Kindree gets first stage win and takes overall by five seconds

With hump-day out of the way, riders got to touch their tires to classic Sunshine Coast singletrack on the 40km course from Sechelt to the BC Ferry terminal of Langdale. With over 1400 meters of climbing, earning those turns was no easy task but the rewards included the one-of-a-kind 7km singletrack descent down HWY 102 and Sidewinder. Through the newest piece of singletrack that took two years to build, riders couldn't help but give a yell to the forest as their bodies and bikes danced and weaved through the woods. Trains of riders spanked and got spanked by the brown belt of trail that never seemed to buckle under their weight.

The atmosphere has become an international stew, with languages from 33 countries floating in the broth. This traveling adventure has been a good opportunity to tune up second languages and learn about riding around the world. The BC Bike Race has definitely hit its stride as the wear of racing five days has dulled riders' guards and new friendships are solidifying in the sharing of stories and personal space.

Solo men

In today's stage along the resplendent Sunshine Coast, Neil Kindree (Specialized/EMD Serono) came to the table and put a winning bid for the overall on the table. At the close of yesterday's stage, the prevailing attitude was that Barry Wicks (Kona Bikes) had signed the deed to the house, but in the closest men's race in BCBR history, this sale is still open for bids.

Wicks didn't exactly fall apart, but Kindree didn't waste any time in reclaiming the time he had lent Wicks the day before and charged him an extra five-seconds for the loan. Chris Sheppard of the Rocky Mountain Factory team also slapped Wicks with a penalty by dropping him on the gravity enduro stage, which he won in dominating fashion, and regulated Wicks to third place, his lowest finish of the race.

Kindree flew through the first half of the race and by the time he reached Guys Gulch trail and started the climb up Hwy 103 he had a slim 45 seconds on Sheppard. Riders were greeted by the most technical section of climbing and had to negotiate roots and four-inch wide skinnies to avoid the wettest sections of old forest. Tired bodies were hugging the side of the ridge and carefully balancing across classic North Shore style bridges that looked ready to be absorbed by the rain forest if left un-ridden for a week.

At the entrance to the gravity enduro section, Kindree had a solid minute lead, but Wicks and Sheppard were in pursuit. Wicks led into the final descent but with a few too many miss-steps and Sheppard was able go solo as he floated away on the rollicking descent.

Matt Hadley of the Exprezo Borseo-Factory team rolled in seven minutes back for fourth. "Today was great, super fun. I really like singletrack and this was a good day for shredding. Those first three guys just have a little more snap."

In the overall, Kindree now has the slimmest margin of five seconds over Wicks while Sheppard has cut his deficit to three and a half minutes. Hadley and Cory Wallace (Kona) are only separated by 3:45. With two days left, it means there are still plenty of checks to be cashed.

Solo women

Wendy Simms hasn't let her lead slow her down and she seems to be enjoying pushing her pace. Below Simms the podium has shuffled on the stage with Hanna Thorne of New Zealand shifting into her gear as the trail pointed her direction, down. Thorne was second in the solo women's category and took a substantial four and a half minutes from everyone but Simms.

When asked about why today was the New Zealander's stage, Thorne pumped the finishing descent as a major factor. "More sustained climbing at the start rather than lots of short bursts and then just the long-long descent at the end. That's (descents) what I like the most and I'm sort of the best at."

Thorne still hasn't taken an overall spot from Melinda Jackson (Team KiwiRoo) or Sonya Looney (Topeak Ergon), but she is within three and a half minutes coming into her favorite stage at Squamish. Apparently Thorne is an aerial expert and is anticipating ripping the trail Half Nelson into submission.

Pam Frentzel-Beyme of the United States is sitting comfortably in fifth place while below her is a tug-a-war between Rahel Ruegge (Swisschocolate) of Switzerland and Fanny Paquette (Rocky Mountain) of Canada. Ruegga has spent the last two days sharing trail with Megan Rose who is the female member of the winning mixed duo team. "The last two days I was riding with Rose but we speak to each other and it's fun. One time she is in front of me, one time I am in front of her at the finish."

Solo master men

Namibia rider Mannie Heyman's (Ormin) is still setting an unstoppable pace for the masters' category. Chad Forrest (Peking Man) has come from China to make the most of his race and isn't going to settle in and is fighting off a field that would love to take the second position on the podium.

Duo men

Four men sprinted for the team of two finish and it was Kevin Calhoun and Keith Stark of the Rocky Mountain Factory Team 2 who got their first stage win against the dominating Team Jamis. Thomas Turner and Jason Sager couldn't hold off the Rocky team who has been stoking the fire all week and might just be ready to burn the house down with two stages to go.

The Clif Bar team of Garrett and Jake Heitman maintained a fourth place in the general classification but Wade Simmons and Mike Hunter of the Rocky Retro95 team who were rocking the spandex, couldn't transform the performance enhancing outfit switch to extra spots on the overall.

Gravity enduro

The longest Gravity Enduro stage brought new enduro stage winners to the podium. Andreas Hestler of the Rocky Mountain Factory Team checked off another win on the gravity enduro stage one. He looked to be on a roll, but his momentum stalled on the second enduro stage. It definitely payed to be at the front of the pack as evidenced by the three men who filled first through third on the 20-minute stage. Sheppard let his desire to drop Wicks motivate him to a winning time of 19:21.

Neil Kindree lost 18 seconds to Sheppard but managed to finish three seconds faster than Wicks.

Day 6: Squamish

For 48km, the trails of Squamish, previously voted the best stage of the week, will host one of the most memorable mountain bike days for riders to take home and try to explain. As the famous climbing wall The Chief looms over their heads they'll have a chance plunge through forests that have more treats than Christmas morning. Racers who prefer gravity fed trails will have their day of reckoning while the climbers try to make up for their glowing brakes on the descents. Tomorrows stage will introduce the world to the now infamous purpose-built trail ‘Half Nelson’ the legendary gnarl of the Plunge.

Later in the day, the kids of Squamish will have a chance to show off their mountain-town pedigree at the Shimano Kids race in Brennan Park next to base camp. It is the final kids race of four that the BC Bike Race has hosted at different towns along the 2012 route.

