Schmalz wins stage 5 at North Star Grand Prix

Rally Cycling's Evan Huffman is second, takes overall lead from teammate Huff

Evan Huffman (Rally Cycling) and Joe Schmalz (Elevate Cycling) attacked at the start of the finishing circuits at the North Mankato Road Race to open the decisive breakaway and claim the yellow jersey for Huffman and the stage win for Schmaltz.

Huffman’s time advantage plus eight-second time bonus on the stage puts him in yellow by 26-seconds over teammate Brad Huff.

Huffman rode towards the overall lead, which meant sacrificing the stage win.

“It was one of those things where he was going to start sitting on to try to win and I wanted to get as much time as possible,” said Huffman. “The best situation was to make an agreement to ride as hard as we could otherwise we start playing games and on a finish like that where it’s slightly uphill we could have gotten caught just in the last [kilometer] if we started playing around. I just committed and rode all the way to the finish and gave it to him. I think it was the smart play to get the jersey.”

The 97-mile race consisted of four laps of a 19-mile rural loop through south-eastern Minnesota farmland. Though the most dramatic point of the rural loop was at the single SportBeans King of the Hill competition, the visibly wide open, mostly flat, wind-free course made it difficult for breaks to stick.

“It’s just too exposed out there and no one could get out of sight,” said Andrew Dahlheim (Team Arapahoe Resources). “A few would go, but they would get to 20 seconds then they’d pin you back. It was a super aggressive race. I don’t think [Rally Cycling] had to see the front at all just because everybody was nullifying one another.”

“We had to fix a couple of moves, had to weld some stuff back together,” said Huffman.

Several breakaway attempts were made with each pass of the KOH but none stuck.

“The lead in to that climb was chaotic with the chicane before the turn up to the KOH, then the hard left turn to the super steep climb,” said Dahlheim, who extended his lead in the SportBeans King of the Hills Competition.

“It was a waiting game, keep all the boys there to get me in position to get to the last big lap before the finishing circuits,” said Schmaltz. Finishing circuits began 80 miles into the race.

Schmaltz added, “Evan was riding for GC time so he was giving it everything he had so I just had to be patient for the [final] sprint.”

Schmaltz was awarded the Surly Most Aggressive Rider jersey.

The open roads and mostly-unified peloton opened the opportunity for Justin Williams (Cylance-Cannondale Pro Cyling p/b InCycle) to widen his K’ul Chocolate Sprint Competition lead by five points by winning two of the three intermediate sprints.

Except for the yellow jersey, all other jersey competition wearers remain the same heading into the sixth and final stage of the North Star Grand Prix, the Stillwater Criterium.


