Team0:10:47
15James Williamson (NZl) Bike NZ - Pure Black0:13:33
16Mohammad Gharehbaghi Pouri (IRI) Uzbekistan Suren TeamRow 15 - Cell 2
17Paul Morales Jang (Phi) Kia0:13:47
18Rey Martin (Phi) Mail and More0:13:48
19Oscar Rendole (Phi) Mail and More0:13:51
20Rudy Roque (Phi) American Vinyl LPGMA0:14:04
21Arnel Quirimt (Phi) GO210:18:15
22Rastra Patria (Ina) Colossi Mich Racing Team0:18:43
23Ewsebio Z Quinones (Phi) Kia0:18:59
24Sherwin Carrera (Phi) GO21Row 23 - Cell 2
25Santy Barnachea (Phi) GO21Row 24 - Cell 2
26Emilito Atilano (Phi) Smart TeamRow 25 - Cell 2
27John S Ricafort (Phi) Kia0:19:54
28Kenichi Suzuki (Jpn) Asian Racing Team0:23:50
29Frederick Feliciano (Phi) Kia0:26:02
30Chun Liang Pan (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:26:20
31Darren Benson (Aus) CCN Cycling Team0:27:19
32Shimpei Fukuda (Jpn) Asian Racing TeamRow 31 - Cell 2
33Muhammad Abd Aziz (Bru) CCN Cycling Team0:27:21
34Nozomu Kimori (Jpn) Asian Racing Team0:29:47
35Eugen Wacker (Kgz) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:30:51
36Chan Jae Jang (Kor) Terengganu Cycling TeamRow 35 - Cell 2
37Alexander Malone (Aus) Plan B RacingRow 36 - Cell 2
38Mohd Sharul Mat Amin (Mas) Terengganu Cycling TeamRow 37 - Cell 2
39Daniel Bonello (Aus) Plan B Racing0:31:34
40Nicanor Guanzon (Phi) Mail and More0:31:55
41Hamed Pasbankhajeh (IRI) Uzbekistan Suren TeamRow 40 - Cell 2
42Mahammad Taufiq (Ina) YogyakartaRow 41 - Cell 2
43Alfredo Asuncion (Phi) Mail and MoreRow 42 - Cell 2
44Cagas O Dante (Phi) Kia0:32:32
45Warren Davadilla (Phi) Smart TeamRow 44 - Cell 2
46Nugroho Kisnanto (Ina) Yogyakarta0:33:32
47Wei Chich Liu (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:36:14
48Logan Calder (Aus) Plan B Racing0:39:22
49Azamat Turaev (Uzb) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:43:25
50Wouter De Groot (Ned) Dutch Global Cycling Team0:45:51
51Shem Rodger (NZl) Bike NZ - Pure Black0:45:59
52Ericson Dbosa (Phi) GO210:46:19
53Thlji Poelstra (Ned) Dutch Global Cycling Team0:46:20
54Roman Van Uden (NZl) Bike NZ - Pure Black0:48:49
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General classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Baler Ravina (Phi) GO2113:20:26
2Sea Keong Loh (Mas) Singapore Cycling Team0:00:16
3Joel Calderon (Phi) Mail and More0:01:30
4Timo Scholz (Ger) CCN Cycling Team0:02:16
5Koos Jeroen Kers (Ned) Dutch Global Cycling Team0:04:06
6John Mark Galedo (Phi) Smart Team0:07:48
7Ristom Lim (Phi) American Vinyl LPGMA0:08:08
8Iris Valenzuela (Phi) American Vinyl LPGMA0:09:57
9Oscar Rendole (Phi) Mail and More0:12:52
10James Williamson (NZl) Bike NZ - Pure Black0:13:20
11Ronnel R Hualda (Phi) American Vinyl LPGMA0:13:25
12Rudy Roque (Phi) American Vinyl LPGMA0:13:51
13Masakazu Ito (Jpn) Asian Racing Team0:14:35
14Shinichi Fukushima (Jpn) Terengganu Cycling Team0:14:50
15Lloyd Lucien Reynante (Phi) Smart Team0:15:03
16Chun Kai Feng (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:16:21
17Rey Martin (Phi) Mail and More0:16:36
18Paul Morales Jang (Phi) Kia0:17:43
19Rastra Patria (Ina) Colossi Mich Racing Team0:18:51
20Arnel Quirimt (Phi) GO210:19:35
21Santy Barnachea (Phi) GO210:21:52
22Ewsebio Z Quinones (Phi) Kia0:22:22
23Sherwin Carrera (Phi) GO210:22:55
24Emilito Atilano (Phi) Smart TeamRow 23 - Cell 2
25John S Ricafort (Phi) Kia0:23:22
26Mohammad Gharehbaghi Pouri (IRI) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:23:23
27Kenichi Suzuki (Jpn) Asian Racing Team0:26:21
28Cris Joven (Phi) American Vinyl LPGMA0:28:38
29Alexander Malone (Aus) Plan B Racing0:29:12
30Frederick Feliciano (Phi) Kia0:29:23
31Chun Liang Pan (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:29:43
32Muhammad Raihaan Abd Aziz (Bru) CCN Cycling Team0:30:33
33Shimpei Fukuda (Jpn) Asian Racing Team0:31:15
34Chan Jae Jang (Kor) Terengganu Cycling Team0:34:00
35Alfredo Asuncion (Phi) Mail and More0:35:07
36Daniel Bonello (Aus) Plan B Racing0:35:29
37Mahammad Taufiq (Ina) Yogyakarta0:35:51
38Cagas O Dante (Phi) Kia0:36:28
39Warren Davadilla (Phi) Smart Team0:36:33
40Mohd Sharul Mat Amin (Mas) Terengganu Cycling Team0:40:39
41Nozomu Kimori (Jpn) Asian Racing Team0:41:02
42Nicanor Guanzon (Phi) Mail and More0:41:45
43Azamat Turaev (Uzb) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:42:56
44Darren Benson (Aus) CCN Cycling Team0:44:27
45Eugen Wacker (Kgz) Uzbekistan Suren Team0:45:44
46Wouter De Groot (Ned) Dutch Global Cycling Team0:49:03
47Nugroho Kisnanto (Ina) Yogyakarta0:49:21
48Shem Rodger (NZl) Bike NZ - Pure Black0:50:09
49Thlji Poelstra (Ned) Dutch Global Cycling Team0:50:16
50Wei Chich Liu (Tpe) Action Cycling Team0:53:22
51Ericson Dbosa (Phi) GO210:57:35
52Roman Van Uden (NZl) Bike NZ - Pure Black0:59:16
53Logan Calder (Aus) Plan B Racing0:59:29
54Hamed Pasbankhajeh (IRI) Uzbekistan Suren Team1:08:14

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