Full Results

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Solo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neal Kindree (Can) Specialized/EMD Serono2:14:12
2Barry Wicks (USA) Kona0:01:42
3Chris Sheppard (USA) Rocky Mountain Factory Racing0:01:19
4Matt Hadley (Can) Xprezo-Borsao factory0:08:41
5Cory Wallace (Can) KonaRow 4 - Cell 2
6Carter Hovey (Can) MongoliaBikeChallengeOrbeaSMP0:13:59
7Benoit Simard (Can) Nativo Concept0:16:50
8Guido Thaler (Aus) Craft - Rocky Mountain0:09:56
9Josh Carlson (Aus) Giant Factory off-Raod Team0:21:54
10Michael Robinson (Can) Glendale0:23:13
11Dana Weber (USA) Pro Bike Supply0:19:10
12Marty Lazarski (Can) Devinci Factory0:15:15
13Dave Nairn (Aus) Cranky Horse0:20:05
14Jonah Clark (Can) Icycle Sport - Midnight Sun0:23:05
15Daniel Gathof (Ger) Craft - Rocky Mountain0:18:13
16Donavan Davis (USA) chad davis0:26:34
17Brent Miller (NZl) Niner Bikes NZ / Pushbikes ©0:34:39
18Yuki Ikeda (Jpn) Topeak Ergon0:24:09
19Dain Zaffke (USA) Easton Cycling0:33:21
20Andreas Hestler (Can) Rocky Mountain, BC Bike Race0:34:01
21Hugo Bardou (Can) Xprezo0:35:28
22Chris Fisher (Aus) Chris Fisher0:38:07
23Aaron Elwell (USA) TwinSix0:30:50
24Karel De Wael (Bel) Cameleon Bike 10:30:46
25David Huntley (Can) Cycle Therapy0:43:55
26Adrien Mantez (Bel) Enter Sandman0:29:25
27Kevin Massicotte (Can) Nativo Concept0:41:03
28Ross Schnell (USA) Mach Schnell Racing0:36:04
29Andy Rigel (USA) Mafia Racing0:42:08
30James Minifie (Can) Midnight Son0:37:30
31David Grenier (Can) Sarto Gagné0:32:36
32Matt Ewonus (Can) Team Ewonus0:41:05
33Paul Burbidge (Can) Paul Burbidge0:36:17
34Ashley Hayat (Aus) Ashley Hayat0:47:20
35Gert De Geeter (Bel) Cameleon Factory Racing Team0:40:10
36Jordan Tesluk (Can) Jessica Carlin RMT0:44:41
37Nelson Rocha (Can) Pedaling Towards Nirvana0:39:13
38Bas Van Dooren (Ned) Shimano0:39:02
39Erik Keniston (USA) Singletrack Bikes0:46:15
40Erik Bakke (Can) Deadgoat Racing0:40:12
41Cedric Parys (Bel) Secret Trails0:37:56
42Grant Hvizdos (Can) High maintenance0:51:28
43Chuck Cosman (Can) lululemon0:42:16
44Peter Tondl (Can) Team Tondl0:46:08
45David Hemming (USA) Kings of Yeah1:17:52
46Daniel Humm (USA) Made Nice0:54:37
47Martin Campoy (Bel) Sandman Team0:34:51
48Sami Inkinen (USA) Hardtails0:43:21
49Joal Borggard (Can) Single Track 10:50:21
50Pedro Bento (Por) Ribabike0:50:24
51Jake Wetzel (Can) Adera0:54:33
52Andy Sanidas (USA) Wraith Bicycles0:56:37
53Yannick Bouet (Can) Trial and Error0:50:23
54Jeremy Gackle (Can) Gack Attack1:09:09
55Kent Allison (NZl) Team Brockman1:03:13
56Barry Petzold (USA) Cycle Loft0:58:17
57Brett Mackintosh (Aus) BrettMack1:05:31
58Andrew Cavaletto (USA) SV Cycle Sport1:03:14
59Evan Wise (Can) Red Banjo1:00:41
60Matt Byers (USA) Bitty 10.01:07:23
61Erick Azzi (Bra) ABicicletaria Bike Experience1:07:30
62Mike Brain (Aus) Freo1:03:40
63Rogerio Moda (Bra) Rogerio Moda1:18:18
64Craig Johns (NZl) Team KiwiRoo0:59:56
66Maciek Machowski (Pol) BikeBoard Maciek1:20:15
67Robert Biard (USA) 787 Racing1:24:11
68Robin Richardson (Can) SAR Buds 11:19:26
69Michael Povaschuk (Can) Rocky Mountain M31:20:52
70Jeff Pearson (Can) Gacks Support Crew1:18:58
71Mike Daws (Aus) El Miko1:22:58
72Jesse Harrington (USA) Harrington1:20:40
73Noud Donders (Ned) El Don Nl1:13:53
74Carl Landry (Can) The Lando1:20:50
75George Beatteay (Can) SAR Buds1:22:23
76Bryce Blake (Can) Ozzies-AVR1:18:13
77Morton Dennis (Can) Morton Oak Bay Bikes1:30:57
78Ryan Hyde (Can) Ryan Hyde1:36:30
79Juliano Arce Nunes (Bra) Tchebikers1:13:55
80Jason Dimmig (USA) Bend Punks 11:13:20
81Eric Zubick (USA) That Guy2:09:31
82Mateus Merlo Zandona (Bra) Tchebikers1:32:14
83Kaesy Gladwin (Can) HBCC1:29:25
84Garry Davoran (Irl) Connemara MTB-11:26:27
85Jarrad Brooks (Aus) Team Me1:30:03
86James Knapp (USA) Knapp1:44:21
87Jesse Purden (Can) Team Boke1:54:58
88Jorge Hayler (USA) Ratas1:50:06
89John Merrett (Can) Landry's Support Crew1:45:23
90Ian Schiller (USA) Team Sheezy1:47:26
91Tyler Hollema (Can) Team Van Go1:50:01
92Mike Wood (Can) Team Foo Foo Tic It1:29:24
93Phil Deguise (Can) CCN1:41:52
94Romain Bayle (Can) Romain Bayle1:54:29
95David Tolmach (USA) Team Rabbit1:48:09
96Andres Errazuriz (Chi) Ratas2:03:00
97Louis Mazzante (USA) Bicycling Mag2:41:23
98Paul Harpe (Can) Adrenaline Racing 12:14:20
99Jose Piñera (Chi) Ratas2:05:49
100Karl Verbruggen (Can) Koen-2012_22:21:15
101Mike Levy (Can) Pinkbike3:12:33
102Andrew Whelton (Irl) Connemara MTB-22:11:56
103Kristof Seyen (Bel) Swooth Mountainbike Team2:21:16
