Tour of Tasmania: Hamilton wins stage 2 and takes overall lead

Harper second, Giacoppo third on the stage


#Rider Name (Team)Result
1Chris Hamilton (Avanti Isowhey Sport)2:25:49 
2Chris Harper (SwissWellness Cycling Team)0:00:01 
3Anthony Giacoppo (Avanti Isowhey Sport)0:00:08 
4Dylan Sunderland (State of Matter/MAAP)  
5Bernard Sulzberger (TIS Racing Team)  
6Robbie Hucker (Avanti Isowhey Sport)  
7Alex West (Mobius Future Racing)  
8Ben O'Connor (Avanti Isowhey Sport)0:00:12 
9Patrick Shaw (Avanti Isowhey Sport)0:00:17 
10Ben Dyball (Mobius Future Racing)0:00:40 
General Classification after stage 2
#Rider Name (Team)Result
1Chris Hamilton (Avanti Isowhey Sport)5:24:08 
2Anthony Giacoppo (Avanti Isowhey Sport)0:00:01 
3Alex West (Mobius Future Racing)0:00:13 
4Chris Harper (SwissWellness Cycling Team)0:00:15 
5Robbie Hucker (Avanti Isowhey Sport)0:00:21 
6Dylan Sunderland (State of Matter/MAAP)0:00:26 
7Bernard Sulzberger (TIS Racing Team)0:00:27 
8Ben O'Connor (Avanti Isowhey Sport)0:00:31 
9Ben Dyball (Mobius Future Racing)0:01:04 
10Daniel Fitter (State of Matter/MAAP)0:01:26 

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