Hatherly, Keller claim U23 World titles

South African tops Bevin, Switzerland 1-2 with Frei

U23 Women

Host nation Switzerland took their third title in three days at the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships on Friday in Lenzerheide. Swiss teammates Alessandra Keller and Sina Frei finished 1-2 before a cheering crowd.

Switzerland was favoured for the women's race and they did not disappoint, with defending champion Frei and Keller riding away from the rest of the field on the first lap. The pair rode together until the third lap when Keller attacked, opening a 38 second gap by the end of the lap and extending it to 1:22 by the finish.  Frei rode the rest of the race in second, holding off a late effort by Marika Tovo of Italy to make it a 1-2 finish for the Swiss. This is the third gold medal for the host nation in five events contested so far. "

There are no words," said Keller, "the crowd was amazing, cheering for me - it was so loud. It's a big dream to win this title, I was unlucky last year with a crash, and I was sick at Europeans [Championships], so this is a dream come true."

U23 Men

South Africa became the third nation at the 2018 Mountain Bike World Championships to win a rainbow jersey in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, with a dominating performance by Alan Hatherly, last year's silver medalist.  Hatherly follows in the footsteps of the late Burry Stander, who became South Africa's first XCO world champion as a U23 rider in 2009.

The men's race saw a group of ten form at the front on the first lap, including Hatherly, World Cup champion Petter Fagerhaug (Norway), Christopher Blevins (USA) and David Nordemann (Netherlands). Hatherly was the most aggressive, and by the third lap only Blevins was still with him. The pair rode together for the remainder of the race, with Hatherly finally dropping Blevins in the last half lap to solo in for the win, 27 seconds ahead of the American. Nordemann took third.

"I had a taste of victory at Mont-Ste-Anne [World Cup] about a month ago," said Hatherly, "and since then I've just been preparing. I knew the possibility of winning was quite good, so it was a matter of making sure the final preparations were perfect. It's pretty unbelievable; these aren't the sort of conditions we get in South Africa, and at altitude where I normally struggle. A dream come true. I knew Chris has a pretty good kick from his road racing, so the last thing I wanted was for it to come down to a sprint. So on the last lap I just wound it up and kept my head down the whole way."

 Full Resulta


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alan Hatherly (South Africa)1:21:22 
2Christopher Blevins (United States Of America)0:00:27 
3David Nordemann (Netherlands)0:01:05 
4Petter Fagerhaug (Norway)0:01:24 
5Jonas Lindberg (Denmark)0:01:28 
6Vital Albin (Switzerland)0:01:47 
7Jofre Cullell Estape (Spain)0:01:53 
8Simon Andreassen (Denmark)0:02:00 
9Antoine Philipp (France)0:02:18 
10Luca Schwarzbauer (Germany)0:02:36 
11Jose Gerardo Ulloa Arevalo (Mexico)0:02:38 
12Márton Dina (Hungary)0:02:49 
13Noah Blöchlinger (Switzerland)0:02:50 
14Sean Fincham (Canada)0:03:09 
15Martin Emil Siggerud (Norway)0:03:20 
16Filippo Colombo (Switzerland)0:03:32 
17Ben Oliver (New Zealand)0:03:35 
18Thomas Bonnet (France)0:03:59 
19Erik Hægstad (Norway)0:04:11 
20Marc Andre Fortier (Canada)0:04:16 
21Marc Bouwmeester (Netherlands)0:04:22 
22Vlad Dascalu (Romania)  
23Eden Cruise (New Zealand)0:04:37 
24Pierre De Froidmont (Belgium)0:04:55 
25Milan Vader (Netherlands)0:04:57 
26Niklas Schehl (Germany)0:05:14 
27Quinton Disera (Canada)0:05:16 
28Matej Prudek (Czech Republic)0:05:22 
29Emil Hedlund (Sweden)0:05:39 
30Attila Valter (Hungary)0:05:45 
31Joel Roth (Switzerland)0:05:51 
32Raphael Auclair (Canada)0:05:54 
33Simon Schneller (Germany)0:05:56 
34Neïlo Perrin Ganier (France)0:06:02 
35Gunnar Holmgren (Canada)0:06:03 
36Juri Zanotti (Italy)0:06:52 
37Jakub Zamrozniak (Poland)0:07:13 
38Joshua Dubau (France)0:07:31 
39Joris Ryf (Switzerland)0:07:34 
40Tobias Johannessen (Norway)  
41Julian Jessop (South Africa)0:07:43 
42Lukáš Kobes (Czech Republic)  
43Jerry Dufour (United States Of America)0:07:49 
44Rok Naglic (Slovenia)0:08:04 
45Alessio Agostinelli (Italy)0:08:13 
46Filip Helta (Poland)0:08:29 
47Ivan Filatov (Russian Federation)0:08:36 
48Jaromír Skála (Czech Republic)0:08:41 
49Ramon Lauener (Switzerland)0:08:47 
50Sandy Floren (United States Of America)0:09:02 
51Alessandro Saravalle (Italy)0:09:04 
52Carson Beckett (United States Of America)0:11:37 
53Tomer Zaltsman (Israel)  
54Cameron Orr (Great Britain)  
55Axel Zingle (France)  
56Callum Carson (Australia)  
57Volodymyr Kozlovskyy (Ukraine)  
58Sasu Halme (Finland)  
59Alessandro Naspi (Italy)  
60Guy Leshem (Israel)  
61Cole Paton (United States Of America)  
62Frazer Clacherty (Great Britain)  
63Arsentii Vavilov (Russian Federation)  
64Reece Tucknott (Australia)  
65Nicolas Patricio Delich Pardo (Chile)  
66Zsombor Palumby (Hungary)  
67Fernando Contreras (Argentina)  
68Ori Leonzini (Israel)  
69Jhon Fredy Garzon Gonzalez (Colombia)  
70Michael Harris (Australia)  
71Tristan De Lange (Namibia)  
72Tomasz Budzinski (Poland)  
73Moritz Bscherer (Austria)  
74Tom Reho (Ukraine)  
75Alex Lack (Australia)  
76Pavel Lunde (Russian Federation)  
77Marcin Budzinski (Poland)  
78Jorge Gomez Mora (Spain)  
79Filip Sklenarik (Slovakia)  
80Pavlo Lukan (Ukraine)  
81Habouria Maher (Tunisia)  
82Matija Meštric (Croatia)  
83Amando Martinez Galvan (Mexico)  
84Joaquin Plomer (Argentina)  
85Luke Brame (Australia)  
86Riki Kitabayashi (Japan)  
87Aleksandar Roman (Serbia)  
88Brent Rees (Australia)  
89Cristobal Omar Gonzalez Cornejo (Chile)  
90Ari Hirabayashi (Japan)  
91Tumelo Makae LES  
92Yuki Kobayashi (Japan)  
93Josip Meštric (Croatia)  
DNFJosep Duran Reig (Spain)  
DNFMaximilian Brandl (Germany)  
DNFGonzalo Artal Lokman (Argentina)  
DNFJoel Ramirez Miranda (Mexico)  