104Antoine Geysen (Bel) Sandman2:09:11
105Shane Lindsay (Can) Granny Ring Grinder2:13:30
106Liam Kerney (Can) Liam Kerney2:23:53
107Toby Sorensen (Can) HTFU2:03:42
108Matt Bailey (GBr) Wilderness Trust2:28:00
109Scott Wood (Aus) Woodrock2:39:12
110Pieter Mey (Can) Toerseun2:42:52
111Janitha Jayaweera (98052) Janitha2:57:11
112Adriano Di Pietro (Aus) Rockwood2:54:43
113Wayne Campbell (GBr) ZIMBO2:44:35
114Erik Holmlund (Can) XEA2:53:29
115Hein Herbst (RSA) William's Bike Shop3:03:33
116Rodrigo Medina (USA) G403:31:58
117Jean-Pierre Viljoen (Can) Olympia Cycles3:03:36
118Ryan Walsh (RSA) Ryan Walsh3:03:25
119Rob Carle (Bot) ISPYDAFLY3:20:08
120Sergio Stephanou (Bra) G403:31:48
121Mathieu Laguë (Aus) Mat The Brat2:49:41
122Jason Hamm (Can) Jason Hamm2:49:43
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Solo women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wendy Simms (Can) Kona2:55:52
2Hannah Thorne (NZl) Hannah Thorne0:22:07
3Melinda Jackson (Aus) Team KiwiRoo0:26:36
4Sonya Looney (USA) Topeak Ergon0:28:42
5Rahel Rüegge (Swi) Swisschocolate0:32:23
6Pam Frentzel-Beyme (USA) Gripped Racing0:40:26
7Fanny Paquette (Can) Rocky Mountain0:43:55
8Melanie Webb (Aus) Spidermonkey0:58:01
9Sandra Hardy (Can) Muddbunnies1:06:34
10Christie Simon (Can) Wild Bettys1:16:57
11Lea-Marie Bowes-Lyon (Can) Lyon Cub1:18:28
13Carla Stalmans (Bel) KOEN 2012 Carla Stalmans1:52:50
14Julia Lovecchio (Can) Hoopla1:53:20
15Jo Nie Sua (Sin) Team Sua2:04:23
16Julia O'Shannassy (Can) What did I do?2:30:46
17Alex Robinette (USA) Bicycle Sport Shop 2Row 15 - Cell 2
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Solo master men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mannie Heymans (Nam) Ormin2:33:24
2Chad Forrest (China) Peiking Man0:16:39
3Craig Gillett (Can) SIMBS0:18:55
4Steve Mackenzie (Can) Steve MacKenzie0:19:08
5Chris Birch (Can) Drew Bragg Rocks the Mike Right0:24:21
6Matteo Abel (Can) Ridge to Valley Construction0:29:50
7Allister Darichuk (Can) It's 5:30 go back to sleep0:33:16
8Deon Wilkins (RSA) Saronsberg Wine0:36:17
9Al Killick (NZl) Team Panther0:36:46
10Robert Schultz (Can) Robert Schultz0:40:10
11Tim Keep (RSA) Pure Adventure Wear0:40:58
12Simon Christie (Aus) Wish!0:42:44
13Craig Mclaren (Can) Craig McLaren0:45:22
14Primoz Gulin (Slo) Team DES-FLES0:47:06
15Murray Oshanyk (Can) assless chap0:47:15
16Carlos Agredano (Bel) Swooth Mtb Team0:48:27
17Jim Simons (USA) ThisIsWhat I ThinkAboutDuringSex0:48:49
18Joris Ermens (Bel) Koen-20120:48:56
19Daniel Aliperti (Bra) Pedal Power0:49:00
20Richard Willcox (Can) Richard Willcox0:49:49
21Werner Crols (Bel) Koen-2012_20:49:56
22Neil Evans (GBr) Manchester Wheelers0:50:34
23Juan Pablo Santiagos (Chi) Transandeschallenge Chile0:59:31
24Steve Connor (Can) Sprockethedz0:59:36
25Zdenko Rajevic (Chi) Transandes Challenge Chile Team0:59:49
26Dirk Breitenladner (Ger) Campana0:59:55
27Graeme Lister (Can) Sherri's Team1:00:00
28Ron Faithfull (USA) Pro Wheel Builders1:00:22
29Mike Carter (USA) Mike's Team1:00:55
30Bill Darrah (USA) Peak Performance1:01:07
31Scott Calley (USA) Cranky Wingnut1:01:39
32Thomas Greene (USA) Jra Cycles1:01:44
33William Carry (Can) Crank1:01:45
34Don Gill (Can) careys guy1:01:59
35Ken Kozel (Can) Cruze1:02:35
36Mark Stephenson (Can) Deadgoat Racing 11:04:25
37Paulo Marques (GBr) Kalahari1:05:42
38James Baergen (Can) Big Daddy Jimbo1:05:55
39Ross Phillips (Can) Yukon Spirit1:07:06
40Mike Russell (Can) Lonewolf ( Pack of one )1:08:19
41Ted Smith (Can) Smith Cycle1:09:42
42Niall Mcgrath (Can) Niall McGrath1:11:10
43Frederic Savre (Fra) Velo Vert1:12:35
44Angelo Brunacini (USA) Brunacini1:13:26
45Dominique Quesnel (Can) East Coaster1:13:33
46Cooper Fowler (USA) Team BCD1:13:57
47David Benjes (USA) Bitty Bitty Single Speed1:15:19
48Mark Nijhoff (Ned) Koen-20121:15:41
49Milosz Kedracki (Pol) BikeBoard Milosz1:17:35
50Rob Doyle (Can) Simbos1:20:06
51Graeme Fitch (Can) Harbour Air 21:20:48
52Jeff Soulier (USA) Beach Cruiser1:22:37
53Mike Lynn (Can) Dadulator1:24:29
54Iain Lowe (Can) Red Raw Racing1:24:30
55Scott Mccallum (Can) Ouch!1:24:32
56Bruce Nash (Can) TBD1:27:16
57Michael Jennings (USA) SV Cycle Sport1:28:12
58Damon Steele (USA) DPS1:31:28
59Stan Valnicek (Can) Sisyphus1:33:42
60Jeff Brown (Can) Radialmotion1:33:43
61Wade Luksay (Can) Wade Luksay1:34:10
62Chuck Hashey (USA) Bubba Boy1:36:35
63Travis Martin (USA) Skittles1:38:29
64Richard Ebner (Can) David Mitchell Co. Ltd.1:39:15
65Doug Terry (Can) Tim Hortons Whitehorse1:39:49
66John Jaques (Can) Jaques Racing1:42:16