#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Joseph Schmalz (Elevate p/b Bicycle World)3:25:19 
2Evan Huffman (Rally Cycling)  
3Nicolae Tanovitchii (Lupus Racing Team)0:00:42 
4Gabriel Baca (Elbowz Racing)0:00:48 
5Brad Huff (Rally Cycling)0:00:50 
6Liam Magennis (Subaru NSWIS & MS)  
7Brad Neagos (ICC Bissell-ABG-Giant)  
8Erik Slack (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Specialized)  
9George Simpson (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek)  
10Samuel (Hunter) Grove (Cylance-Cannondale p/b Incycle)  
11Connor Brown (Elevate p/b Bicycle World)  
12Ayden Toovey (Subaru NSWIS & MS)  
13Bryan Gomez (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek)  
14Matthew Zimmer (Credite Velo Trek)0:00:51 
15Liam White (xXx Racing)  
16Alfredo Rodriquez (KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo)  
17Dominic Caiazzo (CRCA Lupus Racing Team)  
18Danny Pate (Rally Cycling)  
19Zack Allison (Elevate p/b Bicycle World)  
20Mattison Brady (Battley H-D /Spokes Etc)  
21Adam Farabaugh (Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:00:52 
22Stefan Rothe (Elbowz Racing)  
23Orlando Garibay (Cylance-Cannondale p/b Incycle)  
24Matt Mcloone (Battley H-D /Spokes Etc)  
25Corey Davis (Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching)  
26Peter Olejniczak (Podiumwear)  
27Andrew Dahlheim (Team Arapahoe Resources)  
28Ulises Castillo (KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo)  
29Conor Schunk (Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching)  
30Alejandro Padilla (Team Arapahoe Resources)  
31Eric Thompson (Donkey Label)  
32Winston David (Lupus Racing Team)  
33Christopher Winn (Podiumwear)0:00:53 
34Michael Burleigh (North Memorial Health Care)  
35Thomas Zirbel (Rally Cycling)  
36Aaron Beebe (ICC Bissell-ABG-Giant)  
37Julio Padilla (Team Arapahoe Resources)  
38Cory Lockwood (KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo)  
39Steve Fisher (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Specialized)  
40Innokenty Zavyalov (KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo)0:00:58 
41Steven Kusy (Battley H-D /Spokes Etc)  
42Connor Ryan (Battley H-D /Spokes Etc)0:01:01 
43Reid Mcclure (Team Novo Nordisk Development)  
44Ryan O'Boyle (xXx Racing)0:01:02 
45Alexander Meyer (Podiumwear)  
46Evan Hartig (Credite Velo Trek)  
47Taylor Warren (Team Clif Bar Cycling)  
48Cortlan Brown (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Specialized)  
49Michael Sheehan (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)  
50Andrez Diaz (Cylance-Cannondale p/b Incycle)  
51Zachary Nehr (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)0:01:05 
52Kaler Marshall (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Specialized)0:01:10 
53Jeremy Powers (North Memorial Health Care)0:01:11 
54Steven Davis (Centric Bikes)0:01:27 
55Michael Woell (Podiumwear)  
56Michael Alborn (xXx Racing)0:01:31 
57Michael Lalla (Dallas Racing)0:01:37 
58Blake Anton (Team Clif Bar Cycling)0:01:42 
59Ryan Knapp (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)0:01:43 
60Andrew Clemence (North Memorial Health Care)0:01:55 
61Mat Stephens (Elevate p/b Bicycle World)0:02:14 
62Drew Christopher (North Memorial Health Care)0:02:35 
63Maxwell Ackerman (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek)0:03:04 
64Thomas Revard (ICC Bissell-ABG-Giant)0:06:32 
65Ben Schmutte (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)0:07:13 
66Timothy Savre (Credite Velo Trek)0:07:33 
67Brian Kaker (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)  
68Umberto Poli (Team Novo Nordisk Development)0:07:34 
69Nicholas Torraca (Elevate p/b Bicycle World)  
70Thomas Humphreys (Battley H-D /Spokes Etc)  
71Ricky Randall (Team Arapahoe Resources)  
72John Butler (Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching)0:07:35 
73Quinten Kirby (Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching)  
74Tristin Bentzler (Donkey Label)  
75Maxwell Anderson (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)  
76David Goodman (Credite Velo Trek)0:07:36 
77Martin Vecchio (ICC Bissell-ABG-Giant)  
78Michael Jasinski (Team Clif Bar Cycling)  
79Jefferey May (Dallas Racing)  
80Rik Van Ijzendoorn (Team Novo Nordisk Development)  
81Tobin Ortenblad (Donkey Label)  
82Evan Bybee (Team Arapahoe Resources)  
83Morgan Schmitt (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Specialized)  
84Michael (Mike) Friedman (North Memorial Health Care)  
85Oliver Flautt (Lupus Racing Team)0:07:39 
86Dennis Ramirez (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek)  
87Nolan Tankersley (Lupus Racing Team)  
88Isaiah Newkirk (Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek)  
89Ian Mcshane (ICC Bissell-ABG-Giant)0:09:01 
90John Becker (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)0:10:10 
91Evan Murphy (Lupus Racing Team)  
92Thorsten Askervold (Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Specialized)  
93Adam Koble (Team Arapahoe Resources)  
94Joshua Buchel (Elbowz Racing)  
95Kevin Girkins (Elbowz Racing)  
96Jake Magee (Elbowz Racing)  
97Justin Williams (Cylance-Cannondale p/b Incycle)  
98Diego Sandoval (Cylance-Cannondale p/b Incycle)  
99Kyle Anderson (Battley H-D /Spokes Etc)  
100Jonathan Toftoy (Donkey Label)  
101Jack Mccann (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)  
102Eric Hill (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)  
103Stephen Wagstaff (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)  
104Yannick Eckmann (North Memorial Health Care)  
105Nathan Bradshaw (Subaru NSWIS & MS)  
106Jacob Kauffmann (Subaru NSWIS & MS)  
107Fabio Calabria (Team Novo Nordisk Development)  
108Brais Dacal (Team Novo Nordisk Development)  
109Jake Buescher (xXx Racing)  
110Tyler George (xXx Racing)  
111Jesse Kelly (Dallas Racing)  
112Wolfgang Brandl (Centric Bikes)  
DNFAlberto Covarrubias (Elevate p/b Bicycle World)  
DNFRoss Baldwin (CRCA Lupus Racing Team)  
DNFPaul Martin (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)  
DNFRobert Sroka (First Internet Bank Cycling Team)  
DNFChris Arndt (Lakes Area Physical Therapy)  
DNFDavis Dombrowski (Dallas Racing)  
General Classification after stage 4
#Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Evan Huffman (Rally Cycling)  
2Brad Huff (Rally Cycling)  


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