U23 Women
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Alessandra Keller (Switzerland)1:22:53 
2Sina Frei (Switzerland)0:01:22 
3Marika Tovo (Italy)0:01:40 
4Ronja Eibl (Germany)0:02:32 
5Caroline Bohé (Denmark)0:03:25 
6Sophie Von Berswordt (Netherlands)0:04:00 
7Rocio Del Alba Garcia Martinez (Spain)0:04:26 
8Malene Degn (Denmark)0:05:16 
9Nicole Koller (Switzerland)0:05:21 
10Loana Lecomte (France)0:05:36 
11Lucie Urruty (France)0:06:51 
12Haley Batten (United States Of America)0:07:03 
13Savilia Blunk (United States Of America)0:07:20 
14Chiara Teocchi (Italy)0:07:33 
15Martina Berta (Italy)0:07:36 
16Giorgia Marchet (Italy)0:07:47 
17Aline Seitz (Switzerland)0:07:48 
18Antonia Daubermann (Germany)0:08:08 
19Felicitas Geiger (Germany)0:09:01 
20Emily Unterberger (Canada)0:10:24 
21Laurie Arseneault (Canada)0:10:48 
22Gwendalyn Gibson (United States Of America)0:11:21 
23Nadja Heigl (Austria)0:11:50 
24Anna Spielmann (Austria)0:12:13 
25Isla Short (Great Britain)  
26Leidy Johana Mera Cadena (Colombia)  
27Mackenzie Myatt (Canada)  
28Kristina Ilina (Russian Federation)  
29Jana Czeczinkarová (Czech Republic)  
30Ramona Kupferschmied (Switzerland)  
31Erika Monserrath Rodriguez Suarez (Mexico)  
32Lisa Pasteiner (Austria)  
33Corina Druml (Austria)  
34Lena Mettraux (Switzerland)  
35Leonie Daubermann (Germany)  
36Ida Jansson (Sweden)  
37Regina Schmidel (Hungary)  
38Emeline Detilleux (Belgium)  
39Marta Branco (Portugal)  
40Lara Krähemann (Switzerland)  
41Megan Williams (Australia)  
42Juliette Tetreault (Canada)  
43Patrycja Swierczynska (Poland)  
44Warinothorn Phetpraphan (Thailand)  
45Viktoria Kirsanova (Russian Federation)  
46Maria Sherstiuk (Ukraine)  
47Natalie Panyawan (Thailand)  
48Sarah Tucknott (Australia)  
49Matshidiso Bakang Ebudilwe BOT  
DNFCharlotte Culver (Australia)  
DNFEvie Richards (Great Britain)  
DNSGabriela Wojtyla (Poland)  
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