67Andy Conde (USA) Bad Mamba Jamba1:43:59
68Eduardo Llach (USA) Team Sheeper1:47:39
69Geoff Huenemann (Can) Bike over Teakettle1:48:01
70Edward Fryatt (USA) Team Las Vegas Cyclery1:48:30
71Ross Chafe (Can) Happy Birthday1:49:28
73Bob Faulkner (Can) Team Faulkner1:49:57
74Michael Kehler (Can) Mike Kehler1:51:43
75Adam Michalik (Pol) BikeBoard Adam1:51:45
76Tiaan Luies (Can) Zorro1:52:54
77Franc Vanderven (USA) Toast1:53:12
78Nick Swanson (HKg) Zippycat Racing1:57:11
79Kristof Lombaerts (Bel) kristoffel1:59:25
80Mike Fife (USA) Bend Punks2:05:36
81Jorge Stelzer (Bra) Tchebikers2:10:48
82Helio Masuyama (Bra) Tchebikers2:10:49
83Thomas Seelig (Aus) TommyfromFori2:13:11
84Dion Workman (Aus) Bloke with Spokes2:13:12
85Gunter Braem (Bel) Koen 2012 Gunter Braem2:13:32
86Jon Watts (Can) Woo-Hoo Jon2:19:38
87Nick Gordon (GBr) Operation Six Pack2:19:54
88John Campbell (Aus) mullalloo2:27:44
89Steve Swenson (Can) Solo Steve2:30:32
90Derek Chung (HKg) TSM Racing DC2:35:56
91Andy Rothlisberger (Swi) The Swizzly Grizzlies 12:36:20
92Paul Godman (Can) Godman2:36:39
93Richard Abercrombie (USA) Team Clean Slate2:42:49
94Marc Lucero (USA) Wreck-Reational Hazards2:45:14
95Nick Danielak (Can) Solo2:52:19
96Marc Haentjens (Bel) Sandman2:53:24
97Anders Bäverås (Swe) Bäverås3:06:19
98Michael Honing (Can) Michael Honing3:06:55
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Solo master women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Tricia Davis (USA) tricia davis3:53:52
2Kimberley Beck (Can) Muddbunnies Race Team0:02:40
3Roberta Wilson (Can) amino vega sport0:29:31
4Robin Nadig (Can) Vega Sport1:16:57
5Cindy Garvin (Can) Cindy Garvin1:36:05
6Myra Mattila (Can) Myra Mattila1:48:41
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Duo men
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kevin Calhoun (Can) & Keith Stark (Can)2:28:08
2Thomas Turner (USA) & Jason Sager (USA)0:00:01
3Colin Kerr (Can) & Greg Day (Can)0:13:29
4Nic Lamond (Can) & Simon Lamond (RSA)0:19:27
5Garett Heitman (USA) & Jake Heitman (USA)0:25:25
6Mike Blennerhassett (Can) & Mike Sarnecki (Can)0:26:11
7Michael Colwill (Can) & Scott Martin (Can)0:26:19
8Mike Hunter (Can) & Wade Simmons (Can)0:32:27
9Scott Edmunds (Can) & Tom Zidek (Can)0:44:29
10Reinout De Mey (Bel) & Rob Bruyndonckx (Bel)0:46:19
11Marcelo De Barros Sampaio (Bra) & Gustavo Astolphi (Bra)0:46:42
12John Carney (Aus) & Brett Van Son (Aus)0:52:24
13Oscar Balsalobre Vila (Swi) & Stephane Wiand (Fra)0:52:41
14Andy Higginbotham (RSA) & Greig Jansen (Eth)0:54:50
15Adrian Scott (Aus) & Gavin Rumbles (GBr)0:54:56
16Joachim Thrane (Den) & Mogens Thrane (Den)1:04:46
17Simon Dec (Aus) & James Lobegeiger (Aus)1:06:49
18Ryan Arnold (USA) & Marshall Evans (USA)1:07:48
19James Scramstad (Can) & Sean Guidi (Can)1:07:53
20Simon Megy (Fra) & Francois Feyt (Fra)1:19:28
21Luke Ferris (Can) & Adam Ferris (Can)1:29:52
22Tony Doran (USA) & Steve Vittone (USA)1:30:17
23Jordi Bigas (Spa) & David Frehner (Spa)1:30:33
24Jef Wouters (Bel) & Louis Wouters (Bel)2:05:36
25Florian Reichert (Ger) & Matthias Hüller (Ger)2:16:33
26Faizan Dhanani (Can) & Paul Robertson (Can)2:29:21
27Shaun Samuelson (USA) & Chris Baker (USA)2:31:37
28Philip Mason (Aus) & Michael Rowell (Aus)2:43:33
29Mike Groger (UAE) & Robert Diehl (UAE)2:43:35
30Dirk Erasmus (RSA) & Beukes J Vorster (Can)2:49:42
31Darryl Sobering (USA) & Aaron May (Can)2:50:53
32Alex Welsh (HKg) & Jack Wilson (HKg)2:51:44
33Daniel Rappange (Ned) & Ragnar De Jongh (Ned)2:52:42
34Scott Bromfield (Aus) & Andrew Bull (Aus)2:55:14
35Morgan Meredith (USA) & Brice Minnigh (USA)3:19:04
36Joe Campbell (GBr) & Rowan Jarrett (GBr)3:41:55
37Mike Day (Aus) & Matthew Overington (Aus)3:42:01
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Duo women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kimberly Ridgeway (USA) & Ann Blair (USA)4:11:50
2Maureen Rupert (Can) & Pam Heatherington (Can)0:13:13
3Star Affolter (USA) & Grace Ragland (USA)0:43:54
4Mary-Anne Hunter (Can) & Katie Declercq (USA)0:53:10
5Belinda Brooks (Aus) & Cindy Morgan (Aus)0:59:52
6Susan Holm (Can) & Pam Hauck (Can)1:11:41
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Duo mixed
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jim Salusbury (Can) & Megan Rose (Can)3:18:26
2Francois-Charles Dumas (Can) & Isabelle Dumas (Can)0:19:06
3Tania Radic (Chile) & Patricio Fernandez (Chile)0:36:42
4Nadia Pépin (Can) & Pascal Pepin (Can)0:40:58
5Bucher Andreas (Swi) & Bünter Christina (Swi)0:46:40
