Brad Huff wins 2016 US criterium title

UnitedHealthcare's Murphy and Keough finish second and third

Brad Huff (Rally Cycling) upset the UnitedHealthcare "Blue Train" Sunday at the USA Cycling Pro Criterium Championships in Greenville South, Carolina to take the win and the stars-and-stripes jersey.

Huff went through the final corner in third position but was able to come around UnitedHealthcare's John Murphy and Luke Keough down the finishing straight. 

The newly crowned champion said out-dueling UnitedHealthcare's superior numbers required patience.

"Patience the whole time," he said. "UnitedHealthcare rode an amazing race. They went to the front with about 14 laps to go. Everyone just had to play their cards."

Rally Cycling went into the race obviously hoping to wear down UnitedHealthcare by putting multiple riders up the road, with Jesse Anthony, the designated rabbit for the day, taking the most turns off the front.

The final move that was swept up in the closing laps included Anthony and his Rally teammate Tom Soladay putting the pressure on the UnitedHealthcare-led chase.

"We were hoping they were going to be able to stay off the front, but UHC had it wrapped up with four laps to go," Huff said. "It got a little hairy behind them but we all were patient. We've all been at this game for awhile, and everyone wanted to finish intact."

Elite US criterium champion Daniel Holloway (Giant Racing) lined up behind the "Blue Train," followed by Rally and Huff. On the final lap Holloway tried to jump past the UnitedHealthcare line-up, but he wasn't able to make the leap. UnitedHealthcare delivered Murphy and Keough first and second through the final corner, then Huff took over.

"They actually sat up into the last corner," Huff said of the UHC lead-out as Keough and Murphy set up for their sprints. "But I was savvy enough and I knew their tricks, so I jumped around them and I got to their last three guys, and then out of the corner it was just kind of luck and leg speed."

Full Results

#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Brad Huff (Rally Cycling)1:48:31 
2John Murphy (Unitedhealthcare)  
3Luke Keough (Unitedhealthcare)0:00:01 
4Travis McCabe (Holowesko | Citadel Racing Team)  
5Tyler Magner (Unitedhealthcare)  
6Daniel Holloway (Giant Racing)  
7Cory Greenberg (Cylance-Cannondale Pro Cycling)0:00:02 
8Philip O'Donnell (Axeon Hagens Berman)  
9Michael Keller (Icc Bissell-Abg-Giant)  
10Hogan Sills (Icc Bissell-Abg-Giant)0:00:05 
11Evan Murphy (Lupus Racing Team)  
12Thomas Gibbons (Team United Healthcare Georgia/)  
13Brandon Feehery (Astellas Cycling Team)0:00:06 
14Brad Neagos (Icc Bissell-Abg-Giant)  
15John Harris (Green Line Velo)  
16Zack Allison (Elevate Pro Cycling P/B Bicycle)0:00:07 
17Thomas Soladay (Rally Cycling)0:00:08 
18Camilo Zambrano (Cylance-Cannondale Pro Cycling)  
19Robin Carpenter (Holowesko | Citadel Racing Team)0:00:11 
20Timothy Mitchell (Ccb Racing)  
21Cooper Willsey (Ccb Racing)0:00:12 
22Noah Granigan (Ccb Racing)0:00:13 
23Scottie Weiss (Support Clean Sport / Seasucker)  
24Christopher Uberti (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Tea)0:00:18 
25Benjamin Fogle (Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite)0:00:21 
26Winston David (Lupus Racing Team)  
27Bradley White (Unitedhealthcare)  
28Brendan Rhim (Holowesko | Citadel Racing Team)0:00:24 
29Mac Brennan (Holowesko | Citadel Racing Team)  
30Andrew Seitz (Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite)  
31Joseph Schmalz (Elevate Pro Cycling P/B Bicycle)  
32Frank Travieso (Team United Healthcare Georgia/)0:00:25 
33Thomas Zirbel (Rally Cycling)0:00:28 
34Arthur Moran (Green Line Velo)0:00:37 
35Joshua Ruiz (Cylance-Cannondale Pro Cycling)0:00:38 
36Michael Stoop (Support Clean Sport / Seasucker)  
37Jared Nieters (Haymarket/Starlight Custom Appa)  
38Willem Kaiser (Team United Healthcare Georgia/)0:00:39 
39Oliver Flautt (Lupus Racing Team)0:00:56 
40Andrew Scarano (Team United Healthcare Georgia/)0:01:05 
41Parker Kyzer (Finish Strong Elite Cycling Tea)  
42Jordan Diekema (Icc Bissell-Abg-Giant)0:01:11 
43Evan Huffman (Rally Cycling)0:01:12 
44Tanner Putt (Unitedhealthcare)0:01:46 
45David Williams (Astellas Cycling Team)0:01:49 
46Jesse Anthony (Rally Cycling)0:02:00 
47Corey Davis (Support Clean Sport / Seasucker)  
48Hilton Clarke (Cylance-Cannondale Pro Cycling)  
49Curtis White (Rally Cycling)  
50Gregory Capelle (Haymarket/Starlight Custom Appa)  
51Steven Perezluha (Support Clean Sport / Seasucker)  
52Cory Williams (Cylance-Cannondale Pro Cycling)  
53Jake Silverberg (Astellas Cycling Team)  
54Taylor Pearman (Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite)  
55Jonah Meadvancort (Lupus Racing Team)  
56Christopher Jones (Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite)  
57Shane Braley (Support Clean Sport / Seasucker)  
58Joshua Friedman (Green Line Velo)  

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