6Marion De Coulon Perret (Swi) & Lionel Perret (Swi)0:51:22
7Amanda Mitchell (Zimbabwe) & Steven Scott (Zimbabwe)0:53:32
8Rachael Mirvish (Can) & Brad Hunter (Can)1:03:43
9Tamara Howes (Can) & Richard Howes (Can)1:13:32
10Conor Dolan (Ireland) & Orla Baxter (Ireland)1:18:53
11Philip Dickinson (NZl) & Julie Melanson (Can)1:32:30
12Janice Clements (Can) & Brad Clements (Can)1:39:37
13Christopher Mileski (USA) & Kerri Schewe (USA)2:11:45
14Shannon Van Der Walt (RSA) & Ian Van Der Walt (RSA)3:07:48
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Duo veteran 80+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Handford (Can) & Matthew Handford (Can)2:49:19
2Paul Reinis (Can) & Simon Dove (Can)0:01:13
3Jan De Smet (Bel) & Lieven Bauwens (Bel)0:18:45
4Matt Germon (USA) & Jay Provencher (USA)0:28:04
5Trevor Williams (Can) & Gerry Day (Can)0:35:59
6Trevor Wallace (Can) & Tim Dunn (Can)0:43:59
7Scotty Aitken (Can) & Ian Kennedy (Can)0:45:58
8Joey Roa (Can) & Jonathan Webb (Can)0:46:04
9Carlos Cardemil (Chile) & Patricio Diaz (Chile)0:46:55
10Graham Garrison (Can) & Jeff Spence (Can)0:52:14
11Tyler Jordan (Can) & Chris Carter (Can)0:56:27
12Arnold Vanderhelm (Can) & Brett Merrington (Can)1:13:30
13Johnny Yeaman (Can) & Derek Macneil (Can)1:14:57
14Jean Philippe Langlois (Fra) & David Delapierre (Fra)1:26:56
15Kelly Wilson (Can) & Marshall Cram (Can)1:29:09
16Jason Limongelli (Can) & Charles Davis (Can)1:30:28
17Brad Ross (USA) & Bruce Ross (Can)1:31:36
18Terry Dixon (Can) & Jamie Broughton (Can)1:31:50
19John Dearie (Can) & Richard Dustan (Can)1:33:58
20Sean Buehler (USA) & Marc Schwartz (USA)1:42:47
21Markus Graf (Ger) & Reinhold Zahn (Ger)2:34:06
22Warren Tutton (Can) & John Tymo (USA)3:28:29
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Duo veteran 100+
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bernie Shiao (USA) & Paul Stahman (USA)3:19:24
2Robert Schorn (USA) & Steve Cullinan (USA)0:22:33
3Jeff Doss (USA) & Randall Toltzman (USA)0:28:10
4Voree Smith (USA) & Vanoy Smith (USA)0:44:28
5Lothar Schaer (Swi) & Beat Kowaleff (Swi)0:45:20
6Kim Berg (Den) & Steen Hoppe (Den)0:50:48
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Solo men general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Neal Kindree (Can) Specialized/EMD Serono12:33:55
2Barry Wicks (USA) Kona0:00:05
3Chris Sheppard (USA) Rocky Mountain Factory Racing0:03:43
4Matt Hadley (Can) Xprezo-Borsao factory0:43:57
5Cory Wallace (Can) Kona0:47:42
6Carter Hovey (Can) MongoliaBikeChallengeOrbeaSMP0:53:44
7Benoit Simard (Can) Nativo Concept1:01:16
8Guido Thaler (Aus) Craft - Rocky Mountain1:13:15
9Josh Carlson (Aus) Giant Factory off-Raod Team1:37:35
10Michael Robinson (Can) Glendale1:37:42
11Dana Weber (USA) Pro Bike Supply1:38:44
12Marty Lazarski (Can) Devinci Factory1:42:40
13Dave Nairn (Aus) Cranky Horse1:48:09
14Jonah Clark (Can) Icycle Sport - Midnight Sun1:49:36
15Daniel Gathof (Ger) Craft - Rocky Mountain2:01:24
16Donavan Davis (USA) chad davis2:06:28
17Brent Miller (NZl) Niner Bikes NZ / Pushbikes ©2:11:46
18Yuki Ikeda (Jpn) Topeak Ergon2:18:32
19Dain Zaffke (USA) Easton Cycling2:30:27
20Andreas Hestler (Can) Rocky Mountain, BC Bike Race2:34:29
21Hugo Bardou (Can) Xprezo2:40:14
22Chris Fisher (Aus) Chris FisherRow 21 - Cell 2
23Aaron Elwell (USA) TwinSix2:50:16
24Karel De Wael (Bel) Cameleon Bike 12:55:29
25David Huntley (Can) Cycle Therapy2:57:26
26Adrien Mantez (Bel) Enter Sandman3:02:38
27Kevin Massicotte (Can) Nativo Concept3:03:52
28Ross Schnell (USA) Mach Schnell Racing3:04:40
29Andy Rigel (USA) Mafia Racing3:05:24
30James Minifie (Can) Midnight Son3:07:54
31David Grenier (Can) Sarto Gagné3:13:05
32Matt Ewonus (Can) Team Ewonus3:16:04
33Paul Burbidge (Can) Paul Burbidge3:21:23
34Ashley Hayat (Aus) Ashley Hayat3:28:58
35Gert De Geeter (Bel) Cameleon Factory Racing Team3:35:24
36Jordan Tesluk (Can) Jessica Carlin RMT3:38:51
37Nelson Rocha (Can) Pedaling Towards Nirvana3:39:04
38Bas Van Dooren (Ned) Shimano3:40:28
39Erik Keniston (USA) Singletrack Bikes3:43:02
40Erik Bakke (Can) Deadgoat Racing3:44:52
41Cedric Parys (Bel) Secret Trails3:45:14
42Grant Hvizdos (Can) High maintenance3:46:18
43Chuck Cosman (Can) lululemon3:47:55
44Peter Tondl (Can) Team Tondl3:59:10
45David Hemming (USA) Kings of Yeah4:02:37
46Daniel Humm (USA) Made Nice4:05:40
47Martin Campoy (Bel) Sandman Team4:10:48
48Sami Inkinen (USA) Hardtails4:10:49
49Joal Borggard (Can) Single Track 14:13:00
50Pedro Bento (Por) Ribabike4:17:04
51Jake Wetzel (Can) Adera4:18:15
52Andy Sanidas (USA) Wraith Bicycles4:31:27
53Yannick Bouet (Can) Trial and Error5:08:20
54Jeremy Gackle (Can) Gack Attack5:11:34
55Kent Allison (NZl) Team Brockman5:13:14
56Barry Petzold (USA) Cycle Loft5:17:32
57Brett Mackintosh (Aus) BrettMack5:26:23
58Andrew Cavaletto (USA) SV Cycle Sport5:29:23
59Evan Wise (Can) Red Banjo5:32:10
60Matt Byers (USA) Bitty 10.05:34:38
61Erick Azzi (Bra) ABicicletaria Bike Experience5:34:39
62Mike Brain (Aus) Freo5:44:21
63Rogerio Moda (Bra) Rogerio Moda5:55:46
64Craig Johns (NZl) Team KiwiRoo5:57:35
65Maciek Machowski (Pol) BikeBoard Maciek6:08:47
66Robert Biard (USA) 787 Racing6:10:40
67Robin Richardson (Can) SAR Buds 16:23:57
68Michael Povaschuk (Can) Rocky Mountain M36:37:12
69Jeff Pearson (Can) Gacks Support Crew6:40:34
70Mike Daws (Aus) El Miko6:40:36
71Jesse Harrington (USA) Harrington6:43:38
72Noud Donders (Ned) El Don Nl6:49:11
73Carl Landry (Can) The Lando6:49:12
74George Beatteay (Can) SAR Buds6:57:30
75Bryce Blake (Can) Ozzies-AVR7:07:23
76Morton Dennis (Can) Morton Oak Bay Bikes7:19:16
77Ryan Hyde (Can) Ryan Hyde7:42:14
78Juliano Arce Nunes (Bra) Tchebikers7:52:18
79Jason Dimmig (USA) Bend Punks 17:55:10
80Eric Zubick (USA) That Guy7:55:49
81Mateus Merlo Zandona (Bra) Tchebikers8:10:38
82Kaesy Gladwin (Can) HBCC8:18:07
83Garry Davoran (Irl) Connemara MTB-18:19:01
84Jarrad Brooks (Aus) Team Me8:45:20
85James Knapp (USA) Knapp8:59:44
86Jesse Purden (Can) Team Boke9:06:46
87Jorge Hayler (USA) Ratas9:10:13
88John Merrett (Can) Landry's Support Crew9:14:42
89Ian Schiller (USA) Team Sheezy9:17:28
90Tyler Hollema (Can) Team Van Go9:22:45
91Mike Wood (Can) Team Foo Foo Tic It9:23:50
92Phil Deguise (Can) CCN9:25:14
93Romain Bayle (Can) Romain Bayle9:25:20
94David Tolmach (USA) Team Rabbit10:26:57
95Andres Errazuriz (Chi) Ratas10:42:14
96Louis Mazzante (USA) Bicycling Mag10:48:51
97Paul Harpe (Can) Adrenaline Racing 110:51:08
98Jose Piñera (Chi) Ratas11:01:49
99Karl Verbruggen (Can) Koen-2012_211:23:22
100Mike Levy (Can) Pinkbike11:28:25
101Andrew Whelton (Irl) Connemara MTB-211:57:22
102Kristof Seyen (Bel) Swooth Mountainbike Team11:58:35
103Antoine Geysen (Bel) Sandman12:12:29
104Shane Lindsay (Can) Granny Ring Grinder12:16:08
105Liam Kerney (Can) Liam Kerney12:24:49
106Toby Sorensen (Can) HTFU13:12:33
107Matt Bailey (GBr) Wilderness Trust13:50:02
108Scott Wood (Aus) Woodrock13:57:13
109Pieter Mey (Can) Toerseun14:15:19
110Janitha Jayaweera (98052) Janitha14:29:37
111Adriano Di Pietro (Aus) Rockwood14:36:45
112Wayne Campbell (GBr) ZIMBO15:13:42
113Erik Holmlund (Can) XEA15:48:56
114Hein Herbst (RSA) William's Bike Shop15:52:39
115Rodrigo Medina (USA) G4015:56:45
116Jean-Pierre Viljoen (Can) Olympia Cycles15:57:05
117Ryan Walsh (RSA) Ryan Walsh15:57:11
118Rob Carle (Bot) ISPYDAFLY16:07:30
119Sergio Stephanou (Bra) G4016:47:27
120Mathieu Laguë (Aus) Mat The Brat17:15:50
121Jason Hamm (Can) Jason Hamm17:15:55
123Chris Flood (Can) Floody12:02:19
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Solo women general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Wendy Simms (Can) Kona15:38:52
2Melinda Jackson (Aus) Team KiwiRoo2:01:48
3Sonya Looney (USA) Topeak Ergon2:26:25
4Hannah Thorne (NZl) Hannah Thorne2:29:57
5Pam Frentzel-Beyme (USA) Gripped Racing2:58:06
6Rahel Rüegge (Swi) Swisschocolate3:42:00
7Fanny Paquette (Can) Rocky Mountain3:43:05
8Melanie Webb (Aus) Spidermonkey5:38:14
9Sandra Hardy (Can) Muddbunnies5:53:38
10Christie Simon (Can) Wild Bettys6:54:00
11Lea-Marie Bowes-Lyon (Can) Lyon Cub7:33:34
12Julia Lovecchio (Can) Hoopla9:58:36
13Carla Stalmans (Bel) KOEN 2012 Carla Stalmans11:04:24
14Julia O'Shannassy (Can) What did I do?11:50:58
15Jo Nie Sua (Sin) Team Sua13:23:20
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Solo master men general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Mannie Heymans (Nam) Ormin14:00:00
2Chad Forrest (China) Peiking Man1:15:43
3Craig Gillett (Can) SIMBS1:34:58
4Chris Birch (Can) Drew Bragg Rocks the Mike Right1:58:49
5Al Killick (NZl) Team Panther2:12:01
6Steve Mackenzie (Can) Steve MacKenzie2:35:20
7Murray Oshanyk (Can) assless chap2:58:22
8Robert Schultz (Can) Robert Schultz2:59:22
9Matteo Abel (Can) Ridge to Valley Construction3:12:58
10Allister Darichuk (Can) It's 5:30 go back to sleep3:18:17
11Simon Christie (Aus) Wish!3:24:49
12Tim Keep (RSA) Pure Adventure Wear4:06:42
13Joris Ermens (Bel) Koen-20124:09:53
14Deon Wilkins (RSA) Saronsberg Wine4:14:04
15Daniel Aliperti (Bra) Pedal Power4:16:40
16Neil Evans (GBr) Manchester Wheelers4:28:45
17Richard Willcox (Can) Richard Willcox4:28:48
18Ken Kozel (Can) Cruze4:32:20
19Graeme Lister (Can) Sherri's Team4:50:51
20Carlos Agredano (Bel) Swooth Mtb Team4:58:02
21Dirk Breitenladner (Ger) Campana5:01:28
22Ron Faithfull (USA) Pro Wheel Builders5:01:31
23Craig Mclaren (Can) Craig McLaren5:13:36
24Primoz Gulin (Slo) Team DES-FLES5:15:27
25Thomas Greene (USA) Jra Cycles5:17:28
26Jim Simons (USA) ThisIsWhat I ThinkAboutDuringSex5:24:47
27Bill Darrah (USA) Peak Performance5:27:12
28Werner Crols (Bel) Koen-2012_25:27:42
29William Carry (Can) Crank5:33:13
30Niall Mcgrath (Can) Niall McGrath5:35:22
31Zdenko Rajevic (Chi) Transandes Challenge Chile Team5:35:28
32Scott Calley (USA) Cranky Wingnut5:45:31
33Mark Stephenson (Can) Deadgoat Racing 15:46:13
34Juan Pablo Santiagos (Chi) Transandeschallenge Chile5:50:17
35James Baergen (Can) Big Daddy Jimbo5:56:52
36Mike Carter (USA) Mike's Team5:57:52
37Ross Phillips (Can) Yukon Spirit5:59:50
38Mike Russell (Can) Lonewolf ( Pack of one )6:05:31
39Don Gill (Can) careys guy6:06:14
40Cooper Fowler (USA) Team BCD6:09:03
41Ted Smith (Can) Smith Cycle6:10:32
42Jeff Soulier (USA) Beach Cruiser6:15:50
43Paulo Marques (GBr) Kalahari6:17:04
44Dominique Quesnel (Can) East Coaster6:23:29
45Frederic Savre (Fra) Velo Vert6:29:18
46Steve Connor (Can) Sprockethedz6:40:02
47Wade Luksay (Can) Wade Luksay6:43:07
48David Benjes (USA) Bitty Bitty Single Speed6:44:50
49Bruce Nash (Can) TBD6:46:21
50Iain Lowe (Can) Red Raw Racing6:52:37
51Kristof Lombaerts (Bel) kristoffel7:00:32
52Rob Doyle (Can) Simbos7:10:20
53Graeme Fitch (Can) Harbour Air 27:12:36
54Milosz Kedracki (Pol) BikeBoard Milosz7:16:36
55Damon Steele (USA) DPS7:55:32
56Angelo Brunacini (USA) Brunacini7:55:35
57Jeff Brown (Can) Radialmotion7:55:59
58John Jaques (Can) Jaques Racing8:00:02
59Richard Ebner (Can) David Mitchell Co. Ltd.8:01:39
60Mark Nijhoff (Ned) Koen-20128:02:21
61Travis Martin (USA) Skittles8:08:41
62Scott Mccallum (Can) Ouch!8:19:10
63Adam Michalik (Pol) BikeBoard Adam8:52:23
64Chuck Hashey (USA) Bubba Boy8:53:34
65Mike Lynn (Can) Dadulator8:59:40
66Andy Conde (USA) Bad Mamba Jamba9:00:07
67Franc Vanderven (USA) Toast9:07:24
68Ross Chafe (Can) Happy Birthday9:09:10
69Stan Valnicek (Can) Sisyphus9:13:17
70Doug Terry (Can) Tim Hortons Whitehorse9:16:29
71Tiaan Luies (Can) Zorro9:19:53
72Eduardo Llach (USA) Team Sheeper9:25:01
73Michael Jennings (USA) SV Cycle Sport9:26:46
74Edward Fryatt (USA) Team Las Vegas Cyclery9:28:56
75Bob Faulkner (Can) Team Faulkner9:53:14
76Gunter Braem (Bel) Koen 2012 Gunter Braem10:19:25
77Geoff Huenemann (Can) Bike over Teakettle10:28:13
78Nick Swanson (HKg) Zippycat Racing10:28:30
80Michael Kehler (Can) Mike Kehler11:12:55
81Mike Fife (USA) Bend Punks11:42:58
82Helio Masuyama (Bra) Tchebikers11:46:29
83Jorge Stelzer (Bra) Tchebikers11:50:32
84Andy Rothlisberger (Swi) The Swizzly Grizzlies 112:09:50
85Paul Godman (Can) Godman12:13:30
86Thomas Seelig (Aus) TommyfromFori12:27:48
87Dion Workman (Aus) Bloke with Spokes12:27:52
88Jon Watts (Can) Woo-Hoo Jon12:49:00
89Nick Gordon (GBr) Operation Six Pack12:54:20
90Marc Lucero (USA) Wreck-Reational Hazards13:29:26
91John Campbell (Aus) mullalloo14:03:35
92Nick Danielak (Can) Solo14:08:43
93Marc Haentjens (Bel) Sandman14:28:37
94Richard Abercrombie (USA) Team Clean Slate15:07:04
95Anders Bäverås (Swe) Bäverås15:29:08
96Derek Chung (HKg) TSM Racing DC15:31:52
97Michael Honing (Can) Michael Honing15:39:45
98Steve Swenson (Can) Solo Steve15:49:52
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Solo master women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kimberley Beck (Can) Muddbunnies Race Team21:03:41
2Tricia Davis (USA) tricia davis0:58:23
3Roberta Wilson (Can) amino vega sport3:02:07
4Robin Nadig (Can) Vega Sport4:38:08
5Cindy Garvin (Can) Cindy Garvin8:42:35
6Myra Mattila (Can) Myra Mattila9:22:52
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Duo men general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Thomas Turner (USA) & Jason Sager (USA)13:15:26
2Kevin Calhoun (Can) & Keith Stark (Can)0:31:33
3Colin Kerr (Can) & Greg Day (Can)0:40:25
4Garett Heitman (USA) & Jake Heitman (USA)2:20:42
5Michael Colwill (Can) & Scott Martin (Can)2:32:31
6Nic Lamond (Can) & Simon Lamond (RSA)2:42:06
7Mike Hunter (Can) & Wade Simmons (Can)2:57:03
8Mike Blennerhassett (Can) & Mike Sarnecki (Can)2:58:42
9Scott Edmunds (Can) & Tom Zidek (Can)3:43:20
10Reinout De Mey (Bel) & Rob Bruyndonckx (Bel)3:50:31
11Oscar Balsalobre Vila (Swi) & Stephane Wiand (Fra)4:43:50
12Marcelo De Barros Sampaio (Bra) & Gustavo Astolphi (Bra)4:50:57
13John Carney (Aus) & Brett Van Son (Aus)5:13:37
14Adrian Scott (Aus) & Gavin Rumbles (GBr)5:19:40
15Simon Dec (Aus) & James Lobegeiger (Aus)5:55:32
16Joachim Thrane (Den) & Mogens Thrane (Den)6:04:49
17James Scramstad (Can) & Sean Guidi (Can)6:05:01
18Andy Higginbotham (RSA) & Greig Jansen (Eth)6:25:26
19Ryan Arnold (USA) & Marshall Evans (USA)6:45:17
20Simon Megy (Fra) & Francois Feyt (Fra)7:18:41
21Luke Ferris (Can) & Adam Ferris (Can)7:57:11
22Jordi Bigas (Spa) & David Frehner (Spa)8:04:00
23Tony Doran (USA) & Steve Vittone (USA)8:16:45
24Jef Wouters (Bel) & Louis Wouters (Bel)11:16:36
25Faizan Dhanani (Can) & Paul Robertson (Can)12:32:39
26Alex Welsh (HKg) & Jack Wilson (HKg)13:33:31
27Daniel Rappange (Ned) & Ragnar De Jongh (Ned)13:34:55
28Shaun Samuelson (USA) & Chris Baker (USA)13:40:58
29Darryl Sobering (USA) & Aaron May (Can)13:47:32
30Philip Mason (Aus) & Michael Rowell (Aus)13:50:14
31Scott Bromfield (Aus) & Andrew Bull (Aus)14:14:40
32Florian Reichert (Ger) & Matthias Hüller (Ger)14:19:26
33Dirk Erasmus (RSA) & Beukes J Vorster (Can)14:53:36
34Mike Groger (UAE) & Robert Diehl (UAE)14:58:28
35Mike Day (Aus) & Matthew Overington (Aus)16:33:21
36Morgan Meredith (USA) & Brice Minnigh (USA)17:05:20
37Joe Campbell (GBr) & Rowan Jarrett (GBr)17:21:50
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Duo women general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Kimberly Ridgeway (USA) & Ann Blair (USA)23:45:51
2Maureen Rupert (Can) & Pam Heatherington (Can)0:37:08
3Star Affolter (USA) & Grace Ragland (USA)2:49:14
4Mary-Anne Hunter (Can) & Katie Declercq (USA)3:30:03
5Belinda Brooks (Aus) & Cindy Morgan (Aus)4:07:36
6Susan Holm (Can) & Pam Hauck (Can)4:10:35
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Duo mixed general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Jim Salusbury (Can) & Megan Rose (Can)17:43:47
2Francois-Charles Dumas (Can) & Isabelle Dumas (Can)1:45:40
3Tania Radic (Chile) & Patricio Fernandez (Chile)3:21:27
4Amanda Mitchell (Zimbabwe) & Steven Scott (Zimbabwe)4:13:52
5Nadia Pépin (Can) & Pascal Pepin (Can)4:17:31
6Bucher Andreas (Swi) & Bünter Christina (Swi)4:26:44
7Marion De Coulon Perret (Swi) & Lionel Perret (Swi)4:29:31
8Tamara Howes (Can) & Richard Howes (Can)5:39:50
9Rachael Mirvish (Can) & Brad Hunter (Can)5:57:14
10Philip Dickinson (NZl) & Julie Melanson (Can)7:18:53
11Conor Dolan (Ireland) & Orla Baxter (Ireland)7:36:34
12Janice Clements (Can) & Brad Clements (Can)8:21:48
13Christopher Mileski (USA) & Kerri Schewe (USA)13:45:11
14Shannon Van Der Walt (RSA) & Ian Van Der Walt (RSA)14:21:17
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Duo veteran 80+ general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Andrew Handford (Can) & Matthew Handford (Can)15:31:09
2Paul Reinis (Can) & Simon Dove (Can)0:50:11
3Matt Germon (USA) & Jay Provencher (USA)1:49:23
4Trevor Williams (Can) & Gerry Day (Can)2:57:27
5Scotty Aitken (Can) & Ian Kennedy (Can)3:15:26
6Trevor Wallace (Can) & Tim Dunn (Can)3:17:16
7Jan De Smet (Bel) & Lieven Bauwens (Bel)3:19:05
8Carlos Cardemil (Chile) & Patricio Diaz (Chile)3:20:10
9Joey Roa (Can) & Jonathan Webb (Can)3:55:23
10Graham Garrison (Can) & Jeff Spence (Can)3:56:55
11Sean Buehler (USA) & Marc Schwartz (USA)4:36:17
12Jean Philippe Langlois (Fra) & David Delapierre (Fra)5:01:12
13Tyler Jordan (Can) & Chris Carter (Can)5:27:46
14Arnold Vanderhelm (Can) & Brett Merrington (Can)5:33:08
15Johnny Yeaman (Can) & Derek Macneil (Can)6:12:03
16Kelly Wilson (Can) & Marshall Cram (Can)6:35:10
17Terry Dixon (Can) & Jamie Broughton (Can)6:50:43
18John Dearie (Can) & Richard Dustan (Can)8:22:01
19Brad Ross (USA) & Bruce Ross (Can)8:49:58
20Jason Limongelli (Can) & Charles Davis (Can)8:55:25
21Markus Graf (Ger) & Reinhold Zahn (Ger)11:08:26
22Warren Tutton (Can) & John Tymo (USA)15:36:07
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Duo veteran 100+ general classification after stage 5
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Bernie Shiao (USA) & Paul Stahman (USA)18:32:02
2Jeff Doss (USA) & Randall Toltzman (USA)0:56:33
3Robert Schorn (USA) & Steve Cullinan (USA)2:26:00
4Lothar Schaer (Swi) & Beat Kowaleff (Swi)3:35:05
5Kim Berg (Den) & Steen Hoppe (Den)3:41:16
6Voree Smith (USA) & Vanoy Smith (USA)4:01:43

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